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How to Make 2000 Fast In 2024 (30 Sure-fire Ways!)

Would you like to learn how to make 2000 fast? That’s what I’m all about in this post!

Whether you need 2000 dollars fast to get yourself out of a financial jam or you want to be in it for the long haul, I’ve got you covered.

In today’s technologically advanced world, you and I are lucky that we have the option of working from home or wherever we want to earn a living. I personally make $2,000 a month from affiliate marketing alone and 3x that from display ads on this blog. 

While there are many other ways you can do this, the most common answer on how to get 2000 dollars fast is by working for someone who offers freelance work. Even better, you can combine online and physical hustles to maximize your earnings. 

That said, it is definitely possible to make $50 dollars or more, doing exciting jobs, enjoying yourself, offering services, or even selling things that you never knew could fetch that much. But, how to go beyond that and make 2000 or even 5000 online?

If you think, it may not be possible to make $2,000 (or more) in a day, but if you’ve been listening to the news, with cryptocurrency and stock options trading, it becomes surprisingly feasible.

To achieve this goal, you will need to educate yourself, work hard and long. However, if you have a couple of spare days per week, you can easily make $2,000 in a week or a month (without investment)!

All you need is someone to point you in the right direction, and you’ve got me. Ready? 

Let’s get started!

How to Make 2000 Fast Online

how to make 2000 dollars fast

Do you want to make $2000 month after month? 

If yes, you need something that doesn’t involve any complications. That’s why my #1 pick for the year is stepping into a thriving career like Bookkeeping that requires no looking back.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter what kind of skill set you currently have because you’ll get to know everything from scratch! Moreover, this isn’t just about making money – it’s about being able to do something new with your life and never look back again.

#1 Digital Bookkeeping (Top-Pick)

One of the promising ways to make a living is by taking up Digital Bookkeeping as your career. By doing this, you will be able to earn $2000 dollars each month while at home.

A bookkeeper is someone who prepares accounts and documents daily financial transactions for companies. In addition, they handle payroll for the employees at their company as well as make purchases and even do invoicing work! 

There is an incredibly high demand for 21st Century Bookkeepers, and the best part is that you don’t need to be in any specific location to do the job. You’ll be able to work virtually from your computer. 

Unlike accounting, you can become a bookkeeper without any prior experience or degree and with just basic computer skills. So long as you have a reliable internet connection to work with, your bookkeeping business goes where you go! 

In order to find out if you fit the criteria, I invite you to watch this FREE workshop, presented by the Founder of Bookkeeper Launch, Ben Robinson.

As a bookkeeper, you can get paid up to $60 per hour and land jobs in banks. You can also find these jobs on freelancer job sites like Upwork, Legiit, or PeoplePerHour.

Make sure to check out Ben’s FREE workshop to jumpstart YOUR bookkeeping career today.

#2 Proofreading

This kind of job you can depend on when thinking I need 2000 dollars now. It entails reading through original articles and web posts and marking grammatical errors present in them, before submitting them to your client. In some cases, you will be required to not only identify these mistakes but also edit for clarity. 

There’s no shortage of work in this field since new articles are being written and posted on the internet every day. If you are devoted to your work, then it’s easy for you to make $2,000 a month without breaking a sweat as a proofreader.

Companies like ProofreadingServices and Sibia offer remote proofreading jobs.

To get started as a proofreader, it helps to get some training. I highly recommend Caitlin Pyle’s free 76-Minute Proofreading Workshop.

proofreading workshop

This is an interactive training program that will see you learn the industry’s tools, grammar, and job opportunities. And the best part is that the course provides access to a dedicated Facebook group of both expert and budding proofreaders.

#3 Start Blogging

Do you love writing? If so, then starting a blog is the perfect way to share your thoughts with the world.

Blogging can be an amazing opportunity for personal growth and development as well as a great source of income. However, it’s not without its challenges.

There are many ways to monetize a blog but before we get into that let’s talk about what blogging isn’t. It’s not easy money or something you can do in your spare time while watching TV. You will need to invest some good effort and time if you want to make 2000 dollars from blogging.

Starting a blog may seem like an overwhelming task at first glance but don’t worry. This article has all the information you’ll need on how to start your own successful blog today!

I have also covered tips on topics such as choosing a domain name, deciding which platform is best for you, setting up hosting, creating content, and much more.

