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$2,000 Free Money: Get Free Money Now In 2024 [63 Pro Tips]

Are you on the quest for free money? Wondering how to get free money? Well, guess what? I actually received free money in the mail earlier this month. Yes, you heard that right – a little over $2,000 free money!

And it’s not just me…

Many of us received free money in the form of Stimulus Checks, which were deposited into our bank accounts as part of the American Rescue Plan Act. Additionally, some parents even claimed the Child Tax Credit, which was worth up to $2,000 per child born! 

If given the choice, who wouldn’t want “Unlimited Free Money Now”?

I mean, the idea of earning free cash without investing a significant amount of effort or dealing with job uncertainties is appealing, right? I’d be surprised if anyone said no!

It’s always been a dream for many, but is it actually real? And how can you get free money?

Trust me on this!

When you’ve put in countless hours of work without generating income, receiving some free money won’t hurt your wallet, will it?

Whether it’s from the government, apps, PayPal, subscriptions, or flipping items, I’ll show you how to get free money.


How to Get Free Money In 2024

Let’s dive into the list of the easiest and most effective ways to get free money!

#1 Get $2,000 Free Money

One potential idea to obtain $2,000 in free money is to research and apply for government grants, scholarships, or credits.

Many organizations and government agencies offer financial assistance programs that provide funds to individuals for various purposes, such as education, starting a business, or community development.

By carefully researching and identifying eligible grants or scholarships that align with your goals or circumstances, you can increase your chances of securing the desired amount.

It’s important to thoroughly review the requirements and application process for each opportunity and submit a compelling application to maximize your chances of receiving the funds.

Persistence, diligence, and thoroughness can greatly enhance your prospects of obtaining $2,000 in free money through grants or scholarships.

This is one of the easiest ways to get free money now. Interested? Here is a quick look at trending financial assistance from the government and non-governmental institutions:

#2 Absolutely Free Money with Apps

Most of us are hooked to our smartphones daily, but what if I told you that you can earn free money from the apps you are using? Several market research-based apps predominantly run in the background of your mobile and computer, collecting data to shape the products you might use in the future.

If you have no objection to having this information accessed, you can end up earning $300 in a year easily by installing these apps. Here are a few recommendations:

Nielsen Mobile and Computer Panel App (Earn up to $50 per year)

The Nielsen app on your mobile device unlocks up to $50 per year in rewards points, which are redeemable via PayPal or gift cards from retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and others! 

Plus, having the Nielsen software on your computer automatically enters you into a $10,000 monthly sweepstakes. Additionally, all panelists earn game tokens for chances to instantly win rewards on their scratch-off games! 

Nielsen is 100% legit, and free, and is believed to give away $10,000 in the form of rewards every month. So, what are you waiting for? Install the Nielsen app today and earn up to $50 per year in free money.

Similarly, participating in everyday tasks on platforms like Swagbucks yields additional income. 

#3 Trim – Cut Down Your ExpensesTrim Financial

Trim App is more or less a new evolving platform that the majority of people are obsessing over. This tool goes through your monthly spending and finds quick and easy loopholes to help save money.

The app helps negotiate cable, internet, phone, and medical bills, cancel old subscriptions, and more. It also helps find better car insurance plans in comparison to the one you have now.

This doesn’t necessarily help put direct free money into your account every month, but it helps in saving up a lot, almost more than 5%, which is pretty amazing.

Start saving with Trim right now!

#4 I Get ‘Free Money Mailed to Me’ 😉

Free money mailed to me

Yes, you read that right!

Paribus, a price adjustment app helps match the price of your purchases whenever there is a drop in the price of the purchased item. It keeps track of all your purchases by scrutinizing the emails in your inbox.

So, whenever there is a price drop, they file these price adjustment claims on your behalf. Thus saving you the hassle & potentially hundreds of dollars.

Here is a complete list of stores Paribus works with. All you have to do is sign up for Paribus and allow their receipt fetcher to do the job for you. It’s as simple as that!

The best part is you can also get compensated for late deliveries from retailers like Amazon, eBay, target, etc. 

#5 Get $2000 Free Money Now By Sharing Your Space

Utilize platforms like Airbnb or VRBO to rent out your spare room, apartment, or vacation property. By tapping into the booming market of short-term rentals, you can generate substantial income effortlessly.

Share the unique features of your space, highlight its amenities, and set competitive rates to attract potential guests.

With proper management and guest satisfaction, you can maximize your earnings and enjoy the financial benefits of sharing your space.

Take advantage of this lucrative opportunity and start earning $2000 now by opening your doors to travelers and explorers.

Get $2,000 Free Money 

If you’re interested in getting $2000 in free money through interests, there are several strategies you can consider.

#6 Peer-to-Peer Lending

If you have the means, consider becoming a private lender. By charging interest on the principal amount, you can earn free money from your investment.

In the current market, it’s definitely possible to earn a 3 to 5% interest rate on your money. The popular online platforms for peer-to-peer lending are Lending Club and

Lending Club is a convenient option for individuals seeking personal loans at lower interest rates compared to the often high rates of credit cards.

The only drawback is ensuring the safety of the borrower. It’s important to have confidence that the money you invest will be repaid along with the full interest amount.

To get $2,000 free money in interest, you would need to lend over $100,000!

