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5 Places to Teach English Online With No Experience [+PRO Tips!]

Do you wish to teach English online with no experience? Do you wish to find a platform that allows you to impart your knowledge in the language to others while earning handsomely? Then, there’s good news for you.

There are plenty of websites that allow you to teach this subject even if you do not have any prior experience. What’s more, some of them even allow teaching English online without degree certificates to prove their credibility!

Before I proceed to the list of tutoring platforms, let me address some common questions that may arise.

Can I Teach English Online With No Experience?

Yes, you can teach English online even if you have no prior experience. While having teaching experience can be advantageous, it is not always a strict requirement.

Many online English teaching platforms offer opportunities for individuals (especially, Native English speakers, or near-native English speakers living in Canada, the UK, or the United States) without formal teaching experience to start their online teaching careers.

How to Teach English Online With No Experience

To teach English online with no experience, you can follow these steps:

1. Obtain a TEFL Certification

Having a TEFL certification can boost your credibility and provide you with essential teaching skills and techniques. While, many reputable TEFL courses are available online, allowing you to learn at your own pace, I highly recommend getting certified with myTEFL, a popular online TEFL Course provider rated 9.5/10!

2. Create an Engaging and Professional Online Teaching profile 

Potential employers and students will evaluate your profile, so make sure to highlight any relevant skills, education, or personal experiences that showcase your English proficiency and ability to teach effectively.

3. Research and Apply to Online Teaching Platforms that Accept freshers

There are numerous online platforms that connect English teachers with students from around the world. Research different platforms, read reviews, and check their requirements for hiring teachers.

Some popular platforms include Cambly, Preply, and iTutorGroup.

4. Prepare Teaching Materials

Even without experience, you can create lesson plans and teaching materials using online resources. You can find free teaching materials, worksheets, and activities on websites such as BusyTeacher or ESL Library.

5. Conduct Demo Lessons

Some online teaching platforms may require you to conduct demo lessons to assess your teaching abilities. Prepare for these demos by familiarizing yourself with the platform’s teaching guidelines and demonstrating your proficiency in delivering engaging and interactive lessons.

6. Continuously Improve Your Teaching Skills

Once you start teaching, seek feedback from students and utilize it to enhance your teaching methods. Additionally, participate in professional development opportunities such as webinars or workshops to further develop your skills.

While teaching English online with no experience may have some initial challenges, dedication, continuous learning, and a passion for teaching can help you succeed.

Remember that building a positive reputation and gaining experience over time can open doors to better opportunities and higher earning potential in the field of online English teaching.

Do I Need a TEFL Certificate to Teach English Online?

While not always mandatory, having a TEFL Certificate can enhance your credibility and teaching skills when starting to teach English online with no prior experience. It demonstrates your commitment to professional development and provides you with valuable knowledge and techniques.

While some platforms like Preply, Cambly, and Skimatalk may accept teachers without a TEFL certificate, having one can increase your chances of securing online teaching opportunities and potentially lead to better-earning prospects.

Hence, I highly recommend obtaining a TEFL certificate and get qualified to teach English abroad with higher-paying companies — get it here for a 50% off!

PRO-TIP: EF Education First ONLY requires a 40-hour TEFL!!

Take a look at this list of these best online English teaching companies and also learn how to get an online teaching job with no experience!

Teach English Online With No Experience (2024)

Teach English Online With No Experience

1. Preply

Earning Potential: $15 -$25 per hour

Availability: Worldwide

Launched in 2012, Preply is a renowned online tutoring platform that connects tutors with over 800K students from more than 180 countries worldwide.

The platform stands out from the rest by not requiring any specific certifications or prior teaching experience, granting tutors the flexibility to teach at their preferred time and location.

As long as you possess exceptional communication skills and are committed to delivering a personalized learning experience to international students, you are welcome to apply to Preply. The platform offers a wide range of subjects to teach, including languages, school and university subjects, as well as hobbies and art.

To become a tutor on Preply, simply create an outstanding tutor profile for free and record a brief video introduction of up to 2 minutes. Once you complete the registration process, the Preply team will review your profile within 5 business days. Upon approval, your profile will be visible to students worldwide, who can then book lessons with you.

