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How to Make $50K Fast In 2023 (21 Top-Notch Tips!!)

Ever thought of how to make 50k fast? In the past, we have looked at ways of making 50 dollars fast and started wondering how I can make a thousand times that.

A little research and I’m surprised at the various smart strategies currently available that’ll help you reach (or surpass) the 50k milestone super quick. 

And by fast, I mean overnight, in a week, within a month, after only six months, or in a year’s time.

Weighing different options to make $50,000 is difficult because many financial responsibilities need to be taken care of.

However, even with limited choices available for this amount of money, it can still be done. With the help of these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to meet your financial obligations and treat yourself to something truly special.

Note that some of the ways here can be quite easy while others are a bit challenging and require experience and technical know-how. However, with proper planning and execution, the money-making ideas below are all doable.

So, are you ready to make fifty thousand dollars fast? Here is what you need to do: 

How to Make 50k Overnight?

how to make 50k fast

So, here we are looking for how to make $50,000 fast. Let’s begin with how to make 50k in a day or two!

Regardless of your financial situation, there are always legal ways to get a couple of stacks fast. Read on to find some practical ideas starting with setting up a campaign on GoFundMe.

1. Start a $50k Campaign on GoFundMe

The GoFundme is a crowdfunding website, which to date has raised over $5 billion from 50 million-plus donors. Here, you can share your ideas and get donors to sponsor you.

In a financial jam? Just explain your situation and let strangers fund you overnight!

Also known as crowdfunding this is a unique way to help raise funding for different projects; from games and music to art and rent. The trick is to pitch the right idea to the right audience.

The best part about goFundme is that there are no deadlines to beat plus it is free to use. However, there are some slight charges of around 1.9% plus $0.30 for each transaction.

So, if you think you have an idea that can make you a good amount overnight, pitch it on goFundme.

Another crowdfunding website that can potentially make you $50k overnight is Kickstarter, which has helped fund projects for over 20 million people, from every continent on earth.


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2. Send Goods for $50,000

Here, a consignee accepts items and agrees to pay the seller a certain percentage when merchandise is sold. Common products sold through this process include clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, and musical instruments.

The split between the consignee and the consignor is normally 50/50, 40/60, or  60/40.

This type of business has some added advantages for the consignee, for instance, you don’t need to pay ahead of time for inventory to sell.

Another advantage is that any products that don’t sell can be returned. Further, you can receive your remittance days or weeks after selling the item.

More to this is that according to The Association of Retail Professionals the urge for consignment goods is rising today. And the growth rate of new consignment stores stands at around 7% per year. 

3. Request Gift Cash For $50,000

Wondering how can I get 50k today? If you find yourself in a real financial jam and need $5ok overnight, you may consider borrowing money from your family. Furthermore, you can avoid the lengthy approval process from banks.

If your family can afford $50k, they may be more than happy to help you out. It is important to note that borrowing money from a family member or friend is not considered illegal and it will not affect your credit score.

However, note that there are other consequences and this might not be the best option for many reasons.

If you borrow $50k from your family, you must return the money on time. If you cannot pay your family back, it is important to tell them the truth as soon as possible so they do not spend their life savings looking for you.

You can offer to repay your debt in installments or offer an interest-free repayment plan, but this again will depend on your relationship with the person.

As per IRS Instructions for Form 706, the annual exclusion per donee goes up to $15,000. Beyond that, it just means you need to file IRS Form 709 (US gift tax return form) to disclose the gift.

It also means that you can get $15,000 from your dad/mom, another $15,000 from your sister, and another $15,000 from your brother. So, it’s reasonable to first reach out to a financial expert to discuss the tax implications involved in this transaction.

Nonetheless, if you are in a tight situation, and all that’s ringing in your mind is I need to make 50k fast overnight then give this option a deep thought. And make sure to initiate a payback plan that fits you.

4. How to Get $50,000 in 2 days? Pawn Your Valuables!

Even though pawning is one of the easiest ways to make some cash today, many people are still hesitant about it.

If you’re not one such person and would like to get rid of your valuables in exchange for cold hard cash, then you might want to consider this. 

Handing over your items to a pawn shop will also allow you to avoid having them sit in a safe or a drawer for years. Instead, they’ll turn into cash quickly and be put into circulation again.

So, if you need $50k desperately, then going to a local pawn shop will save you a lot of stress and effort. Instead of selling all your items in one go, you can use them as collateral for a lower interest rate.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of reasons why you should consider pawning your valuables. But, without any doubt, this is the easiest way to make $50k overnight.

