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25 Online Jobs That Pay Through PayPal [2024 Version]

Everyone these days is looking for online jobs that pay through PayPal. This is because PayPal is a platform that allows transactions across the world.

And this means that a remote service provider can look for job providers all over the world. And, s/he can use his skills and expertise to earn week after week staying at home. Today, let me list out some of the best companies/jobs that pay instantly through PayPal

If you don’t have an account yet, go ahead and create one. The advantages of having a PayPal account are many. You don’t need to pay a penny, it’s absolutely free of cost. And, there’s no signup or membership fee at all.

It takes a couple of days to complete the verification process and link your bank account with your PayPal account. It is perfectly safe to use, even if you’re using credit or debit cards. 

In addition, it is easy to use the platform using your PC, as well as smartphones. The process of transferring money using PayPal is extremely easy, and it even offers discount coupons to those who use it for regular purchases.

And, of course, there are unlimited opportunities and legit online jobs that pay through PayPal. You can find online jobs that pay daily through PayPal, weekly, on a “per project” basis, or at any frequency that you prefer.


  1. Survey JunkieSurvey Junkie is 100% legit and pays up to $45 per Survey. The site has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot. Their surveys are short, easy, and you can redeem for gift cards or PayPal cash Click here to Start earning now!
  2. The Nielsen App: Downloading the Nielsen app on your mobile device unlocks up to $50 in rewards points per year, redeemable via PayPal or gift cards Install the Nielsen app just like that!
  3. LifePointsPanel: With over 4k positive reviews and a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot, Lifepoints is available to a global audience over 16 yrs of age. Participate in surveys, win Amazon, Walmart gift cardsSign up now!
  4. PineCone Research: Earn $3 – $5 per survey & up to $7 per product test – Sign up now!

Online Jobs That Pay Through PayPal

Here’s a list of platforms where you can find them rightaway.

1. Survey Junkie

Job profile: A 4-star rated BBB accredited survey panel!
Earning potential: The site pays up to $25 per Survey.
Availability: Worldwide

Survey Junkie is one of the most trustworthy legit online jobs that pay through PayPal. The signup procedure is easy, and you can even earn Survey Junkie bonus points during the signup.

After creating an account, you can take part in various surveys listed on this platform. And the best thing is that you can even know the number of points you will get even before starting the survey so that you can choose according to your demand. 

Each point on Survey Junkie is equivalent to one cent. You can easily cash out your earnings through your PayPal account, although you’ll need to accumulate at least 1k points, which is equivalent to $10.

Besides PayPal, you can also opt to cash out your earnings through various gift cards like Amazon or Starbucks. But there is a catch; you need to use this platform at least once every twelve months to get it activated. Otherwise, you might lose all your points even before turning them to cash. 

It is not very difficult to earn around $100 per month if you are coming from the right demographics as this website mainly prefers the citizen of the USA and the UK.

It is definitely not an excellent alternative for your full-time job, but you can easily make some good cash while spending an hour each day. Start earning now!

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2. Inbox Dollars

Job profile: Paid Surveys, Watch Videos, Online Shopping, Playing Games.
Earning potential: Free $5 sign up bonus per registration and up to $35 per survey!
Availability: United States, United Kingdom.

Inc. 5000 recently recognized Inbox Dollars for its outstanding growth in 2019. Besides, it has also made its name one of the best platforms for jobs that pay through PayPal. Featured in reputed magazines like Forbes and Bustle, this platform mainly provides online surveys to its users.

A typical survey will take around 3-25 minutes to complete, and that can earn you up to $35 per survey. They currently partner with some of the best technology and FMCG brands all over the world. 

So, you don’t need to worry about the legitimacy of the survey. For different demographic profiles, this website can offer surveys with a payout as high as $35, although getting those frequently will need sheer luck.

Besides taking online surveys, you can also earn on this platform while watching fun videos, scanning in-store products, and even while surfing the web. Needless to say, the payout will be much lesser than the surveys. 

Since its establishment in 2000, this website has already rewarded more than $56 million to its users. And for that, you don’t need to worry about the timely payment. You can now earn a $5 signup bonus, and also easily cash out via PayPal with a minimum payout of $30.