So take some time now and read through the article carefully because there are numerous ways to monetize a blog – each with its own set of pros & cons – so it’s important that you know what they are before diving in head-first!

#4 Participate In Research Studies

Wondering, how do I make 2000 dollars fast? By participating in research studies!

Many leading market research companies are willing to pay big bucks to help understand how consumers use the products or services. By simply sharing your unbiased opinion, you are helping mold the future of the products and services offered by these companies. 

Respondent is a legit facilitator of online and in-person consumer research studies. 

To join one though, you need the right qualifications. On the plus side, depending on the organization sponsoring the group, you can make anything from $20 – $50 per study in an hour or two!

Focus group participants can get paid up to $150 per hour! Yes, you read that right. This basically means that you can earn more than $100 a day taking part in studies on platforms like

Some users have reported making up to $300 on a single study. While not everyone is going to make this kind of money, however, is undoubtedly an excellent way to make good money on the side.

You don’t have to be a market expert in order to take up this gig. You just need to share your opinion, like what you think of a particular service or product. And, luckily you’ll find enough of them to participate in these platforms.

Additionally, If someone signs up to Respondent with your link and completes a paid study, you will receive a $20 bonus via PayPal- that’s money in your pocket doing absolutely nothing!

Join Respondent For Free!

#5 Teach English Online

Of late, the demand for teaching English as a second language has been scaling.  In 2016, a report by the China Youth Daily stated that almost 70% of the Chinese parents claimed that they let their own children start learning the English language before they were even five years of age.

The reason being, these parents believed that allowing their children to study the language this early will provide them with better opportunities in the future.

This shows that the need for qualified teachers to tutor in English is growing by the day. The creation and design of prominent English tutoring websites have fulfilled this demand by enabling teachers to link with Chinese students. 

For you to teach, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in any subject.
  • A cheerful attitude while teaching these kids.
  • Speak English fluently.
  • Be able to follow the lesson plans.
  • Have access to good internet connectivity.
  • Have a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam.

Alternatively, you can also get paid to teach English to Japanese Students Online

How to Make $2000 Fast (Real-Deal)

Just so you know, making 2000 dollars a month ain’t an easy task. It requires both commitment and consistency in your work. With this in place, then making 2000 pounds monthly should not be impossible.

Read on to find ideas from the most trending options and match them with your set of skills and resources. Then, you can take action and earn start earning.

#6 Deliver Food and Groceries

Food delivery apps have been growing in demand steadily in the recent past but when the Coronavirus pandemic hit the entire world, more and more people are opting for deliveries to their front door. 

Consequently, there’s an increase in the popularity of these apps and an even higher demand for people to do these deliveries.

Instacart helps you shop for and deliver groceries to your customer’s premises. What you require is a clean criminal record, a reliable car, and be 18+ years.

The company puts everything in the mobile app so that anytime you choose to fulfill an order, you will be provided with the exact details on what to pick, the quantity, and the location to deliver to.

You can even choose between becoming a Full-service shopper and an In-store shopper. 

In-Store shoppers get paid by the hour as listed on their contract on signing up. They can choose their hours of work and work up to 29 hours a week.

Full-Service shoppers have more flexibility as they are independent contractors. That said, you can choose how much or how little you want to work as there are no restrictions on the hours you work per week. 

How Much Does Instacart Pay?

So, if are you in dire need to make 2000 fast by the end month, depending on the demands of your location, the hourly wage for a full-time shopper is approximately $17, pitching the company among the best-paying delivery apps.

You can also get rewards in the form of tips from clients and bonuses for referring Instacart to your friends. Click here to become an Instacart Shopper

Another driver-friendly delivery app is DoorDash (Review), a great option for people who own a bike instead. 

Sign up for DoorDash and earn $20+ per hour as a food delivery courier.

#7 Flip Second-hand Items

Do you have a lot of items lying around your house that have no use and take up too much space in your house? And have you ever thought of converting them into cash to get 2000 fast? Some of them can be way more useful to other people than you can imagine. 

These items vary from clothes you no longer wear to shoes that don’t fit, toys, electronics, and other odd stuff. Download this list of 47 items that sell fast to help you make $100 THIS week!

For instance, Decluttr is an app that specializes in buying used CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and games to help clients make room and money.

To start trading, you need to download the app. 

Then scan the barcode of the item and receive the intended price the company is willing to pay for your items. If you like the price, you can go ahead and print a shipping label for you to mail them your commodities. Once they receive the items, they do the payment a day after.

