10 Best WordPress Themes for Web Development Business

With the proliferation of the Internet, every company wants to have a website. In fact, it is very important for all companies to have a presence on the Internet. So there is a great demand for websites. Most organizations don’t have the required web development skills in-house. So they will contact web development agencies. But how can one select a web development agency from the plethora of agencies available on the Net? One way of shortlisting agencies is by looking at the agency’s own website. Agencies having good websites will have strong web development skills.

So, if you are in the website development business, it is important that you have a well-made website. WordPress is a very popular CMS for websites. So, most clients will want to see the WordPress skills of your firm. The best way to showcase your skills is by using some good WordPress software company themes for your website. In this article, we will look at our 10 best software company WordPress themes. You can read about the themes, check out their live demos, and then select the best WordPress theme for your software company.

1. Codathon – Hackathon for Coders Landing WordPress Theme

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The Codathon WordPress theme has lots of features that will help you design a great-looking website. The theme comes with Template Monster’s drag-and-drop Power Page Builder. With this page builder, you need to drag elements on to the page to design your website. The theme has Cherry plugin components such as a Team Members plugin, Cherry Projects plugin, Services plugin, Sidebars plugin, etc. You can set up the pages of your website in no time at all using these plugins. The plugin will handle the layout of the pages. You have to only provide the content. The theme has many layout options. You can select the layout for your pages from a well-stocked library of layouts. Click on the links above to check out the Live and Admin demos of the theme.

2. MagicTouch – Web Design Studio Responsive WordPress Theme

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Our MagicTouch WordPress theme is for Web Design Studios. The theme comes with 7 header layouts. So you can choose different layouts for different pages. The theme also has a MegaMenu. This allows you to include HTML content in the menu itself. When used in a proper way this can increase the appeal of your website. The theme comes with 15 hi-resolution royalty free stock photos. You get as lifetime license to use these on your website. The theme is well-documented. You get a full-featured user manual that describes all the features of the theme. Once you read the manual you will get a complete understanding of how to get the best out the theme. Click on the above links to learn more about this theme.

3. Webbox – One Page Product Landing WordPress Theme

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Nowadays, the trend is to have a one-page website. If you too would like to have a one-page website to showcase your skills, consider using the Webbox WordPress theme. This theme makes it very easy for you to set up your website. Using the theme’s Power Page Builder you can create different sections or divisions to display different information. The theme is SEO-friendly, so your website will be found in the top few entries of search engines. We have created the theme using the latest in web technology including HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery and Sass. The code is well-structured and well documented. If you need to make changes to the code, you will find it is easy to understand. There is also a detailed manual for the theme. Click on the above links to check out demos of the theme.

4. CodeBolt – Software Company WordPress Theme

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If you want a professional looking website, consider using the CodeBolt WP theme. You can install the theme in five minutes. The theme supports parallax scrolling. The theme has 7 header layouts and 3 footer layouts. So you have a lot of choices in designing your web pages. The theme is powered by Cherry Framework 5. It comes with many Cherry plugins such as the Services plugin, Projects plugin, and Team Members plugin. You can use these plugins to easily add content to your Services, Projects, and Team Members page. If you plan to sell your services via your website, you may want to set up an online store. This theme is Ecwid ready. So you can put up your online store with very little effort. Use the links above to learn more about this theme.

5. Photo Editing Application WordPress Theme

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If you have created an application or app for web development, you can use this application WordPress theme. Though the theme was made for a photo editing app website, you can use it for any app related website. This theme is a modern, trendy theme. It has a Power Page Builder that allows you to create the pages with simple drag and drop actions. It also has a Live Customizer that allows you to see the changes instantly. Thus, it becomes very easy to make changes to the design of your website. The theme has many header and footer styles. The code is 100% responsive. The website will look good on all devices—PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The theme also has a blog where you can put up articles about your application. Click on the links above to learn more about the theme.

6. Studio Light WordPress Theme

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The Studio Light theme has been made using the Cherry Framework and Bootstrap. You can therefore design very flexible pages that will look good on all devices. The theme is Retina-ready. So you can use hi-resolution images that will look sharp on any Retina device. The theme is WPML-ready. This makes it easy for you to set up your website as a multilingual website. You get premium plugins such as the MotoPress editor free with this theme. So you can easily create pages by dragging and dropping elements. The theme has SEO management features built in. You can add meta data and header tags for each and every page on your website. Click on the Live Demo link above to get a feel of the theme.

