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How to Flip Money Online Fast: 21 Quick Ways!

How to flip money online, does sound like a scam, right? The internet has made it possible for scammers and fraudsters to operate online in their quest to try and con you out of your hard-earned money. Which makes the use of “flip” and “money” in the same sentence raise suspicion.

 So, today I am not going to teach you how to magically make extra cash out of nothing, but instead, show you how to convert the money you already have into more money legally and legitimately- that’s what flipping is all about.

Am sure that by now you’ve learned that making good money online cash is not a walk in the jungle. Even seemingly easy tasks such as virtual assistance require hard work, time, and smart thinking. Flipping requires just as much dedication, right from choosing the right product and pricing to selling.

To help you get started, I shall take you through different products with high-resale value. This post will also highlight the best online platforms to sell commodities of all kinds. 

Let’s start by understanding this great online business idea.

How Does Money Flipping Work?

Money flipping can simply be described as purchasing an asset, letting its value rise, and selling it at a later date for a profit. The term also encompasses businesses that leverage skills to get paid. As long as your hustle requires time to produce results and money, you are flipping money!

There are many ways to flip the little cash you have or skill into more money. This could be through selling stuff online, renting out extra rooms, and enhancing practical skills such as craftsmanship.

Quick Ways to Flip Money

How to flip money online. Quick ways to flip money

Here is an in-depth look at the strategies you can turn a few dollars or an asset into thousands of dollars in your account today.

1. Retail Arbitrage

Retail Arbitrage is one of the trending ways how to flip money online fast. It entails getting hold of items from a retail store at a discount and selling them at a higher price hence making a profit.

For example, you might have made up your mind about the commodity you’ll sell. You visit a platform like AliExpress and find out the item goes for $50 and $40 at Overstock. Once you have such information, you will be able to make your judgments wisely.

Retail Arbitrage means that you will purchase your commodity cheaply from Overstock then post it on a platform like Amazon or AliExpress at a slightly higher price. This allows your customers on the larger marketplace to save a few dollars while you make a profit.

For retail arbitrage to work, you need to go for stuff that sells fast online. Also, ensure that keep off knockoffs for return business.

Ready to make an extra income from flipping? Download this PDF list of 47 items that sell fast to help you make $100 THIS week!

2. Flip Your Car

Like unused spaces and rooms, cars are a good candidate for flipping money quickly. You can decide whether to buy and sell used cars or rent out your car when not in use.

If you’ve decided to buy and sell, you’ll need not less than $15,000 to get started. The next step is to purchase a car in good condition. You might also want to look for a car with small troubles like cosmetic damage that will be easy and cheap to repair. After you are done with the repairs, sell the vehicle at a profit, either online or through a car dealership.

If you’ve opted to rent out your car, you could sign up for free with Turo to enlist your car. What I like about Turo is that you get to select the days that you will be occupying your car and the days you won’t. That way, no one will ever book your car when you require it.

3. Land Flipping

In case you haven’t noticed yet, land flipping is among the safest investments since land prices almost always shoot up in a short time.

This is a business that has existed for a long time and it’s lucrative as it was in ancient times. So, if you want to make huge profits fast, then land flipping is the way forward.

Unlike house flipping which might have to incur costs on renovation, flipping land requires very minimum maintenance as you search for a potential buyer.

For you to commence the business, you will need a substantial amount of money to purchase the right piece of land. 

Websites like Land Modo, Lands of America, and LandWatch will provide you assistance in your quest to fish for lands to flip. Note that land near access roads, utilities, and communities sell best.

Best Way to Flip Money Online

Is there a way to flip money without having to do lots of legwork? I’m talking about making money right where you are. Here are some stellar ideas:

 4. Flipping Real Estate Shares

Fundrise for Real Estate Flipping

Source: Fundrise

Real Estate basically means purchasing homes, rehabbing them, and later selling them for profit.

If you are concerned more with how to make a steady income through Real Estate Flipping, then platforms like Fundrise can give you an upper hand. Here you leave the house flipping to the experts for a share of the profits.

With Fundrise, the least amount you can invest is $500. You also pay an annual investment advisory fee of 0.15%, meaning for every $1,000 you invest, you pay $1.50. Apart from this, you also pay for standard portfolios at 0.85% annually for every $1,000 invested.

If you are majorly interested in making quick cash, you can also focus on how to become a hands-on house flipper. For you to get started, you’ll need enough capital for purchasing a home which you can get by applying for a mortgage.