You can also opt to sell your items on marketplaces such as Craigslist or eBay. And for as little as $100 you can get started by flipping items from flea markets.

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How to Make $2000 In a Day? (When In Dire Need)

I need 2000 dollars by tomorrow, is this you? A day is a short time for that kind of money but who is to say you can’t make it with undivided effort and commitment? 

Starting an online business is one of the best ideas to meet your goal. Below are some of the strategies you could use to amass such an amount in a day.

#8 Organizations Referral Programs

Many organizations are constantly looking out for new talents to join them and may depend on you and others to help them achieve this. 

As incentives, some of these companies have referral programs that come with rewards for any employee who provides successful referrals. If you want to know whether your organization has such programs, visit the HR department for more inquiries.

For example, if you could be a registered Electrical Engineer working for a Power Plant Company and your company is looking for 5 well-trained electrical technicians.

With a referral program that pays you $1000 for a successful referral, you can refer a friend, a relative, or any person that is qualified for the job and if they are hired you get your reward.

#9 Sell your Car

If you urgently need an idea on how to make 2000 dollars fast, then perhaps selling your valuable assets like your car could help you raise such an amount or even more in a very short time.

While at it, ensure that you have weighed your need for the cash against how much you need your car or other available means for getting from one place to another.

Sites like eBay Motors can help you secure a buyer for your car. With eBay Motors, there are two ways to sell your car – offer it for auction or quote a fixed price.

With auctioning you might end up getting more than you anticipated especially if there’s more than one bidder interested in your vehicle.

#10 Sell your House

Need to make $2000 fast, here’s the good news; yes, you can!

Zillow, headquartered in Seattle, is among the leading companies that ease the process of buying, selling, and renting houses. They provide you with tools that will help you price your home accurately.

Before taking this decision, though, it is important to assess your scenario currently and afterward and plan accordingly. Unless you have another alternative for having a roof over your head, I strongly suggest that this method be your last resort.

#11 Selling Used Phones and Other Gadgets 

Selling used appliances, phones, and electronic gadgets is one of the best ideas on how to make 2000 dollars fast. You can make money by recycling your used devices but can you imagine how much more you could earn from helping to sell other people’s as well?

Since most people leave old phones and electronics lying around unused, designing a marketing campaign and pitching yourself to help sell already used gadgets for split profits should help you get started.

A site like Buyback Boss offers good prices for these gadgets. If the offer favors you, you are sent shipping instructions on how to get your items to the company for free.

What I like about Buyback Boss is that they offer you a guarantee for a price match. If you find out that another platform is willing to pay more than what Buyback Boss has placed on the table, you simply contact buyback Boss and they are willing to match the prices.

#12 Learn High Paying Skills

I need 2000 dollars by tomorrow, what do I do? Learning high-paying jobs is a fantastic way to make 2000 dollars fast. You could also learn these skills from qualified people that you might know.

Examples of jobs that can help you make a quick 2000 dollars are decorating houses, installing boilers, and laminating floors. House decorators can decorate a house for a quick $2000 though the time taken depends on how massive the house is.

You could also learn how to install or replace boiler systems from a plumber. Normally, a plumber will charge about $2,000 to install a new boiler system and this could take up to a week.

Replacing some components of such systems can take hours and make you as much as $500 in a day!

So, is there a particular service that you are pro at? Find out if you can polish your skills fast and start making money as an expert artisan or technician.

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#13 Become a Consultant

Offering consultation services is a big occupation. Successful corporations and startups alike seek consultants to advise them on strategic business decisions about their products or services.

Assuming you wanted to start a bakery in your hometown but don’t have the necessary experience in either the food industry or the running of a business, you may not know where to start or even how to keep your business up and running. 

Depending on your limitations, you can work with a consultant who is a pro in the food industry or a business consultant to improve your chances of success.

As long as you are an expert in a certain field and are willing to offer your expertise at a fee, you can meet up with potential clients on platforms like

As a professional consultant, you have the potential of making up to $300 per hour!

Quick Money Hack During Your Spare Time

  • Survey Junkie is one of the highest-rated survey apps that will pay you for your opinion. This site rewards you in form of gift cards or cash for answering short & simple questions. Try Survey today!

My advice to you is that you sign up with numerous websites and handpick surveys that pay huge if you want to make $2000 a year.

