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How to Make 50 Dollars Fast [In An Hour or Less]

How to make 50 dollars fast or get $50 instantly? Whether it’s for an emergency or just to supplement your income, earning an extra $50 is never a bad idea.

In this post, I will show you over 30 ways to earn $50 or more from online gigs, especially when you are like ‘I need 50 dollars now’.

These are jobs that require only a few hours to complete. As such, you can try jobs during weekends or work breaks.

That said, not every single job here will make you enough money to live on, but combine a few and you could be looking at over $100 in a day.


How to Make 50 Dollars Fast Online

So, are you a retiree, or college student, or do you just happen to have some free time on your hands? Here is how to make 50 dollars today with these money paying apps.

1. Get $50 Now for Using the Internet

Tip #1: Install the Nielsen App

Nielsen is an A+ BBB-accredited company that is available in many countries, including the United States, Australia, England, and Canada. 

The app is totally free and you get paid for installing the app on your smart device and surfing the internet normally.

What’s more, depending on your location, you can register unlimited devices, (which include tablets, computers, and mobile phones) and avail of the amazing perks discussed below…

*If you are using the platform on your mobile device, you can earn up to $50 per year in rewards points, which are redeemable via PayPal or gift cards from retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and others! 

To increase your earnings, register as many devices as your location allows. You also earn extra by participating in sweepstakes entries and surveys.

The Nielsen software on your computer automatically enters you into their $10,000 monthly sweepstakes!

Additionally, all panelists earn game tokens for chances to instantly win rewards on their scratch-off games. Smaller prizes include $25 and $50 Amazon gift cards. Top earners in the sweepstakes pocket $1000 monthly!

Get $50 per year with Nielsen App

Get $50 per year with Nielsen App

Want to win rewards? Install the Nielsen app on your mobile device and get $50 per year per device and enter into monthly sweepstakes.

Tip #2: Install MobileXpression App

Similar to Nielsen, MobileXpression also rewards its users for helping them improve the internet.

You can earn credits for a $5 Amazon gift card after you’ve been an active member for only 1 week. The longer you participate the more you get to earn.

Plus, by keeping the MobileXpression software on your phone or tablet computer, you’ll be eligible for additional credits each week that can be redeemed for more gift cards!

Even better when you can earn more with apps similar to MobileXpression.


Get Paid Weekly With MobileXpression

Simply Install MobileXpression and start earning credits for a $5 Amazon gift card week after week as an active member! 

Disclosure: This is an affiliate link, which means I'll receive a commission if you take action, at no extra cost to you.

2. Take Paid Surveys and Make $50 Today

If you are online searching for how to make 50 dollars right now, be on the lookout for paid surveys. These are short questionnaires that seek your opinion on different products or services.

Big brands pay market research companies to analyze consumer trends. It is from these commissions that you get paid to share how you spend your time, money, and so on.

There are many websites and apps that offer paid surveys, the trick is knowing the legit platforms from the scams. Worry not!

I have reviewed most of these panels and filtered out the scammers. You can now earn money fast with little effort. I highly recommend you register on several platforms to accumulate your daily earnings.

For example, it only takes about 2-3 surveys on the following sites to earn $50 today. Interested? Sign up for these top payers:

ImageSurvey PlatformFeaturesRewards
Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys

Get paid for taking paid surveys that are redeemable for cash, gift cards, or as a charitable donation. The minimum cash-out threshold is 500 points, or $5. 

Sign up Now!


Swagbucks is a premium top rated rewards program that gives free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online.

Get $10 Bonus*

3. Make $50 Or More Watching Videos on InboxDollars

Watching videos, whether it is on social media or on websites, can be your answer to “I need $50 now”.

A tried and tested company in this field is InboxDollars. This is a rewards platform that pays cash to do everyday online activities.

You earn by watching sponsors’ videos, taking surveys, shopping, reading emails, and redeeming coupons. The company has been around for about 20 years now and has rewarded its members with over $80 million.

InboxDollars is paid by big brands to bring short videos to your attention. To reward you for watching, the company pays you a fraction of the earnings. Content includes ads, breaking news, and celebrity gossip.

Once you watch a video, you are paid using virtual scratch cards. The cards hold different amounts ranging from $5 to $25 for members.

While videos may not earn you $50 at a go, you can take paid surveys as you watch to hit your target.

Inbox Dollars pays every Wednesday making it among the best online platforms to earn weekly from. 