How to Make $50k in a Week?

Ready to make $50k in a week? Here are some ideas I’ve put together ways to make 50k fast for you to just do that. Check them out!

5. Sell Rare Stuff

One of the quickest ways to make 50k in a week is by selling rare stuff/items worth $50,000 or more. Take a look at the stuff around your home and see if you can find a new home for some of these items. 

Selling items for $50k might be difficult if there are other financial obligations to consider.

If you want this kind of money quickly, then it’s possible to sell these kinds of items for this amount or more: classic cars, custom-made surfboards, watches, paintings, RVs, and expensive jewelry.

For example, you can easily sell a classic car for $50,000 by using the right service. Many buyers are interested in these types of cars because they offer an old-fashioned yet straightforward driving experience that is difficult to find elsewhere.

If you don’t have single items worth 50k, you can always sell several items to raise what you need. Just to highlight refurbished furniture, sports equipment, cars, mobile phones, and rare books have good resale prices.

Here are some of the most popular things you might consider selling

6. Invest in Growth Stocks – Make $50k Fast

Investing in stocks simply means buying small shares of public company stocks, and selling them to other investors at a higher price when the company grows or performs well.

As a newbie, the best way to start is by investing through an online investment account, and all you need is a brokerage account.

Investing in stocks requires you to be very patient and let your investment grow to start making $50k a week without a hassle.

The best way is to start investing early when the stocks are cheap. You can start with an exchange-traded fund [ETF] or new cryptocurrencies if you have a shoestring budget!

A lot of people think they can only get lucky and find some big fish on the market, but I’ve found one sure-fire shortcut: investing in innovative technology companies with long runways for growth offer better chances at stupendous returns than any other type out there!

The stock market has averaged about 9% annually; this can change from one year to another. Check out the Robinhood app to start your journey in the stock market. 

Quick Tip: Options Trading is one of the fastest ways to make $50k in less time provided you are willing to bear some risk.

On the other hand, some traders feel they can make more money by selling options to collect a premium rather than buying them. Hence, I highly recommend you check out these strategies and master them to make quick money.

How to Make 50k in a Month

You might be wondering “how can I make 50k fast? in under 3o days or “How to Make $50,000 In 2 Months”.

If that’s the case, below are some of the most reliable ways to earn $50k in a month or two.

7. Start A Low Investment Business

You can start a brick-and-mortar business with low investment and make $50k in a month or two. Yes, you read that right!

This process involves planning, making very important financial decisions, and at times completing some legal activities.

When it comes to the type of business to start, the ideas are endless. Proper market research will give you the ins and out of what a successful business idea in your locality entails. However, what you should consider most is the amount of money it takes to start a business to make $50,000 a month. 

The best business to start is one that won’t leave you leaving in the edge. To aging avoid borrowing which will again eat into your profits. It’s best to start something that has been tried and tested rather than trying to kick start a whole new business.

Another key thing is to pick your business location wisely. Your choice will heavily impact how much you pay in taxes and other legal requirements, rent or lease costs, and so on. 

For success, remember to put your customers ahead of your profits. 

Need a Business Idea to make $50k monthly? Learn How to Start and Run a Laundromat. 

8. Start an E-com Business

Similar to starting a brick-and-mortar business, you can also make $50k a month or two setting up an online business on a platform like Shopify. The success of an E-com Business largely depends on the marketing strategies and techniques applied.

One of the most effective yet cost-efficient ways is to design an easy-to-use website and use search engines optimization [SEO], TikTok, Insta Reels to drive traffic to your site. Another trick is to use email marketing or run ads.

Anyone can benefit from doing business online – from a beginner to a seasoned entrepreneur. Be ready to invest a remarkable amount of time and money to flourish.

Last but not least, online businesses can grow instantly without having to work full time or hiring extra employees, that’s what passive income is all about.

9. Flip Your Website for $50,000 Profits!

Flip Your Webiste On Flippa to make $50k in a month

There are currently over 1 billion websites on the internet. Not many make any money, but those that do make are worth a lot of money!

You might be surprised to know that website flipping can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars (or more!)

There are two ways to make money by flipping websites:

  • you buy an already established website (usually for cheap), revamp, audit, analyze and finally make it make more money (usually through advertising or affiliate marketing)
  • you build your website and sell it after it makes a consistent profit (in the past 6-12 months).

The first method is riskier and involves a lot of investment, but it’s also the easiest. However, building your website from scratch requires lesser investment. 