How to Make $2000 a Week? 

How can I make 2000 fast and if possible in a week’s time?  This is a question that many people have been asking themselves.

Asking friends and relatives to lend you some money is indeed a plausible option, but what if you could get other ideas that don’t require you to pay a debt?

Below, I have talked about some of the best strategies on how to make $2000 in a week. It’s up to you to analyze your skills, interests, and the resources at your disposal to pick those strategies that you qualify for.

#14 Rent Out your Car

Renting out a car has become one of the popular ways to make passive income with assets you own but can go for certain amounts of time without using them.

Are you comfortable with letting your car cover a few extra miles? Do you live in a highly-populated region? Then you are good to start making your weekly 2000. 

Sites like Getaround take you through the procedures involved in designing a rental schedule and allow you the liberty of setting up your own rates and rules that your car renters should follow.

One of the pros of signing up with Getaround is that it handles your customer interactions based on your preferences and schedule.

The company also has an amazing insurance coverage policy that ensures you are compensated in case your car suffers any damage.

Hyrecar and Turo are also other popular sites where you can rent out your car.

#15 Rent Out your Spare Room

Do you want to know where to make $2000 fast? Airbnb is a platform that aids you to rent out a room in your home or the entire house. This site basically connects renters to customers who are looking for a place to spend the night in for a short time. 

Based on where your home is located, you are looking to make up to $400 per night. To get started, create a listing that will include pictures of how the room or house looks and set the price. This listing will help your potential guests have a vivid description of how your space looks.

Further, you need to put in writing the house rules and set the dates the room(s) or house is available for guests to book.

Suppose you rent out your house for up to $400 a night and get to spend the night in a motel or other homes not far from your house, for the deal to be profitable, just make sure that the money you paid for your stay is much less compared to the what you earned renting out your premises.

#16 Rent your RV

Not everyone is fortunate enough to own an RV. Frankly though, for those who own them, the RVs tend to sit in the garages and driveways taking up lots of space when not in use. 

On the other hand, there are many travelers who would be willing to pay for the comfort of using an RV during winter times when it is very uncomfortable outside or whenever you are too busy with other things to travel.

Thanks to sites like RVezy, you can rent out your RV without putting in much effort from your side. All that is needed of you is to create an account, make the listing and post it on the RV rental site then chill out as the company brings worthy customers your way. The company handles the rest of the work such as advertising.

What’s in it for RVezy? Considering that the company takes care of all the paperwork, insurance in case of damage, and advertisement, it demands that you pay them 20% of the total rental fee.

#17 Be an Amazon Flex Package Deliverer

Similar to platforms like DashDoor and Uber, Amazon is always in search of drivers to deliver packages to their customers. The company is, however, interested in independent contractors. That said, you should have your own vehicle for you to get into a contract with them.

According to Amazon, package deliverers work for between 2 to 6 hours daily. The total amount you make depends on factors such as the period of time you take to deliver a package and your location among others.

This hustle has the potential of earning you from $18-$25 per hour.

#18 How to Make 2000 a Month in Dividends

Many people are overwhelmed by the idea of making extra income to boost their salaries. To this end, they struggle a lot to make time for conducting part-time jobs.

What if you cannot squeeze a side hustle into your normal schedule? The good news is that there are numerous ways to make money without breaking a sweat. Among them, investing in stocks that pay high dividends. 

This can earn you some good passive money provided that you conduct your research well. 

Based on the calculations we will carry out below, you will learn that investing in stocks might take you some time to reach the dividend target you desire but is doable.

How can I make an extra $2000 a month in dividends? Here are some unique tips:

a) Select a dividend yield stock

To begin, in order to earn $2000 a month, you’ll need to keep an eye on the stock’s dividend yield. This is defined as the total amount of dividends you are paid from the dividend stock you accrued.

To calculate dividend yield, divide the annual dividend income per share at the current market price.


Company QB pays a $5 per share annual dividend and its current share price is $100. Calculating your dividend yield, you will divide the annual dividend income per share, which is $5, by the current share price, which is $100.  This will give you a 5% yield.

Divided Yield= $5/$100 x 100 = 5%

Note: When choosing which dividend stocks to invest in, select those stocks that have a dividend yield ranging from 3%-5%.

Based on the calculations above, you might think that aiming at stocks with high dividend yield is a great idea but it should actually get you concerned. Dividends with high yields mean that the investment risk is very high and the safety of the dividend is very low.