3. MyPoints

Job profile: Online survey and online shopping
Earning potential: Get Paid Up to $50 per Survey + $5 Bonus after completing the first 5 Surveys.
Availability: Worldwide

Since its establishment in 1996, MyPoint has made its name as one of the leading platforms to earn reward points. Besides participating in high-paying online surveys, you can also earn on this platform through several other ways like shopping online.

Right now, this website is only available for the citizens of the USA and Canada, although they have future plans to expand their business all over the globe. 

One of the most effective ways to earn on this platform is to take part in surveys that can pay you as high as $10 per survey. However, the final payout of each survey will depend on its difficulty level and the time it takes to complete it.

This website is now associated with more than 2k online shopping platforms. And, you can easily earn a pretty good amount of reward points by shopping on those websites through MyPoints. It is pretty easy to cash out your accumulated points as they have both direct transfer, as well as PayPal options. 

However, you need to accumulate at least 480 points (equivalent to $3) before you can opt for the PayPal transfer. The best thing about this website is that they will pay you 1 point per survey if you do not qualify for any.

Besides, they will also give you 5 points if you fail to qualify for a single survey in a day. Get ready to make the most starting today!

4. Vindale Research

Job profile: Online survey that offers an instant $2 signup bonus.
Earning potential: Each survey pays you between $0.50 to $50. 
Availability: Worldwide

For the last 12 years, Vindale Research has given its users a great opportunity to earn money during their spare time. Headquartered in New York, this website needs you to give them your detailed information so that they can find the best-suited survey for you that also pays well. But, you won’t need to worry about any information breach as it has a Site-wide SSL Encryption designed by Norton Symantec. 

Besides giving one of the best rates in the market, this website now gives a $1 sign up bonus to a new user. And, each survey will pay you anywhere between $0.25 and $50, depending on the difficulty level of the survey.

Vindale also has a referral program where you can earn $5 for each of your friends who join through your referral link. Besides, they will also give you a $5 bonus if you attach the proof of your earnings on the website. 

Other than taking part in surveys, you can also earn on this platform by reading mails. And, each of their paid emails can earn you $0.10 per email. You can easily redeem your earnings through direct deposit or PayPal. But, as of now, the minimum cash-out limit is $50.

5. Fiverr

Job profile: Freelance marketplace
Earning potential: Minimum $5 per gig
Availability: Worldwide

Needless to say, Fiverr is the best platform for online jobs that pay daily through PayPal. Since it started in 2010, this website has established itself as one of the best freelance platforms operating all over the world.

According to a recent survey, around 98% of its users are actually young adults looking for great freelance opportunities. However, 2% of their users are also aged more than 55 years of age, but are mostly looking for part-time opportunities. 

This website now has a massive pool of talent who offer various gigs of almost all the job profiles you can ever think of. By creating a free profile on this website, you can also easily create your own gig.

Starting from web designing to logo making, you can provide almost any service you have expertise in as it now has more than 200 different categories. 

Besides providing a great platform for budding freelancers, this website also has a dedicated segment for a step-by-step tutorial and instructional video to help you sharpen your skills.

While working on this platform, you don’t need to worry about the on-time payment as all clients need to pay the fees upfront, and Fiverr holds it in escrow.

It now has a $5 base gig price, although you can choose the upper limit according to your expectations. Start earning with Fiverr!

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6. Amazon MTurk

Job profile: Crowdsourcing marketplace
Earning potential: Depends on the project
Availability: Worldwide

Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk can be the ideal option for those looking for genuine online jobs that pay well.

This crowdsourcing marketplace is a hub of freelancers looking for HITS or Human Intelligence Tasks that cannot be done via computers. It only lists the micro workers that need human involvement, such as logo designing or manual data entry. 

It is not a great alternative for your full-time job, but it is ideal for making some extra side income. Starting from audio transcription to writing movie reviews, this website currently has several categories.

You can also get the projects on this website that involve blog posting. You can choose your preferred timing while working on this platform, spending anywhere between 10 minutes to 10 hours per day, according to your preference. 

Transferring your earned money from this website is also easy as you can opt for direct transfer or PayPal transfer. However, the money will be held for 10 days if you are transferring it for the first time.

