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How To Make Quick Money In One Day [15 Secret Tips!]

how to make quick money in one day

Most people don’t know how to make quick money in one day. 

The whole notion of that seems unrealistic, doesn’t it? Well, gone are those days when we needed to concentrate solely on our day jobs to earn money.

Since the boom of the internet, it is now quite easy to make a decent amount even if you desperately need money right now.

Sadly, most of us still don’t know how to make money, although it is quite easy if you know the right path. However, there are several great online and offline jobs available, and they will pay you according to your set of skills.

You just have to spend an hour or two per day. And, if you can invest 40 hours or more per week in online work, you won’t believe how much you can actually earn!

But, the moon does have a darker side. There are huge chances of scams and frauds in the online money-making sector.

While many great companies are growing with their online users, a large number of people also try to exploit this industry. But, don’t be scared, because I’ve tried, tested, and found legitimate ways to make money, fast. Trust me when I say that I can even show you how to earn free money!

Excited? Then, read on!

How to make money right now

1. Answering Surveys

If if you have been wondering how to make quick money in one day without investing a huge chunk of your daily working hours, Survey Junkie is one of the best online platforms to earn some quick money. You just need to answer questions on the website to get paid – it’s as simple as that! 

Although there are many websites that run in the same model, Survey Junkie is the most trusted website that pays money for taking surveys. And, once you reach the $10 minimum payout amount, you can withdraw your earnings through PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Joining Survey Junkie is a no-brainer. Their surveys are short, easy, and you can pick and choose which surveys you want to take.  The site pays up to $25 per Survey and has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot. Start earning right now with Survey Junkie.

Vindale Research pays the best rate for online paid surveys, having already paid more than $7 million to its users. Now, it pays as high as $50 per survey that takes merely 10-15 minutes of your time to complete, besides giving you a $1 signup bonus. You just need to start your journey by creating your free account on this website. 

Once you do, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in several surveys, which will automatically match your skillset and find the best surveys for you, after which you can directly withdraw your earnings through PayPal transfer, just like Survey Junkie. The only drawback is that it is available exclusively for the residents of the United States – Sign Up for Vindale Research 

2. Freelancing Services:

You can also earn by freelancing through Fiverr in your spare time if you have any specific skill set, such as web designing, graphic designing, writing, editing, proofreading, or video editing. Simply create an account on Fiverr and then list out your own gigs highlighting your area of work. You can earn a minimum of $5 per gig, and then go on to multiply the base payment if you can also provide additional services. 

It is free for all, without any minimum payout limit. And you can access it from anywhere in the world. However, you really need to master your craft before diving into this platform as the competition is stiff.

3. Tutoring:

If you have a keen interest in teaching, then you can easily make money as a private tutor on websites like Tutor and Smarthinking that offer excellent platforms for online teachers to earn money.

First, you need to create accounts on those websites, and then, you can choose what to teach, when to teach, and whom to teach, as there is a vast list of options available. Choose your comfortable time of teaching and the subjects you prefer, to earn as high as $100 per hour, although the criteria are quite high for such a substantial hourly rate.

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How to make money in one hour

4. Selling Used/Old Items:

If you really need some quick cash, you can try selling some of the old stuff lying around in your house or your closet, things you haven’t touched in ages. For selling old items, eBay is a great online platform where you can sell your old stuff to earn a pretty good amount of money, although the amount solely depends on the item and its quality. 

Besides, there are many other websites where you can arrange your online backyard sale. 

If you want to sell your old mobile phone or other electronic gadgets, then Gazelle is the best option. While Bookscouter is the best place for selling your old books, Decluttr is for selling used CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and games. You can also sell your old clothes and fashion accessories in LetGo and ThredUp.

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5. Sell Your Photographs:

You can sell your photos online to earn some quick cash, too. Many websites provide online platforms to sell your photographs, with Getty Images, Adobe Stock, and 500px being the best options to get a good rate of your photos. However, you can also try websites like Shutterstock, and Alamy.

Besides, it is also a great idea if you can build your own custom blog and sell your photos. This way, you will have the opportunity to get your desired price on photographs and also earn fame. However, you will need to show off some really good photography skills to make your captured images worthy of purchase.

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6. Writing:

It is easy to write and earn some money fast these days, although you should have a flare in writing, coupled with impeccable grammar and the capability to churn out original, well-researched content. Websites like Listverse are a great option to make money if you can write an interesting listicle as it pays $100 per article. However, it may take some time for them to approve the write-up. 