Any unsafe dividend implies that the company is more likely to reduce or completely suspend the dividends in the future. This will almost immediately be accompanied by a reduction in share prices.

Therefore as an investor, invest in dividend stocks that are safe!

b) Make out the required amount of investment

For most of the dividend stocks, you will find that they have a quarterly payment strategy, meaning they pay 4 times a year. Since you want to earn dividends on a monthly basis, then you will have to invest in three different stocks that follow certain payment criteria.

Typically, the payment criteria are as follows;

  • January, April, July, October
  • February, May, August, November
  • March, June, September, December

Even with this, you don’t get a 100% guarantee that you will receive income monthly since companies have a tendency of changing their payment schedule.

Using our example above, you calculate the total investment required by taking the $2,000 per month in dividends then multiply by 4 -the number of times you will get paid in a year. This gets you paid $8,000  per year.

As such, the total investment required is $8,000 divided by the target dividend yield (5%) which comes to $160,000.  Multiplying the answer by 3 (number of stocks) comes down to $480,000 as your total investment.

This is quite a large sum of money to put into dividend stock especially if you are starting from scratch. You may have to consider coming up with monthly incremental goals that will help guide you as you scale your way up to the $480,000 investment.

c) Choose Dividend stock that will achieve your $2000 dividends a month

Here’s where you now pick a dividend stock.

While the past is not always the right forewarning of the future, in the stock market, the past really tells a lot about a company. To be on the safe side, I’d fill up my dividend income portfolio with solid dividend-paying companies that have a long historical record of paying dividends consistently to shareholders. 

So how many dividend stocks am I required to invest in to achieve my $2000 dividend income?

Research has it that between 10 – 30 dividend stocks. More than 30 and you minimize the incremental diversification benefits accruing from additional dividend stock. Less than 10 implies that you are rapidly increasing the individual security risk.

d) Save and invest in your monthly dividend portfolio

This is probably the most difficult step to follow, the reason being that you are required to find means of generating extra cash to invest in the dividend stock of your choice. To achieve this, you have two options; either start a side hustle or cut off some of your expenses.  

Start by focusing on your job to keep your monthly salary coming. Also, spend on only your basic needs and perhaps those crucial commodities you value and save the rest of your money. You can kickstart all this by coming up with a budget.

e) Reinvest all the acquired dividends to accelerate your dividend portfolio

First of all, you can automatically reinvest your dividends. To do so, contact your brokerage company with instructions to buy back into the company by purchasing new stock.

I’d prefer doing the reinvestment by myself because come to think of it, there might be better investment opportunities around when you don’t have control of the investment decisions.

Either way, it’s still fine since you are investing all the dividends and not spending a penny from it.

Things to consider when coming up with a dividend income portfolio

  • If you are starting from scratch, then start small then scale up to your goal at your own pace.
  • Stock markets are often associated with risks such as the sudden fall of a share price and as a result, opting to spread your risks in different kinds of stock is an epic decision.
  • Don’t blindly buy shares from any company that supposedly pays dividends. Instead, conduct research to identify companies that have been consistently paying dividends for a good while. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the kind of taxes you owe for your dividend income. You might want to invest more so that you can pay up your taxes and still get to earn $2000 a month.
  • Avoid high dividend yield rates at all costs. As I  discussed earlier, high dividend yield rates are very insecure and should be treated as a risky investment.

#19 Become a Laundromat Business Owner

First off, before you think of opening a laundromat, know that you can do laundry for a fee. Get people in the neighborhood to pay you to clean their clothes, either at their homes or the local laundromat.

The gig can get you $20+ per hour with such listings appearing on task-per-hour platforms like TaskRabbit.

On the other hand, you can become a laundromat business owner. Running a coin-based laundromat can earn you up to $300k per year which translates to over $5,700 per week.

#20 Open a Food Stall

Street food has many takers including people in the rush during lunch breaks. Food vendors are also favored for their authentic and homemade fast foods like sandwiches, burgers, and pasta.

Further, this is not a labor-intensive venture, meaning you can make it a family side hustle with your kids or spouse. However, there is the issue of health and business regulations that you have to adhere to before you can set up your stall.

Depending on your state, menu, and business acumen, you can make anywhere between $5k and $20k per month as a food vendor. The business can be run from a truck, cart, or even a small stall.

