5 Ways To Make Money Writing Online

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5 ways to make money writing online

You can make anything by writing – C.S.Lewis

This quote is a beautiful example of current scenario of online writing. This truth can be bought into reality only when you put your writing skills into action.Yes, you can make money writing online.

You have been wondering on “how to write” or “how to publish”?

Well, of course, Writing is a “gift”. But let me say you something, even well-known writers have the trouble of writing. Just remember, a professional writer is an amateur writer who didn’t quit.You didn’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.

No one can tell your story so tell it yourself !

No one can write your story so write it yourself !

It is easy to write.All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.The secret of writing is to write,write and keep on writing.The only way to become a good writer is to first be a bad writer and keep on improving.So its time to share a part of your soul with the world.Start writing today!All you have to do grab a chair, sit down peacefully,look in your heart and write. Your desire to write grows on with writing.
Writing isn’t just about making money and getting famous.It’s also about enriching the lives of those who will read your work and enriching your own life.But Before you start your journey there are several paths you can take in this field of writing and publishing online.Choose the one which suits you the best and helps you in making more money.

5 best possible ways to make money writing online:

  • Blogging

Having your own website is one of the key requirement for making money online. Whether you decide to start a blog for money or just for fun, you can probably do so without spending any money or with minimal investment.

The easiest way is to sign up with one of the many free blog platforms available around. Two of the most popular free blog hosts are Blogger.com, owned by Google, and WordPress.com.

With over a decade of experience in web hosting some platforms like bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator1&1 & GoDaddy provide premium web hosting services at reasonable prices with a free domain, site builders and 24×7 support which is very much essential as a beginner.

The blog can be dedicated to a single theme or multiple themes under different categories. You can blog about anything and everything like your passions and interests. Whatever it may be it should run for some years to get rated better. The key to successful blogging is its content. Keep your blog updated with new content at regular interval to get identified by the Search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. 

But for the blog to make money you need to monetize your blog via Google AdSense, Yahoo’s text ads, and via Affiliate Marketing.You can utilize Adsense, affiliate marketing, blog ads or a combination of all of the above, you will certainly benefit and make money.

In order to make money you need to drive traffic (visitors) towards your blog. Effective blog promotion plays a vital role in building traffic.

Don’t delay any further and start your own money making blog today. Not only you’ll make money, but you and your blog will become more popular.

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make money writing

  • Freelance Writing

Freelance writers can make a lot of money. As a freelance writer you can make money in many ways. There are websites that accept articles for very good payments. As a freelancer you have the option to be a ghost writer, where you sell your content for money but the buyer get complete rights over your content. Freelancing job sites like Freelancer and Elance also provide ghost writing facilities.Simply submit your profile to these freelancing sites and bid for the articles you are interested in writing.

  • Article Writing

Start working with revenue sharing article sites and make money. One can write on a subject of their own choice.

There are basically three types of payment:

  • A few of them pay upfront i.e. before publishing the article. For which your article has to accepted by them.
  • A few pay depending on the revenue generated by your article after publishing it,
  • While a few offer both methods of payments.

From the third type of payment system you can make more money as u earn both upfront and revenue sharing.

If you are an expert in any particular field then you can start writing immediately and make money. Few article sites like How to sites accept tutorials which guide people on “How to….” Share your expertise and you can make money.Certain websites allows one to make money posting reviews on websites, books, internet, technologies and movies.

  • Writing For Hubs

Squidoo and Hubpages are the best hub sites.You can earn many types of revenues from your pages in these sites.You can make money from the affiliated programs embedded in your article pages once they are published.Affiliate sites like Amazon and ebay are the best paying programs for hub sites. These hubs also permit contextual advertising with Google Adsense. Start writing original search engine optimized quality articles. Avoid duplication and be creative.

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  • eBooks

The best way to earn lots of money from your eBook is to join an affiliate network like ClickBank. You don’t need to do much. If the quality of the product is good then affiliates will make all the sales for you. You get paid for life. eBooks market is huge.If you’re an expert in a particular niche then you can write your eBooks to make money.

Come on! It’s time to awaken and fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts.You need to start somewhere to bring out the power of your writing in order to make money.

Are you ready to make money writing online? Let me know!

Already a dedicated writer?How’s it working for you?

Before you move on to the next article, do post your valuable observations on this particular article in the comments sections to encourage new writers.

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