Click here to claim a $5 sign-up bonus on InboxDollars

4. Get An Instant $50 from Cash App

Instant cash is great, especially when facing an emergency. To put an end to your financial crisis, there are several website-based lenders you can turn to. However, Cash App happens to be the fastest platform to avail of an instant payday loan. 

Besides that, the website also allows you to send, spend, invest, bank, and receive money.

With the Cash App Borrow feature, you can request a short-term loan between $20 and $200, to cover some of your expenses before your next paycheck, which you are supposed to pay back in a month or less.

Cash App charges a 5% flat fee to borrow, plus another 1.25% per week after the grace period. All that is required is for you to be at least 18 years or older with a regular verifiable cash app account

The best part about Cash App is you also get a $5 instant activation bonus and $15 per new referral with a Cash App sign-up code.

I highly recommend you avail free money before looking into borrowing cash. Follow the steps laid out to activate your account and claim free money on Cash App (refer the app to 3 people and get $50 instantly)

Free Cash App Money


  • Download Cash App on Google Play or App Store.
  • Input this Cash App free money code - "ZFXCWHR" in the "Enter Referral Code" section.
  • Link your debit card or bank account to your Cash App.
  • Send $5 to your friends/family within 14 days of entering the referral code to receive a $5 activation bonus!
  • Refer friends and get $15 (or more) per qualified referral.

5. Save $50 Now On Bills Using Trim

Sometimes making money is not about earning but saving on your expenses.

Ask yourself, how many bills you settle on a daily basis, and how much you would save by trimming one-two dollar from each.

This is where Trim comes in.

Also known as AskTrim, Trim takes note of all charges, including recurring subscriptions, and shows you how much you spend on them.

In simple, it is an AI that helps to streamline your spending habits. With Trim, you can save on most bills including your internet, phone, medical, and cable bills.

Once you register on the app and link it to your bank accounts, it starts combing through your transactions. 

The next step is for you to select and cancel the subscriptions that you can do without. Also, Trim negotiates better rates on your credit and bank fees. And, worry not, the software is bank-level secure to ensure the safety of your data.

Give Trim access to your accounts and save over $50 today.

6. Play Lucktastic Scratch-offs and Make $50 Fast

How to make $50 a day online? Try your luck on daily online scratch-offs and win up to $10,000 in cash prizes.

If you love the thrill that comes with playing the lotto, then you will find playing Lucktastic just as enjoyable.

Additionally, Lucktastic comes with interesting games such as Lucky 777, Pirate Shipwreck, Lucky Starts, and Diggin’ for Gold. Fun prizes worth over $50 include groceries for a month, gas for a month, and assorted video games.

Also, every now and then, they run contests where members can win up to $25,000 cash.

If you are really lucky, you can also win your family a 4 days trip to a theme park- airfare and accommodation inclusive! 

This is a free app that is currently only available for Android users in the US. Above all, sign-up is free and there are no in-app purchases or deposits to play.

Download Lucktastic to win up to $10K! 

7. How to Make $50 Fast On DoorDash

How to Make $50 Fast On DoorDash

Do you have some free time and need to make some quick cash dealing with food? With DoorDash, all you need is 2 hours to make $50.

This is a US-based food delivery service that pays ‘dashers’ $25 per hour.

Over 300,000 eateries in the US and Canada subscribe to the service. All you need to earn from the service is a car and to be 18 years or older. The best part is that you can deliver without a car; on a bicycle, scooter, or on foot.

When a customer orders food from a restaurant through the app, dashers get a notification. The best part is that the notice comes with the expected pay, so you get to only work for your preferred rates.

Once you decide on what delivery to make, the rest is simple: drive up to the restaurant, pick up the food, and drop it off to the customer.

Sign up here to become a dasher

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8. Get $50 Now – For Every 2 referrals with Rakuten!

Get $50 for Every 2 referral with Rakuten

A simple way to make $50 today is by claiming refunds on purchases. Known as cashback, this incentive program is mostly run by credit card companies in conjunction with online shopping websites.

One of the best cashback platforms with high rates is the Rakuten website. For starters, you are rewarded with a $10 welcome bonus as long as you spend $25 within 90 days after you sign up.

As for your bonus and subsequent earnings, Rakuten allows you to redeem cashback with a Walmart gift card or withdraw through PayPal.

Secondly, you make $50 for every 2 referrals through your referral link. Yes, you heard me right!