You can easily judge the popularity of this platform by knowing that there is an entire Reddit thread regarding the tips and tricks of MTurk.

7. Swagbucks

Job profile: Online survey, Watch videos, Playing games, and Online shopping
Earning potential: Up to $35 per survey + $5 sign up bonus upon email confirmation
Availability: Worldwide

Operated by Prodege, Swagbucks has already made its name for providing one of the most trusted platforms for earning money online.

It now has more than 20 million registered users that are earning a pretty good amount of cash rewards by taking online surveys, watching fun videos, online shopping, and playing cool games. 

This website relies on a state-of-the-art algorithm that finds the best-suited survey for you according to your demographic profile. The platform will also find you the highest-paying surveys.

Besides, it gives you a small bonus even if you miss out or disqualify from any survey. At times this platform can earn you as high as $50 in no time. Keep browsing for high-paying tasks frequently.

Usually (depending upon the difficulty of the survey), you can expect to make between 40 and 200 SB points. And each Swagbucks point is equivalent to $0.01. Besides, you can earn up to 20 SB points just by surfing the web through their platform.

Withdrawing money from this platform is also quite easy, as you can withdraw it directly via PayPal or via a Visa gift card. Right now, this website is associated with more than 1500 retailers that include Amazon, M&S, and iTunes. 

I bet you’ll definitely love Swagbucks for the varied money-making options. Sign up to receive a $5 welcome bonus.

8. Rakuten

Job profile: Cashback
Earning potential: Depends on the shopping amount
Availability: More than 200 countries

If you really want to know how to make money online and get paid through PayPal, then starting with Rakuten can be the best way. It is already a common name in the world of freelancers as it is known as the main sponsor of Lionel Messi’s team Barcelona since 2017. However, it is a Japan-based company that was founded way back in 1997. 

In the last few years, though, they are mainly focusing on expanding their global presence. It is basically a reward-paying website that gives great cashback each time you buy something from this platform. It is now associated with more than 2.5k online retail stores, which assures as much as 40% cashback.

Rakuten now gives a $10 welcome bonus to all its new members as a welcome gift. However, you need to purchase at least $25 worth of items to become eligible for this bonus. Also, you can earn $20 per qualified referral, provided you and your referral are located in the U.S. or Canada.

It now operates in more than 200 countries and gives cashback in more than 25 different currencies. You need to provide your credit card details while creating an account, although they will give those details to the seller to secure your identity and sensitive data.

The only drawback of this website is that you cannot cancel any order once you place it. Click here to start earning with Rakuten.

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9. TaskRabbit

Job profile: Micro task
Earning potential: Depends on the task
Availability: United States

If you’ve watched the third season of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ on Netflix, then you already know about this website. That’s because an entire episode was based on it.

TaskRabbit is actually an American marketplace that hires ‘Taskers’ that provide freelance labor, such as furniture assembling or lawn mowing, or any other manual work. Recently in 2017, IKEA acquired this website; and now, it has a dedicated segment of furniture assembling. 

This website now has more than 140k background-checked taskers. And, you can also easily become a tasker by joining this platform. The best thing about this site is that you can choose your pricing.

After an onboarding session with the company, you will become a registered tasker. And then, TaskRabbit will automatically notify you about the nearby potential jobs each day. 

You are entirely free to choose or deny tasks according to your wish. Right now, it has a great app that also assures mobility. Besides, you can also take it as a full-time or part-time job according to your preference.

You can also significantly increase your per-task income by becoming a TaskRabbit Elite showcases Taskers.

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10. Scribie

Job profile: Transcription
Earning potential: $1 per 6-minute audio file
Availability: Worldwide

Scribie is actually a transcription marketplace where users upload audio files, phone calls, podcasts, and dictations to this website; and, you need just to transcribe those files without any error. The application procedure of this website is super simple as it needs just a couple of minutes to open an account.

After the initial account creation process, they usually confirm or reject the account within a single business day. 

They usually divide the entire audio file into 6-minute segments for ease of transcription. Every 6-minute audio transcription is worth around $1. You can make around $10 per audio hour to transcribe or to review the transcription.

