15 Profit Sharing WebSites to Upload Files & Make Money

Upload files and make money online.Yes you heard me right 🙂

You might be wondering whether its possible to make money uploading files.Yes it is! 😉
I haven’t heard of this before until one of my friends proposed me this amazing gig.
We all have stock files (images, videos etc) lying in our laptops,computers & hard discs. We never knew what to do with this stuff. There were days when I even deleted them.
Here’s how you can also get rid of them in a profitable way.
Interested, then get acquainted and wait no more to proceed further.
Given that YouTube only pays for the videos you post on its site.You might want to know about the sites that pay for hosting your images and videos as well.
All u have to do is to upload files to the websites, for which u will make money depending on the number of times these files are downloaded, viewed or rated.
Its as simple as that!

List of profit-sharing sites to host & upload files:

Several file hosting sites on the web are also revenue sharing sites like YouTube, when visitors view your video, images and other files, these sites pay you money.

If you want to make money online without having to spending any money upfront then you should try paid to click or paid to upload programs.

Here’s a short glimpse of some of the best paying file hosting sites that pay for uploaded files.

This list doesn’t include the Tube Moghul (i.e.YouTube).

You can know about YouTube history and profit-sharing program more about YouTube here.

upload files make money online


is a completely free file hosting which offer many great services and allow their members to earn and make money from their uploads.

They gives user flexibility to create audio and video to share with other people. Unlike other free hosting Ziddu accepts parallel download so you don’t have to wait for the countdown time to end anymore unlimited upload files.


is a new video portal that follows in the steps of YouTube and related services such as Vimeo. Things will be instantly familiar if you have ever used one of these services.

The site highlights the most popular videos that people have uploaded on its main page, and it is possible to reorder everything and visualize only the ones that have been most discussed, most viewed and so on.

Maybe the most interesting new feature of it is that you can earn money from the videos you upload. It has different levels for monetizing your videos, depending on where you are from, the playing time of the recorded images, and the visits your uploaded content receives.

make money uploading files

You get payment every 10000 visits, so you must make an effort to attract your audience. If you are from Canada, the US or the UK, you are in the highest payment level, for which you’ll receive from $8 to $30. The scope for the second level goes from $6 to $21 for some European countries, New Zealand and Australia. Western European, Asian and a few Arabic nations are in the third one, together with Brazil. All other countries belong to the lowest paying level, for which the highest payment possibility is $10 every 10000 visits.


Formerly Easy Share. It has created a service that responds to the high demands of uploaders while also being downloader friendly. It pays upto $40 per 1000 downloads.Its a user-friendly site. It can be used to share any types of file like Photos, Wallpapers, Pictures and Videos and has weekly payout system.


allows you to host your files on their high speed servers and giving you a huge 300MB file size limit. Your files can be downloaded for an unlimited number of times and you don’t even have to register at all.You can upload many types of files for example documents, musics, movies, zips, rar and many more. It also give you addition 500 bonus points if you refer new members to sign up and upgrade account to premium.


One of the best, easy one click hosting, quickest, most popular and safest international service on the internet for transferring, uploading, storing and distribution.You can make additional 20 percent from the amount earned by your referrals.


A free image hosting service having a unique revenue sharing model that pay their user up to $0.22 per 1000 pic views.It allows to upload unlimited pictures and photos with no file restrictions at all.Earnings depend on income received from advertiser by shareapic, total number of image views and the countries where your visitors come from.It has a referral program which pay you 10% the money earned by your referral for life time.


Another website that you can upload multiple files at a time.Get 3$ per member when someone u referred subscribes for the premium account and further if the refered stays subscribed then you will get paid from speedyshare every month!.When someone click on your link that you obtained from your speedyshare premium account area and download your files then you will make money.


It is one of the fastest growing video sharing sites. You can share your videos in almost any category. They pay 50% of the revenue created by your videos and get adsense revenue share with it,you can share videos from popular video sites like youtube.


Allows you to make money by uploading ORIGINAL content onto their site like videos/short films, pictures, and games.If it posts your content on one of their featured pages, you will be offered money!!! Receive up to $2000 if your video makes it to the front page, and up to $25 if your picture is featured in  a gallery, and from $400 to $2,000 if your video is featured on the site’s home page.They pay by PayPal within a week.


Metacafe is a video entertainment engine.Share your original videos on metacafe, and you can earn $5 for every 1000 views you get on each video- although payment doesn’t start until you’ve reached 20,000 views ($100). One of the best things about metacafe is that whenever you upload a new video, it will be displayed on their home page for a while, which means you can get a lot of views on it pretty quickly.


is another popular video revenue sharing site. Revver inserts advertisements onto user submitted videos and then pays users a share of the profits from those ads. You get 50% of the revenue generated by your videos.You can even make money by embedding Revver videos on your website; when you share videos in this way, you earn 20% of ad revenue generated.


A video sharing sites that has joined with eHow, one of the biggest how-to article and video resources. You can earn money by uploading your videos and also by publishing articles.


is another popular video revenue sharing site.

Upload files and display targeted Adsense ads next to your videos.

It pays depending on content/keywords, quality of the traffic, number of page views and etc. By referring friends you can make more money.

Like Revver, Flixya shares ad revenue on a 50/50 basis.Unlike Revver, Flixya uses Google Adsense to serve ads on its video pages; it also offers a way to send your earnings to the charity of your choice.


Videofy is basically a video publishing service. It is the easiest way to  publish videos on all major platforms like blogs, Facebook, twitter and others as it handles all formats and you can earn money from advertisements.

If you have some great videos that you want to share but also to make some money then VideofyMe is the place for you.This website will pay you for every single view on your video.

Amazing, isn’t it!! You upload the video and just share it, then just sit back and watch the views and money just rising.

How much you earn depends on how many videos you make, how many views they have, the content of the videos, and where your audience comes from.

The business logic which makes this genuine:

Upload files that are prone to be popular to generate good money.

Do marketing, to increase the probability of files getting downloaded. Use Email Marketing, Blogs, Discussion Boards for marketing purpose.

Depending on the number of times these files are downloaded say 1000 or 10000, you will be making $10 or $20 depending upon the websites paying.

This is a genuine way of making money online.

Whenever you are marketing your files, you are actually marketing the website’s service and you are increasing the number of visitors to the website.

Hence you are increasing the popularity and the revenue of the website.

So there is nothing wrong in paying you 🙂

There are 100’s of such file hosting websites online.

Upload files, it’s a fun way to make money online by sharing your short films, games, images and videos.
Which of these sites do you recommend to upload files and make some good money?
Do share your review & feedback in the comment section below.
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