In short, it is possible for you to earn $150 by referring 10 people to the platform (check out the math in the table below).

Lastly, when it comes to its legitimacy, Rakuten members have claimed over $1 billion in cash back.

In total, over 2500 stores pay Rakuten commissions for sending customers their way. The company, in return, shares the commission with you in the form of cash back. 

Moreover, Rakuten features retailers across the board including Nike, Petco, Calvin Klein, Samsung, and Murad. Cashback rates range from 1% to 40% and over.

Download their extension and start earning+saving money on the go! 

9. How to Make 50 Dollars a Day Playing Games

Bingo mania - earn money playing games

Playing mobile games is good for relaxation, but it can be a waste of time if you get hooked. Well… maybe not. Now, it’s possible to make money from your love of gaming.

And I’m not talking about pro gaming, just simple PC and mobile games.

To make $50 instantly, I recommend you sign up on the good old Bingo Mania. For starters, you will make $100 as your welcome bonus.

What’s more, their referral program is awesome. You make 10% for each of your friend’s winnings above $25.

Without a doubt, Bingo Mania is one of the highest-paying legit gaming apps

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10. Invest In Crypto and Get $50 Instantly

Ever wondered, how to make $50 dollars in 10 minutes? 

If you’ve followed the recent trends in crypto, you’ve might have understood by now, that crypto-currency trading can be very fetching. It’s one of the best ways to make quick cash with very little investment.

Yes, you heard that right, you can get $50 now by investing in crypto.

By placing a stake in certain crypto projects, you can set yourself up for a steady stream of income for months and years to come…

Agree? If your answer is “YES”, and if you are ready to make your money work for you, you’ll need to commit to a free webinar by my friend, Kiana Danial.

She is a professor of Wealth Management at Baruch College in New York and has a decade of experience in the forex, stocks, and ETF markets. 
In this exclusive free webinar, Kiana will reveal her personal secrets and the exact strategies she uses for her university students to:
  • Make more in one day getting their money to work for THEM, than they can a MONTH working a 9-5 job.
  • NOT having to stick to their screen and analyze the markets all the time
  • Start with A LITTLE initial investment
  • Plus – You’ll Get A FREE copy of her trading hacks e-book just for signing up today!

Click here to reserve your spot for a free webinar!

11. Claim $50 or More in Refunds on Paribus

You will be surprised to know that you can get over $50 free money mailed to you right now by claiming money from stores that you shop in.

How this works is that, if you buy stuff online today and the prices drop, then you are owed the difference!

One of the easiest ways of claiming these refunds is by registering on Paribus.

This is an app that keeps tabs on your shopping confirmation emails and notifies you of price adjustment policies. Check out our detailed review of Paribus right here.

The app monitors the most popular shopping sites including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, Target, and Sears. Paribus also helps you claim dues on late deliveries.

Additionally, they will keep track of return windows for different stores. To date, Paribus has helped its users get over $29 million in refunds.

Interested? Sign Up on Paribus and start claiming shopping refunds.

12. Earn $50 by Shopping On Amazon

As long as you shop on Amazon, regardless of the amount you spend, earning $50 is easy. To begin with, install the ShopTracker app on your computer.

This is a free rewards platform that tracks your purchases on Amazon and pays you $3 monthly, adding up to $36 per year.

Now, to hit the $50 target, Install ShopTracker on 3 Amazon accounts – the maximum number of accounts allowed by the app within a single household.

As such your yearly cashout shoots up to $108 per year.

Even without the multiple account registrations, there are several other streams to earn from within the platform. For example, the ShopTracker app offers around 3 paid surveys per month. Surveys are rewarded in points with 1250 points earning you $10.

I also like the fact that ShopTraker rewards you with $3 as a registration bonus. Registration is free, with your personal information remaining private.

The only qualification required is being 18 years old and over. Also, as part of the sign-up process, you will be asked to fill in a short history of your Amazon shopping behavior. 

ShopTracker is operated by Harris Poll, a US-based market research company with over 45 years of experience in the polls industry. 

Install ShopTracker and earn money back on Amazon purchases.

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13. Make $50 a Day Selling Gigs On Fiverr

Fiverr offers an online service that connects businesses to freelancers. You can sign up with your Facebook, Google, Apple, or Email account. It is a legit platform to make $50 online fast.

Fiverr has different well-paying online jobs, from video marketing to business copywriting. Depending on your flexibility and expertise you will find what you are looking for here.

