90+ Non-Phone Work from Home jobs You Can Apply Today

If you’re in search of legitimate non-phone work from home jobs that might suit your lifestyle, then look no further. Fortunately, I’ve got you covered, with a chunk of 100+ options that’ll make you jump on cloud nine with joy. There are jobs out there, which you might find interesting to try out, and they won’t require you to step out of your comfort zone. 

Almost 90% of these work from home jobs are based on phone communication. Most employees are not entirely comfortable to work on the phone. This is especially true when you are a mom of a small kid, or you’re living in a locality with noisy neighbors. Or, you might just be a person who hates to talk on the phone. So, it is a troublesome proposition to work like that continuously for long hours.

Legitimate Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs for Introverts

If you’re fed up of attending an endless stream of phone calls and following up with customers every hour of the day? Take time to read the post till the end, identify the jobs that offer the best comfort and finally choose the one that suits your space and skill set.

90 non-phone legitimate non-phone work from home jobs you can apply today to make money online

#1 Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs can surely be the first choice of work from home jobs that don’t involve any phone conversations. These jobs are quite comfortable and the easiest opportunity to work remotely. Basic computer knowledge with elementary hands-on experience with MS Excel and MS word is more than enough to work on data entry jobs. Here is a list of genuine data entry jobs to make money online.

The average hourly income in the USA for any data entry job lies between $14 and $18, although the freelance rate is a bit lower and currently lies around $15. You can earn around $28k to $36k per year while taking this job as your full-time profession.

Amazon Mturk

This crowdsourcing marketplace connects global brands with freelance workers for short and long-term projects. It works on the pay-per-task model. So, you’ll receive the payment once you successfully complete the simple data entry tasks. It is the hub of micro-tasks which take less time than most of the work from home jobs commonly available.

Cass Information System – 

Incorporated in 1982, this company often has job openings for data entry projects that are mainly needed for the company’s banking and payment platforms. So, don’t forget to check their career page frequently to grab the opportunity. It contains location-based positions where you are allowed to enter and verify the data. If the position is open, then you’ll get the work under the data verification clerk. Onsite training is first required before you start this job from home.

Great American Opportunities

This platform, founded in 1975, is actually the brainchild of the Southwestern Advantage. Besides dominating the field of data entry jobs in the USA, this company also helps people, especially students, for fundraising campaigns. This one is available only in the US. You can earn 0.10-0.15 cents per completed form. You will be paid weekly by direct deposit. 

Konsus – 

This site deals with lots of freelance and data entry positions. The site offers frequent job openings in their data entry operator positions. With clients like Uber, L’Oreal, Cisco, and HP, this website not only provides a good number of data entry projects per month but also has great project remuneration.

The Smart Crowd

This company now has more than 100,000 members and a client base that consists of dominating forces like Cisco, Dell, Nokia, Samsung, and many more. It is also among the very few platforms that don’t have any joining fee or membership subscription charge. It is accessible worldwide, and you will be paid per piece. You can get paid via Dwolla.

Xerox – 

This brand recently merged with another global corporate house, Fujifilm, and now operates in the Asia-Pacific region as Fuji Xerox. Although this company specializes in print and digital document processing, it is also a known name in the data-processing industry. On this website, you can find a column name displaying work-from-home data entry jobs on the career page where you can see the listings. 


This platform currently gives one of the best rates in the data-entry industry. However, you will need to have Mac OS 10 or Windows Pro Edition or higher along with dual monitors to start with. Besides, you’ll also need to have a high-speed internet connection to start working with this company. This site offers data entry jobs that involve processing voter registrations for various states. They will deduct money for incorrect entry of data. 


It is a popular place where you can promote your data entry skills. However, it works in quite a different way than the platforms we have already mentioned. You will need to create a gig of data entry in this platform. You can charge $5 for a simple project which can go much higher along with additional tasks related to the projects.

Flex Jobs

It’s the best place to find genuine data entry work from various companies. It is definitely one of the major marketplaces for freelance and remote jobs. However, it has a paid subscription service to start with. The membership now costs from $14.95 per month to $49.95 per year. But if you are not satisfied, you can claim your refund within 30 days of joining.