If you have your own great idea for making money and want to write about it, then Money Pantry and Penny Hoarder can be excellent options as you can earn up to $150 per article. Besides, Great Escape Publishing is an excellent option for you to tell your travel stories, and you can earn up to $200 for each story.

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7. Providing Services:

If you have a particular skill set like plumbing or furniture assembling or laptop repairing, then you should become a Tasker to earn money. Now the question is: what is it? The members of TaskRabbit are called Taskers. And, this website is a great platform where you can get several options according to your area of expertise. 

First, you need to register on this website and attend an info session in your city. Once you complete those, you can start accepting your duties to earn money. Moreover, the best thing is, you can charge up to $50 per hour for specific tasks like IKEA furniture assembling or for your services as a handyman.

How to make 100 dollars a day

8. Hosting Guests:

There is no faster way to earn money fast without any work than renting out an extra room in your house or apartment. All you need to do is enlist your space on websites like Airbnb to start hosting travelers from around the globe in your house. With a well-maintained property and good hospitality, you can earn pretty well. 

You will also get a chance to meet and greet the backpackers as a bonus. Besides, you can also share your room to earn money. You can search for paid roommates on websites like Roommates and Roomster.

9. Renting Out Your Car:

Besides your property, you can also rent out your car to earn money. Websites like Getaround will let you rent your vehicle without the need for you to drive it. Besides, you will also have the complete freedom to choose when and how to rent your car. 

You can efficiently regulate everything through a smart mobile app. This company also provides $1 million worth of insurance and 24-hour roadside assistance. Moreover, they will only give your car to the drivers who have clean driving records for the safety of your vehicle.

10. Grocery Delivery:

You can now deliver groceries and earn from them. Although it seems quite unbelievable, you can make quite a handsome amount of money just by delivering grocery items. You just need to register in Instacart as a full-service shopper to start along this path. 

However, this service is now only available for the residents of the USA and Canada only. You need to be more than 18 years old and be able to lift around 40lbs to be eligible. One of the best advantages of this job is you can choose your working hour without any regular commitment.

Moreover, it is not very tough to earn around $100 a day if you work hard and have a little pace.

11. Udemy Instructor:

Becoming an instructor at Udemy is also an excellent path if you want to earn some quick money during your spare time. If you have any specific proficiency, like web development or photo editing or novel writing, or Ayurvedic cooking, then you can teach those skills to others through your custom Udemy course. 

You’ll first need to join this website and create your course. Then, select the price of that course and duration. And, that’s all; let the students now join your course. Don’t forget to announce it through your social media handles to attract more students.

How can I earn free money fast?

12. Utilize Pinterest:

You can now earn money with Pinterest quite easily. There are many ways to make some quick bucks through it. You can sell your pin template packs at a good rate besides selling personalized Pinterest images, although you’ll need to have a good photo editing skill for doing so. 

You can also write a review after conducting a Pinterest Audit to earn money. Besides, you can make up to $50 per hour by becoming the Pinterest Virtual Assistants. If you have good SEO skills, you can also utilize them to easily rank your images on Pinterest and get more clients. Don’t know how? Start practicing with this FREE Pinterest VA Prep Book in your spare time.

13. Reading Emails:

It’s 2019, and it is now possible to just read emails and earn. Many websites offer a handsome amount of remuneration for this job. Websites like Inbox Dollars (US), Inbox Pounds (UK), and Inbox Pays pay decent rates just to read emails. 

Besides, you can also complete some additional tasks mentioned on the paid emails, watch videos, and play games on the website to increase your overall income. You can earn up to $50 for tasks you can perform on the site, although just reading emails will earn you between 2 to 5 cents.

14. Reading and Reviewing Books:

If you love reading books and want to earn money through this hobby of yours, then there are many different websites from where you can obtain quite a large amount of remuneration. All you will need to do is to review books to start earning. Here are a few websites help make up to $100 to review any book of your choice! 

After creating and verifying your account on these websites, you will be assigned books to review, belonging to your predefined genres. They expect you to give your honest opinion in the review where you can give your views on the plot. You can also point out the grammatical errors or plot holes.

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15. Renting Out Fashion Accessories:

There are now many websites where you can rent out your clothes and fashion accessories to earn money. Style Lend is one such website that pays the best rate in the market. It pays you up to 10% of the purchase price every time you lend your designer wears. 

This website requires you to create a free count and upload images of your products, along with descriptions. They will then approve the items. And, once you get the initial approval, you are ready to earn through lending your clothes, shoes, bags, and other fashion accessories.

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So, now you know how to make quick money in one day. These are quick, fun, and simple, giving you the chance to earn as much and as quickly as you want. So, what are you waiting for? Get started right away!

how to make quick money in one day


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