A fact be told, with the latest advancement in GPT3 technology aka artificial intelligence (AI), some freelancers are making a solid income with the aid of AI copywriting assistants like Jasper.

Shocking, but true. Maybe, you could find them helpful for your business as well – Claim 10,000 words free!

So, how about you spend a few minutes working with Fiverr, and in less than an hour, make 50 dollars? Prices differ depending on the services or projects that you are offering.

Nevertheless, a single gig can make you up to $10,000. So, if you are a freelancer in need of cash fast, look no further.

14. Make 50 Dollars Right Now With Airbnb

Wondering how to make $50 as an Airbnb host? Create an Airbnb account, which is absolutely free, and start listing empty rooms for cash. In fact, you are allowed to list all the rooms you want and you charge whatever you want.

Furthermore, you can decide to partner with someone who can drive your guests around and share the amount of fare profits 50/50.

Additionally, you can charge for extra services such as laundry and kitchen use. With Airbnb, you discuss the price and the rules before the guests make reservations.

This is an advantage to you as a host because you’ll be your own boss. Now if you have that extra room or house, you already know how to earn that extra 50 dollars.

15. Review Music and Earn $50 Fast

Sign up to Slice the Pie and get paid to give your opinion on the different music tracks uploaded on the site. The idea is to always give an honest opinion; whether you like the music or not.

Writing music reviews helps musicians to understand what people think about their songs before they are released.

It is possible to earn $4 per hour just listening to music for 90 seconds each.

In addition to that, you earn extra bucks for each referral. Payment is done via PayPal after your account hits $10. You can cash out twice weekly.

I consider Slice the Pie as one the best app to earn 50 dollars since you get to mix work with your love for music.

Join slice the pie right here

16. How to Make 50 Dollars Fast Through Lyft

How to Make 50 Dollars Fast Through Lyft
Source: Lyft

If you are 18 years old and have a driving license, then Lyft is here to save your day. You will absolutely get paid to drive people to their different destinations. The good thing is that in 30 days for every 100 rides you get a bonus of $300.

Working as a Lyft driver is fun because you are earning while enjoying the rides.

Download the Lyft app from Google Play or Play Store, then fill up the application forms as required. A background check is run and after qualifying you’ll be ready to make 50 dollars in less than an hour during peak hours.

Not only can you work on Lyft as an exclusive driver, but also you can do rideshare, or rent scooters and bikes.

17. How to Make 50 Dollars In an Hour Selling Your Unused Stuff

If you are in a real fix and need quick cash, selling stuff is an easy way out.

How about you clean up your wardrobe and house to check for unused clothes, kitchen stuff, and electronics and make $50 fast? You can choose to either post a Garage sale on Facebook Marketplace or sites such as Craigslist for fast sales.

Whatever seems like trash to you can be valuable to someone else, so don’t be choosy- everything goes!

Also, you can decide to open a yard sale which is an even better option to make $50 in a day. Selling unused stuff is open to everyone including seniors looking to make money. So, sell and start earning right now!

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18. How to Make 50 Dollars Fast as a Kid Doing Odd Jobs

Being a kid does not mean you cannot earn as early as now. In case you are wondering how to make 50 dollars fast as a kid, worry no more.

Start doing odd jobs for your neighbors and friends. There are several options for you to choose from. Here are a few that may interest you;

Whichever job you choose, make your mission work fast, and efficiently, and make more than 50 dollars a day or two.

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19. Make 50 Dollars a Day Writing Story Books

How good is your written English? That’s just about the only skill you need to start earning by writing story books for kidsWith the aid of AI, selling story books is undoubtedly an easy way to make $50 daily.

You can create several fictional stories and sell them on online marketplaces such as Amazon or create them for your clients. The interesting part is you get to set the price of each copy.

For instance, if you price an eBook at $10 and sell just 5 copies in a day, you’ll pocket $50 in a day.

20. Create a Drop Shipping Store to Earn $50 Daily

etsy vs shopify which is best for your startup business and online store

There are many legit platforms offering e-commerce stores where you can sell products and product ideas.

One of the hustle-free business models in this category is Dropshipping.

This is where you check for fast-moving products from various manufacturers and advertise them in your store.

When, a client purchases the product via your page, the wholesaler ships the goods directly to the client. For being the middleman, even without ever handling the goods physically, you get a commission. Yours is to ensure that your agreement with the company/manufacturer is airtight. 