The typical pay range for Preply tutors falls between $15 and $25 per hour. Many popular tutors on the platform earn up to $50 per week. Your earnings will depend on the hourly rate you set, the number of lessons you teach, and the number of students who continue learning with you after the trial lesson.

Payments are processed through various methods, including PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or TransferWise.

The only downside is Preply charges a commission fee from your lessons to attract more students from across the globe. Find out more about their commission model here.

PRO TIP: You can now earn commission for every tutor you refer to Preply, dependent on the subject they teach and the tutor’s approval on our platform. Click here to become a Preply partner and start referring your colleagues.

2. Italki

Earning Potential: Up to $30 per hour

Availability: Worldwide

If you want to teach English online to Japanese students, then Italki is probably the best option for you.

The platform mainly concentrates on language teaching (English, Japanese, German, Russian, etc.) and connects thousands of online teachers with students all over the globe.

It now has more than 10k professional teachers that provide 1-on-1 language coaching to students. And now, they are accepting new teachers to join their team.

There are 2 types of profiles – professional teacher or community tutor. You’ll need to have at least a bachelor’s degree to start your application process. Besides, you’ll also need teaching certifications to be considered a professional and get selected.

After the initial uploading of your academic and teaching certificates, you also have to upload a short video introduction highlighting your teaching style and confidence. And, once they are happy with these, you are good to go. They typically accept or reject a joining application within two weeks.

Besides your academic prominence, you’ll also need to have native-level English proficiency with a secure grip over grammar and other aspects of the language.

You’ll also have an edge during the selection process if you have your major in linguistics or Asian studies. Besides a good computer, you’ll also need a high-speed internet connection with at least 2Mbps download speed.

While teaching on this platform, professional teachers can earn around $15 per session of 30 minutes, while the community tutors make around $12/hour. Moreover, there’s a 15% cut in commissions on your completed lessons.

3. Cambly

Earning Potential: $0.17/min ($10.20/hour) on Cambly and $0.20/min ($12.00/hour) on Cambly Kids

Availability: US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Highlight: No teaching certificate, bachelor’s degree or prior teaching experience needed.

Cambly is a platform that connects worldwide students with experienced teachers through an interactive 1-on-1 lessons via webcam.

Most of the teaching platforms require prior experience; but, Cambly can be an ideal option if you want to teach English online with no experience no degree to back you up.

However, they want you to have a strong knowledge of English grammar, punctuation, and all other aspects of this language. This website also gives you flexibility, you can start tutoring at any time of the day based on your schedule without any fixed hours of commitment.

All you need is to log in during your free time and start teaching students. Creating an account here is also quite easy, although you’ll need a strong internet connection as the platform will automatically test your upload and download speed to check whether it is perfect for their platform or now.

Besides, you’ll also need to have a computer with a webcam and microphone to connect with your students.

Right now, they are paying $0.17 per minute which can earn you around $10.20 per hour. The payments are done via PayPal every Monday, however, they now have a minimum payout limit of $20.

As of 2023, this website is only accepting native English speakers from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. While testing this website, we have encountered just one drawback – the support is slower than other teaching platforms.

4. SkimaTalk

Earning Potential: Set your own price

Availability: Native English speakers

SkimaTalk is an exceptional platform that does not require previous teaching experience or a TEFL certificate. They exclusively accept native English speakers with dialects from Britain, America, Canada, Ireland, or Australia. The platform values professionalism and excellent teaching skills in their teachers.

To get started on SkimaTalk, you will need a reliable computer with high-speed internet, as well as a microphone, speaker, and Skype software. Joining the platform is simple, and there are no monthly or annual subscription fees for teachers.

Each lesson on SkimaTalk lasts for 25 minutes, and it is recommended for students to book at least two consecutive sessions. Initially, you must complete three free sessions, after which your fee will automatically be set at $8 per 25-minute session. Once you have gained experience, you can set your own hourly rate, as there is no fixed payment scale.

It’s important to note that SkimaTalk charges a 20% commission on the amount you quote to your students. Additionally, maintaining a minimum student rating of 4.5 is required to continue teaching through the platform. Teachers receive monthly payments via PayPal.

