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Welcome to My Blog “HearMeFolks”!

Firstly, I’m super excited at the part that someone is interested to know about me!

I have shared my life here to my full awareness. So get going!

About Me: Who Am I ? What I do?

I’m Sowjanya, an engineer by profession and a blogger by passion. My interests lie in photography, DIY crafts and building friendly relationships with like-minded people.

I worked as a design engineer for reputed comapny in India for more than 6 years doing a routine ’10’ – ‘6’ job, until I resigned it in 2016.

My Initial Start Up

In 2011, when I was surfing the internet one day,  I stumbled upon an amazing article about ‘how a blogger has built his brand and authority online with a blog’. I was intringued and delibrate to start one myself.

So I started a basic blogger blog as I was not technically savy. I learned all the tips and tricks to rank my pages on the search engines and drive traffic to my blog. The growth was slow in the beginning but later it took pace. I made efforts to post whenever I had free time.

Gradually I gained some experience through learning, implementation and experimentation. After about 6 months of blogging, I could see some positive signs. My pages got ranked in the search engines and I even started making money. I was super excited and delighted at my success.

The journey went uninterrrupted until 2013 when I had to abandon my blog. I decided to pause and spend full time with my new born baby.

During this break, I realized that my passion lies in this arena.

I believe…

“There Is No Shame In Beginning Again,

For You Get A Chance To Build Bigger & Better Than Before”

So, I bounced back in 2016 with immense energy and even quit my day job to do part-time blogging, managing my kid in the day. I know I would no more receive pay stubs, but that was fine as far as I could spare time for my family doing something which interests me. I hope to find better co-ordination between my family and interests.

For me blogging is not just about making money. Its about defining your goals and taking necessary steps to achieve them.

I love everything about what I’m doing and I want to show you how fabulous it can be when it’s done on your own terms with passion using the right strategies.

My Aim is to broadcast my personal experiences and mistakes in the best & simplest form and help the newbies to make money along with me on the go in multiple ways.

Why You Should Hear Me?

I have experienced and succeeded in making money from several guaranteed earning programs available online.So I have created this blog to document all of these best possible “ways to make money online” that I have learned over the time.Here you can find only genuine and guaranteed ways to make money and follow them yourself without hesitation.

If your goal in approaching this blog is to use the Internet to make money online,then I’m confident you will find lots of value in the posts to follow.I hope you would hear me say and that this blog, will help you fulfill your requirements faster, with no mistakes.

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