#2 Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is an excellent choice of creative jobs for those people who love writing and have a passion for it. You need no particular years of experience to start this job, though your experience will help you earn better. Plus, no more hanging on phones like several other jobs! Choose the best freelance writing job, get valuable writing experience, and earn some bucks!

Entering this field is really tough as you’ll face huge competition with experienced writers and also with those who know the tricks and corners of this trade. But, don’t worry. One of the great masters of this particular trade, Gina Horkey, has launched a mini-course program. It will let you become a successful online writer and content curator within 30 days.

Another Sensei of this industry, Holly Johnson, also has a mini-course to help you earn up to $200,000 per year working as a freelance writer. That course will not only guide you to the ultimate success but will also help you to sharpen your skills to stand out in this industry.

It solely depends on the writing quality and the experience and talent of the writer, although a typical writer can earn around $18 to $30 per hour on an average. You can easily earn at least $20k per year while taking this job as a full-time profession.

Blog Mutt

This platform is currently renamed as Verblio and needs a valid Social Security Number to open an account. It now has more than 1300 clients from more than 40 different industries. You’ll get around 300 to 3000 words per project after opening an account. It is accessible only for writers in the US. You’ll get the pay range of 8$ to 72$ per post. Payment will be weekly through PayPal. 

Boost Media

Powered by Artificial intelligence, this website specializes in Paid-Search Ad Creation that needs good writers too. You’ll find frequent job openings in the data entry projects in the ‘Write For Us’ segment of the website. You need to fill a simple form to get started. This platform is open worldwide, and the rate of pay varies. You’ll get paid through PayPal.

Crowd Content

This platform specializes in article writing, blog post curation, copywriting, ghostwriting, local SEO city pages development, press releases, product descriptions, SEO content curation, website content designing, white papers writing, and more. So, you can choose your projects according to your expertise. It is open only to the writers in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. The rate of pay ranges between 1.2 cents and 7.6 cents per word. You’ll be paid every second Friday through PayPal.

Copy Press – 

With the promise to create a rich content ecosystem, this company helps writers to connect with potential clients. Besides unique contents, you can also show your skills to make great infographics in this platform that pays quite well, too. Moreover, you can take-up eBook and White Paper projects on this website. This platform is open only to the USA, Canada, Australia, and Sri Lanka. You’ll be paid twice a month through PayPal or by direct deposit.

Need an Article – 

This particular platform is ideal for those who want to have their career in website content curation, and press release writing. Starting from a 100-word blurb to a 1000-word detailed article, you can choose projects according to your working time and preference on this website. You can make $5-12 per article, and you’ll be paid weekly through Paypal.

Scripted – 

It has already made its name as one of the best marketplaces for Copywriters and Freelance Writers that want to work from home. However, you’ll need to pass a simple test to earn your eligibility to start working with this website. One of the best things about this platform is that you can directly talk to your clients. The payment for an assignment ranges from 10$ to 25$, and you’ll be paid weekly via PayPal.

Writer Access – 

This website has now grown as a community of more than 26,000 freelance writers, editors, and translators. However, this platform has a paid membership service that cost from $39 per month to $349 per month according to the marketplace access levels. This one is open only to the USA. The range of payment is between 1.4 cents and 7 cents per word. You’ll be paid on a weekly basis if you opt for direct deposit. You can receive your payment twice a month if you opt for PayPal.

Skyword – 

Founded in 2004, Skyword is one of the brainchildren of the American Public Media Group. With a clientele having companies like IBM and Colgate, this platform provides some of the best-paying projects. Besides writers, this website also provides a platform for photographers, videographers, and designers. Skyword is open worldwide. Some of their assignments can fetch you well between $50 and $100. You’ll be paid only after the editors review your work.

SmartBrief – 

This website specializes in important business news and newsletters. The editors have more than 10,000 authentic sources in the business industry to curate great news. And now, you can also be a part of the team as they have frequent openings in the freelance writing position. SmartBrief is open only to the US. Here, you have to summarise news stories for industry newsletters. You will be able to make around $14 per hour.