#7 Investing In Stocks/ETFs

Investing in stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is another way to potentially earn interest over time. By purchasing dividend-paying stocks or ETFs, you can receive regular dividend payments, which can contribute to your goal of earning $2000 in free money.

For example, if each stock yields approximately $200 in dividends annually, owning 200 shares of each will generate a total of $24,000 per year or $2,000 passive income per month. Nevertheless, achieving this level of income requires a substantial investment, totaling thousands or even over a million dollars in dividend stocks. Moreover, it is crucial to diversify your investments across various sectors to mitigate risks effectively.

#8 High Yield Savings Accounts

Alternatively, you have the option to invest your money in an FDIC-insured high-yield savings account or certificates of deposit (CDs) that offer attractive interest rates. Different financial institutions provide varying rates, so it is prudent to search for the best option to maximize your earnings.

The beauty of a savings account lies in its daily compounding of interest, which means you earn interest every day. For instance, with a weekly deposit of $40, you can accumulate $2,000 in one year.

As of now, Varo Bank is offering a 5% annual percentage yield (APY) on balances up to $5,000, and an additional 3% APY on balances above $5,000. SoFi allows you to earn up to a 4.40% APY on savings balances and a 0.50% APY on checking balances.

To reach the goal of earning $2,000 in free money through interest, you would need to invest around $100,000 in a high-yield savings account. To calculate the interest you can earn on any balance, you can use a compound interest calculator.

HOT TIP: Just open a Varo Bank Account using my link, spend $20 on your new debit card, and we will both get $35 from Varo. 🙌 💰

#9 iBonds or Treasury Bills

Government bonds are generally regarded as secure investments and typically provide interest payments over time. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the interest rates for bonds can fluctuate, so it is essential to conduct thorough research and choose those that align with your financial objectives.

At present, I Bonds is offering a 5.7% interest rate. This rate applies for the first six months for bonds issued between November 2023 and April 2024. On the other hand, Treasury Bills are offering over 5% for February 2023, which is significantly higher than the rates observed in the previous year.

Start investing in T Bills or I Bonds here.

Regardless of the strategy you choose, it’s important to consider your risk tolerance, do thorough research, and diversify your investments. Be mindful of any fees or expenses associated with your chosen investment vehicle.

#10 Rent Your Car and Get $2,000

With the evolving number of cab services that are on a constant rise, it is not surprising that more and more people are starting to earn free money by renting out their cars to these organizations.

Doing this keeps your car in motion and even helps you earn money without you having to put in any kind of investment or effort.

The majority of the rental earnings are believed to be paid out on the 15th of every month and if you are aware of Getaround, make sure to hook up with their servers because they are one of the best in the market as of now.

Turo is another popular car rental marketplace where travelers can rent any car they want. It’s popularly known as the ‘The AIRBNB of Cars”.

And, it is possible to make anywhere from $1,000-1,500 per month in profit with Turo. 

Extra Resource: Earning Without a Car – 30+ Amazing Ways!

#11 Win Over $2,000 Free Money! 

I always wondered, how can I win free money?! But, I found a befitting answer to my query. Yes, not just me, anyone with a strong determination can now win (up to $10,000) in free money by betting on their own weight loss goals. 

HealthyWage (as seen on CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and countless other media outlets) pays you to lose weight.

They use cash-based challenges designed to help end procrastination, encourage perseverance, and harness the power of your desire to avoid losing your wager. 

Isn’t this a rewarding way to get fit and fatten your wallet at the same time? So, what are you waiting for? Make a HealthyWager today and see how much you can win when you bet on yourself. 

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How To Get $2,000 Free Money From The Government

Did you know that it is possible to get free government money for individuals?

Several government-sponsored programs cover the needs of certain people like individuals in low-income families, single mothers, senior citizens, pregnant women, and kids who need health insurance.

Also, there are rehabilitation programs that come in to shield people from the impact of natural calamities.

That said, there are several ways to get free money from the government without paying it back. Let’s get into the details:

#12 Claim Your Senior Citizen Benefits

Is the federal government giving money away? Of course, yes! Take advantage of the free money from the government once you hit 50 or more.

Depending on the state of your residence, the eligibility age might differ. As a senior citizen, some of the benefits that you will enjoy include:

  • Free medical and other services – dental services in government facilities only.
  • Tax exemption on your income, especially minimum wage earners.
  • Social security benefits.
  • Retirees can get tuition college waivers or very low-cost options.  

Click here to learn more about senior citizen benefits in the US.

#13 Recover Your Pension Plan

You can enjoy your pension plan once you have retired from your work.

It is important to check out with Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation to be able to see if you have any existing pension plan that is unclaimed. They have every database even if the company is out of business already.

Ex-employees of different companies can forget about their pension plan benefits. But now that you know it is possible to recover your pension plan, check PBGC to get started.

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#14 Get Your Unclaimed Tax Refund Check

Getting your unclaimed tax refund check is a great way to get free money from the government.

Surprisingly, every year the Internal Revenue Service has unclaimed tax refunds amounting to millions of dollars. So, if you were planning to get a federal tax refund,  check with the IRS about the status of your refund.

There are several ways that a government can owe you a tax refund: 

  • Unclaimed federal tax refunds – this happens when you are eligible for a federal tax refund, but you don’t file a claim.
  • Undelivered federal tax refund checks – all your tax refunds get mailed to your address so if you might have moved and did not update the IRS, it is possible that your check was returned to them and hence undelivered.
  • State refund checks – this simply means that at the state level, the government owes you a tax refund.