How to Make 2000 a Month From Home?

Looking for a way to make $2000 fast and in a month nonetheless? With today’s technological advancement, the internet can help you make such an amount doing something you already know how to do in the comfort of your home.

The question is whether you can get a little extra time from your schedule to do any of the activities below. If the answer is yes, you should be on your way to making your monthly 2000.

#21 Freelance Writing

Do you possess some writing skills? Maybe it is time to turn them into a money-making idea. 

If you can write with ease and in a logical manner that will keep the reader occupied and thirsting for more, then freelance writing can be your answer on how to get 2k fast.

Ideally, you don’t need much experience to get started with writing as long as you can give your clients the kind of quality content they are looking for. Nevertheless, gaining more experience helps you to excel in this field keeping in mind that clients pay per word.

For you to become a proficient writer, here are some pointers:

  • Develop your writing skills into becoming an expert in a particular field, and preferably, a field that you are already proficient in.
  • Locate clients who need content in your field of choice. You can such clientele on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

#22 Affiliate Marketing

As a brief refresher, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another person’s (or company’s) product. You find a product you like, promote it to your audience, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

It’s similar to a salesperson earning a commission, except you don’t work for the company. Instead, it’s like earning a reward for sending a new customer to the company.

Affiliate marketing can be a great choice for online entrepreneurs, bloggers, and really anyone who has a website or online presence and is willing to build an audience they can serve authentically.

If this describes you, products exist right now that people in your target market are probably already buying, and if you can become the resource that recommends those products, you can generate a commission as a result.

It can be an especially good option if you’re not ready to create your own product or service, but you want to serve your audience by recommending products that may be helpful to them.

Take for instance this YouTube video, where the review and demonstrate three USB podcasting microphones and include Amazon affiliate links to purchase each one in the description.

When done the right way, affiliate marketing can be a win-win. But for this to work, you’ll have to win your audience’s trust. When your audience believes you have their best interests at heart and trusts your recommendations, then all three parties in the affiliate marketing relationship ultimately benefit.

However, to make $2000 a month from affiliate marketing, you will have to promote high-ticket products that yield high commissions. Make sure to promote only the ones that have good reviews and the ones that you’ve tested out yourself.

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#23 Sell DIY Courses Online

sell DIY Courses Online

Google Play // Domestika

If you are wondering, “how can I make an extra $2000 a month as a basket weaver, landscaper, or handyman”? Sell your DIY skills online as paid training!

When I browse through my FB reels and TikTok, I get lots of DIY videos directing users to subscription pages. That’s what I’m talking about – getting people to pay to learn useful skills at the touch of a button.

A leading platform for online paid courses is Domestika. Here you can upload your video course and get paying buyers to download your material.

Currently, each course on the platform goes for $9.99, with no limit to the number of times a single item can be downloaded. Popular courses include;

Domestika pays via PayPal and applications are accepted from the world over.

#24 Be a Virtual Assistant

Even though the Covid 19 pandemic has cost many people’s lives, it has also taught us some new ways of doing things. One of them is that most organizations can be operated remotely. For you to fit into this kind of job you must be time conscious, be highly organized, have effective communication skills, know relevant business software, and be fluent in English.

As a virtual assistant (VA), you offer your skills in performing administrative tasks. Your duties involve scheduling appointments, receiving phone calls, taking down messages, and doing research on your client’s behalf among others.

The job pay by the hour and can be highly specialized. To get you on the right track, enroll in Gina Horkey’s Virtual Assistant Online Course here.

Apart from teaching you the basics, this training also includes hundreds of places for you to get work-from-home VA jobs

#25 Sell Graphic Design Services

Depending on skills and clientele, graphic designers make between about $12 and $43 per hour. This is an at-home gig that only requires a computer and graphic software like Adobe and Canva to get started.

There are many buyers for the skill including local businesses who need art for brochures, flyers, signage, and vehicle wraps for advertisement. You can also design business cards, logos, magazine ads, and social media ads for remote clients. 

#26 Make and Sell Enamel Pins

When looking to make 2k from home, consider selling enamel pins that fetch between $2 and $15 dollars each. The item is small (1-2 inches), making shipping cheap. Also, enamel pins have a niche market across all demographics.

You can make the pins from home or contact a pin factory to produce the product for you. Most factories charge $1.75 to $2.5 per piece plus shipping, meaning you can get 100% profit selling at twice the buying price.