Writer’s Domain – 

It is probably the only website that gives a platform to multiple-language writers, as besides English, you will have the opportunity to write in Dutch, French, and Spanish. However, you will need to submit a writing sample of yours to get the initial approval. You can earn $15-17.50 per article here. You’ll be paid monthly through Paypal. The payment can be settled anytime once after crossing $100 in your account.

Copify – 

It is undoubtedly one of the biggest marketplaces for the USA and UK-based writers. But, you’ll need to have the capacity to handle a 48-hour turnaround time to be successful in this platform. Besides general article writing, you can also choose to do e-commerce content writing, press release writing, and email writing. Copify is the place where you can accept tasks based on your feasibility. You’ll be paid $30 per 500 words through Paypal.


It has established itself as one of the best writing service providers Joining this platform is easy as you’ll need to fill up the joining form to get the activation link. Then you can work for them on a full-time or part-time basis. You’ll start as a beginner and earn $2.25 for each short article of around 300 to 500 words. As an expert with 15 successful projects, you can earn as high as $10.66 per short article. According to your writing speed and efficiency, you can complete up to 20 projects per day.


Established in 2005, this platform has already delivered more than 100,000 projects to its clients per month. There are three categories of assignments i.e. Open Orders, Direct Orders, and Team Orders. You can earn between 0.7 cents to 5 cents per word in open orders. You can earn a minimum of 1.78 cents per word in direct orders and 1.56 cents per word while working in team projects. Besides direct bank transfer, you can also withdraw your money through PayPal.

#3 Transcription Jobs

As a transcriptionist, your job is to convert audio data or files into textual documents. This the most flexible work from home job, definitely a non-phone job, very much suitable, especially for moms. Knowing the tricks and sharpening your skills are absolutely necessary to shine in this industry.

To help you improve your skills, one of the masters of this trade, Janet Shaughnessy, offers a free mini-course on transcription. This 7-lesson mini-course will let you learn all the things that you need to become a successful transcribe. Besides general transcription, she also now offers a mini-course specially catering to the needs of the legal transcription.

According to your speed and skill, the average hourly income can vary from $10 to $35 in this profession. You can earn at least $25k per year while taking transcription job as your full-time profession. However, it can go as high as $35k if you select the medical transcription stream.

3Play Media – 

Besides general audio transcriptions, this platform also welcomes freelance workers those have expertise in error-free closed captioning and subtitling solutions. Since its inception in 2007, this website nourished several great transcribers till now. And, besides English, this website also welcomes Spanish transcribers. 3Play Media is accessible only in the US. You’ll be paid $10-30 monthly through direct deposit, based on the project.

Appenscribe – 

This website specializes in human-annotated inputs for the resource of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Besides several language jobs related to transcription, this website also provides micro tasks and rating jobs. These can help you earn quite a good amount of money while taking it as a part-time job. You’ll be paid every two weeks through PayPal, based on the total number of transcribed lines.

Crowdsurf – 

You should join as a new CrowdSurf transcriptionist if you have accurate English grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You can earn between $0.03 and $0.20 per media minute while working on this platform. Besides, you can also get additional bonus rates quite frequently while working. You’ll have to transcribe a short audio file on this platform. Experience of the candidates is not significant for this.

Quicktate – 

It is an ideal platform for anyone having expertise in transcribe voicemails, legal files, audiobooks, and voice memos. However, you’ll need to pass a small quiz along with a typing test to get the initial approval. Besides, you’ll also need to pay them $20 as they conduct a background check on each of their new members. You’ll get paid through PayPal, and can make between 0.0025 cents and 0.0050 cents per word.

Scribie – 

Besides the usual transcriber’s position, this platform also offers projects for transcript editors. You should have a sound knowledge of the American, British, Australian, and Indian accent to work on this website as a transcriber. Scribie is open worldwide, and experience is not required. They pay you through PayPal, and you can earn $10 per audio hour.

Tigerfish – 

Headquartered in San Francisco, Tigerfish has made its name in the field of transcriptions for more than 20 years. And now, they are accepting freelance transcribers. However, you’ll need to go through their typing test to get the initial approval of your membership account on this website. Tigerfish is only accessible in the US. You’ll get paid based on some transcribed lines.

