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27 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers Near Me [$1000/Mon]

What is the best way to get paid while doing good in this world? It’s by selling plasma! And, addressing the question – “what are the highest paying plasma donation centers near me“, can be your answer to quick cash.

U.S. News reports that you can make up to $1,000 or more monthly from this simple exercise.

Plasma donation centers offer donors rewards worth upfront costs through selling serum created from their red cells which can fetch hefty profits depending on demand factors outside our control!

Each session takes around 2 hours or less and can be repeated twice weekly. And provided that you are healthy, you can donate plasma regularly for a steady income while helping the advancement of medicine.

So, how do you go about donating this precious blood component? Is it safe to donate plasma and at what frequency? Read on to find out the requirements, how to maximize your earnings, and where to donate plasma for money.


Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers Near Me

highest paying plasma donation center near me

Now that you know how important a little plasma can be in the life of your fellow man, how about you help out, at a fee of course! 

I can bet that your search for the plasma center near me that pays well will likely end here. You’ll find some of the highest paying or top rewarding centers and I have also included the expected payment from your donation. Have a look:

#1. ADMA Bio-Center – Get $1000/month

ADMA Bio-Center

Source: ADMA BioCenters

This FDA-approved center is a subsidiary of ADMA Biologics.

This could be ‘the highest paying plasma center near me’ if you live in  Knoxville and Maryville in Tennessee, Conyers, Dallas, and Kennesaw in Georgia, Goose Creek and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, and Hammond in Los Angeles.

Quick Note To donate, you must be residing within 50 miles of the nearest center.

How Much Does ADMA BioCenters Pay?

Compensation for new donors is based on the existing promotion and is currently up to $1000 for the first month of donation.

Regular donor compensation is up to $500 per month. In addition, their refer-a-friend buddy bonus program rewards you with $50 for every friend you get to donate twice.

View all ADMA BioCenters locations

#2. BioLife Plasma Services – Earn up to $900 per month

Biolife Plasma Donation This is arguably the most popular and highest-paying plasma donation center in the US. Biolife Plasma Services is an affiliate of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited with collection centers in over 80 regions and countries in the US and Europe.  Different centers pay varied rates, promotions, and bonuses, with new donors earning the highest for the first 8 donations. You have to be 18 and above and weigh a minimum of 110 pounds to donate with BioLife. 

How Much Does BioLife Plasma Pay?

At the time of publishing new donors can earn up to $900 in the first month donating twice per week based on location. 

Afterward, donors can earn $20 for the first donation of the week and $50-$70 for the second depending on your donation frequency and special promotions.

This brings your monthly earnings to $280-$360.

The table below shows what new donors stand to make in a few locations across the US.

City/State New Donor Compensation
Birmingham/Alabama $1000
Corona/ California $950
Casselberry/Florida $900
Grand Forks /North Dakota $850
Appleton/Wisconsin $800

To encourage more plasma donations, BioLife has introduced the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum donor tiers. Each donor starts at the platinum tier and continues earning $20 and $70 for the first and second donations of the week respectively as long as they are donating.

Failure to donate for a week or more sees you go down the tiers to the basic tier until you can consistently donate and work your way up to the top tier again.

You can also make up to $100 per referral in Buddy Bonus once your friend makes their second plasma donation and earn promotional bonuses from time to time.

Your earnings are deposited into a prepaid BioLife Mastercard which you can use to shop or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Biolife Plasma Pay Chart 2022

Source: BioLife Plasma

For specific questions about plasma donation requirements and eligibility, find a BioLife Plasma plasma donation center near you.

#3. Grifols – Make $700-$1000 per month

Grifols Plasma Center

Source: Grifols

Grifols Network comprises several plasma donation centers including Biomat USA, Talecris Plasma Resources, PlasmaCare, and IBBI with presence in the US, Canada, Europe, and Egypt. 

They specify that you need to donate at least a second time to not only ensure that your plasma is used to make medicine but also for them to accept regular donations from you.

How Much Does Grifols Pay?

New donor compensation can range from $700-$1000 for the first month. Notably, the figure varies from one center to another, sometimes even from one month to another.