5. PalFish

Earning Potential: Up to $30 per hour

Availability: USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Australia

One of the most popular app-based teaching platforms, PalFish, now gives chances to all the members to choose between one-on-one or group students during their classes. Right now, they don’t have any web platform; and for that, all the classes should be conducted through smartphones or tablets.

Besides having the utmost fluency in English, you’ll also need a strong grip over the grammar, punctuation, and syntax of English.

Right now, they are only accepting teachers who are permanent citizens of the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Australia. You don’t need to be a native English speaker to apply on this platform, although you do need to possess sufficient skills in the English language to get selected.

The application procedure on this platform is a bit tricky as you have to write a self-introduction and record an introductory video that highlights your teaching skills.

They don’t ask for prior experience, although it is absolutely necessary for you to have TEFL or TESOL, or CELTA certificate.

Right now, they are offering around $10 to $18 per hour if you opt for a one-on-one teaching class. But, it can go as high as $30 per hour if you choose to go with the group study session.

They now strictly pay through Payoneer, so you do need to create an account before starting your application procedure. Sign up to be an “official” teacher, or as a “free talk” teacher on PalFish.

Online English Teaching Platforms (2024)

1. EF Education First

Earning Potential: $20 per hour

Availability: USA, UK

Headquartered in the USA, Education First is leading the teaching industry since its establishment in 1965. And now, it has its presence in 112 countries all over the globe. Besides, it also has an association with more than 500 state-of-the-art schools.

It has also made its name for transforming the whole learning experience with its team of more than 43k employees. And now, they are also welcoming, passionate teachers to join their virtual teaching team.

You just have to conduct 25-minute sessions for kids aged 6 to 10. The application process is easy and takes merely 5 minutes to complete. They usually contact each applicant within a few days of the application to schedule a telephonic interview.

Besides having a strong academic background and at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in any discipline, you’ll also need to have a TEFL certificate (must have a 40-hour minimum TEFL certificate) to get selected.

You can choose your preferred work hour, although they want you to commit a few hours during early weekday mornings and late weekend nights.

Right now, they are accepting applications from tutors living in the USA and UK. You can earn around a $20/£12.50 an hour while teaching on this platform.


  • Bachelor’s degree from US or UK University
  • Currently reside in the US or UK
  • Prior teaching experience or equivalent (i.e., education assistant, tutoring, mentoring, or homeschooling)
  • High-speed internet, computer & webcam/microphone

2. LingodaTeach English Online With No Degree

Earning Potential: Up to $12.43 per hour

Availability: Native speakers of English, German, French, and Spanish language

When you’re seeking companies that offer online English teaching jobs, having no degree certificate in the subject can be a problem. But now, Lingoda has come up with a unique platform that offers teachers a platform where they can make good use of their skills without having a traditional higher-education degree.

Headquartered in Germany, Lingoda not only accepts English teachers but also takes German, French, and Spanish teachers onboard.

It has already made its name as one of the most popular language schools all over Europe and is currently conducting more than 7,000 live classes each week for more than 6k active students.

Right now, they provide all the lesson materials to their teachers to make the teaching experience smooth for them. You need to be a native speaker of the particular language that you want to teach on this platform.

Currently, they are only accepting teachers of the English, German, French, and Spanish languages. Besides, they want you to have ESL teaching certification like TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA.

Besides having a high-speed internet connection, you’ll also need to have excellent communication skills and basic knowledge of MS Word to get selected. With the detailed mention of your academic qualification and experience, you can send a minute-long video introduction to get selected. Right now, they are offering around $7.85 to $12.34 to their teachers.

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3. LearnLight

Earning Potential: Depends on your performance

LearnLight is a platform dedicated to teaching foreign languages virtually, connecting you with highly motivated business professionals from over 100 countries, representing diverse cultures and industries.

To become a LearnLight trainer, you will need to meet specific requirements, including holding a TEFL certification, possessing a minimum of two years’ teaching experience, demonstrating proficiency in the language to be taught, and committing to a fixed schedule of at least 10 hours per week for a minimum of one year.

In addition to educational qualifications, you must have access to a Laptop/Desktop computer with a minimum internet speed of 10Mbps, as well as a headset and a webcam.