To get free money mailed to your house from the government, check for unclaimed IRS refunds here.

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#15 Check For Unclaimed Money

check for unclaimed free money

Get free money right now by checking if you have any unclaimed money from bank accounts, state government, investments, and property.

Most businesses send money to unclaimed property offices run by the state to locate their owners easily. The only condition is that you will have to prove that you really own that property or the money.

So, if you think you have some unclaimed money held by the government, why not find out?

Click here to check your unclaimed assets.

#16 Apply For Unemployment Benefits

As a resident of the USA, if you are currently unemployed and need assistance, you could qualify for unemployment benefits, whether you have lost your job recently or if it happened through no fault of your own.

The requirements vary from state to state so you have to ensure that you are eligible in your state.

Further, the federal government has allowed states to change the rules regarding unemployment benefits to extend help to people whose jobs have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In most states, the benefits last for 26 weeks. You can also apply for extended benefits when the regular benefits lapse.

Besides unemployment insurance benefits, you can also access free or low-cost job training and help in finding another job or setting up a small business. 

This is definitely one of the best ways to get free money right now!

#17 Apply For the STAR Credit

Are you a resident of the state of New York? Then this might just be your opportunity to get free money in the mail. School Tax Relief or simply, STAR is a program that gives property tax relief to people who own homes in New York.

To qualify, you must be registered as the homeowner. Further, the home must be your primary residence. A married couple only qualifies for one STAR benefit unless there’s legal separation.  

You get the relief in the form of a STAR credit check that is sent in the mail each year which you can then use to pay your school taxes.

Alternatively, you can get a STAR exemption which amounts to a reduction of the amount you are eligible for on your school tax bill. 

If you have bought your home recently, and have not applied for the STAR program credit, do so right now to receive the benefit annually for as long as you are eligible.

Get more information and check out some special STAR eligibility rules by browsing STAR resources on the official New York State page.

#18 Apply For Disability

Before you apply for disability benefits, you need to visit your doctor and get all the required documents then deliver them to the Social Security office. The good thing is that you can do the application online in your own free time.

If you are unable to work due to certain health conditions you can enjoy this free government money for individuals today. The program is available for both adults and children.

#19 Apply For Food Stamps

Is the federal government giving money away? Yes, the US government does give out money, but not always in cash!

With this in mind, you can take advantage of the food stamps program. Get nutritious food assistance for children, infants, and women.

There are also meal programs to offer food assistance to families with low income, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Even your kids and seniors in school can be part of this free government food. So, if you don’t have a job and you have no idea of where you will get your next meal, worry no more.

Apply for food stamps (SNAP Food Benefits) now. 

How To Get Free Money On PayPal?

It’s possible to get $2000 free PayPal money for simple tasks like shopping online and engaging with ads. These are things that you normally do already, so why not get paid in the process?

Your time is rewarded in cash, points that can be redeemed for credits such as Steam game codes, and shopping gift cards. Here are my top picks for $,2000 free money PayPal funds:

#20 Swagbucks – Get a $10 Welcome Bonus + Rewards

Swagbucks is possibly one of the most popular paid reward platforms that gives out 7,000 free gift cards every day. The site has a 4.3 rating on Trustpilot with over 15,000 reviews.

You earn quick rewards to shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys (up to $35 per survey), watch TV, read emails, play games, and whatnot!

There are a bunch of ways to earn quick money with Swagbucks, you just have to tap into them and spare a few minutes daily.

On the successful completion of the tasks, you are paid in the form of “Swagbucks” which are nothing but points. These can be redeemed either as money directly to your account or even in the form of gift cards.

Apart from this, Swagbucks even offers you an introductory gift of $10 when you sign up on the platform – Get Your $10 Welcome Bonus right here.

Important: Don’t forget to verify Swagbuck’s email to claim the $10 bonus!

Once you sign up for Swagbucks you can redeem your Swagbucks points for PayPal $100. You can also exchange your Swagbucks points for $100- PayPal.

Sign up with Swagbucks and get free money instantly to your PayPal account.

Additional Resource: Swagbucks Review

#21 Join KashKick for $10 Free PayPal Money

KashKick/Google Play

KashKick is a GPT site where you can watch clips, play games, and browse the internet for PayPal money. Other simple tasks that make you money on the app include completing studies, downloading applications, and completing other online challenges.

Payment is via PayPal with a minimum cashout threshold of $10. Sign-up gets you $1 free with surveys paying between $0.75 and $2, depending on the length of the study.

To get the most out of KashKick, I recommend taking part in their paid offers that can pay $50 or more for a few minutes of your time. For example, signing up for a financial app like Stash, where you can make $2k easily, via Kash Kick pays $50.

Sign Up on KaskKick Now for PayPal Money

#22 Carry Out Market Research on for a Big Payday

How good are you at extracting info from the internet? With good computer and internet skills, getting $2,000 free money PayPal 2024 is easy as a remote researcher on Respondent. 

Paying clients on the site look for market researchers, software developers, marketers, and salespersons from thousands of participants on the site. 