Some people make as much as $50,000 in one month by flipping websites! How crazy is that? To make this much money, you’d have to make around $25k a year!

To get started with the first model, you need to find a money-making site that’s up for sale on platforms like Flippa and Empire Flippers where you can buy and sell websites. There is a high chance you might find a cool site with some traffic in the above-mentioned sites.

Pro Tip: To profit from website flipping in a month, slap some more ads and affiliate programs on the newly bought site, and sell the thing for 30x – 48x profit (past 6M or 12 M average) and then reinvest that into building more such sites.

However, if you have the patience, planning, and passion for the project, you could be reaping much more profits over time.

Proceed for a free valuation and to list your website for sale on Flippa.

How to Make 50k in 6 Months?

Below are some of the top ways on how to earn 50k fast in 6 months. From creating a blog to flipping a house, keep scrolling to pick your $50,000 idea today. 

10. Flip A Property

You might probably have heard one or two things about flipping a house, a.k.a wholesale real estate investing.

It’s all about buying a house, reconstructing it, then selling it at a profit. Nonetheless, it requires enough flow cash to flip a house and like any other business, proper research.

This is to avoid falling victim to buying a house at more than its market value and end up spending more money fixing it. However, you can also work with private investors with whom you’ll share profits.

The trick is to always focus on the speed at which you sell the house rather than maximum profit. That’s to avoid the risks and costs that come with owning a home; more so if you’re short of handyman skills.

For example, if you can’t roof a house or fix a kitchen sink, then that means employing a professional to get the job done. And your guess is right, this will reduce the amount of profit you are going to make. 

Like the rest in our list of how to make 50000 dollars fast, you will need proper planning, patience, skill, and effort to get a run-down house to be market-worthy.

11. Sell High-Markup Crafts [Worth $50k+]

If you love making crafts and looking to sell them, but you’re wondering which types of crafts make the most profit. Well, here is a list of trending crafts that can make over 50,000 dollars in sales in less than a year!  

Some are more profitable than others depending on how much time you put into them and how much money you spend to make them, but they’re all pretty close in terms of profit margin.

You’ll also notice that the majority of these crafts are home décor related and that’s because this industry has a very high markup rate.

The best time to sell is during the holiday season because the holiday décor industry has a markup rate of up to four times its cost!

For example, candle making is one such idea that costs a little money upfront for supplies but a lot of them can be reused many times. The only thing you have to make new each time is the wax and wicks, but those aren’t too expensive.

12. Trade Crypto – Get $50,000 Returns Fast!

If you’re paying close attention to the present trends you’ve probably heard about traders making money buying and selling cryptocurrency and NFTs on online exchanges. However, I must warn you this is a very high-risk investment.

For example, a $500 investment in dogecoin during Christmas 2020, could have been $60000 by May 6th, 2021 (in less than 6 months), as you can see the value of the asset was around $0.0040 back then.

What’s more interesting is, that the price almost doubled (from 0.004 to 0.0085) and shot up to 20x (0.004 to 0.08) in less than 7 days at the end of 2020.  

Trade Cryptocurrency and make $50k

That’s an incredible return on what seemed like an insignificant initial purchase price tag for many people who may not know about these coins or their potential yet?

So chances are, if you invest $500 today in new altcoins, it might pay off handsomely (a few months later) and your initial investment may be worth 100 times more (that’s a $50k return in just a few months)!

How cool would that make you feel? Pretty cool, right?

On the other hand, if you make a bad decision and buy at the wrong time, your $500 may be worth as little as $10.

The decision to trade can be a difficult one. It’s important to choose your instruments wisely. Whether you make lots of money or almost nothing depends on what you choose to trade AND when, so do your research first before diving in headfirst.

Best of luck and welcome to the world of crypto trading!

How to Make $50,000 In a Year?

You can now learn how to make 50k dollars fast within a year from the different strategies outlined below.

13. Build an Authority Website [Nets $50k/yr]

Want to make $50,000 in a year? Why not become a blogger? Blogging turns out to be much easier than how most people see it.

But this does not change the fact that it will require a significant amount of your time, meaning very little sleep for you before your blog is successful. 

Notably, most blogs fail because bloggers have unreasonable expectations. By this, I mean starting a blog today and expecting a million readers tomorrow. Typically, it may take you months, if not years, to start earning a dollar from your blog.

So, how do you start a successful blog In 2022?