TranscribeMe – 

It is probably the most popular marketplace in the USA for transcription jobs. You can earn somewhere from $250 to $2500 per hour according to your daily time investment in this platform. This one surely pays the best rate of the industry to the transcribers having a Medical or Legal background. TranscribeMe is another platform that’s open worldwide. You can earn $20 per audio hour, based on the project. You’ll be paid weekly through PayPal.

Verilogue – 

Founded in 2006, this company specializes in medical transcriptions job and currently operates by the reputed Publicis Healthcare Communications Group. This platform gives the best-in-class remuneration to the physicians if they invest some of their time in medical transcriptions through this website. Here, you’ll get paid $2.80 or more based on the audio. Verilogue is accessible in the US, as well as other countries.

Verbal Ink – 

You won’t find any direct link in the website to become a member. However, you can apply for the freelance post while mailing them your resume along with a cover letter. Besides transcriptions, you can also get jobs as an editor, copywriter, and proofreader in this platform. They pay on the basis of per audio hour, and experienced candidates are preferred.

Transcribe.com – 

It is a legitimate source to get high-paying transcription jobs. It has a vast clientele consisting of companies like WWF, Adobe, AT&T, and many more. Applying for the freelance job on this website is easy, although you’ll need to go through a transcriptionist assessment. This one is accessible only in the US. You’ll be paid daily through PayPal based on the project, and the rate may vary.

Ubiqus – 

A global leader in transcription service, this platform also provides translation service. So, you’ll also have the opportunity to en-cash your talent if you are bilingual or multilingual. This website now has more than 23,000 clients, so you won’t need to worry about the frequency and quality of the projects. Ubiqus pays every two weeks, and your earning will depend on the project. Experienced candidates might be preferred, but it is not a requirement.

SpeakWrite – 

It is one of the highest-paying websites where you can make around $450 per month on an average. Through transcription jobs, many freelance workers are now earning as high as $3.5k while working on this platform. However, you’ll need to have 60 word-per-minute typing speed with 90% accuracy. SpeakWrite is accessible only to the US and Canada. You’ll be paid twice in a month through direct deposit or cheque, at a rate of .50 cent per transcribed word.

Speech to Text Service – 

You’ll earn around $150 average income per month while working here, although it can go as high as $1215 per month. You only have to invest a few of your hours on a daily basis. Besides having a good amount of project base, you’ll also have the freedom to choose your own projects on this website. Speech to Text service job is open to newbies. You’ll be paid weekly with PayPal, and the pay would be $0.21 to $0.42 per audio minute.

Caset Associates – 

Since 1984, this company is providing quality transcriptions in the technical and medical field. They have frequent openings for the position of transcribers, and they welcome freelance workers, too. You can also directly contact them by mail. This organization has a worldwide hiring process, and you should be able to type at least 90 wpm.


Featured in The Penny Hoarders, Forbes, and The Huffington Post, this website provides an excellent platform for transcriptionists to earn handsomely while working from their home. It has a great client-base including global brands. So you’ll get genuine and continuous projects. To join this community, you just need to pass a simple grammar quiz and then upload a transcript sample. Clients that can pay you according to the length and difficulty of the projects.


This platform provides amazing opportunities for talented transcriptionists as one of the genuine places to get non-phone jobs. You can have weekly payout option on this website and can directly withdraw your earnings through PayPal transfers. You can expect $0.60 per audio minute. Members of this particular website can earn an average of $150 per month while taking this as a side gig, although top earners easily touch the $1k mark in this website.

Accutran Global

Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, this websites has been delivering transcription projects to its global clients since 2002. It also provides voice writers and real-time stenographers to its clients. You’ll need be highly efficient to really stand out. It welcomes only USA residents who want to take transcription as a side gig. You’ll need to check their joining section to complete the initial process, although you’ll need to send them a sample material to get the final approval.

#4 Proofreading & Editing

With excellent knowledge of English grammar and spellings and a vast vocabulary, you will surely succeed working as a proofreader and editor online. You need to find the errors in the given data, edit them, and submit the text. There are great opportunities to proofreaders online. 