Pay depends on your qualifications with researchers getting $100+ per hour and business owners taking home $500 or more per hour. You get opportunities based on your profile, as directed by algorithms that match participants with available jobs.

Respondent gets 2.1 stars on Trustpilot from 66 reviews. While successful applicants go on to receive hefty payments for simple tasks, the majority of users cite numerous and extensive prescreening tests as a huge turnoff.

Become a Respondent Participant Today

#23 Get Free $2000 Playing Games Online

Getting paid to participate in video games that you already enjoy is the epitome of making free money. GPT sites like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars come with such tasks that can pay you $20 or more per day.

For the big bucks, consider showcasing your gameplay on the likes of Twitch and YouTube. Here, you can access your pay from subscribing viewers via PayPal and other mobile wallets.

However, making money streaming video games requires you to first build up a huge following, which takes time. As such, I recommend getting started as a game tester on or applying for testing jobs on Upwork.

Find More Game Apps

How to get free Steam Wallet Money?

How To Get Free Money Online?

You can get free money online and from legit deals. As long as you can stay alert, avoid sites that ask for too much of your personal details, and stay away from deals that appear to be too good, you should be safe.

#24 Refer A Friend

The referral program is a marketing strategy used by e-commerce businesses to award existing clients for roping in family and friends to their products or services.

For example, the Top Cashback app will give you £10.00 (around $13.70) when you refer a friend. Most Google Apps give $1 – $15 on every referral. One of my favorites, Ibotta, gives you $10 per referral.

However, if you are looking for high-paying referral programs, let me tell you, Cash App pays $15-$30 per new referral, who signs up using your referral code.

Here are all the steps involved in claiming your free $5 activation bonus followed by the $15-$30 referral bonus.

So, if you are still wondering how to get free money fast, check out some of these best link-sharing programs

#25 Get Credit Card Bonuses [Up to $300 Free Money]

Who doesn’t love credit card bonuses that can earn hundreds of dollars in free money? And besides, you’ll be getting money without spending anything extra!

Many banks offer incentives of $200 or more for simply signing up for a new credit card with them. All you have to do is spend $500 (or more) on purchases in your first 3-6 months from account opening.

And, they also require you to keep your account in good standing (i.e.: no late or missed payments) for a certain period of time before they will award you the bonus. 

If you enjoy signing up for new cards to earn lots of free money, you can accumulate free 2000 dollars for free fast. Here’s a list of popular and trending credit cards that offer amazing rewards for new cardholders: 

  • The Chase Freedom Unlimited®: Earn a $200 Bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening.
  • Citi Custom Cash℠ Card: $200 cash back after you spend $750 on purchases in the first 3 months of account opening.
  • Blue Cash Preferred®: Up to $300 cash back after you spend $3,000 in purchases on the Card in the first 6 months of Card Membership.

#26 Flip Land Fast

This is a great opportunity to make some good money if you possess a set of skills in sales and marketing. It is possible to flip a land for $10,000 or less.

Most importantly, you don’t have to own real estate to start flipping lands. Ideally, you should come up with a budget for acquisition and marketing, then look for the ideal land. Next, you can make a lower offer and purchase it. 

For instance, you might locate a land selling at $4500, then make an offer of $3600 or thereabout. After doing some clearing and stuff, you get a buyer and sell it at $4700.

This means that you invested $3600 and ended up making a profit of $1100 all expenses held constant.

Learn more on how to flip a land and get free money right now!

#27 Time The Market

Market timing is the buying and selling of financial assets based on a particular strategy.

Investors try to challenge the stock market with their own predictions by buying and selling investment money.

With market timing, you don’t buy and hold, you buy low and sell high which is an idea I would go for if I need money today for free.

On the downside, you should be aware of common risks such as loss, transaction cost, and inability to time entrances and exits. But that does not mean that it is not worth trying. 

#28 Build A Subscription Box

How about you come up with a great idea in a popular niche and build a subscription box? You give the consumers good branding on the product and theme.

Also, you need a target market, monitor your competitors, and finally take into consideration your customers’ profiles.

Building a subscription box calls for creativity and marketing the product through your own website.

For diversity, you can keep changing the subscription boxes offering different products.

Once your customers are satisfied you can get as much as $2,000 free money from building a subscription box. Have a look at some samples from Amazon.

#29 Set Up a Patreon for Free Money

Your thoughts and ideas can earn you $2,000 or more for free. All you need is to share with paying fans and access your earnings via secure subscription platforms like Patreon.

What I like about the site is that creatives get to set their own rates. People can subscribe to your art sessions, videos, podcasts, motivational speeches, music, and more, and pay you a monthly fee.

To increase your Patreon earnings, keep your audience entertained with;

  • Behind-the-scene clips.
  • C0-hosting and collaboration sessions.
  • Q$A sessions.
  • Live chats.
  • Fan recognition and participation.
  • Contests and rewards.

The platform can easily get you paid $2k+ within months of joining, with its highest-earning creators pocketing over #200k every month.

For a small fee from your earnings, to cater for the service and payment processing, Patreon pays creators via Payoneer, PayPal, or Bank Account. 

How To Get Free Money Now?

How about I help solve your puzzle on “How can I get free money right now?” I’m talking about making easy money which is way better than begging or asking for a loan without any idea of how you will pay it back.

Let’s dive in.