7. Quadro – Software Company WordPress Theme

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Quadro is another WordPress theme for software developers. The theme has been designed to follow the latest web trends. You can choose from 500+ Google Web Fonts. So your website will look very stylish. The theme comes with many layout options for you to choose from. It also has numerous modules such as animated counters, blurbs, pricing tables, call-to-action buttons, countdown timers, etc. The theme supports parallax scrolling to give your website a Wow factor! We’ve included custom widgets like sliders, carousels, social media widgets, commenting system and more. In case you need to modify the PHP code of the theme, we have included comments all over the place so you will know exactly what each part of the code does. Click on the Live Demo link above to learn more about this theme. You can also see how easy it is to make changes to your website by clicking on the Admin Demo link above. Once you’re sure this theme suits your requirements, you can download it by clicking on the Download link.

8. Arimo – Software and App Development WordPress Theme

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If you offer web development services and you also do software and application development work, you will find our Arimo WordPress theme fits the bill. The theme comes with TemplateMonster’s Power Page Builder plugin. This drag-and-drop plugin makes it super easy to compose your web pages. The theme has many content modules such as call-to-action buttons, counters, sliders, pricing tables, sidebar, blogs and lots more. Use the ready-made Projects page to impress your customers by displaying details about your project. Use the Services plugin to display details of the services offered by your company. The theme is licensed under GPL v3.0. Once you’ve bought the theme you can use it on as many projects as you want. The theme has well-written documentation and clearly commented code. Check out further details by clicking on the links above.

9. Tune Station WordPress Theme

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Use the Tune Station WordPress theme to build a lively and colorful website for your web development business. The theme uses bright colors that will attract attention. The theme also has other pizzazz such as animated counters, countdown timers, parallax scrolling, etc. One nice feature of the theme is its lazy load feature. Because of lazy load, images get loaded and displayed only when the user scrolls down to the image. This saves on bandwidth if the user is not going to scroll all the way down. The theme is MailChimp-ready and comes with a newsletter subscription form. You can put up a form on your website and customers can subscribe to your newsletter. Once the customers subscribe to your newsletters you can keep them informed about new themes developed by your company. This is one way to boost your sales. Check out the live demo or download the theme and try it out using the above links.

10. Amazinx – Mobile App Responsive One Page WordPress Theme

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If you want a landing page for your web designing website, you could try out the Amazinx one page WordPress theme. This theme allows you to build a single-page, sleek, modern-looking website. The theme comes with many header and footer layouts. It also includes Cherry Plugins for testimonials, team members, projects, and services. So you can upload all the information about your organization and the services you offer. The theme also has beautiful, responsive galleries. So you can showcase your past website projects. The theme is fully responsive. Also, the theme will work properly with any browser the viewer has. The theme is Ecwid ready, so you can put up your online store with ease and sell your services online. Finally, the theme has easy-to-follow documentation. The user manual explains how to set up the theme and configure it for your needs. Click on the links above to buy the theme or check its demos.

If you’re looking for a web design software company WordPress theme, or if you offer services related to web page designing, such as SEO management, of web theme development, one of the above 10 best themes will definitely do the job for you. All out themes are well-documented. The themes have well-structured and well-commented code. So you will find it easy to read the PHP code of the theme and make changes if you need to. The themes are all sold under a GPL v3.0 license. So, once you buy a theme you can use it again and again on any other websites that you create. The themes are all created using the latest web design trends. They are optimized for search engines as we have closely followed Google’s suggestions for websites. You get 24/7 free lifetime support with every theme you buy. We have helpful and friendly support staff who will answer all your queries. All the themes come with a blog layout. So you can have a working blog in no time at all. This blog can support your main website. You can use the blog to turn your viewers into repeat customers.

So buy a WordPress template for your company from us and watch your business profits rise!

Have you already used any of these themes? Did you like the themes? How useful were they for your website design business? Please share your feedback in the comments box below.

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