For you to get started, research the type of product you would want to sell for profit, sign up with a trustworthy supplier, and next create a trial store with Shopify.

Finally, advertise widely and sell. You can market on your social media platforms to move huge volumes.

I’ve been into dropshipping business for a while and found wholesale2b products to be extremely affordable. With over a million dropship products, you can easily find products with great profits.

My 2 cents, approach drop shipping as a full-time gig, it can really pay thousands of dollars per day!

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21. Become a Content Writer to Make $50 Now

Freelance writing is one of the fastest ways to make $50 in a day. As long as you have the right content and niche, you are good to go.

To get started join platforms such as Freelancer and Upwork where you can find tons of online jobs. 

If you are a good writer you can easily get paid $0.20 for each word.

Having that in mind it is easy to set a limit of words you will need to write content for publishers and make 50 dollars within 24 hours.

Also, you can try your hand at proofreading, a high-paying gig that’s trending these days.

So, what’s stopping you? Check out freelance proofreading jobs

22. Teach English Online for 50 Dollars a Day or Less

Teaching English online is another way to earn 50 dollars fast.

A bachelor’s degree is at times mandatory with some of the leading English as a Second Language (ESL) platforms. You may also need a permit plus TEFL certification to work in Canada, the US, and the UK.

Typically, the classes last for about 25 minutes, with bonuses for excellent reviews and canceled lessons. After classes, your money is transferred directly to your account.

You can make $25 in an hour, meaning that you just need 3 hours a day to make $50. The hours are flexible which allows you to schedule during your free time, weekends, and evenings.

Expert Tip: Target websites that offer to tutor ESL businessmen and make over $30 hourly.

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23. Get $50 Fast Selling Photos Online

How urgently do you need the fifty dollars? Being photogenic and having good photography skills is awesome but it could be your answer on how to make 50 dollars in an hour.

Several websites pay users to upload photos or provide online image-selling platforms.

Also, you can check out Alamy if you want to sell stock images and earn passive income. Being a beginner, you need to compare prices from other sites to avoid overcharging or undercharging.

For the big bucks, sign up with Shutterstock to earn extra 50 dollars fast by selling both stock pics and videos.

Marketers, graphic designers, media houses, and webmasters are some of the people willing to buy your pics.

And just so you know, there are also subscription-only sites such as OnlyFans (Review) that can pay you monthly.

You can also sell raunchy feet photos on Instafeet, an exclusive platform where you can sell 1 pic for $100.

24. How to Make 50 Dollars Fast Buying and Selling Websites/Domains

Buying and selling websites is one of the fastest ways to earn passive income. Check out to see the kind of sites, as well as apps, that are on sale.

You’ll have to invest some money to buy and later sell the domains. Most importantly, you need to research market trends to land fast-selling sites.

With most of these platforms, you don’t have to advertise since buying is done through auctions- the highest bidder makes the purchase. As such, this is one hustle where you can make $1000+ instantly.

25. How to Make 50 Dollars a Day? Create an Online Course

Did you know that you can start an online course and make a decent income? It is easy and fast.

A quality camera and a microphone with quality sound are just about all that you need. There is also the fact that e-learning has been adopted in almost every country in the world; meaning that you can have courses in virtually any language.

Further, you can create a course at any time, day or night. This means that you don’t have to worry about tight 9 – 5 schedules.

To get started you need to have the following;

  • Microphone – depending on your budget you can get a microphone with quality sound at a cheap price
  • Webcam – you can use your phone’s camera or computer
  • Lights – for quality videos, otherwise you can record outdoors during the day

Next, have a professional set ready to record your training, complete with materials for demos. After you are done with the shoot, get ready to sell your course.

Since you need many clients for a good payoff, make sure to advertise your product on all of your social media accounts.

Use apps like Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook to market the course. Last but not least, being a beginner you can watch “how-to” videos online to learn how to build an e-course like a pro.

Let’s see how to make $50 by building a course online. Choose either price using a one-time buy option which is anything between $99 and $1500. Or split your course into several modules at varying prices.

The sky’s the limit! Start earning from online courses today.

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26. How to Make 50 Dollars Instantly Trading Stocks

Through Forex Trading, it is easy to make a living from wherever you are. Nevertheless, you’ll be like a gambler and so you need to manage your risk.

For example, a smart trader only risks around 2% – %4 of their total investment on a single stock.