#30 Rent Your Stuff on Fat Llama

With Fat Llama, you can easily rent your stuff to people near you. The site allows you to rent out almost everything and get money in return. Customers are drawn to this business model since they have a chance to experience an item they can’t afford or aren’t ready to purchase.
So, do you have valuables that you no longer use? Be it a car, lawnmower, laptop, boat, or even a caravan, list it on Llama and make money fast.

#31 Robocalls

You must be curious about how to get free money using Robocall. You should be willing to receive a Robocall or an automatic message on your device and in return, you will make up to $3k per call.

Even if you receive the robocall or text unwillingly, you will earn free money, just like that. You can also opt to block robocalls if you are not willing to take the challenge.

Now, how about you put your number on the do-not-call list and enjoy $1500 whenever you annoying and unsolicited calls from marketers and campaigns? Best of all, you can now get an app for making free money with robocalls

#32 Get Your Phone Bill Paid For

The federal government has offered to assist families in America with low income in getting their phone bills paid.

With the Covid – 19 crisis low-income generating families Lifeline company offers a 15% discount per month. The discount can last for a year or more. Get $2,000 free money by getting your phone bill paid for by Lifeline. 

Link-up is another government program that assists in telephone installation deposits.

Credit is given to anyone installing telephone services at home which will activate a wireless telephone. Depending on which state you reside in you can get up to $50.

#33 How To Get Free Money On Venmo?

Venmo is an online digital wallet that helps people send money effortlessly. Unfortunately, at the moment, it is available in the US only. You can easily send and receive money via QR codes or messages. The app posts all transactions on social media but hides the amount. The app is free.

If you use the app for your money transactions, you will receive Venmo free money weekly. However, if you are using PayPal, the free money will be sent to you via email. So, create an account with Venmo and enjoy the free money that will be sent your way.

Get free money in the mail right now by using Venmo.

#34 Get Free Money Listening To Music

One way to get free money is by listening to music.

Sites like Slicethepie and Playlist Push will pay you for listening to and rating new songs.

All you need is an internet connection and a set of headphones. Another way to earn some extra cash is by predicting hits on HitPredictor. By correctly guessing which songs will be popular, you can earn points that can be redeemed for prizes.

While it’s not enough to live off of, getting free money is a great way to pad your budget or earn some spending money. If you’re looking for ways to make a little extra cash, be sure to check out these options.

#35 Make Free Money Transcribing Audio

Another great way to make money is by transcribing audio.

Rev is a website that allows you to sign up and start doing this exact task. 

There is a wide range of audio available, from interviews to lectures, and you can work as much or as little as you want. The pay rate is also very good, and you can withdraw your earnings at any time. 

In addition, transcribing audio is a great way to improve your language skills and learn about different accents. So if you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, transcribing audio may be the perfect option for you.

#36 How To Make Free Money Reviewing Mock Trials

Review a Mock Trial If you are interested in making some extra money in your spare time, consider signing up with eJury

As an eJuror, you can help attorneys prepare for real cases by providing your feedback on how well the attorney presented the case, how well they communicated with the jury, and whether or not you would find them credible. 

In return for your feedback, you will receive a cash payment. While payments vary depending on the length and complexity of the case, you can expect to earn around $5 to $10 per case. eJury is a great way to make some extra money in your spare time without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

#37 How To Make Free Money Selling Old Clothes

Did you know that you can actually get free money by simply selling your old clothes? It’s true!

There are a number of sites and apps where you can easily sell your used clothing, and in turn, earn some extra cash. 

Poshmark and ThredUp are two such popular options.

Simply create an account, upload photos of your items, set a price, and wait for buyers to come to you. With Poshmark, you even have the option to schedule a free shipping label so that you don’t have to pay for shipping. 

How easy is that? So the next time you’re looking for a little extra money, be sure to go through your closet first – you may be surprised at what you find!

#38 How To Make Free Money From Selling Your Photos

If you’re a keen photographer, then you could make some extra cash by selling your photos online.

There are a number of stock photography websites that allow you to upload your images and receive a commission whenever someone downloads them. 

Shutterstock and iStock are two of the most popular stock photography websites, and they both offer great terms for photographers. 

With Shutterstock, you can earn up to 15% to 40% commission per image, and with iStock, you can earn up to 15% commission on every sale. 

If you’ve got a good camera and some quality shots, then selling your photos could be a great way to earn some extra money.

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How To Add Free Money to Your Bank Account?

Adding free money to your account is not that hard. Imagine it is possible to get $2,000 free money right now. Try the following ideas and add free money to your bank account.

#39 Ask for USD 2000 Free Money

Want a get money in your bank account now free 2024 hack? Ask for free money from family or friends all over the world through crowdfunding!

With the current situation of the COVID–19 crisis, many families need either financial assistance or health assistance.

All you need is to create your own project for fundraising online, and then share the project with your friends and relatives. Finally, you will receive all the amount you collected even if you did not reach your target. 

Be ready for fundraising and get more than $2000 free money now!

#40 How To Get Free $2000 Cash App Money?

It is so easy to get free money on Cash App. Once you download the app and sign up, you will be required to complete simple tasks and earn free money in return.

You get free money on Cash App by watching videos, completing survey questions, giving out your opinion, and doing free trials for products or services.

The best part is there are no gift cards or discounts that you need to redeem. You receive cash paid in your Cash App account directly. 