You can market to book clubs, schools, and community organizations, plus online individual buyers. The gig can be very profitable if you make the pins part of your Etsy or Shopify catalog.

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#27 Start a Home Bakery Sale

Do visitors marvel at your bakery skills? Are your cakes, muffins, bread, cookies, and buns the center of every party? If yes, make money by starting a home bakery and selling to your friends.

The hustle has become a darling for many food enthusiasts who now advertise their baked products on Facebook and other social platforms. 

According to ZipRecruiter, home bakery owners earn an average of $8,302 per month. With this kind of profit, you can actually offer part-time employment to friends and family.

How to Make $2000 Fast as a Kid?

Learning how to earn 2000 fast is one of the things that can make your life easier as you become an adult. Further, modern technology has made it easy for today’s kids to have ideas that can help them make money, an opportunity the older generation never had. 

With the below money-generating techniques, your kids won’t have to always nag you for money. These are also jobs that both you and your kids can enjoy doing together.

#28 Do Mystery Shopping

Many franchised restaurants and businesses face the challenge of keeping their customers’ experiences satisfactory and the same throughout their different localities. In order to achieve such excellence, they hire “mystery shoppers” to purchase items in these stores and later on provide feedback on the experience.

As a mystery shopper, you will have to pay attention to things like customer care services, stock levels, and probably the promotions on display. Once you deliver the feedback, you get paid.

Even though this kind of job is mostly done by adults, there are numerous kids’ stores that need to hear from the young generation.

#29 Self Publish a Book

Are you a college or high school kid with a passion for reading and writing? Try publishing your own content and you’d be surprised by the money you can accrue from such an idea.

Thanks to online stores like Amazon, publishing your own books no longer has to be rocket science. With digital books, you have a larger audience to sell to and the pricing doesn’t differ much from those of a physical bookshop. 

Get to publish ebooks through Amazon Kindle and be on your way to making 70% of your book sales. As your books get to be known, your can hone your skills on these get paid to write articles for niche sites

#30 Be a Party Entertainer

Are you a kid that likes partying and wondering how to make a fast 2000? Why not change that adventurous spirit into a money-making gig. You can achieve this by creating a website and advertising your services. Also, remember to post pictures and short videos of your work.

The job involves, entertaining kids during birthday parties by either hyping them, telling jokes, maybe even performing magic and singing for them. Deliver your best in such events and you will be surprised that the calls won’t cease as you become a party favorite.

The amount of cash you will charge the host depends on how long you are to perform, your profile, and the kind of event.

#31 Run Errands

I am a kid and I need to make 2000 dollars fast, what do I do? My advice, run errands for the adults.

Who would ever think that a teen can be paid for performing duties for an adult is time-strapped? Such tasks could be going out shopping, picking up children from playgroups and schools, picking up laundry, and washing cars.

You could offer to perform these tasks on their behalf for a fee. For example, you can $50 to wash a car and $20 to mow lawns. With a few neighbors willing to hire you, and assuming you work fast, it’s possible to make over $100 in a day.

How to Make 2000 Dollars Fast for 13-year-olds?

As a 13-year-old do you wish to learn how to make 2000 pounds fast? Read along!

The fact that you are still young should not deter you from making money. To begin with, I am pretty sure you have lots of items in your room that can be flipped for quick cash.

May it be toys you no longer use, or clothes that don’t fit anymore. Put those shoes and video games on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace and get to make cash fast.

Take for example Abbey Fleck who in 1993 – 1994, at age 8, became a millionaire for the invention of simple racks for making bacon.

Interested? Below are some of the ways you can make real cash as a 13-year-old.

#32 Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the easiest ways of making money as a kid. Even when you are as young as 11 years, you can take care of a baby and get paid anything from $7 to over $80 per hour.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average rate for a babysitter in the US is $28, making this a high-paying job on our list. What’s more, this is a no-experience gig that is extremely fulfilling for those who like children.

To make the big bucks, I recommend that you partake in the free babysitting course by Red Cross. Also, during your job search be on the lookout for phrases such as ‘nanny services’ and ‘commissioning nanny’ that are fancy ways of saying ‘babysitting’.

Sites offering babysitting jobs for 13yr olds!

#33 Sell Kid-friendly Crafts

Do you love making crafts during your leisure time? If so then you could exchange these arts for a fast $2000 in the right marketplace.

