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How to Pay with Cash App In Store Without Card? [3 Methods!]

If you know how to pay with Cash app in store without a card, you shouldn’t be inconvenienced just because you forgot your card or haven’t received it yet.

With Cash App and some account balance or link to your bank account, you can shop in-store or online with ease. Admittedly, the Cash App card makes it even easier but does not in any way limit you.

This article takes you through how to use Cash App without a card to make purchases online and in-store.

Can You Use Cash App Without a Card?

Yes, you can certainly use Cash App as a payment method at stores even without a card!

To complete the transaction without a card, you simply need to provide the store’s contact number, $Cashtag username, or email address. Moreover, if the store supports QR codes, you can conveniently scan the Cash App QR codes for payment.

However, it is always recommended to check with the cashier, when shopping in-person, before filling your cart.

Where Does Cash App Take Funds From?

Cash App utilizes the funds in your Cash App balance to make the payments.

The Cash App balance comprises money you have received via the app and at times, momentary top-ups from a linked bank account that happen during a transaction to make it successful. 

Linking a bank account is not a prerequisite for using the Cash App. However, a linked source of funds comes in handy when the Cash App balance is insufficient to make a payment. 

If the Cash App balance is not enough to cover a transaction and there’s no linked bank account, the payment does not go through.

Note, to get a Cash Card, you have to verify your Cash App account with SSN.

Stores that Accept Cash App Without Card?

Basically, any store with the Square POS App installed on their point of sale devices accepts Cash App Pay mode of payment. After the cashier keys in the dollar amount of purchase, a QR code is generated for the customer to scan and make the payment.

A few good examples of stores that accept Cash App Pay and Cash Cards are Target, Forever 21, Amazon, Walmart, Lululemon, etc.

Note: Cash App Pay allows Cash App customers to pay merchants by scanning a simple QR code. It is currently available for businesses processing payments on Square Register, Square Stand, Square Terminal, Square Online, Square Appointments , Square for Retail and the Square Point of Sale app for iOS and Android devices.

Paying with Cash App is not available through Square for Restaurants, or Square Invoices at this time.

How To Pay With Cash App In Store Without Card?

Method #1: With your Cash App, you can buy from most shops that accept Visa. Here is how to pay with cash app without card on android or iphone:

  • Access Cash App on your mobile device
  • Key in the payment figure
  • Key in the outlet’s username which can be their contact number, email address, or $Cashtag.
  • Fill in the reason for the payment
  • Click on ‘Pay’

Method #2: Alternatively, you can scan the Cash App QR code at the point of sale to make your payments.

Notably, not all merchants accept the Cash App QR code scan mode of payment so you might want to inquire from the store’s attendants before initiating your payment. 

If you are wondering, “How do I pay with Cash App scan?” You need to just use the Cash App QR scanner as explained below:

  • Open the payments tab on your Cash App designated as ‘$’.
  • Touch the QR code scanner. 
  • Scan the QR code provided by the store.
  • And follow the directions to validate and complete the transaction.

How to Pay With Cash App Online Without a Card?

Here’s how to pay with cash app without card on android or iPhone:

  • If you are shopping online, opt for Cash App Pay at the checkout. This action takes you to the Cash App if you are using your phone.
  • Simply tap the Cash App button during checkout to start paying!
  • You can then use the store’s QR code, phone number, $cashtag, or email address to make your payment.

If you are using a desktop device, you can scan the QR code on the store’s website and follow the steps to complete your transactions. 

1. Connect a Bank Account to Cash App

As explained earlier, a linked bank account ensures that funds are available to make payments even when your Cash App balance runs low.

To connect your bank to Cash App:

  • Click on the profile icon on Cash App
  • Go to ‘Linked Banks
  • Click on ‘Link Bank
  • Scroll or use the search bar to find your bank and tap on it.
  • You will be redirected, via Plaid, to your bank’s login credential page — enter the required information.
  • Follow the steps to link the accounts.

Depending on your bank, the steps may vary and so will the authentication process for sending the security code. Also, you’ll have the chance to choose which of your bank account type to use for the funding; checking or savings.

Moreover, the app allows you to remove or replace a linked account:

  • On your profile, click on ‘Linked Banks’.
  • Choose the bank you want to make changes to.
  • Select ‘Remove Bank’ or ‘Replace Bank’.
  • Respond to prompts accordingly.

2. Link Your Cash App to Other Modes Of Payment

Find out if the merchant accepts Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, or any other mode of payment, especially when buying phones or accessories.

How to Use Cash App Without Card: FAQs

1. Can I Use Cash App In Stores Without a Card?

Yes, you don’t need to have a card to pay via Cash App. You can use the merchant’s phone number, email address, or Cashtag username. 

2. What Stores Take Cash App Scan? What Stores Accept Cash App Payments?

Basically, any store with the Square POS App installed on their point of sale devices accept Cash App Pay mode of payment.

Some good examples of stores that accept Cash App payments include Walmart, Adidas, Hulu, Instacart, Amber Crombie & Fitch, Nordstrom, Nike, and Samsung.

3. Can You Scan Cash App to Pay at Store?

Yes, using the this payment option, the cashier presents you with a QR code from a Square Cash POS device for you to scan using your Cash App.

4. Can I Tap My Phone To Pay With Cash App?

The equivalent of tapping your phone to pay with the Cash App is using your phone to scan the QR code at the point of sale. You can also tap to pay when shopping online by scanning a QR code at the point of check out on your desktop.

5. Where Can I Use Cash App?

You can use Cash App on shopping outlets that accept Visa. That said, not all businesses have this provision so it is important to inquire before making your purchases. 

6. What Online Stores Take Cash App?

Online stores that accept Cash App payments include grocery stores, gaming shops, clothing stores, pharmacies, footwear stores, jewelry shops, wellness stores, food servicing apps, and supermarkets among others.

7. Can I use Cash App QR code at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart is one of the stores where you can scan the Cash App QR code to pay for purchases. Also when looking at “what stores accept Cash App QR code“, Target, Amazon, and Forever 12 feature prominently.

8. Can I Link my Cash App to Google Pay?

Yes, you can link Cash App to Google Pay by adding Google Pay to your Cash Card.

9. How Do I Enable TAP Pay on Cash App?

As long as your Cash Card is active, you can use it for TAP pay or contactless payments. Cash cards possess Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology which allows you to tap your card at payment readers at the point of sale to make your payment in seconds.

10. What Food Apps Take Cash App?

When looking to pay via Cash App without a card, you are bound to come across online food ordering services.

Food apps that accept Cash App include DoorDash, GrubHub, and GoldBelly. Note, while some services will insist on payments via the Cash Card (Visa), others accept direct payments from your Cash App balance.

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