7 Steps to Choose the Best Themes for Blogs

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how to choose best themes for blogs

Once you have launched your blog (or website) on wordpress, its time to think theme!If you haven’t started one yet, know how to start a blog.Selecting the best themes for blogs is rather a tough task,especially when there are a multitude options available online.One theme seems to out rate the other in multiple ways.Hence, you need to follow a certain strategy before proceeding with the final selection.In this article, I thought to share 7 things you should consider, so you can choose the best themes for your blogs.

Is the Blog Design Really Important?

Of Course it is, one of the main reasons why a blog design is so important is because a good design can mean the difference between a great website and a mediocre one.Blog templates or themes make it easy to build a bold and beautiful blog.Moreover, mobiles have dominated the web.They have already surpassed the number of desktop users and this trend is only growing stronger. About half of internet traffic comes from mobile phones.So, to catch up with the blazing change in technology you need to change your website themes accordingly.

A blog design that is welcoming and pleasing to look at is always going to attract visitors. A poor design will always repel them.Look at your web browsing history and check which website you spent more time on – a good-looking one or an ugly website that goes beyond its way to make the text unreadable? That’s what I thought.Visitors love good designs that make the text look rich and readable across multiple screen sizes.

Blogging is beautiful,so why not make it even more beautiful! A legible and attractive blog design will turn visitors away from competition and towards your blog. Theme are built to be engaging, fast, and most importantly, boost traffic. With features to help increase social sharing, you’ll get more traffic from the web’s top social media websites and also boost your search engine rankings.

Get the Right Themes for Blogs!

Is your blog not performing?It is time to think theme! You probably might have a theme already, but is it the right theme?Ask for yourself, have you chosen a theme to make your website a hit or turn it into a disaster?

Here are a few things to consider before you choose themes for blogs:

  • What are your goals for the site? What are you planning to build, Is it a travel/food/personal/viral/portfolio/magazine or a business blog? Does your blog requires you to frequently upload photos and videos? Getting a theme that fits your goals is crucial, as the layout and features will be specialized for your certain purposes. Either to market your product, showcase your work, tell your stories or focus on information.Choose according to your goals! But if you need an online store? Then, Woo-Commerce is the option most people tend to choose.
  • Are looks really deceptive? This saying doesn’t apply when it comes to themes. You should never ignore your design. Sure, your colors, backgrounds,logo, fonts and other small design details are necessary, though that’s not the only thing to take into consideration.Make Sure Your Site Looks Good!
  • How easy is it to customize? Some themes let you create an entire layout all on your own while others will only let you change colors and logo. And some themes out there give you virtually no control of these things unless you’re handy with code. Depending on your needs one may be better for you than others.
  • How well is the support of the theme? This is no small matter. Support when you need it is handy, so do a bit of research before you go for something.
  • Is the theme SEO Ready & Responsive? Optimizing your site to increase your search engine rankings is an extremely important feature to consider.Your theme should be SEO Ready & Responsive.Responsiveness will help get great user experience on all devices and screens.Clean mobile friendly navigation is makes it easy for visitors to find stuff, otherwise they will get irritated and go elsewhere.
  • How about Page Loading? Site speed is more important than you may have considered.It helps keep more visitors and boost your search engine rankings.If your site takes longer time to load on desktop or mobile it can result in drop in your rankings and conversions.Your visitors can’t sit and wait for your page to load,unless it means a lot to them.It is something you have to take seriously to build and maintain good user experience.
  • Above all, free theme or paid theme? Once you start running a WordPress based blog you have two options to choose from, free theme or premium theme. A free theme is the first thing to start with. A free WordPress theme is perfect for you to learn how to use a theme. You can learn the basics of editing a blog, so to speak you can get a better insight. If you are a newbie and decided to go for a free theme, try MyThemeShop premium but free wp themes for blogs. Later on, when you already learned managing and editing your site and you’re not a newbie in the world of WordPress anymore, you’ll discover the limited possibilities of free themes. The major drawback with a free theme is they don’t offer support.

What a theme can cost and offer varies wildly, so be sure to question the worth of both the cheapest and most expensive ones, but remember that there’s lot that can be done internally and at minimal cost than your time.But If you plan to purchase a theme,I suggest you go for a premium theme at an affordable cost rather than opting for the expensive ones.These are crucial steps to boosting your site’s performance, SEO, and overall value.

Taking steps to improve your website can help it succeed.So, are you ready to make your website a hit in 2016?

So,which theme is better for your site?Have you considered these steps while choosing your blog theme?

If you’re already using one, share your experiences and feedback in the comments section below.

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