Return donor pay is $40-$50 for the first donation of the week and $40-$100 for the second. You can also earn through special bonuses as well as their referral program where you earn $50 after your referral’s second donationGrifols Return Donor Pay Chart

Source: Grifols

Grifols Pay Chart 2022

Here’s a sample pay chart for April 2022

Locate a Grifols center near you.

#4. Interstate Blood Bank Inc – Get up to $800 in a month

Operating under the Grifols brand, IBBI is a Tennessee-based plasma and blood donation company with centers in over 15 states. They have been in the plasma industry since 1949.

Similar to other centers under Grifols, IBBI donor compensation may vary from one month to another and across various centers with.

How Much Does IBBI Pay?

New donors receive up to $800 while return donors earn $40 for the first donation of the week and $4o-$100 for the second. 

Referrals will earn you $50 after their second donation.

IBBI Pay Chart 2023

Source: IBBI

To donate plasma for money, visit an IBBI center listed near you

#5. Saturn Bio – Earn up to $150 per donation

Source: Saturn Bio

For the highest-paying plasma donation center near you, Saturn Bio qualifies. Their donor compensation rates are amazingly high. And if you are a male with blood type AB, Saturn Bio is ready to pay extra for your donation.

How Much Does Saturn Bio Pay?

You get $100 during the first donation and $150 in the second. The third visit sees you pocket $100. Thereafter, you get a reward of $50 for each plasma donation

Further, you get a bonus of $20 on your 7th donation, provided that you donate plasma 7 times a month.

Males with Blood type AB make $60 instead of $50 per donation, and a $30 bonus for the 7th donation in a calendar year. Other promotions will earn you over $1000 per month.

Here’s an example:

Saturn Bio Plasma Donation

Source: Saturn Bio

Other programs that pay donors at the company include diabetes, Hepatitis B, and Covid 19 Research. Under the program, if you are positive for the disease and meet other screening protocols, you get paid significantly high per donation.

Currently, the company is accepting blood donations in their Indianapolis location only.

#6. B Positive Plasma – Get up to $800 monthly

B Positive Plasma

Source: B Positive Plasma

Despite the name, the company accepts donors of all blood types. To donate here, you must live within 50 miles of their plasma donation centers which are presently located across the Pennsylvania tri-state area.

How Much Does B Positive Plasma Pay?

Source: B Positive

You can make $100 for each of your first 8 donations as long as they fall within a 30-day cycle. Regular donations pay up to $60 per donation.

Further, B Positive Plasma also rewards you with $50 for each person you successfully get to donate. And, there is no limit to how many referral bonuses you can earn! 

Payment is via a reloadable Visa debit card. Become a B Positive Plasma Donor here

#7. Octapharma Plasma – Earn up to $800 per month

Get Paid to donate plasma with Octa App

Source: Octapharma

Looking for the highest paying plasma donation center near me?” Try Octapharma.

This is a family-owned company with 180+ plasma donation centers and a presence in 31 countries.

The company boasts an app for both iOS and Android phones which donors can use to keep track of their donor information.

How Much Does Octapharma Plasma Pay?

You can earn $800+ as a first-time donor during the first 35 days of donation.

If you are lucky, you may bump on the Octapharma plasma $1,000 bonus for new donors offered from time to time. 

Regular donor payments are dependent on your weight and the frequency of donations over a 35-day period.

For instance, someone who weighs below 150 pounds will earn $20 per donation if they donate up to 3 times, $35 if they donate 7 times, and $45 if they donate 10 times within 35 days.

Referrals can earn you up to a  $100 bonus.

Octapharma regularly offers multiple promotions throughout the year in which participating donors can make more money. Further, they offer rewards in the form of e-gift cards, express passes, and branded items.

Octapharma Plasma Pay Chart 2022

 Octapharma Plasma Pay Chart 2022

Find an Octapharma plasma center near you and start donating.

#8. Freedom Plasma – Make a $100/donation

This is a plasma and blood collection company owned and operated by the Louisiana-based ImmunoTek Bio Centers. 

How Much Does Freedom Plasma Pay?

Although they haven’t stated how much you get per donation, 2 Redditors have stated donor pay by ImmunoTek Bio Centers as $45 for the first donation of the week, and $65 for the second.

