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Two Ebooks To Attain FI


The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing and Remote Work!

This book will help you with…

  • Understanding the approach to being a freelancer.
  • Learning the type of freelance that works best for you.
  • Knowing how to set up your freelance business.
  • Creating contracts.
  • Setting prices and ensuring you get paid.
  • Learning the different types of clients and how to effectively deal with them.
  • Managing all your expenses and running a successful freelance business.

Amazing Bonuses

  • Contract Template that you can use to create contracts with your clients.
  • List of over 30 websites to help you find remote work.
  • List of over 40 Facebook Groups to help you find freelance and remote work.
  • Printables and other additional resources to help you get up and running.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Finances Back On Track

This book will help you with:

  • Not just managing your finances but make smarter choices too.
  • It contains seven sections – Financial Goals, Expenses, Savings, Income, Loans & Debts, Budgeting, and Investments.
  • Learning the fundamental principles that will help you in maximizing your income, decreasing your expenses, and increasing your savings
  • Overall kickstart of your financial process for building wealth and attain financial freedom.


  • Excel templates to make your financial journey easy.
  • List of investing, expense-tracking and budgeting apps.
  • And above all, plenty of printables to help you with truly buidling wealth.

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