You can choose to purchase underrated houses, or buy a house that requires some repairs, renovate it, then sell at a higher price – continue reading for more on this later in this article.

5. Flip Websites

Are you an entrepreneur with knowledge in computer science but can’t seem to secure a job? Then, investing in websites is the answer to your how to flip money quickly. 

Website flipping is the process of procuring an existing website, devoting your efforts and time to growing it, and later on flipping the website.

Before I elaborate more on flip cash websites, I’ll need you to look at it as an investment. Like any other investment, initial capital is paramount. There are two ways to go about website flipping; you could either use your capital to buy an existing one or choose to develop a website from scratch. Whichever method you choose, keep in mind that they all have their setbacks.

Purchasing an existing website ranges from a few hundred dollars to past $20,000. On the other hand, building your own website will cost you time as you create content or outsource tasks for your site to rank.

Platforms like Empire FlippersFlippa, and Motion Invest are ideal places to both buy and sell websites. 

6. Flip Businesses

Flipping businesses is one of the greatest methods you could use to make big money deals. However, it will take you lots of commitment and time to make it a success. Since some of these businesses are way too expensive to purchase, you’ll need a significant amount of capital to get started.

For you to locate a good business to flip, you will need to carry out due diligence, especially when analyzing the expected financial performance. 

This process takes weeks or months, and sometimes even years to perfect. Take your time to find ways that can improve the profitability of the business. In addition to this, understand how the business operates and how it acquires its customers.

Once you’ve captured the business to flip, make the purchase followed by the improvements. Evaluate the business and monitor the profits. The next step is selling the business to make a substantial profit.

While the entire process can take years to complete, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor for an even longer time. So if you were looking for quick ways to make cash, I won’t recommend you to settle for flipping businesses. But if you are long-term ways of making bank, this is the hustle for you. 

Business Idea: Start a Laundromat Business and flip it later.

7. Flipping Furniture

Flipping furniture is one of the best ways to invest your extra time into making cash. Based on your level of creativity, you could change pieces of furniture into somebody else’s masterpieces.

You can find these pieces of furniture in places like thrift stores, Facebook marketplaces, or garage sales. Look for pieces displaying normal wear and tear. It’s best to rework the aesthetics later rather than buying painted furniture that is rotten inside.

Depending on your creativity and skills, you might want to get started with simple furniture that won’t stress you when customizing items for customers.

Some of the tools needed for this hustle include:

  • A staple gun 
  • Paintbrushes for restoration of colors
  • Wood glue
  • Sanding materials
  • Sewing machine 
  • Painter’s tape

A good way to govern how much you can sell your piece of furniture is to weigh your cost of production and how similar furniture has been sold over the years. If the figures satisfy, you then place a similar price tag on your furniture.

Marketplaces like eBay, antique stores, Craigslist, and garage sales are ideal for selling your refurbished furniture.

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8. How to Flip Money Through Cash App

Cash App is one of the popular peer-to-peer transaction apps. The platform was created by Square inc which has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

This app has four major functions which include sending money, receiving money, mobile banking, and lastly, investing.

Before we even dive into this top-rated app, let me inform you that Cash App money flipping is a scam and fraudsters are taking advantage of the get-rich-quick mentality to con people on social media!

Since 2017, Square has been funding weekly giveaways to the app’s users using the hashtag #superCashAppFriday or #CashAppFriday.

Normally, Cash App posts about its weekly giveaway every Friday using the above hashtags on its Instagram and Twitter accounts. Users stand a chance to win by either replying, retweeting to the posts, or sharing their story with a $cashtag- a username that each person sets up in their app profile.    

Square randomly selects the winners and awards them with money in their accounts.

Remember that I mentioned earlier that one of the major functions of the Cash App was investing. Read along and get to know how people are scammed!

How Scammers Use Cash App

Fraudsters call the victim pretending to be among Square’s customer care representatives. The scammer goes ahead to convince you that they would like to help invest your money into the stock exchange, real estate, or other ways on your behalf. You are then promised great returns within a short time.

The victim, not knowing is being conned, sends an amount ranging from $5 to more than $1,000. Once the money is safely in the hands of the scammer, the victim is blocked and the money is withdrawn with the scammer is never to be heard from again.

Some scammers tend to send you a small amount of flip so as to gain your trust. Once your guard is down, they then lure you into transacting a larger amount of cash.