Once you log into the Cash App you will see a section written “enter referral code”.

You get a $5 – $15 bonus by using this Cash App free money code which is a string of random numbers.

Interested? Use the code ‘ZFXCWHR’ when you sign up to activate your Cash App referral bonus now!

To activate the bonus, you are required to spend at least $5 on another Cash App user. You can also invite friends and earn a free $15 per referral.

Get started for $2,000 free money cash app below:

Free Cash App Money


  • Download Cash App on Google Play or App Store.
  • Input this Cash App free money code - "ZFXCWHR" in the "Enter Referral Code" section.
  • Link your debit card or bank account to your Cash App.
  • Send $5 to your friends/family within 14 days of entering the referral code to receive a $5 activation bonus!
  • Refer friends and get $15 (or more) per qualified referral.

Other ways to earn free money instantly with Cash App include online shopping using the Cash App debit Card, investing in stocks or Bitcoin with Cash App, receiving payment for goods or services via Cash App, and following the Cash App on social media.

#41 Cash App Grocery Store Boost

Grocery Store Boost is a Cash App program that allows you to save money with your grocery purchases. You get discounts when you buy specific products in-store using your Cash App Card.

The boost applies when you purchase from participating merchants, including restaurants. Some popular retailers like Walmart, though selling groceries, are not participants since they are “more than a grocery store”.

To opt into the program, tap the Cash Card tab on your Cash App home screen, and then click Add Boost.

Find the boost that interests you, tap on it followed by clicking Add. Lastly, visit the store to get your boost.

Note, Cash App Boost runs for a limited time and each is specific to a store.  As such, always check Details to know the expiry date and where to use it.

#42 Upload Your Shopping Receipts

Scan and upload your grocery shopping receipts and get free money now. The cash is paid back either through PayPal, gift cards, or Venmo.

By downloading Fetch Rewards, you get a bonus of $3. By uploading your receipts here, you will easily earn points that you can redeem for a gift card.

Also, Ibotta is another app that will give you a bonus of $20 for taking a snap of your receipt. Just shop in your favorite store and don’t forget to upload that receipt ASAP!

Also Read: Why is Ibotta a Better Cashback App?

#43 Ask for a Lower Payment from Creditors

Learn how to negotiate with your creditors for a lower payment. Your target is to pay 30% to 50% of your debt. Give them your offer and this will help you pay less and save more.

Get free money grants by settling your unsecured debt.

The payment percentage differs with the financial situation of the debt holder, cash on hand and finally the debt age, and finally the creditor.

Where To Get Free Money?

Your financial status should not worry you anymore since you can get free money added to your account instantly.

The reason is that you can receive free money instantly in 2024 by trying out the following ideas:

#44 Instant Offers on Electronics

Did you know that you can make some bucks from those old electronics that you don’t use anymore?

Yes, you can sell your old electronics and pocket some good cash. There are several websites, like Craigslist, where you can sell everything from old DVD players to TV sets.

You can also try Amazon which is one of the best online retail stores to list almost anything.

#45 Review Free Products and Services

Reviewing free products and services for cash sounds too good to be true, right? First off, some companies offer free products for you to test at home.

In addition to keeping the free samples, some of which haven’t hit the market yet, you get paid for testing the products.

You can sign up with Amazon as a reviewer for their products and get rewards. For this to work, you need to have a clear understanding of the product to avoid biased information. 

Get free money instantly by reviewing products and services today.

#46 Apply Coupons With Honey 

Honey from PayPal is a browser shopping extension that can help you save money during online checkout. The tool automatically searches for discounts on over 30,000 e-commerce sites and applies the relevant ones to your cart.

With Honey, you can save $2,000 fast when purchasing items such as laptops, gaming kits, sporting equipment, and groceries.

You also earn points, at select stores, that are redeemable for shopping gift cards. 1000 Honey points get you $10, with a referral making you 500 points ($5).

The tool reports over 17m users and $126 savings for the average shopper. Note, that Honey is free and now also comes in an app for Android and iPhone users.  

How To Get Free Money for College?

Being in college without money is the worst feeling ever. That’s where there are dozens of freelance jobs best for college-goers. Such jobs call for you to work during your free time and holiday breaks.

The take-home is more than decent, and if you gain experience fast, you can make a career out of these side hustles. So, for some extra bucks for your college needs, here are some job ideas to get free money fast.

#47 Refinance Your Student Loan

Refinancing your student loan can get you a few bucks. You can refinance both your private loan and federal loan. However, before you consider refinancing you should ensure that:

  • Your credit score is at least 600s.
  • You have a stable income plan.
  • In case you are unable to pay, you need a co-signer who is qualified to cover the debt.

Also, as you apply for refinancing your student loan, aim for reduced monthly payments. It’s also advisable that you get free money grants to be in a position to pay your debt fast.

This kind of financial assistance is provided by both federal and state governments, as well as non-governmental organizations. 

#48 Boost Your Credit Score

As explained above, a good credit score is crucial for getting great credit terms. Basically, loans are offered based on the tier of your credit rating. As such, to get $2,000 free money in loans, start by boosting your score from one tier to the next, which adds a few thousand dollars to your loan application.

Among the measures you can take to improve your rating is to pay debts on time, collect errors in your credit report, and avoid maxing out your credit cards.