If you are new to this field and want to make your name here, or if you are willing to enter in this particular sector of the profession, then don’t worry. One of the masters in this proofreading industry, Caitlin Pyle, has a free workshop for you. This 76-minute workshop is ideal for learning the five signs for perfect proofreading. Besides, her workshop will also help you to get clients and to get your desired financial security.

You can earn around $18 to $35 per hour while taking proofreading and editing as your profession or even while taking it as a side gig. And, if you take it as a full-time job, it is not really difficult to earn around $44k to $58k per year. Now check out some below.

Cactus – 

Besides working at their own office in a great environment, this company now has openings for freelance workers who want to work from their home. It has a client base of more than 200,000 members. So, you don’t need to worry about the steady inflow of proofreading projects. Cactus offers specialized freelance editing work.

Scribendi – 

It is one of the best platforms for editing jobs for native English speakers, especially for the residents of the USA and the UK. Joining this community is quite easy as you’ll need to fill up a simple form to get through the initial selection process. Scribendi is accessible in the US and few other countries. You’ll get paid via PayPal, and the amount will depend on the number of words and time duration.

Gramlee – 

Besides basic proofreading and editing, this platform also offers freelance jobs related to dissertation editing, copy editing, APA editing, and essay editing. But, you should have a good grip on English grammar and spelling. In general, there are frequent openings for proofreaders and editors here.

Proofreading Pal – 

This company now welcomes graduate or postgraduate students having a minimum of 3.5 GPA. You can also apply if you already completed your graduation course and have more than five years of professional proofreading and editing experience. The average income you can generate in this platform is up to $3k per month. This organization hires only experts in the field of editing and proofreading. 

Kibin – 

This website has frequent openings for freelance proofreaders and editors, although you’ll need to check their career page frequently to grab those offers. And, without any doubt, they pay one of the best rates for editing works which you can easily do from your home. This organization doesn’t have work from home proofreading jobs too often, but you can get notified by filling out the form.

Book in a Box/Scribe Writing –

Book in a Box is now known as Scribe Writing, which mainly focuses on converting an idea of any author to a great eBook. Besides, it now offers guided authorial and publishing programs. However, they do have frequent openings for freelance workers. The hiring of proofreaders is less frequent here, but once they do hire, the employee will get paid a flat fee of $3000.

One Space – 

It is one of the biggest marketplaces for experienced proofreaders and editors. And now, they are only accepting residents of the USA to work from home. Besides, you can join their freelance forum, too, to know about the details and updates on this trade. The opportunities of this organization comprise editing and proofreading jobs, as well as other works like image tagging, website categorization, etc.

Edit 911 – 

Without any doubt, it provides one of the best rates for proofreading and editing jobs this year. However, you’ll need to have a PhD degree in English or any discipline related to writing. Besides, you’ll also need to send the best writing sample of yours to get the initial approval. A doctorate is required to find a job here.

Enago – 

Besides proofreading and document editing, this platform also provides Publication support service and translation service. You’ll need to have a PhD degree and should be a resident of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to work on this platform. In general, this organization hires freelance editors; but, you must have experience and education to qualify.

Kirkus Media – 

This website mainly focuses on book reviews, and is the primary platform for book reviewing jobs. However, they also provide a great platform for freelance proofreaders and editors. They currently have freelance openings for Spanish speakers besides the native English one. You will be hired for editing, reviewing the books, and copywriting assignments.

Proofread Now – 

Headquartered in Mont Vernon, this website has already made its name for providing great editing and proofreading projects to freelancers since its establishment. You should have a sound knowledge of American, British, and Canadian English to work on this platform. Hiring is less frequent here, and they require a minimum of five years of proofreading experience of a candidate.

Scrubber – 

This one is a community of 50 full-time workers and 500 freelancers and provides lucrative editing and proofreading jobs worldwide. Besides English, this platform also welcomes French, Dutch, and German speakers. As a matter of fact, this company was named among the fastest-growing companies in Europe last year. The scrubber is open to the US, the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Canada. You must be a native English speaker to qualify.

Sibia Proofreading – 

Since 2009, this website has been providing one of the best proofreading services, especially to the USA-based clients. You should have an excellent knowledge of English grammar and spelling to start working with them. Besides, you should also have some previous experience to get selected. You must have extensive experience in proofreading to join this platform.