So, if you hear of a $750 Cash App reward, run!

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How to Flip Money in a Day

How fast you flip money depends on your hustle, how fast you are, and the platform that you are working under. To make money in under 24 hours, here are my top picks of sites to get easy money.

9. Flip Money on InboxDollars

Getting paid to carry out activities you routinely do is one of the easiest ways to flip money.

InboxDollars is a website that pays you for watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, reading emails, answering polls, and much more.

Once you have registered for a new account, InboxDollars rewards you with a $5 bonus.

Here are some of the methods you could earn cash via InboxDollars!

1. Playing games

InboxDollars gives you the privilege to earn money by playing games featured on their website. There are different categories of games to pick from depending on what interests you. You also get paid for reaching new levels.

2. Watching the InboxDollar TV channel

Watching content and ads on the InboxDollar TV channel is another way to raise your potential earnings. What’s more, the platform pays your TV time on a sliding scale. You could amass as much as $10 in the first level, $25 at the second level, and $100 at the third level.

3. Online shopping

InboxDollars gives you the liberty to earn cashback from shopping online. Based on your retailer, companies will pay you for shopping both in-store and online. Percentages vary per retailer. For example, assuming your most preferred store has a 5% cashback option, every $100 you spend yields $5 in return.

4. Searching the web

Earn cash by using the InboxDollars browser is another opportunity to get paid. Each search increases your potential for earning.

There are many other opportunities to make cash in InboxDollars. It would be a good idea to go through them and select those offers that suit you best.

Read More on IndoxDollars and similar websites here.

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10. Flip Money with Swagbucks

Just like InboxDollars, Swagbucks is another popular website that lets you earn points known as Swagbucks (SB). You get points for completing micro tasks like watching ads and videos, playing games, completing questionnaires, and searching the web.

Below are some of the techniques you could employ and start flipping SBs to real cash.

  • Play the Trivia Live Game Show on Swagbucks.

Once you’ve logged into your account on the Swagbucks App, join the Trivia Live Game Show and answer all the 10 questions correctly to stand a chance to win the grand prize of $1,000.

If you were lucky and got all the questions right, then you get to earn a piece of the prize (the prize is split into equal portions to all contestants who also get the right answers to the whole quiz.

  • Enter Swagstakes

If you feel incredibly lucky, you might want to try your fortune and stand a chance to win free gift cards which you could later cash out.

By entering Swagstakes, you can multiply your earnings. For example, you can flip 200SBs -worth $2- into a $5 Amazon gift. The company reports that over $3m has been won by around 1.4m users in this in-house sweepstakes.

  • Enroll in the Swagbuck Membership Recognition Program

Swagbucks offers a Membership Recognition Program which is free to all members. After attaining your first 250 SBs from microtasks, you will be awarded Pearl Membership benefits for reaching level one.

For you to rise fast in this ranking system, take advantage of the first two weeks after unlocking the first level.  Also, keep in mind that every level comes with more opportunities to earn more SBs.

Additionally, Swagbucks awards new members $5 as a sign-up bonus.

Click here to create a Swagbucks account today.

11. Flip Artwork

Are you an artistic person and have an eye for colors and painting? If yes, then flipping artwork could interest you. This money flipping technique is similar to stocks only in that you will be investing in art instead of stocks.

You can choose to either explore underrated artwork, purchase and polish it up, and sell it for profit. It’s also possible to purchase and hoard art that you know will cost much more in the future.

Knowing what art to buy can be challenging, but lucky for you, Masterworks has come to your rescue. This is a platform that carries out all the necessary research for you and also allows you to acquire shares on some pieces of highly valuable artwork. You get to earn a percentage of the sales.

Currently, Masterworks is one of the best online sites that bring you quality investment options. Start an investment portfolio with then now.

What is Flip Cash System?

First off, there is nothing like a flip cash system. If there were, this would imply that you can actually make money from thin air. The simple fact is that you must invest or work to make money. At the least, you can earn free cash by referring friends to new sites or apps.

If you are not willing to toil for money, then you are likely to become a victim of flip cash systems. These are schemes whereby you are promised returns that are several times your investment for doing absolutely nothing. Some flip cash scams are so ambitious, dangling returns of 10x in 30 minutes

Currently, the flip cash system making the rounds is that there’s a money flipping software.

If that does not raise any red flags in your head, then this next sentence should. 

