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14 Rewarding Ways to Get Paid To Lose Weight Free

Don’t you think your path to fitness can become more fun if you find ways to get paid to lose weight for free? Sounds impossible? Well, it’s not. There are so many ways to get fit and get paid for it.

We all know that getting fit is no easy business. You need to invest your time, energy, and even money into it.

Diagnosing your health and fitness problems and needs, as well as finding the right diet and exercise regime for you, can cost money; and, so can buying health products, healthy food, etc. 

Of course, this involves your time and energy, which is worth something valuable. So, getting paid to lose weight can be a great incentive to stay on the path to getting fit.

Here are a couple of websites that will get you the same and encourage you to lose weight by rewarding you for achieving your goals.  

14 Apps that Pay You to Lose Weight

get paid to lose weight free

Listed below are the most popular apps that pay to lose weight. 

1. HealthyWage

Are you looking for a little extra motivation to help you lose weight? If winning money is enough motivation for you, you’ll want to check out HealthyWager from where you bet on yourself and win money for losing weight. This app pays you an incentive to lose weight!

HealthyWage is one of the best get-paid-to lose weight apps. You can rely on their program to achieve your fitness goals. The website pays huge cash prizes to complete wellness challenges.

You can even calculate your prize money according to your fitness goals (you choose your weight loss goal, wager amount, etc.), even before you start your wellness programs.

Besides customized programs for individuals, you can also participate in corporate team challenges. It can help you win up to $10,000 in cash prizes while getting healthy!

Unbelievable, ain’t it?

I was skeptical, until, I came across these success stories and learned how these women won serious money losing weight!

Want to get in on the “dieting for dollars” craze and up your potential for weight loss success?

Then, bet on yourself and start your HealthyWager today. Lose the weight and get paid, simple as that!

Suppose you bet $100 on losing 10% of your body weight over the next six months and meeting your goals; then, HealthyWage will give you a $400 cash prize after that.

Worried that you might lose the Bet?

Leading academic research shows that money enhances weight loss success, making dieters significantly more likely to lose weight.

HealthyWage uses cash-based challenges designed to help end procrastination, encourage perseverance, and harness the power of your desire to avoid losing your wager.

Around 70% of participants completed their goals and earned their prizes. Yes, prizes/rewards will boost the likelihood of your weight loss journey making them successful.

All you need to do is create an account (free) on their website. And then, you need to lay your bet which you can assure throughout your fitness challenge.

When you meet your goal within that prefixed time, you’ll receive the cash prize via PayPal. This website now also has an Android and an iOS app.

Get started today and make your HealthyWager. 

2. Pact: Earn Cash for Exercising

A product of Zendesk, this particular app helps its members to achieve around 95% of their fitness goals on average.

And, with that, this app has also completed more than 20 million fitness activities and established itself as one of the best rewards platforms for weight loss.

The pact is compatible with almost any fitness tracker like Fitbit, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, and more. It can also count your steps through the accelerometer of your iPhone to finally calculate your calorie burns.

Featured in several global publications like Forbes and The New York Times, this app already established itself as one of the best money-making apps to complete fitness routines.

With each completed fitness activity, you can earn some amount of prize money which you can later en-cash through PayPal transfer.

Besides fitness activities, you can also get paid to eat healthy food and take snaps of your meals.

3. Walgreens Balance Rewards

Besides having amazing stores in your neighborhood, Walgreens also has an even more amazing reward program. And with that, you can earn quite a good amount of cash prize while meeting your fitness goals.

In addition to the prize money, you can also achieve incredible discount codes which you can use in your nearby stores.

Starting in 2012, this loyalty fitness program now has more than 90 million active members. It has also proven itself as one of the best platforms to get paid to lose weight free.

You can easily link your reward card to your Walgreens account through its websites and apps.

Besides earning reward points for each verified purchase, you can also earn points for uploading your prescription and fitness photos.

Every 1,000 points in this program can be directly converted to a $1 cash reward. 

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4. Achievement: Rewards for Health

Previously known as the ‘Achievement’, this app pays you for just walking around and also to meet your fitness goals.

It is compatible with almost all the fitness trackers like Fitbit, Samsung Health, Apple Health App, and more. It not only tracks your fitness activities but also follows your sleeping pattern and nutrition.

For each of those activities, you can earn points that you can redeem for a cash reward or can donate to charities.

You can earn around 50 points for completing 20,000 steps in a day. You can also take short surveys about your fitness and health and can earn 25 points for that.

Besides those point-earning programs, you can also make around $200 cash rewards for taking part in health-related research studies.

You can also earn Achievement points for posting photos of healthy food and sharing your fitness results.

5. FitCoin

Without any doubt, this gets paid to lose weight app is also one of the most popular platforms to earn cryptocurrencies for meeting your fitness goals.

This Bitshares Blockchain gives you free FitCoin for each fitness goal you fit while using this app. And those FitCoins can be spent on purchasing fitness-related products from the FitCoin stores.

This spectacular app is extremely efficient and can be easily connected to almost all the fitness trackers like Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, and more.

The product of Saheri Creations and developed by Chaotic Moon Studios, this app gives you free FitCoin for each calorie you burn through running and walking. It provides one of the best rates for each calorie you burn.

You’ll also get the motivation to increase your fitness goals after you purchase fitness-related products from its dedicated store. You can easily create an account on this app or can also log in with your Facebook credentials.

6. Charity Miles

It will not transfer the earned amount to your bank account but will let you participate in a greater cause.

You can donate whatever amount you obtain through this app while meeting your fitness goals to the charity of your choice. This way, you get to make the world a better place to live while achieving fitness.

Every activity related to health and fitness can earn you a good amount of money through this app. Besides, it is compatible with almost any smartphone and fitness tracker.