The deadline for transcription is quite strict on this platform as the turn-around time is usually 2 hours, although you’ll sometimes get another hour of extension. 

A typical 6-minute segment takes around 18 minutes to transcribe, although it can be way faster with practice and experience. Besides the standard hourly rate, this website also gives a $10 monthly bonus to each of its members who complete at least 3 audio hours in that same month.

After each submitted file, they will transfer the amount directly to your Scribie account which you can withdraw via PayPal.

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11. WhatUsersDo

Job profile: Website testing
Earning potential: $5 per website testing
Availability: Worldwide

If you are looking for some genuine online jobs that pay through PayPal, then WhatUsersDo can be a great option for you. You can easily make a pretty good amount of cash just by testing websites through this platform.

US Company UserZoom recently acquired this website. So, a member of UserZoom and Itellizoom can access the WhatUsersDo without creating any new account. 

Right now, they are providing up to 8 website tests per month to their users. And, each of their website testings can earn you around $5. However, the total number of websites can largely vary depending on availability.

It will take around 20 minutes to complete testing a single site. Besides site testing, you can also take part in their quarterly competitions and various offers. 

All you need is a laptop with an internet connection and microphone to start working on this platform. But, don’t expect it to replace your full-time work as you can hardly make more than $50 per month. Right now, they are releasing the money to each of its users on the 25th of each month through PayPal.

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12. ClickWorker

Job profile: Micro task
Earning potential: Depends on the project
Availability: United States

Starting from data entry to blog writing, you can find almost any kind of microtask project in ClickWorker. Right now, there are more than 300k available projects on the website. Joining this website is also quite simple and totally free of cost.

You can accomplish the tasks from a desktop or from your mobile phone that gives you sufficient flexibility. 

All you need is a high-speed internet connection to start working. They will take care of the distribution and invoicing of the job so that you don’t need to take care of the other stuff than the project itself.

Besides, they will also provide 24-hour help through their dedicated community. You can withdraw your earnings on a weekly or monthly basis via PayPal or SEPA. 

Right now, they don’t have any per-hour model as they mainly work in the per-project basis model. You need to be at least 18 years old to become a member of this website. And, as of now, they are accepting members only from the United States. It cannot fully replace the full-time job that you are already doing as the overall monthly income can be pretty low. But, it is a great alternative if you are looking for some extra income without spending much time per day. 

13. PostLoop

Job profile: Content exchange marketplaces
Earning potential: $0.08 to $0.12 per point
Availability: Worldwide

PostLoop is one of the most trusted content exchange marketplaces where the members of this website share great blogs and forum content among themselves. Anyone can easily join this community as it is completely free of cost. But, you do need to have an excellent grip over the English language.

Besides, you’ll also need a great knowledge of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, which is absolutely necessary for great writing. 

You can open an account on this website quite easily. And, after they activate your account, you’ll need to go through a writing test which can be pretty hard for you. They will also assign some ratings after the test according to its result.

A higher rating on the initial test will let you join various forums on this platform. And each time you answer a query in any forum, they will assign some points to your PostLoop account. 

The basic price of each point is $0.08, although it can go as high as $0.12 if you get constant high ratings. It is advisable to do at least 20 posts per day with more than 100 words per post to get a decent rating. The withdrawal procedure is also quite simple as they transfer the money through your PayPal account. However, they now have a minimum payout limit of $5.

14. Qmee

Job profile: Online survey
Earning potential: Depends on the survey
Availability: USA, UK, Canada, and Australia

You can just share your opinion about various brands on Qmee to earn money. It is one of the most trusted online survey platforms that give cash rewards. From a laptop to your mobile device, you can access this platform from almost any gadget that also assures mobility.

Besides the surveys, you can also get discount coupons and great deals on online shopping on this website. Moreover, you can also earn money by browsing the web through the Qmee browser app. 

While you search the web through this browser, Qmee will automatically show you additional results with cash rewards attached to those. You can also cash out your overall earnings through PayPal. Signing up on this platform is super simple, although you’ll need to be a citizen of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia to become a member. 

There is one prominent drawback of this platform that we have encountered while trying it. You can get disqualified even after almost completing a survey.

So, you need to be extra cautious to accurately fill up the forms while taking part in any survey. Right now, this website also has a referral program where you can earn $1 per referral.