  • First, make sure it’s a niche you are passionate about.
  • Choose your domain, this is the name of your domain address which is very important because it creates the first impression of your blog. There are many naming tools you can choose from such as Bluehost, and Namecheap. 
  • The next step is to set up hosting. For this, you can check out Bluehost, which offers affordable hosting and a free domain for newbie bloggers.
  • Once domain and hosting are out of the way, it’s time to install a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress.
  • Next, pick a theme for your blog. This allows you to design the front end of your blog like templates, layouts, colors, fonts, and so much more to make your site unique.
  • Add blogging plugins to enhance the functionality and track stats. However, too many plugins can slow your site. 
  • Finally, create unique and engaging content for your readers. 

To earn $50,000 a year in net income from your blog, you need to have ~100,000 unique visitors a month (depending on your niche and RPM).

Top bloggers make money through affiliate links and display ads. You can also opt to sell online courses or digital products. Making $50k is almost guaranteed if you build an SEO-friendly site, and post content frequently.

14. Get $50k In Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make $50,000 or more in passive income.

Of all, the pay per sale approach, in which the product creator pays a percentage of the selling price to an affiliate, is by far the most lucrative!

First, you must find a niche and a program that matches the services and products you can promote. Next, come up with a proper marketing plan, build a reputation for being an authority within that topic, and you’ll start seeing sales take off!

Quick Tip:Instead of opting for low-cost products, go for the high-ticket digital or physical to generate handsome profits ($100 to $500 in affiliate commissions).

Surprisingly, you’ll find plenty of them in every industry. As a result, you will be able to achieve your objectives sooner.

Make sure to promote quality products that you would enjoy owning yourself. Don’t just promote anything because it might have affiliate links – your audience will see right through that!

Pretty soon, you’ll notice, that making $50k in 6 months (or less) is entirely possible as a high-ticket affiliate marketer.

Click here to Skyrocket Your Affiliate Income

15. Build Amazon Deals Website [$50,000 a Year]

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to start a business that will help in your quest of making money online, then I have just what could be the perfect solution.

The following is an example of how setting up an automated affiliate website with discounted product listings from Amazon can pay off when done properly.

As discussed previously, you earn a small commission when someone clicks through and buys products on Amazon.

All you need is an Amazon affiliate account and 3 qualifying purchases in the first 180 days of joining the platform. Make sure to share the deals on your Facebook, Twitter, and Insta handles for even more exposure! 

The best thing about this model is the website can be set up in less than 2 weeks for less than $200. Since it’s fully automated, you spend 1 hour per week checking on it and listing the latest deals. 

You can expect to profit anywhere between $2000-$5000 a month – that’s about making ~$50,000 a year in passive income!

16. Get $50,000 Profits In Real Estate

Invest in Real Estate to make $50k a year

Source: Crowdstreet

Real estate is both satisfying and lucrative. As a real estate owner, you can purchase a property by paying a certain percentage of the whole cost in advance and then pay the balance and interest later. With a just down payment of around 5%, you will be eligible to buy an entire property.

Now, to make money, here are some pointers:

  • Rental Properties – This approach requires substantial upfront capital to finance maintenance costs and cover vacant months. You also need patience in dealing with tenants.
  • Real Estate Investment Groups [REIGs] – You’ll get to own rental real estate but you won’t be the one running it. Companies use this strategy to build apartments and allow investors to buy them, making you a co-owner.
  • House Flipping – House flippers work differently from rent landlords, in that, they profit from selling undervalued properties after purchasing and adding value through renovation. 
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts [REITs] – Here, a corporation uses investors’ money to buy and run income properties. The corporation pays 90% of its taxable profits to help retain its REITs status.

This means that REITs stay away from paying corporate income tax compared to a regular company which would be taxed on its profits. This type of investment is for stock investors who crave constant income.

  • Online Real Estate Platforms – As the name implies, this type of investment is done online and is also known as crowdfunding. These platforms link investors with real estate innovators. Crowdstreet is one such leading real estate platform.

17. Find Your Skills & Start Selling Them

Unlike selling physical products, selling intangible services can be quite challenging.

Imagine explaining how black holes and five-dimensional space work in the Interstellar movie to someone who has not watched the 2014 movie by Christopher Nolan.

Simply put, if you’re offering a service business, YOU are the product. A client must find you both reliable and trustworthy.

A common rule of thumb is that people buy from those they know, like, and trust.

Another thing that comes into play when it comes to landing a client is your level of skill and experience. If you’re starting, you first approach family members and friends and sell them your services. 

For example, if you’re a graphic designer you could try drawing an avatar of them and ask for honest feedback and build on that. Another place you might want to try is social media but before this, ensure you have a great portfolio.