To make $50 your trading account is supposed to have around $2500- where the ratio of risk to reward is 1:1.

Since the prices fluctuate, expect losses from time to time. Learn how to read financial markets and analyses before you start targeting huge returns.

I personally use the Robinhood app and definitely recommend it to anyone willing to get started with easy trading. You can start investing for free or with as little as $1. 

Get a Free stock at Robinhood

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27. How to Make 50 Dollars Right Now Investing

Source: Fundrise

You can invest in real estate and make $50 right now. Yes, you read that right!

Gone are the times when you had to walk into a bank or fund to own a piece of real estate. You can become an investor from the comfort of your home.

Check out Fundrise which is a stock market trading online platform. You don’t need a lot of cash to invest. Actually, you can invest $500 and get 8.7% – 12.4% returns in a matter of days.

Sign up with Fundrise now and make $50 in 24 hours as an investor.

28. Earn $50 from Sponsored Posts and Social Media Shares

You can actually make extra bucks through sponsored posts and social shares.

When it comes to sponsored posts, you are paid by a company to talk more about their products or even services.

Where? On your website!

Several companies are willing to pay even more than 500 dollars for a single 300-word review.

On the other hand, sponsored social shares pay you to post more about a company on your social media platform. It could be TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter, name them.

This is like getting paid to do almost nothing which is basically what influencers earn.

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29. Coach Online for 50 Dollars Per Hour

Coaching and mentoring are like sisters when it comes to making money online. The idea is to find your field of expertise and generate income by guiding others to benefit from the trade.

Let’s say you are good at working out. Come up with a teachable routine and package it into subscription-only sessions.

You can sell your lessons on your website, blog, or social media platforms. Interested clients will reach out to you and you can charge $50 per hour as a consultancy fee.

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30. Donate Plasma and Make $50 Quick

Yes, you heard that right! 

You can donate your blood plasma and earn quick cash of up to $1200 a month. Finding & signing up for plasma donation centers in your locality is pretty simple too.

As a first-time qualified donor, you’ll be eligible for an additional $5-$10 coupons that you can avail of in the preceding donations. Additionally, you can earn up to $150 in referral commissions by referring your friends.

Payments are made on a reloadable prepaid card, and donors also accumulate points for each donation. 

Undoudebtly, plasma donation is the easiest and the quickest way to cash money on the spot.

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31. Get Paid 50 Dollars to Lose Weight

I bet how to make 50 dollars to lose weight sounds unreal. Surprisingly, you can earn by just losing some pounds. Check out Healthy Wage and sign up to get prizes for challenging yourself to lose weight. To know your prize, first, you have to enter your ultimate weight goal.

Then outline what you are going to do to achieve your goal weight and the timeline. This is like gambling with your body.

After that, you can start losing weight by dieting or hitting the gym. For you to support other participants you will have to weigh yourself weekly and share with them.

The more you lose weight, the closer you are to your prize.

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32. Earn $50 Selling on Etsy Today

Sign up with Etsy or Shopify, and start selling almost any product online. These are commerce sites that allow users to set up “shops”, attract customers, and start selling worldwide.

Better still, you can go for their free trials to get a feel of the business model.

You can sell shoes, jewelry, and clothes especially branded ones like t-shirts, cosmetics, or hand-made crafts.

Pricing depends on you as the seller. Just market your product and start making more than 50 dollars with e-commerce stores.

Additionally, here is a list of 30 Unique products you can sell on Etsy.

33. Open a Free Varo Account and Get $50

If you want to make $50 free, consider opening a free Varo bank account.

Undoubtedly, a number of debit cards offer sign-up bonuses. However, most of them necessitate jumping through hoops with almost impossible requirements. You forget to pursue the cash bonus if you don’t meet the requirements.

A Varo bank account makes getting a referral bonus very easy.

And even better, they’ll give you and your friends each $50 when they join Varo and spend $50 within 30 days of opening their new Bank Account.

If you want to score some extra cash, open an account with Varo Bank and invite your friend to open a Varo Bank Account with your link.

To get started, all you need is to register for a free Varo Bank account

34. Invest In M1 Finance to Get Free $50 Referral Cash

M1 Finance is an automated free robo-advisor preferred by self-directed investors.

If you are looking for a versatile application to manage banking, investing, and borrowing in one platform, M1 Finance is the best choice for you.