15. ValuedOpinions

Job profile: Online Survey
Earning potential: Around $5 per survey on an average
Availability: USA, UK, and Australia

Established in 2004, ValuedOpinions is one of the best platforms for online surveys, now operated by ResearchNow. It has a presence in more than 20 countries all over the world and is available in more than 15 different languages. And as of 2019, it has more than 3 million registered members. 

After the initial account creation process, you’ll get notification mail from this website once any survey is available for you. Depending upon the difficulty level, a single survey can pay you up to $5.

A typical survey will take around 15-20 minutes to complete, although it can be much faster with a little practice. Right now, they are accepting members from the USA, UK, and Australia. 

Transferring your money directly to your account is quite easy as you can avail of PayPal transfer any day you want. However, it has a minimum payout level of $10. You can also opt for electronic gift vouchers that take around 24 hours to arrive in your inbox.

A physical check, however, will take up to 28 days. One of the best things about this website is you can also donate your money to charitable organizations like UNICEF.

16. Appen

Job profile: Freelance marketplace offering various projects
Earning potential: Depends on the project
Availability: Worldwide

Appen is one of the most popular marketplaces for freelance workers, and it has a strong presence in more than 130 countries. Since its establishment in 1996, this company has gradually grown and now has more than 400k freelance workers in its team.

Appen mainly focuses on the goal of developing human-annotated data set that is necessary for artificial intelligence and machine learning. And now, they provide opportunities for talented freelancers from all over the globe to become a part of their team.

The jobs that they now offer range from simple data entry to translation projects. So, you’ll have the full freedom to choose your project according to your area of expertise. Right now, they offer translation and transcription services in more than 180 different languages.

And due to that, you won’t face any shortage of projects in your desired language. Their projects also have various time durations that can last from a few hours to several months.

While surfing through their job board, we have found that they are currently also offering jobs related to search media evaluation, social media evaluation, linguistic specialties, speech evaluation, and lexicon annotation.

So, you can easily make a good amount of money if you have any specific skill set related to these sectors. You can choose your preferred work hours, although they advise you to dedicate at least 4 hours per week while working for them.

17. VerbalizeIT

Job profile: Translation, transcription, and interpretation
Earning potential: Minimum $6 per hour basic pay
Availability: Worldwide

VerbalizeIT is actually a cloud-based translation service that offers the highest-quality translations to industry leaders all over the world. It has now grown as a community of more than 25k talented translators speaking more than 150 different languages.

And now, you can also join their team if you have sufficient proficiency in any language besides English. Besides translation, this company now also provides other services, including transcription and interpretation.

The application process is simple, although you’ll need to pass several online tests before you can finally join their team. And once you join it, you won’t face any issue regarding the shortage of available projects.

In addition to having an excellent grip over two languages, you’ll also need an updated computer along with a high-speed internet connection to start working for this company. They also recently launched their mobile platform. So, a good smartphone will also do your work.

After the initial creation of your profile, you’ll be redirected to the job board that gets updated continuously throughout the whole day. You need to mark yourself as available and then accept your preferred project to start working.

But, do remember that the project is strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis. Right now, they are offering around $6 per hour base pay. You can withdraw your earnings twice per month through your linked PayPal account.

18. Babbletype

Job profile: Transcription, translation, and proofreading
Earning potential: Up to $1.60 per audio minute
Availability: Native English speakers

If you are competent in audio transcription, then Babbletype is one of the best options for you. It has already made its name as one of the very few legit websites that provide high-paying transcription projects to freelance workers. However, the criteria are quite strict.

You need a good typing speed with absolute accuracy. Besides, you must have a good grip over the grammar and punctuation of the English language to make the transcription absolutely error-free. You’ll also need to have good hand-ear coordination as this job requires you to type while listening.

Besides transcription projects, this website now also offers proofreading projects where you need to make the already transcribed files error-free. And, you can also opt for translation projects. But for that, you need to have a strong understanding of languages other than English.

You should also be a native English speaker to apply on this platform. Besides, you’ll also need to go through a few tests to prove your worthiness in this industry.