How much does freedom plasma pay for new donors? $100 for the first 3 donations then regular fees going forward.

Source: Reddit

Click here to locate an ImmunoTek center nearest to you.

Freedom Plasma Pay Chart 2022

No chart is available to show what Freedom Plasma pays.

#9. BPL Plasma – Make $75 per donation 

BPL Plasma

Source: BPL

This is a UK-based plasma donation company with centers across the US. The company has been in business for over 25 years. 

How Much Does BPL Pay?

On the site, BPL indicates donor pay as up to $75 for every donation. The company also runs promotions that see new donors making slightly more for the first at least 5 donations.

BPL Plasma Pay Chart 2022

The site has not displayed an updated pay Chart for 2022. The only available pay chart dates back to 2018 and was a promotional one for first-time donors.

BPL Plasma Pay Chart 2022

Source: BPL

BPL Plasma centers can be found in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and New Mexico, among other states. To make a first-time donor appointment, find a BPL plasma donation near you and make money now.

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#10. CSL Plasma – Make $500-$1000/month

Source: CSL Plasma

CSL Plasma boasts over 300 donation centers in the US, Europe, and China. Eligibility is 18 years and above, a minimum of 110 pounds in weight, good health, and permanent residence. Other eligibility tests are done at the donation center.

How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay?

First-timers currently make up to $500 monthly which includes a $100 reward.

This figure is promotional and may even reach $1000 from time to time. Regular CLS Plasma donation payments are done on a sliding scale determined by donor weight and may range from $40- $60 depending on the donation center.

In addition, donors earn loyalty points with the iGive Rewards Program which can be redeemed for cashback. You earn points by donating plasma, bringing referrals, signing up for promotions, and doing surveys.

Does CSL Plasma pay donors in cash? No, your earnings are loaded into a prepaid card which you can use to pay for purchases or get cash from ATMs

CSL Plasma Pay Chart 2022

Which CSL Plasma Center Pays the Most?

CSL does not disclose its donor compensation on its site. To know how much any center pays, you would have to contact the particular center.

Click here for CLS plasma donation centers near you. Here’s a quick Google Map search showing a CLS Plasma Donation Center Near Your current location.

Who Pays the Most for Plasma?

If you are wondering what plasma center pays the most, you can’t go wrong with ADMA BioCenters, BioLife Plasma, Grifols Plasma, IBBI, Saturn Bio, B Positive Plasma, Octapharma Plasma, BPL Plasma, Freedom Plasma, and CSL Plasma.

These companies not only compensate significantly higher for first-time donors but also pay well for repeat donors.

What Is Plasma?

Plasma is the liquid component of blood. Making up about 55% of the total blood volume, it is the largest portion with the other portion comprising red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. 

The main function of plasma in the body is to transport nutrients, proteins, and hormones to the parts of the body where they are needed. 

Plasma is, therefore, very critical in the treatment of certain health conditions and medical emergencies. For this reason, plasma is fondly christened as ‘the gift of life’ by some health organizations and is in very high demand.

Unfortunately, plasma cannot be made synthetically, so live donors are the only source of the blood component.

What Is Plasma Donation?

what is plasma? what is plasma donation?

Plasma donation is the process of drawing blood from a donor’s arm via a needle placed in a vein for about 1 hour and a half (90 minutes).

The blood then undergoes a process called plasmapheresis in which a special machine separates plasma from the rest of the blood components.

Once the plasma is collected, the rest of the components are mixed with a little saline solution and returned to the donor’s body. 

Note: Plasma donation for a first-timer also includes a screening process to determine eligibility.

What Is Plasma Donation Used For?

Plasma is rich in antibodies, clotting factors, and proteins in addition to water, salt, and enzymes. Healthcare experts can separate these components and concentrate them in various treatments.

Plasma components are effectively used to treat health conditions and medical emergencies including burns, trauma, and shock. They are also used in therapies for some chronic conditions including auto-immune disorders and hemophilia.

Requirements To Donate Plasma For Money

Requirements for plasma donation may vary from one location to another. Variations mostly feature in age brackets, body weight, diseases, and other activities that affect your body in one way or another, for example, body piercings and permanent makeup.