This so-called revolutionary software supposedly hacks into servers of financial services providers. These can be local money companies or multinationals such as Mastercard, Visa, Moneygram, and Western Union. The claim is that once they gain access, these software gurus can trick the software to dish out as much cash as they wish.

To get into these “lucrative deals”, all you have to do is invest as little as $10 or as much as $1m. Just now that the moment the money leaves your account or pocket, you will never hear from your investor again. And if you do, they will probably explain that the hack wasn’t successful and that you need to invest more money.

This is just one in tens of money scams that keep popping up online.

Don’t fall for it.

Check out the most convincing online scams of 2024

Now, let’s get back to legal and acceptable ways of flipping cash.

How to Flip Money as a Teenager

Flipping money is not just for the adults, teens too can earn. The best part is that if a job is legal and not in contravention of labor laws, anyone is free to give it a go. That’s why you’ll find kids earning money by mowing lawns and distributing morning papers.

Other ways for teens to flip money include:

12. Flipping Stocks

Investing in stock is one of the incredible ways on how to flip your money online. If done right, buying and selling stocks is an easy way of leveraging your money to earn more money. You can carry out both short and long-term investments without leaving your home.

First, before you can start investing, you will be required to open an account with a brokerage firm that’s registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission. Next, it is the duty of the flipper to conduct extensive research on what shares to invest in. It’s from research that you’ll know which shares sell fast and at what margins.

With stock marketing, you will need to make accurate predictions on what shares to buy, hold, and sell at a profit in the future. This is quite a huge risk because a wrong prediction means you’ll suffer a loss. 

If you are certain that you want to invest in stock markets then an app like Robinhood would help you get started. All you need is $1 to get started. Also, the platform is commission-free, meaning you keep all your profits.

13. Flip your Extra Change

Investing your money is actually one of the greatest ways to passively flip money. If you find it difficult to spare a few dollars for investing, then Acorns is the way to go.

Acorns is an online investment platform that guides you on how to flip money online by rounding up all your purchases to the nearest dollar and investing the difference. For example, let’s say that you used your credit or debit card linked to your Acorn account to purchase a pair of shoes for $26.25. Acorn will round up this to $27 and invest the difference of $0.75

This platform is similar to Robinhood though it comes with a monthly fee of $1 to $5.

What I like about Acorn is that you get to invest what you already have. As such, there won’t be much of a difference in your cash flow. This is a great way to invest your money, especially for teenagers. You can use the returns to supplement your allowance or invest in other hustles. 

What are you waiting for, sign up with Acorns and start investing now!

14. Affiliate Marketing

Are you popular on social media? Do you have a big number of followers? If so, then you should try being an affiliate marketer. Your work will normally be advertising products from companies and get paid in commission based on the sales you’ve made.

For instance, the majority of the companies hand you a promo code that you share with your followers or viewers. The total commission is determined by the number of viewers who used your code to buy goods or subscribe to a service.

I highly recommend you have a Youtube channel or a website to market yourself as an influencer. For best results, promote stuff that you genuinely like. This can range from video games and toys to apps.

You should nevertheless be on the lookout to ensure you don’t promote products of low quality or unethical products.

14. Flipping Domains

Domain names are unique and easy-to-remember human-friendly IP addresses that give us access to websites.

Flipping domains are closely related to website flipping. It is one of the online hustles that has proven to be lucrative provided you have the patience to scout for the best names.

Unlike websites that you have to scale up, that’s not possible with domain names. You can’t grow domains. What you do is purchase your inventory for as little as $10 and hold on to it. As the names get rarer to acquire, yours will increase in value.

Also, go for domains such as “.com” that increase your odds of making good money once sold. However, securing such names is quite challenging, especially through an auction. 

Here are tips to ensuring your buying and selling of domains is a success:

  • Do your research. Before you obtain any domain name, you should dig into the history of the name and know how the name was used previously.
  • Check out for bans or penalties. Before getting hold of a Domain ensure it has no trouble by using websites like or
  • Give your Domain time to scale up. Instead of just selling your Domain on the first offer, you should hold on and await multiple offers.
  • You could also reconsider selling your Domain and instead build a business from it.

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What is The Fastest Way to Flip Money?