You need an updated computer with high-speed internet connectivity to get started. You’ll also need a good headset for the transcription projects. Right now, they are offering around $0.45 per audio minute for transcription projects. It can go as high as $1.60 per audio minute for translation projects. They currently pay their freelancers once each week through their linked PayPal accounts.

19. Pitchfork

Job profile: Music review
Earning potential: Depends on the review
Availability: Worldwide

Many of you might be surprised to see this website listed here, Pitchfork is known for its music reviews but not for its freelance work offers. Way back in 1995, Ryan Schreiber founded this Chicago-based online magazine to focus his attention on the music industry.

It is now owned by Condé Nast. Besides having their own dedicated website, they have now also launched an app that also focuses on the review of new music and chartbusters. The best thing is that you can now also become a part of their freelance team of music reviewers.

By joining this website as a freelancer, you’ll not only get an excellent chance to earn a handsome amount of money; but, you’ll also get your opportunity to interact with award-winning journalists, industry icons, sound engineers, music producers, and sound editors.

Right now, they don’t have any dedicated segment where you can just click and join. But, you can always keep an eye on their career page to grab the opening when it is available.

Once available, you can apply for the job, and you will get a confirmation email of your application almost instantly. And within a few business days, their team will contact you to let you know about the further proceedings.

While working for this company as a freelancer, you don’t need to point out only the good things about the music that you are reviewing, as they want genuine feedback from you.

20. Verblio

Job profile: Content writing
Earning potential: $10.50 per 300-word article
Availability: United States (requires social security number)

Previously known as BlogMutt, Verblio has already made its name one of the best content marketplaces. And besides The United States, this website has now started its business in 15 other countries to develop its global presence.

This content marketing agency mainly focuses on creating ‘on-demand content that is also SEO-friendly. So, if you have a flair for writing, along with the basic knowledge of search engine optimization, then this platform can be the ideal option for you.

Signing up on this website is quite simple, as it takes just a few minutes to create a profile here. And then, you need to go through a brief grammar and plagiarism test to get the final selection.

Once done, you can then access the job board where you’ll get your keywords along with the supporting documents letting you know what actually the client demands. You should do proper research and then write plagiarism-free content.

Right now, they are only accepting members who are permanent citizens of the United States. Besides, you also need to be at least 18 years old to create a profile. They are currently paying $10.50 per 300-word article.

And, it is not very difficult to earn up to $30 per hour if you have a strong grip over the English language, along with a high typing speed. You also need to have your PayPal account to start working for this website as they only transfer money through PayPal each Monday.

21. Userlytics

Job profile: Website and App testing
Earning potential: Up to $90 per testing
Availability: Worldwide

The most valuable commodity of the 21st century is undoubtedly digital assets like websites and mobile apps. And, all the companies want their websites or apps to become better and perform well. To achieve that, they often take third-party reviews where they can get feedback to improve their digital assets.

Userlytics is one such website that lets any user speak their heart out about a website or app that they are reviewing. They don’t need any positive reviews but need critical responses that can create the stair of their future improvements.

You can now join this team of reviewers and earn quite a good amount of money. All you need is a computer with Windows 7 or above, along with a high-speed internet connection.

Depending on the testing project, you can earn up to $90 per website or app. However, typical testing that pays you around $10 will merely take 20 minutes to complete. But, you do need to give your honest opinion to attract several review invitations per day.

This website now has its own Userlytics Recorder that you’ll need to install on your computer. That software will automatically record the video of your computer screen, as well as your own voice.

They started their operation in Europe and the USA; but recently, they have expanded in several other countries like Japan, China, South Africa, and many more. To work with this company, you’ll need to have a PayPal account, as they only pay their testers through PayPal.

22. FancyHands

Job profile: Virtual assistance
Earning potential: Up to $30 per hour
Availability: Worldwide

Since its establishment in 2010, this New York-based virtual assistant company called FancyHands has gathered enormous popularity. And now, they are accepting freelancers to join their team.

If you are interested in a virtual assistant job that can be anything from booking a table to a restaurant to write an email for someone, then you can join this company and earn quite a good amount of money.

This website is now assuring enough flexibility of work hours so that you can take it as a part-time job besides your daily commitments.