The platform is right for you if you want to integrate your investing and spending into one platform. It is also the perfect app when you want direct access to a line of credit, or to expand your retirement savings.

To earn free cash with M1 Finance, start by registering an account.

The platform currently offers a free referral bonus of up to $50. All you need is to sign up and start using your referral link.

Currently, the app is awarding new $5,000 account holders with a $250 bonus.  

Start Investing with M1 Finance – Get up to $250

35. How to Make Up to $50 Babysitting

If you love kids and don’t mind spending time with them, babysitting could be a great way to earn some extra money. To get started, contact your friends, family members, neighbors, etc. 

Let them know that you’re available for babysitting jobs, then start advertising your services online (via social media, forums, etc .) 

Once people get wind of your babysitting business, word will start spreading, and before long, you should have plenty of clients lining up wondering when they can take advantage of your services! 

Payment varies depending on the family, but usually, the rate of between $10-$15 /hr is considered pretty standard.

36. Earn Up to $50 Being an MTurk Worker

One of the most popular methods of making money online is Amazon Mechanical Turk, which has a variety of micro-tasks available.

These can range from identifying objects in images to transcribing short audio clips. While the pay for each task is relatively low, they can add up if you complete enough of them. 

37. Make $50 Proofreading

There is a growing demand for proofreading services as more and more authors, bloggers, and small businesses require someone to check their work for errors before it is published. 

While there are many automated proofreading tools available, they often miss things that a human proofreader will spot. As a result, there is good money to be made in this business.

To get started, simply set up a website or social media profile advertising your services. Include your rates and contact details, so that potential clients can get in touch with you.

You could also join relevant online communities and forums so that you can connect with potential clients from all over the world.

Once you have built up a client base, you can start charging $50 per hour – or more! With a little hard work, you could quickly start making great money as a proofreader.

38. Make $50 From Virtual Bookkeeping

If you’re looking to make some extra cash, virtual bookkeeping could be the perfect gig for you.

Bookkeepers handle a variety of financial tasks, from invoicing and billing to tracking expenses and preparing reports. 

And the best part is that you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home. To start virtual bookkeeping, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Once you’re set-up, you can begin seeking out clients. Start by scouring job boards and classifieds websites. 

You can also contact small businesses in your area and inquire about bookkeeping services.

Once you’ve found a few potential clients, it’s time to start pitching your services. When reaching out, be sure to highlight your experience and qualifications. 

You should also emphasize the benefits of virtual bookkeeping, such as convenience and cost savings.

If you can show potential clients how virtual bookkeeping can save them time and money, you’ll be well on your way to landing your first gig.

If you play your cards right, you could easily make $50 or more an hour as a virtual bookkeeper.

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How to Make $50: FAQs

1. Can I Earn 50 Dollars a day Online?

Earning $50 within a day or even hours online is very much achievable on the right website or app. The trick is to choose a legit site with a proven track record and make your skill pay.

Be careful when sending out job applications so as not to fall for scammers who end up asking for a “fee” before sending you any work.

Further, note that most of the gigs on this post require no experience or academic prowess to earn.

2. Can I Make 50 Dollars an hour?

The answer is yes.

Depending on how fast you need the cash, there are platforms above that will pay you 50 dollars in less than an hour. These types of gigs may, however, call for expert-level skills such as web and graphic design.

Other lucrative gigs include investing in stocks, where $1 can grow into hundreds of dollars in minutes. 

3. How Can I Make 50 Dollars a Day?

Well, there are many ways to make $50 a day. However, here are some of the best ones to start earning $50 right away even with no skillset:

  • Selling Write-ups
  • Selling scripts for Youtube Channels
  • Offer voice-over work
  • Becoming an Instacart Shopper
  • Delivering food on Doordash
  • Offer a pet-sitting service
  • Become an early investor In Crypto

4. How to Get 50 Dollars Fast?

Wondering how to get $50 instantly? Here are some out-of-the-box ideas to get 50 dollars now:

  • Donate Plasma
  • Refer friends/family to Cash App (3 successful referrals)
  • Participate in Research Studies
  • Sell unwanted stuff on FB Marketplace
  • Open a Varo Bank Account and refer your friends

Ready to Get $50 Now?

Making 50 dollars can take you as little as an hour or with the right info, m. However, you may need to try multiple jobs that employ different skill sets.

If you do commit to the hustles in this post, though, meeting your goal of earning 50 dollars fast is doable.

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