As a trainer, you will gain access to an extensive library of engaging and relevant materials, enabling you to deliver high-quality sessions across various programs, such as One-to-One sessions, Virtual Groups, Specialized Skills courses, and Level Assessments.

The application process is straightforward. Qualified applicants will be invited for a preliminary Skype interview. Successful candidates will then participate in LearnLight’s initial training process. Upon completion, you will receive detailed information about the required documentation to join the team. This process typically spans two weeks, with a total time commitment of approximately ten hours, divided into manageable segments.

4. BookNook

Earning Potential: $18 per hour

Availability: U.S. citizens or Permanent Resident

BookNook is an inclusive online learning platform catering to American students in grades K–8, encompassing diverse backgrounds. 

To become a BookNook online tutor, you must be at least 18 years old and a current U.S. citizen or permanent resident, having taught academic subjects to K–12 students for at least one year. In addition, you’ll also need access to a reliable computer, internet connection, headset, and webcam.

After completing the application, video interview, tutor certification, HR paperwork, and background checks, you can log in to the tutor portal and start tutoring. You’ll work with the same group of 1–4 students throughout to provide consistency. 

BookNook tutors earn $18/hour with potential bonuses (and reimbursements) and work between 1.5 and 10 hours per week (no minimum hours required), receiving payments via direct deposit twice a month.

Independent contractors for BookNook, will receive a 1099 and are responsible for self-employment tax filings with the IRS.

Depending on how quickly you complete your interview, you can receive a hiring decision within 8 business days of applying. 

Click here to become an online tutor at BookNook

5. SayABC

Earning Potential: $28 per hour

Availability: Worldwide

SayABC is one of the most popular China-based online ESL schools that now welcome teachers without any previous experience. It has made its name one of the fastest-growing online platforms for English teaching.

This company mainly concentrates on teaching English to students aged from 5 to 12. They made their innovative curriculum for the young students in association with National Geographic and Cengage.

The platform that they now provide to their students and teachers is interactive and preloaded with lessons designed by National Geographic. You can find several teaching tools such as feedback cards, quick notes, and rewards, with just a click of a button. You can also preview the lesson so that you can prepare before you actually start your class with the young students.

Typically, all you need is a computer with a high-speed internet connection to start working. You also need to have a bachelor’s degree in any disciple to apply for teaching positions.

As of now, they are offering $19 per 40-minute class which will make you around $28 per hour.

You can apply even if you are a non-native speaker of English as they are now accepting applications from all over the world. However, you do need to have a firm grip on the English language.

6. NiceTalk

Earning Potential: $10 per hour

Availability: Worldwide

Developed by Hangzhou Feizhu Technology, NiceTalk is China’s first mobile English-learning platform that focuses on one-on-one video chat between students and competent teachers.

So, if you are a native English speaker and have compassion for teaching language to foreign students, then this is probably the best platform for you.

It will not just give you enough flexibility to choose your preferred work hours but will also give you additional benefits to boost your motivation.

The app is super simple to install and is extremely interactive to make your teaching experience smooth.

After the initial registration process, you need to go through a short video interview to get selected. Besides language proficiency, you’ll also need TEFL or TESOL, or a CELTA certificate.

This company also prefers teachers having IELTS or TOEFL teaching experience, although it is not mandatory criteria.

You need a smartphone or tablet along with a high-speed internet connection having a minimum download speed of 500kbps.

Right now, this company is offering a base price of $10 per hour to all their new teachers. You can withdraw your earnings every week, although they only pay through PayPal. Besides, you also need to have a minimum payout balance of $20 before you can actually request a withdrawal.

7. TutorABC

Earning Potential: Depends on your performance

Availability: Worldwide

Tutor ABC is a Taiwan-based company that currently has more than 30k teaching consultants all over the world.

The specialty of their company is that they only have teachers with TEFL or TESOL certification. So, if you have a passion for teaching English to non-native students and also have the certification that they require, then you can also become a part of their team.

It has also made its name as one of the friendliest websites to work with as it has more than 1500 experts to provide 24×7 support.