The typical requirements to donate plasma include:

  • Age: between 16-69 years
  • Weight: at least 110 pounds in weight
  • Be in good health- this is determined after thorough medical screening

Required documents include:

  • Official Photo ID
  • Proof of residency
  • Border Crossing Card or Visa for non-US citizens
  • Social Security Number Proof 

Additionally, you should watch your diet. Eat enough proteins, especially beef, the day before and after donating plasma! You also need to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. 

Plasma Donation Weight Chart

Plasma Donation Weight Chart

Source: ResearchGate

Quick Tip – A spoonful or two of peanut butter about an hour before donating helps bump your blood quality!

How Much Money Can You Make Donating Plasma?

Plasma donation pay varies from one center to another. Typically, you can earn from $20 per donation with the highest-paying plasma donation centers paying $100 and more per donation. 

If you are eligible and willing, you can donate twice per week which earns you from $160 – $800 and above per month. 

Notably, factors such as body weight, promotions or bonuses, whether it is the first or subsequent visit, and blood group can also determine how much you earn. Let me explain:

  • Bodyweight – some guidelines dictate how much plasma you can donate depending on your weight. Generally, the more you weigh the more plasma you can give and the more money you earn.
  • First vs repeat visits – first visits can take 2 hours or more because they involve other activities such as testing and interviews. Most centers will pay more during the first visit to compensate you for your time.
  • Promotions/Bonuses/incentives – you can earn extra for subsequent visits and referring others.
  • Blood group – people with blood group AB are in the highest demand because their plasma is compatible with everyone. Sadly, they only make up 2 in 50 people. Here’s the good news though, people in this category can make up to $1000 in plasma donation centers that pay well!

Overall, plasma donation is a quick money-making strategy and the amount you’re compensated will be determined by how much blood serum or plasma you can donate. You typically receive payment on a prepaid debit card that has been specifically created just for these transactions!

Plasma Donation Near Me

Use this interactive map to find the best plasma donation centers near you. 

Have the location turned on your device to get accurate results!

Where Can I Donate Plasma For Money? Paid Plasma Donations Centers Near Me 2024

Wondering where else can I donate plasma for money besides the ones listed above. Start by searching for “plasma donation centers near me

#11. KedPlasma – Get up to up to $800 per month

The company, a subsidiary of Kedrion Biopharma has been in operation since 2004 and serves the following states:

  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • Texas
  • Nebraska
  • Texas
  • Alabama
  • South Carolina
  • Louisiana
  • Ohio

Donor compensation is not indicated on the official site but going by Reddit and a 2021 promotion on their Facebook page, new donors can expect about $100 per donation for the first several donations to add up to $700-$800.

Repeat donors can get $40 and $60 for the first and second donations of the week respectively putting earnings in most centers at $400 per month.

In addition, Kedplasma collection centers give you a bonus of $20 if you haven’t donated in the last 2 weeks.

#12. ParachuteMake $4,000+ Annually

Donate Plasma for Money with Parachute

Source: Parachute

Do you want to get paid instantly for your plasma donation? Try Parachute donation centers in different states in the US. You can make up to $40 an hour and up to $4k in a year by donating for just 2 hours every week.

Donating with Parachute is made easier by their Parachute app which keeps you up to speed on your donor progress, referrals, time incentives, and in-app challenges to help you earn more.

The app is available on App Store and Google Play

How Much Does Parachute Pay?

First-time donors get up to $130 when they donate twice. Regular donor compensation is $30-$40 per donation paid based on 7 levels.

It is the highest tier, level 7 which adds up to $360 per month and a cumulative $4000+ per year with up to 9 donations for every cycle.

How Much Does Parachute Pay?

Source: Parachute

You can level up or down based on the number of times you donate per a 30-day cycle.  Referrals earn you $10 when they donate and every time they level up to $70. Further, you can take advantage of in-app challenges and earn an extra challenge bonus.

Payments are automatically credited to your Parachute Visa debit card after you donate plasma. 

Parachute Plasma Pay Chart 2022

Parachute Plasma Pay Chart 2022

Source: Parachute

Download the Parachute App  or find a Parachute center

#13. Biotest Plasma – Make Up to $60 per donation

For plasma donation centers that pay well, look no further than BioLife Plasma. The company is based in Boca Raton, Florida. They accept donations from both men and women.