Typically, flipping requires patience as you wait for an investment to grow. But that is not always the case – you can actually start making money within a very short time. Here is how:

15. Flip Unused Spaces and Rooms

Flipping your unused spaces and rooms is yet another incredible way of using what you possess into a cash-generating asset. If you live in an area that tends to be a popular tourist attraction, especially during common vacation periods like Christmas and weekends this hustle is for you.

List the extra space online and leap big during the peak periods. What’s more, you can list anything from treehouses and tiny houses to mountain cabins and boathouses. Apart from the rooms, you can charge your guests for other services including laundry and transport.

If this technique of flipping money comforts you, then you should create an account with Airbnb to start making money.

Additional Tip: Similar to flipping unused rooms, you can also generate money by flipping unused spaces such as closets, basements, garages, name them.

I know this sounds scary since you are afraid of storing illegal items in your house. That said, a platform like Neighbor has all of its clients vetted and allows you to inspect the stuff you are to store before agreeing to the deal. 

16. Flipping Second-hand Clothes and Shoes

Investing in second-hand pieces of clothes is one of the easiest and quickest ways to build a fortune. You will, however, have to frequently visit local garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and other locations to purchase bulk clothes at huge discounts.

The majority of these clothes have brand names like American Eagle, Express, Nike, Adidas just to mention a few of the recognizable names.

Fashion shifts very fast in a way that not everyone gets to enjoy the trend. As long as the buying price of the commodity is relatively low and it is of high quality, it will be simple for you to flip a large sum of money. So, don’t be surprised that a used pair of 2000’s White Air Force 1 sneakers can still fetch a good price.

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17. Flip Sport Bets

For a bet to exist there must be a winner and a loser, right? Sports betting has existed long before the advancement in technology. However, today’s mechanization has raised sports betting to a whole new level.

Apps like DraftKings and FanDuel can help you place your bets on your favorite teams and players. You can earn ten to a hundred times the amount you are willing to risk. Beware, though, that betting has its ups and downs, the worse being that it can be addictive.

What is the Easiest Way to Flip Money?

Flipping money doesn’t have to be time-consuming and stressful. Take a look at these ideas which require very little input on your end.

18. Flipping Books

Hard copies are still in high demand despite the emergence of the internet that has brought about ebooks. As a result, flipping books can be an easy way how to flip money quickly. 

Purchase books in bulk from garage sales for let’s say $5 each. You can also use online tools like Zen Arbitrage, which collects data on the most profitable books, to scout for good deals on sites like Amazon. 

Then, go to the publisher’s or distributor’s site and research the books you just bought. You might be surprised that some of your books can go for up to $50. Now, proceed to sell your books on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Chegg, or local book clubs and make money selling books.

19. Flip White Label Products on Amazon

You could choose to either white-label, drop-shipping, or rebrand items for sale. Whichever method you prefer, the Amazon marketplace has more than enough items for you to flip and make money.

Note: If you choose to settle with white labeling, then you will require inventory tracking software for yourself and probably a 3rd party logistics company to take care of the shipping.

20. Flipping Rental Properties

As mentioned earlier, flipping houses and land will give you big profits, but not necessarily in a steady flow. That’s why you should try flipping rental properties as well. This can also be your chance to lay the foundation as you strive to become a real estate developer.

With a site like Roofstock, you will be able to research what properties to purchase depending on your price range, carry out an analysis of the property’s details, and eventually make an offer.

Once the order is received and accepted, Roofstock will charge its fee, $500 or 0.5% of the contract price- whichever of the two is higher.

After you’ve secured a tenant for your property, you will start collecting rent as per your terms and agreement. 

21. Flip Your Knowledge 

Do you have expert knowledge of a particular subject? Then why not flip it for quick cash. This is actually one of the easiest ways to make cash.

You can either start a Youtube channel or a website and deliver your knowledge to thousands of paying subscribers. Tutoring students on teaching platforms such as VipKid and Qkids can also make you good money.

Lastly, you can create tutorial courses or ebooks and sell them through social media and blogs. 

Parting Shot

Money flipping is a marvelous way for increasing your income. You can choose any of the above techniques to invest in the ready items or create products for sale. 

I also reiterate that there’s no magical recipe to making money overnight by doing absolutely nothing. For you to make a profit, you will need to put in lots of determination, effort, time, and hard work for your flip to start producing fruits.

And what is contained here is just a tip of the hundreds of ideas that can employ you both online and offline. To broaden your choices, check out these extra ideas.

What are you flipping right now? Tell us more about the hustle in your comment.

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