Check Your Credit Score for Free

#49 Become a Content Creator

Do you need free money instantly? Become a content creator and get free money for college. A content creator is more of a marketer or influencer because you are responsible for advertising products or services through blogs or social media.

The idea is to create content that converts your followers into consumers of what you are promoting. This is a hustle that you can pursue independently or as a freelance writer for clients. As a content creator, you can easily make around $16 per hour!

#50 Sell Printable on Etsy

Etsy is a unique global marketplace where you can buy/sell crafts or even collect some unique handmade crafts.

You can also major in printables such as calendars and budget planners that sell fast. Here, carry out market research to know what people want or use regularly.

Another marketplace to look at is Etsy which also connects you directly to buyers. Download the Etsy or Shopify app and get started with your online shop for some quick cash.

#51 How To Get Free Money on Chime/free Money Hack 2024?

Use Chime as your daily debit card during transactions and get your money back. This is a Visa-backed financial tool with no minimum balances or hidden charges. What I like most about Chime is using it helps you build good credit right from college.

With Chime, you can get either one of these offers,

  • At any participating merchant, ensure you spend the amount required, and in return, you get a statement credit on your account.
  • There is instant credit, where you spend at any participating merchant and get free money that is equal to the amount you’ve spent.

Apply for a Chime card and get a $1 refund after your initial purchase. When you share your referral link, you will get $10 but after your friend loads their Chime card with $50 – your friend also gets $10! 

Many different offers are updated every time so Enroll On Chime and keep refreshing!

#52 Where to Get Free Money Orders

Looking for free money hacks that work 2024? Get a money order, a financial tool that is no different from a personal check. It is issued to guarantee that the money indicated is available. As such, you can use money orders to settle debts including college fees.

Unfortunately, depending on where you get yours, money orders usually come at a cost. But why pay for money orders when companies are offering them for free?

Get free money orders free from the likes of:

#53 Deliver Food Around Campus

To deliver food for money, you must have a car, a scooter, or a bike, right? Wrong, most restaurants allow independent delivery persons to work on foot, especially in busy cities within campuses.

The gig does not require keeping regular hours and pays between $10 – $20 per hour. Apart from food and groceries, you can deliver school supplies to students and various departments during your free time.

Further Reading: Best Food Delivery Companies

How to Get Free Money as a Kid?

Even as a kid it is possible to get free money right now and avoid having tantrums when your parents refuse to give that penny. Right in your neighborhood, there are jobs for kids and teens that are as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Here is a good example of where you could get free money as a kid:

#54 Rover

Get free money as a kid with Rover

Do you love pets, especially dogs and cats? Here is a good opportunity for you to make some good money with Rover.

You can opt to walk the dog in the park or just play with it at home. This can earn you $20 for having a good time with fluffy animals for 1 hour.

Now, do some mental sum of how many neighbors need pet sitters. With just 5 dogs under your care, you can make $100 hourly!

Ask any adult to help you sign up on Rover for pet sitter jobs and start earning today.

How To Get Free Money to Start a Business?

Are you a business-oriented person and you require $2,000 free money now to start your venture? Here are some pointers to help you get free money to start a business.

#55 Flip Things for Free Cash

You can flip your items in a yard sale for a profit. This is one of the best ways to make some income from home. You can flip furniture, appliances, musical instruments, clothes, shoes, wedding dresses, baby items, sportswear, books, and car parts.

Actually, there is no limit to what you can flip for free cash.

#56 Publish eBooks

Amazon is one of the best websites to sell eBooks. You can learn how to publish an eBook and sell it at the same time with free platforms such as Canva.

Market your eBook on your social media platforms and blogs too. You can also create a website where you can host your book- this should help you attract potential buyers.

Get free money by publishing eBooks now.

#57 Create Custom Designs on Printify

Printify is a free platform- no monthly subscription is required. It’s all about print-on-demand services for quality banners, stickers, t-shirts, etc. There are a lot of products available on the site for you to personalize and sell.

All you have to do is create your products and then share them with your buyers. The company takes over the responsibility for printing, packaging, and shipping all your orders.

Click here to Sign up on Printify for Free.

#58 Edit Text & Correct Errors

Perhaps one of the lesser-known ways to make money from home is by proofreading.

Proofreading is the up-and-coming profession that – due to the rise in popularity of self-publishing – will start to become more competitive in the coming years, so better get on board now and become an expert!

With proofreading, you take content that other people have written and proofread it with a fine-toothed comb to make it perfect.

This gig is obviously for a very specific type of person who LOVES to correct grammar, hates when authors use a comma splice or makes a note of spelling mistakes on a restaurant menu… it takes a certain “eagle eye” ability to be good at proofreading!

Here’s a FREE 76-minute workshop by Caitlin Pyle, a Six-figure Proofreader, that’ll show you the skills you need to become a successful proofreader. 

Note: Here are 50 proofreading companies for you to get hired and earn up to $3,000 a month.

#59 Become a Virtual Assistant

There’s an incredibly high demand for Virtual Assistants worldwide, and the best part is that you don’t need to be in any specific location to do it, you can do it all from your computer or tablet!

Small business owners are willing to pay a handsome income to get their work done and manage their businesses uninterruptedly. The best part is you don’t need any specific skills to become a VA (again, free money!)!