Their donor reward is $50-$60 for the first 5 plasma donations then $30-$45 for return donations.

There’s the possibility of earning more for donating plasma if your blood type is AB. Finding donors with AB blood type is difficult hence the high reward.

According to Biotest, some of its centers can get you paid $1000 per month. Payment is through prepaid Visa cards. If you are going to BioLife, be sure to look out for first-time donor promos and coupons.

Click here to find their nearby donation centers in the states.

#14. Scantibodies – Make $400+ per month

Scantibodies plasma donation centers only operate within California, US. The company states on its Facebook page that as a new donor, you get $495 during the first month with return donations making you $405. 

Additionally, you get between $10 and $80 with every successful referral. 

Click here for directions to the Scantibodies center

#15. TrueHealth Plasma – Make $500+/month

Simply known as thplasma, this is a New Jersey-based plasma collection company with 2 centers; Fair Lawn and St. Elizabeth, New Jersey. Payment is through a Visa prepaid card system.

Donors are paid between $400 and $500 with the new donor being on the higher end.

#16. GCAM Plasma – Earn up to $150 per donation

Source: GCAM Instagram

Green Cross is a South Korean plasma donation center with collection centers in the United States. Compensation can vary from one center to another.

For the San Antonio center, one donor states the rate as $100, $125, $125, and $150 for the first, second, third, and fourth times respectively.

From there, rates vary from $30-$100 per donation. They also offer special bonuses and referral bonuses which can increase your earnings.

To earn bonuses during promotion offers, you are encouraged to be a frequent donor.

Check out their locations to start your donations.

#17. New York Blood Center – reward not stated

This is among the plasma donation facilities that do not publish their rates. The center collects plasma to aid the recovering victims of accidents and ailments.

The company has been in the plasma industry for over 50 years and currently runs over 20 collection centers across New York.

Locate a plasma center near you.

#18. Canadian Plasma Resources – Get up to $65 per visit

This is a Canadian-based plasma donation company. It serves the areas around Saskatoon, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, and Moncton. Both the FDA and the European Union have certified the company.

Canadian Plasma Resources

Source: Canadian Plasma Resources

The first donation earns you $30 with a subsequent visit in the same week making you up to $65. The compensation depends on the quantity of plasma you donate and the frequency of donation. There are also special bonuses that you can take advantage of.

#19. BSC – Pay not disclosed

Biological Specialty Company or simply BSC collects the whole blood or its individual components including plasma for the research industry. They have strict pre-screening procedures with type AB blood donors being in high demand.

They refer plasma donors to their centers for compensation details.

Currently, their facilities are also accepting blood donations from people who have received COVID-19 vaccines. To donate first, call the company for a pre-screening interview.

#20. Hemarus Plasma – Make $800 per month 

The Jacksonville-based company compensates donors with up to $800 per month and even more for special donations.

Hemarus Plasma Coupon

Hemarus Plasma Coupon

Other incentives include $5 with your initial donation with military personnel and students getting an additional fiver. The company is based in Florida and runs three donation centers in the state.

#21. Promedic Plasma Resources- Compensation not disclosed

Would you wish to make quick money in Canada?

Head over to the Promedic plasma collection center in Winnipeg, MB, and make your donation. In the US, the company has a collection facility in Amherst, New York. 

Their compensation details are discussed during your first appointment. 

#22. Southern Blood Services

Reward: not stated

Locations: Birmingham (AL), Tuscaloosa (AL), and Nashville (TN)

#23. Vitalant Blood Donations

This is a non-profit organization with centers across the US whose focus is to provide blood-related life-saving services. 

How Much Does Vitalant Pay for Plasma?

Vitalant does don pay in cash for plasma donations, Instead, you earn points which you can redeem for items on their online donor stores and select retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Dominos.

Proceed to this portal to find a Vitalant Blood Plasma donation center near you: 

#24. Blood and Plasma Research Inc.

Reward: $35 per donation and more for rare blood characteristics.