While most of the virtual assistance platforms are only accessible through computers, FancyHands is among the very few companies that have their dedicated app. So, you can do your job on the go.

You also don’t need to have a fixed landline phone to start working for this company as it mainly routes all their calls through their computer systems. As of now, they don’t have any fixed payment structure as different projects have different earning opportunities.

Once you register with this website, you’ll get all the available job notifications on a common task feed.

You can easily choose your preferred tasks with a few simple clicks to start working on that project. You can also manage your own team through their TeamWork platform, where you can easily monitor each of the team members.

Right now, it is not very difficult to earn up to $30 per hour while working for this company.

23. CallCenterQA

Job profile: Telephonic mystery shopping
Earning potential: $5 per call
Availability: United States

Mystery shopping is one of the most trending opportunities you can try this year. It will not just give you a new experience; it will also earn you quite a good amount of money if done successfully.

CallCenterQA is one such company that is now gaining immense popularity in this sector. And now, they are accepting telephonic mystery shoppers from all over the United States to join their talented team.

You should have excellent communication skills, as you’ll need to call real companies according to their instructions.

The joining procedure is quite simple since you need to apply directly on their website by uploading your updated resume. You need to highlight your academic background and any past experience if you have.

They don’t require any background check, although you do need to have at least a high school diploma to get started. You’ll also get preference during the selection process if you have any previous call center experience.

A typical call on this platform will hardly take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You’ll then need to fill up their feedback form that will again take a few more minutes. So, it will hardly take around 15 minutes to complete each mystery shopping. And, each telephonic mystery shopping will pay you $5. You’ll get your earnings directly to your linked PayPal account within a maximum of 7 business days.

24. Humanatic

Job profile: Feedback of recorded calls
Earning potential: Up to $4.50 per hour
Availability: Worldwide

During service calls, we always hear the same thing through IVR – “this call is being recorded.” So, some companies go through those recorded calls and judge the quality.

Humanatic is one such company that works in this field. They mainly listen to the recorded calls between the customer and the service provider and then give their feedback for the betterment of future services. Besides, these feedbacks are also used in the training purpose of the new employees of any company.

This company now has more than 150k freelance workers working for them from all over the globe. And now, they are again accepting members to join their team.

There are several advantages of joining this company besides the monetary benefits. You won’t need to make or take any live calls while working as all the calls are just previously recorded calls that you need to judge and give feedback. Joining this website is quite simple, and they are now accepting members all over the world.

Right after you join, they will give you the easiest call categories to choose from. And once you get sufficient experience, they will unlock several other categories for you that are quite difficult than those.

However, the pay is quite higher for more difficult categories. You can earn around $1-$4.5 per hour while working here, depending on the difficulty level of the calls. Right now, they only pay through a PayPal account. So, you need to create one before applying.

25. Chegg

Job profile: Online tutoring
Earning potential: Minimum $20 per hour
Availability: Worldwide

Chegg is primarily a leading website that provides rental services for textbooks. But right now, they have also opened another segment where they are focusing on the online education sector.

Based in California, this company has become hugely popular among online tutors due to its legitimacy and high paying scale. You can choose almost any subject you want while joining. Just create an account with a few simple steps, and you can start teaching students from all over the world.

Besides having a strong academic background, you’ll also need a computer with a microphone and webcam along with a high-speed internet connection to get started.

The dashboard of this website is extremely interesting as it has virtual whiteboards and text editors besides the normal audio and video window. Right now, you need a minimum of a 4-year university degree to join this website as an online teacher.

You can earn a minimum of $20 per hour while teaching through this platform. However, you can receive quite more if you teach high-demand subjects to your students. It is not very difficult to make more than $1k per month while tutoring through this website.

You also won’t need to make any billing or invoice as the company itself will take care of all those things. This company currently sends money to the linked PayPal account each week.


To get started, you must start a PayPal account. Start by signing up on the site or its app, and enter the email id. Add your personal details and your bank information.

Once you have verified your email id, you’ll have to link the bank account with the PayPal account, which will be completed after a couple of small transactions take place.  

And, once your account gets activated, you will be able to find plenty of platforms that offer online jobs that pay through PayPal.

online jobs that pay through paypal

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