Starting with this app is quite easy as you can fill out the joining form and choose your desired charity to send your donation to. Then start meeting your fitness goals to earn cash rewards for those charities.

Till now, they have donated more than $2.7 million to several great charities around the globe. These include WWF, Operation Smile, ALS (the same charity that created the ice bucket challenge), and more.

7. Sweatcoin

This platform pays you to walk!

It works quite in a similar fashion to FitCoin that we have already mentioned.

It not just boosts your support to achieve great fitness but also motivates you through cash rewards to have a better and healthy lifestyle.

However, it is now only available for the residents of a few countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, and a few other countries. You can also drop your mail id on their main website to get notified about the launch of the app in your country.

British Journal of Sports Medicine recently mentioned in a study that this app can improve your workout levels by around 20% to ultimately give you a significant change.

This app also has more than 300 partners from which you can buy fitness-related products. You can use your cash reward while making any purchase on those partner websites.

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Companies that Pay you to Lose Weight

Here’s a quick list of the best companies that’ll reward you for achieving your fitness goals. Make a note of them and give them a try:

8. DietBet

This website provides a great platform for fitness enthusiasts to meet their fitness goals while earning through it.

It now has more than 750k active members; and, this website gave more than $62 million in cash prizes to its members.

You can wager a small amount to a particular fitness-related game and make a pot to finally win a grand prize. Or, you can also take part in a pledged pot to win the final award.

There are mainly three types of plans you can directly participate in after becoming a member. You can join the kick-starter plan where you’ll need to lose 4% of your current body weight in the next 28 days.

You can also join the transformer plan where you’ll need to lose 10 % of your current weight over the next six months.

And finally, you can also take part in the Maintainer program where you’ll need to keep your reduced weight for the next 12 months.

9. Higi

Since its establishment in 2012, this medical technology company has been providing one of the best platforms to get paid to lose weight for free.

You don’t need to do anything special on this app to get the rewards.

It automatically tracks your fitness and health improvements and then rewards you for those. Besides cash rewards, you can also earn gift cards to several online shops like HelloFresh.

Higi is also quite a great way to maintain your fitness goals. It has a prominent presence in more than 11,000 Higi stations all over the USA.

And, once you reach your fitness goals, you can share your success stories on this platform to receive great encouragement.

10. StickK

This app not just gives you a platform to get paid to lose weight but also gives you enough motivation to meet your fitness goals daily.

It is one of the most scientific apps that is developed by behavioral economists at Yale University.

Now available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, this particular app and the website also help you greatly if you want to quit your smoking habit.

You can also put a small amount of your money at stake to get a further boost to work out daily. As the website suggests, having your money at stake can be effective. It is 300% more likely that you’ll complete your workout regime and maintain your fitness goals that way.

Featured by reputed publication houses like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, this website now has more than 60,000 active members. And, without any doubt, you can be the next one.

11. WellCoin

Headquartered in Boston, this website also works similarly to FitCoin SweatCoin that we have mentioned above. It pays you to stay fit and healthy.

It is one of the first cryptocurrency platforms related to the health sector. However, this platform doesn’t have any live website as of now, but you can download their awesome app through several sites like Apkpure.

This app is compatible with activity trackers like FitBit, Strava, Apple Watch, and more. And, by completing your fitness goals, as well as staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you’ll get WellCoins in your app wallet.

You can redeem those WellCoins for amazing deals and great discounts on online stores. This app is now fully compatible with Google Fit to ensure ease of connectivity.

12. GOODcoins

A brainchild of Zerofootprint Software, this website helps you make charitable donations by completing your fitness goals.

It now has more than 1.8 million registered non-profit organizations that have great causes. And, you can directly give them donations through this website.

It will also let you earn eco-friendly and earth-friendly products as a reward to achieve your fitness goals, such as losing weight.

Signing up for this platform is extremely easy as you’ll just need to download the app on your phone and create your account for free.

And then, you can connect your GOODcoins app to any of your fitness-tracking watches like FitBit, Apple Watch, and Samsung Health.

You’ll earn a small amount of Goodcoin for daily fitness activities; these include running, cycling, and more. You can then redeem those points to its in-app store.

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13. Fatbet

Fatbet will not just give you a great platform to get paid to lose weight free but will also motivate you to get in shape.

On this platform, you can set up your weight-loss goal and your pre-determined time to achieve it. And then, stake some amount on that goal and start working towards the betterment of your fitness.

Once you complete the fitness goal and shred the extra weight, you’ll receive the reward from this app.

Besides setting up your own goal and working towards great fitness, you can also challenge your friends and family members through this app. This will also help them to get the same motivation as you.

It also has a private message board where you can share your achievement to get motivation from other community members.

This app doesn’t take any sensitive data and also hides your actual weight, making it one of the most trusted apps to download this year.

14. StepBet

This app not only helps you to do your daily fitness activities but also motivates you to keep up a good shape.

It is not a traditional fitness app but more of a fun gaming platform. Here, you can put a stake in your own fitness goals and weight-loss programs.

And if you reach your fitness goals and achieve the weight that you pre-defined, you’ll earn a good amount of cash reward from that program.

The members of the StepBet community usually bet $40 an average on their fitness goals. And, most of them end up achieving rewards.

A typical fitness challenge and health-related fun games on this platform usually last up to 6 weeks; however, you can choose a shorter or longer duration to start with.

The reward will also vary accordingly. You should complete at least four workout days per week to stay loyal to your fitness goal.

So, now you know, how to get paid to lose weight. These sites will not only help you get started on your journey towards fitness but also recognize your efforts and reward you when you take a step closer to your goals. So, don’t wait! 

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