Locations: Beaumont, Texas

#25. Carter BloodCare

Carter Blood Care Programs

Source: Carter BloodCare

Reward: Prizes and gift cards (points)


#26. LFB Plasma

LFB plasma has centers in South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, and North Carolina. They pay $25-$30 per donation and regularly run promotions for applicant donors where you can earn up to $100 for a number of successfully completed donations.

These promotions also include referral bonuses that can go up to $100 per referral.

#27. Abo Plasma

This is a plasma collection company with centers in Glassboro and Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Their new donor fees as of October 2022 are $900 for the first 6 donations and up to $600/month for repeat donors.

Find a Plasma Donation Center Near You

To help you find a plasma for money center or company in your vicinity, check out this Google Map widget for your current location (Enable location tracking on your device to get accurate info).

Alternatively, you can also try this tool available at for a more advanced search.

Is It Bad To Donate Plasma? 

Plasma donation makes a whole lot of difference to people who need it. The process not only saves lives but also helps treat and alleviate the suffering of people with various health problems.

If you can donate, it is a good thing; think of all those people who would want to touch lives by donating but they can’t.

While donating for free is also an option, choosing to donate plasma for money is purely a personal choice and comes as an added advantage to those looking for ways to make up to $500 fast.

What about your health? For starters, the people who handle plasma donating processes are professionally trained and they also do it in a sterile environment. After the process, it takes your body about 48 hours to recover. 

That said, you should expect mild dizziness, fatigue, and nausea immediately after the process. 

Get Paid to Donate Plasma: FAQs

1. Does Red Cross Pay for Plasma?

There’s no indication of the Red Cross paying people to donate Plasma!
This means you can donate your plasma for free at the Red Cross. Of course, since it isn’t paid work, all donations will go towards helping others in need; we’re sure they appreciate any help possible (even if it’s just blood!)
More recently, the American Red Cross is receiving convalescent plasma donations from people who have recovered from or been vaccinated against Covid-19. 

2. Which center pays the most for Plasma?

How much plasma donations end up earning you varies depending on factors such as how much a specific center pays, its accessibility, your body weight, frequency of donation, blood type, and the existing reward programs. 
Considering the typical earnings range from $160-$500 per month, search for the best-paying plasma donation centers near me and narrow down a center from there.

3. What Disqualifies You From Donating Plasma?

You may not pass the screening for donating plasma if you are below 18 (or 16 for some centers) or above 69, weigh below 110 pounds, lack proper identification documents, suffer from certain conditions and diseases such as HIV, do lots of drugs, or engage in other risky behaviors like taking certain medications, blood thinners and growth hormone injections.
In addition, certain centers may have specific requirements so check before you proceed.

4. How Old Do You Have To Be To Donate Plasma?

For most centers, the eligible age is from 18 to 69. Others will start at 16 or cut off at an age younger than 69.

5. How Many Times Can You Donate Plasma In A Week?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends two donations per week. Also, there should be a 48-hour interval from one donation to another.

6. Is Donating Plasma Painful?

Besides the point where the needle enters your vein which is similar to a mild bee sting, the process is painless. You may feel slight dizziness, fatigue, or nausea immediately after though.

7. What Plasma Center Pays the Most for First-Time?

BioLife and ADMA plasma centers currently top the list of the best-paying centers for first-time plasma donors with compensations of up to $1000 per month.
Other centers like Grifols and its subsidiaries, B Positive and Octapharma are in hot pursuit with figures up to $800 per month. Notably, these figures keep on changing as promotions change. 

8. Where to Donate Plasma for the Most Money?

Check for centers that offer good compensation not only for first-time donors but also on a regular basis like ADMA, BioLife, Grifols, Octapharma, B Positive, and CSL Plasma among others.

Ready to Donate Plasma for Money?

The highest-paying plasma donation centers can earn you up to $1000. While such centers are not available everywhere, you can always find centers that pay between $160 and $500 for plasma donations.

Plasma is in high demand in medicine which makes donating it not only a noble cause but also a lucrative venture.

If you decide to go ahead, be sure to donate plasma to FDA-approved facilities. While at it, ensure that you check out a donation center’s specific requirements to save yourself time and energy.

Lastly, we would like to hear about your experience as a plasma donor. How does it feel and how is the pay? Leave a comment.

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