Such crafts could be keychains, bracelets, customized greeting cards, knit and woolen scarves, and even drawings.

Online platforms such as Etsy and Shopify are excellent places to sell your artwork. With the help of your parents, you could start selling for $15-$20 per piece. And if you are an excellent painter, it’s possible to sell art at $100+ per piece.

Visit restaurants in your area and request their managers to let you display your artwork on their premises for sale. You will definitely have to showcase that you own the art and if they find the work attractive, then they will definitely say yes- provided the restaurant gets a commission of the sale.

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#34 Test Apps and Video Games

As an app tester, you are required to have an eye for uncovering bugs that would make it difficult to use the software during the beta testing stage.

In most cases, you will be required to write a review of your experience while using an app or game platform. This information helps the developers know what the problem is and resolve it before releasing the app or game to the general public. This implies that you must have a deep insight into the product for you to be ranked as a top reviewer. 

As a kid, your parents can help you get signed onto these sites as a beta tester. Examples of such sites include and

#35 Start Dog Walking/Sitting

Are you wondering how to get $2000 fast and you have a feeling of companionship toward animals? Then taking out your neighbor’s dogs for a walk could be the money gig for you. Dog owners are usually on the lookout for reliable people who can take their tail-waggers out for exercise.

With apps like Rover and Wag, you could easily advertise your services and connect with pet owners in need of your services. The pay scale starts at around $5-$7 per hour per dog.

#36 Sell Text Books or Unused Items

As a 13-years old kid, you probably have tons of things laying around in your room that you no longer use. These items could be your toys, clothes, or already-read textbooks. 

Instead of throwing away your old toys, make a collection of them and flip them for quick cash on eBay for around $3-$5 per piece. The same rule applies to your clothes, ask for your parent’s assistance in selling them. 

If you have an avid interest in reading books, then you could have a pile of them on your shelves. Instead of requesting your parent to buy you new books, sell the old textbooks for quick cash.

Although this may take some time, at least you won’t be fully dependent on your parents and you get to learn entrepreneurial skills.

Interested? Sign up for Flipper University’s Niche Book Profits training to find profitable books from thrift stores or yard sales.


How to Make $2000 Fast?

To earn $2k fast, leverage skills such as bookkeeping, virtual assistance, graphic design, and freelance writing that pay well for at-home remote workers. You can also rent out your car, garage, spare room, or boat for fast cash. Kids and teens can also earn as much as party entertainers, pets and babysitters, and testers on new video games or apps.

How to Make $2000 in a Week?

Businesses that pay over $2k per week include food vending on the street, Amazon Flex delivery, and laundromats. If you are financially savvy, you can also earn 2000 dollars weekly from high-yield stock investments. Additionally, selling several high-value items like a car, laptops, and home equipment can get you cash fast.

How to Make $2000 in a Day

Some high-paying skills like interior decor, equipment installation, and construction can pay 2k or more depending on the job scope. Selling expensive items like a house, car, or boat can also grow your bank account by over $2,000 in an instant. I also recommend becoming a consultant for start-ups and small businesses where your expertise in a particular field can be quite lucrative.

How to Make $2000 a Month

Selling life skills and DIY courses online can get you 2,0000 dollars in a month easy. Jobs like call center agent, graphic designer, and affiliate marketer can also pay you $2k month after month. Other sustainable 2k-a-month hustles include home bakeries, selling enamel pins, freelance ghostwriting, and vending food in the streets. 

How to Make $2000 Fast – Conclusion 

Whether you are a kid or an adult, learning how to make 2k fast is an important skill. We have discussed some of the ways that can help you earn $2,000 fast and legally. Give some of the ideas a fair shot and settle with the one (s) that suit you best.

Executing only one of the multiple techniques we have looked into may not be enough to boost your monthly income or accumulate into $2000. However, if you try and come up with a business model that would fit more than one strategy then making that $2000 a month won’t be a problem.

For example, become a blogger, sell items online on your site, and include affiliate links to other companies in your content.

As I wind up on the various methods to make $2000 fast, note that all the above techniques are legit. Some might take more effort and time depending on numerous factors, but in the long run, they can all deliver you $2000. It’s up to you- depending on the skills you possess- to choose the method that you best qualify for and dedicate yourself to it.

Lastly, I would like to hear about your pick for the best $2k-worth idea in the comments section. 

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