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18. Become a TikTok Star

Why not make money creating viral videos on TikTok?

How would you like to make $5,000 a month for six months in a row and make it look effortless? I will tell you how to do it. If this sounds crazy, don’t worry because YOU can do it!

You can make lip-sync, tidbits, and dance videos on the app to gain followers and make money. The idea is simple: if you can make a video go viral, brands will pay you to sponsor it so that when people watch the video they see an ad for whatever product or service that brand is selling.

Let’s get into the specifics of how to make money from TikTok videos:

First, make a list of major brands you can make a video of. These could be car companies, fast food chains, clothing companies, etc. You have to make sure that people use or buy these products to make money.

Do your research and start creating videos every alternate day. 

All the prep work that goes into making a good video takes time and practice. But, you will soon notice a growth in followers and pretty soon brands will sponsor your videos making you $50000 in just a year.

19. Rent out Your Stuff

Are you still wondering how you can make money without working endless hours? Well, apart from selling your stuff as we mentioned earlier in the article, another way to make money from your belongings is by starting a rental business.

Renting your stuff is among one of the fastest ways to make quick cash. Parking space, land, kitchen, RV, and tents are all stuff you might consider renting out.

This strategy somewhat falls under sources of passive income. That’s because you’ll earn from leveraging assets you already own. In addition, you’ll also be helping others save because they don’t have to purchase the item for them to benefit.

There are lots of possibilities and a variety of things you can rent out and make $50,000 annually. Whether you’re looking to increase your potential annual income or looking for a job and want to make money effortlessly, this could be a good idea to tap into. 

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20. Sell Your Expertise

Do you want how to make $50k or more in a year selling your expertise?

If you answered yes, then read on, you can make $50k by selling online courses. The outcome can be highly rewarding and worth every bit of work you put into it.

But how?

First, make sure you have a product worth selling. This means finding a problem that needs to be solved and making a course on how to solve it or at least making it better. 

The best way to do this is by “reverse engineering” the product.

Think about the problem you want to solve and make it so simple that even your grandma can understand. The next step is creating the actual content of the course. Make sure it has value. The more detailed, the better.

Once you have all of this figured out, then create a course with a video or text (or both) explaining everything in detail.

If you want to make $50k in a year selling this course, price it at around $297. All you need is 15 sales per month to make 50000 in profit! 

Marketing plays a vital role in advertising and promoting your product. So, the best way to do this is to pre-launch the course to build curiosity, increase conversion rates and stay connected with your audience.

The other option is to make a course affiliate program where you make money by promoting your product. 

For example, if someone wants to learn how to make money trading NFTs, and you are a PRO, you could easily make an easy-to-follow 25-lesson video course sharing your expertise with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this, and see it sell like hotcakes.

Like any other business or source of income, making money selling courses requires effort and “work”. However, with the right mindset, planning, and execution this can be achieved.

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What to Avoid Doing to Make $50k?

Here’s what you need to avoid doing to make $50k fast:

  • Gambling
  • Taking part in illegal business
  • Payday loans
  • Multi-level marketing schemes

Off the ones listed above, Pyramid schemes and gambling, are two of the easiest ways to lose thousands of dollars fast. Instead, research the different ideas in this article and settle on one or two that speak to your strengths and passions.

How to Make $50k Fast – FAQs

1. How can I make 50000 fast?

There are lots of ways you can make 50000 fast, including:

  • Save money and invest it wisely.
  • Sell your stuff or second-hand goods on Mercari or Facebook Marketplace.
  • Sell or Trade NFTs
  • Buy and Sell Crypto.
  • Trade Stocks

2. How can I make 50k in a year?

You can make 50000 in a year by saving money and making wise investments. You can also buy and sell stocks, hold onto NFTs for value appreciation, or invest in real estate for decent returns in a year.

3. Is Making $50k Fast Realistic?

Without a doubt making $50,000 fast is doable and realistic. It all depends on your definition of “fast”.

If you want to earn that much in a day, you might have to put considerable capital into a high-yield investment. Such investments include stock trading and without capital, you can result in taking out a $50k loan or sell an asset.

On the other hand, if you need the money at the end of one month or several months, it’s best to start a long-term venture. Your options include starting a blog, affiliate marketing, and flipping stuff.

You should also aim to combine both active and passive earning ideas to ensure a sustained flow of money. And to make such a high amount in a short time, you need to be aware and keep off happy-go-lucky schemes that promise quick returns.

And if there is any $50k idea that I have overlooked, let me know in the comments.

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