[Infographic] How to start a blog that makes money? Simplified!

In my earlier post, I have listed out the reasons for Why you should start a blog?After deciding on your goals, it’s time to start a blog.Just as you have many reasons to blog,so do you have many ways to start a blog.

how to start a blog, selfhosted

Why You Should know-How to start a blog?

[bctt tweet=”It’s great to have a superb blog, but if you don’t give a proper start, your blog will be just another one lost in cyberspace.”]

Before you start one, it’s suggestible to know the first step to blogging-how to start a blog?Just as you can’t expect a delicious recipe without proper ingredients, you can’t expect to start a blog and make money from it without knowing the key steps involved in it.This post is dedicated to those, who are interested to start a self-hosted blog.It will serve as a reference for your startup blog.

So how do you use this post? Dip in and dip out, read it from start from finish-it really doesn’t matter.All that matters is the infographic. The 12 steps contained in it are the basic steps to be adopted in making a self-hosted blog.If your budget is modest, implementing these steps will help you start a blog and also make money from it.

Here’s How to start a blog (Self-hosted):

I know most people won’t be interested in reading lengthy posts.That’s where infographics come into picture to simplify things. Infographics are obviously more engaging than purely text-based blog posts.Visual content is always a big winner.

This infographic offers some great tips and suggestions for getting started and maintaining a successful blog. Check it out.Best of luck with your new blog!

how to start a blog, infograhics

Grab this infographic! I have provided the code for you below!

<img src=”http://hearmefolks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/blog.png” alt=”[Infographic] How to start a blog that makes money? Simplified! – An Infographic from HearMeFolks” width=”100%” class=”infographic_embedder” />

Embedded from HearMeFolks

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