Not sure, where to start? Here’s a FREE list of 275+ services to pick from and start offering your VA services.

Awesome Ways to Get Free Money - Image Ten

The only catch with freelancing services is to ensure that the clients that you get are genuine and will pay the money at the end of the completion of the task.

With the growing popularity of this specific niche of work, the rise of scammers is on the gradual rise too. So, be aware of which projects and gigs you are taking up.

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#60 Make Money Instantly – Declutter and Sell Unwanted Stuff

There are several things in our home lying around all over that have no use in our daily lives. The best way to passively earn money from the various online platforms is by decluttering out these items, be it clothes, furniture, or any electrical appliances.

You can find several online platforms that successfully refurbish such items and help you earn by refurbishing the items that you don’t need in your life anymore.

Decluttr is one such popular app to earn free money, where you can easily sell stuff and earn money.

Here’s how it works:

Decluttr specializes in buying used CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and games to help clients make room and money. With Decluttr users can enter their items’ barcodes into the site’s valuation engine and get an instant offer.

In addition, Decluttr features an app that allows users to also scan items through their smartphones.

Start Selling used CDs and DVDs!

#61 Become a Kindle Publisher

One of the best ways to put your talent to good use is by doing proper research to write and publish your ebook. The constant growth of the Kindle platform is paving the way for people to convert their passion for writing into a mode of steady income.

The majority of the time, the writers who publish their books tend to earn 70% of the sales which is a pretty decent amount.

Additional Read: If writing interests you, check out this list of 40+ websites that pay to write.

#62 Start Your Own Blog

Not only is this one of the most favorable options, but also something that is driven with passion.

Starting a blog is what I recommend the most. I make a consistent income from my blog working just a few hours a day.

If you can spend a few hours a day, you can earn a decent income. Who wouldn’t love to make money from home, and also enjoy the benefits of working at your own pace, tell me?

Of course, you can’t expect to start earning money right off the bat with your blog. I wasn’t making any money initially, but now I make over $7000 a month in easy passive income. Needless to say, it’s an amazing feeling!

Now, points to be noted: It takes time for ads to be placed and for traffic to come to the website for it to gain authority and to come up on the Google Search Engine pages.

But, the one thing that’s amazing about this is the fact that once your blog kick-starts and starts gaining a good chunk of traffic, you can start earning money from the blog posts that you possibly wrote years back.

And, you’ll make money even if you don’t work, by running your blog on auto-pilot!

Learn to start your money-making blog with my ultimate 7-step guide.

#63 Teach English for $25 an Hour 

Need USD 2,000 to start a business? Become an online English tutor on sites like 51Talk, Teach Away, and RareJobs. These are virtual platforms that usually pay native English speakers to tutor kids and adults in Asia and surrounding regions.

Pay is up to $25 per hour, or more when teaching business executives. Working just 5 hours a day, you can get paid 2,000 dollars within 2 weeks. 

The gig also comes with perks for attendance and occasional bonuses for new teachers. 

Find best paying teaching jobs here

$2,000 Free Money: FAQs

1. How To Get Money For Free?

If you are in a fix and wondering how can I get some free money today, there are endless options. You can ask for handouts from family, trim your expenditure, or list your unused items online for cash. Other options include claiming tax refunds, renting out stuff, and getting paid for robocalls.

2. How Can I Make $100 Cash Today?

Making $100 cash today is so easy. Participate in online surveys, shopping, watching videos, and content creation on sites such as Rover, Ibotta, Vindale Research, Upwork, and Swagbucks. Depending on your skills, you can make money in an hour or a day.

3. How Can I Get $20 ASAP?

You can earn $20 right now with your referral link on get-paid-to sites like Inboxdollars and Mypoints. Renting out your space on Airbnb or starting an affiliate blog will also make you money ASAP. And if you are a kid, check out Rover for pet sitter jobs in your area for $20 now. 

4. How to Get Free Money in the Mail?

To get free money mailed to you, look for easy gigs that pay via check. At the top of the list are survey jobs from Branded Surveys, Pinecone Research, Inbox Dollars, and American Consumer Institute. Relief money and other free government funds like tax refunds also typically come via checks into your home mailbox.

5. How Can I Get $2000 for Free?

To get $2,000 free money, check out for any unclaimed money or assets under your name, through different state and federal agencies. Signing for delivery driver jobs, credit card signup bonuses, and loyalty schemes will get extra dollars in your pocket.

6. How to Get Free Money Online Fast?

The answer to how to get free money fast online includes getting paid as an affiliate marketer, virtual assistant, or proofreader. You can also sell coloring books on sites such as Amazon and Etsy, as well as start a niche blog to get paid for sponsored content and ad space. 

7. How To Receive Free Money?

Depending on where you are getting free money from, you can access the funds in cash, via a bank account or virtual wallet like Cash App. Free money can also arrive in your mailbox as coupons or checks, or discount offers through your email address.

Ready to Get $2,000 Dollars for Free?

The ways to get free money are becoming easier day by day. If you know the correct resources and have a good overview of the kind of places you can invest your money in, chances are that it will effectively multiply the money you have now.

With the rising rates of scammers and fraud on the internet, it is important to be very cautious about where and what kind of work you are signing yourself up for.

So, that’s the list guys! Look out for frequent updates on lucrative side hustle ideas.

Which of these gigs do you think are worth your time?

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