The application procedure is simple, as you need to submit your updated resume along with all the supporting documents. Their team will then evaluate your profile based on your teaching experience, educational background, and communication skill.

The application procedure merely takes 5 minutes to complete. And, they also accept or reject your application within a day. Once they are happy with all these parameters, they will then ask you for a short video interview.

After you complete all these steps, you can then select your preferred work hours and start teaching through this platform. Right now, they don’t have any basic payment rate, since it will depend on your performance.

You can earn more money per hour if your students also rate you well. This company now wants you to commit at least 5 hours per week.

8. VerbalPlanet

Earning Potential: Choose your own hourly rate

Availability: Worldwide

Do you have teaching skills in English or any other language? Then, VerbalPlanet can be a great option for you as it now offers vacancies for language teachers.

Besides choosing your own work hours, one of the best things about this website is that you can also select your rate. These things give you complete freedom to work according to your preference.

Creating an account on this website is also quite simple as you need to fill up a simple form to get started.

You can then select the language you want to teach and start teaching students from all over the globe. Once they approve your application, they will then list you on their tutor marketplace from where a student can easily select you. You’ll primarily need to take one-on-one sessions through Skype, although they also provide some online tools for the ease of your teaching.

You can get as high as $20 per session of 40 minutes if you have that kind of academic qualification and teaching experience.

Unlike most other tutoring platforms, they let you keep all the money that you earn as they don’t charge anything as a commission.

Besides teaching your students, you can also give them detailed feedback in accordance with the common European Standards.

9. EnglishFirst

Earning Potential: Up to $26 per hour

Availability: United States and Canada

From adults to school kids, every student all over the world now has a keen interest in learning English to make their communication global. And if you have a passion for teaching English to those people, you are free to join this company called EnglishFirst.

You need to take online lessons varying from 20 to 45 minutes long. It now has a custom-designed admin panel and several helpful tools to make the teaching experience a lot easier and friendly.

You don’t need to design your material as they will provide you with all the lesson materials. You just need to find your own style of teaching and let the students learn with your assistance.

Right now, they are offering a 12-month contract to each of their new teachers. They currently want you to commit at least 20 hours per week. And for each hour, they are now assuring a minimum of $12 base price.

Besides the monetary remuneration, you’ll also get several other benefits while working for this company, such as medical insurance. Currently, they are only accepting permanent citizens of the USA, UK, Russia, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, and Indonesia.

The joining process is also quite easy as you need to pass a telephonic interview to start working.

Update 2023 — Please note that the companies listed below are not hiring currently. I recommend checking back soon for any updates on their hiring status.

10. QKids

Earning Potential: Make Up to $20/hr Teaching ESL Online

Availability: USA and Canada

Since its establishment in 2015, Qkids has made its name as one of the national leaders in cross-cultural online learning programs.

Right now, this company has its offices in several major cities in China. It has a strong team of more than a thousand competent teachers who are teaching more than 600k Chinese students aged between 4 and 12 years.

And now, they are again accepting members of their teaching team. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, along with a certification of TEFL or TESOL or CELTA to get selected.

You don’t need to plan your lessons as it is already present on their dedicated app. They have preloaded animated characters and engaging stories to make the whole teaching procedure entertaining and interactive.

The app also has some interactive games that make the learning experience quite easy for you and quite enjoyable for your students.

Currently, they are only accepting teachers who are permanent citizens of the United States or Canada. Besides, they also want you to commit to at least 12 lessons (6hours) per week.

They are currently assuring $8 per hour base pay and $4 for standby lessons. Besides, you can also earn a $1 performance bonus for each lesson if you get a good rating from the family of your student. Moreover, you can also earn a $1 attendance bonus if you conduct at least 15 lessons in a week.


  • Bachelor’s degree from a US or Canadian University
  • Experience with children: teaching, mentoring, coaching, tutoring, babysitting, etc.
  • High-speed internet, computer & webcam/microphone

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11. Magic Ears

Earning Potential: Up to $26 per hour

Availability: The United States and Canada

Magic Ears is one of the most kid-friendly teaching platforms that connect ESL certified teachers with Chinese students. They mostly concentrate on teaching the English language to the students aged between 4 and 12 years.

Besides, they also work towards the goal of giving global classroom experience to each child and also the best career opportunity for online teachers.

While becoming a part of their team, you need to take 25-minute sessions to a group of a maximum of four kids. You don’t need to make any teaching material as the company itself will provide you all those.

To become a part of their team, you need to be a native English speaker with at least a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Besides, they are currently only accepting teachers who are also permanent citizens of the United States of Canada.

As of now, they don’t strictly require any previous experience, although a teaching background will give you an added edge in the selection procedure.

After the initial application process, you need to make a demo lesson and upload it on the website, along with a video interview. Then, you’ll go through a background verification test.

After completing all these steps, you need to sign a minimum 6-month contract with them. Currently, they pay around $20-$26 per hour for their teachers. However, you need to have a PayPal account as they only transfer through it.

12. GoGoKid

Earning Potential: Up to $25 per hour

Availability: Worldwide

GogoKid is known for infusing virtual classroom experience with cutting-edge AI technology to make the whole learning experience a new level. They also made their course in accordance with the US common core standards along with the Chinese standard curriculum.

This company works only on a one-on-one method; so, you won’t need to teach more than one student in each of your teaching sessions. And to apply, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree.

The application procedure is simple, as you need to sign up first with all your basic information. You then have to go through a short interview, followed by an orientation program.

Once you complete all these steps, you are ready to start teaching global students through this platform. They currently sign a six-month contract with each of their teachers. And, each session within that contract will be 25 minutes long. However, you can also pre-schedule your preferred work hours that ensure enough flexibility.

As of 2019, this website currently offers a $300 bonus to each of its new teachers. Besides, you can earn around $14 to $25 per hour, depending on your academic qualification and teaching performance.

You’ll get all your earnings transferred to your account within the 15th of next month.

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13. EnglisHunt

Earning Potential: $2 per 10 minutes (~$12 per hour)

Availability: United States

Do you want to teach English online to Korean students? Then, EnglisHunt is an ideal option for you.

Located in both the USA and South Korea, this company is now hiring excellent teachers to provide teaching services in the Korean and Japanese education markets.

Besides a bachelor’s degree in any disciple, you’ll also need to have an TEFL/ESL certification or any other equivalent teaching certificate to join their team of virtual teachers.

You’ll also need an updated computer with Windows Operating System and a high-speed internet connection to get started. The minimum requirements they now have are a 3Mbps upload and download speed to offer seamless virtual classes to their registered students.

You have 2 shifts to choose from: Mon-Fri 6am to 9am, or 6pm to midnight Korean time (you don’t need to be available for the entire shift nor commit full-time) as most of their teachers mainly work on a part-time basis by investing 8-12 hours per week.

As they mainly cover Asian students, you need to be available during the afternoon Korean Time which is typically from 1 AM EST to 3 AM EST.

Right now, they are only accepting teachers who are also permanent citizens of the United States. Besides, they are currently assuring a minimum of $12 per hour. You’ll need a US Bank account as they only do direct US bank transfers.

How Much Money Can You Make Teaching English Online?

The amount of money you can make teaching English online varies depending on several factors. Factors such as your qualifications, experience, the platform you work with, and the number of teaching hours you commit to will impact your earnings.

On average, online English teachers can earn between $10 to $30 per hour. However, top-performing teachers with specialized skills and experience may earn even higher rates.

Is Teaching English Online Worth It?

Yes, teaching English online can be a worthwhile pursuit for many individuals. It offers flexibility in terms of location and working hours, allowing you to work remotely and cater to a global student base.

Additionally, online teaching can provide a steady income and the opportunity to make a positive impact on students’ lives. However, it requires dedication, effective communication skills, and adaptability to online teaching platforms.

Considering your personal goals and circumstances, teaching English online can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor.

Online English Teaching Jobs No Experience: Wrap Up!

It is a known fact that most jobs ask for previous experience. Surely, every frustrated fresher has wondered, at least once, how it is possible for him to gain experience in any industry until some establishment is willing to hire newcomers!

Well, if you are interested in teaching English, then you know how to teach English Online with no experience. Some of these sites don’t even ask for certificates!

To sum it up, what you need is excellent command over the language – and you’re ready to get started!

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