SmartBrief – 

Since its inception in 1999, this website provides a great platform to home-based proofreaders and editors. They don’t have any dedicated segment for applying in their website. So, you should check their career page regularly to grab the opportunity of freelance jobs. Hiring will be occasional, and one must have a minimum of 3 years of content writing experience to work as a freelancer here. You’ll get paid $15 per hour.

Cambridge Proofreading

This website assures its clients a comprehensive improvement of their documents through rigorous review with the help of over 150 members. They don’t just rectify the grammatical mistakes and spelling errors but also correct the style and tone of the writing. Besides the in-house proofreaders, this platform now also welcomes freelance proofreaders from the USA and the UK. However, you’ll need to proofread at least 10,000 words per week. You can earn around $20 to $30 per working hour, based on your experience and expertise.

#5 Tutoring

If you are an expert in a specific subject and have an interest in teaching or tutoring, you can choose this job to teach people located at various geographical locations. Many companies pay you on an hourly or weekly basis without fail. With a bit of experience and a great academic background, you can earn as high as $100 per hour while mentoring your students.

However, the standard average lies on $20 per hour. You can easily earn anywhere between $31k and $42k if you take online tutoring as your full-time profession. Here are the best websites to find tutoring jobs online.

ETS – 

Founded in 1947, this non-profit organization now provides a great platform for anyone who wants to enter the teaching profession while working from home. If you have a good academic background and are competent in teaching for GRE, TOEFL, and other competitive exams, then this platform can help you earn as high as $100 per hour, although the standard average lies at $20 per hour. You can easily earn anywhere between $31k and $42k if you take online tutoring as your full-time profession. 

Measurement Inc – 

Headquartered in North Carolina, this website also provides a platform for readers and evaluators besides online teachers. However, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree or higher, recognized by NACES to start working in this platform as a freelance teacher. This job is open to the US, and you’ll get paid $11 per hour.

Pearson – 

One of the leading forces in global education, Pearson, provides an excellent platform if you want to pursue your career in the online teaching profession. Besides joining the team as a faculty, you can also join them as a business partner. Pearson is open to authorized people in the US. You can earn $10 per hour, based on the project, through direct deposit.

Brainmass – 

This website provides 24×7 academic help to global students. And, for that, they have a frequent opening for online teachers. Besides, they also welcome teachers who want to work from their home during their free time as a freelance educator. You’ll get paid for being an online tutoring assistant.

Elevate Learning – 

Now renamed as the Elevate K12, this website now has more than 80 thousand students with 100+ partnering schools spread across 12 states of the USA. And now, you can also become a part of their online teaching team as they now have frequent openings. You must have prior experience in teaching, and you’ll get paid $9-11 per hour.

Enotes – 

This platform mainly provides help to students to complete their homework. Besides, they also offer excellent guidelines for the exam preparations. You can earn up to $37 per answer while helping the students, although you’ll need to have a great educational background to start with. You need to sign up as an educator and help students and teachers with homework.

Chegg – 

Besides providing an excellent platform for freelance online teachers, this website is also ideal for Rent, buy, or sell study and textbooks. You will get weekly payments at a great hourly rate. However, you’ll need to have a graduation and post-graduation degree to start with. Chegg offers flexible work from home tutoring job, and you’ll be paid weekly through PayPal.

Limu – 

This company surely provides one of the best platforms to start your online teaching career as it has a huge student base. Besides, they offer quite a handsome remuneration to their teachers. Moreover, they only charge a minimal amount as a commission, starting with $1 per Knowledge Asset. You’ll get the chance to teach any subject for a handsome fee.

Math Elf – 

As the name itself suggests, this website mainly focuses on mathematics teaching. So, you’ll definitely need to have a graduation or post-graduation degree to start. This UK-based company also pays one of the best hourly rates of the teaching industry. You’ll get paid for helping students to solve math questions. You must have prior experience in teaching to qualify.

Universal Class – 

It pays one of the best remunerations for online teaching market, although the criteria are quite higher. You’ll need to have a post-graduation degree along with a teacher’s certificate and a minimum of three years of experience in school or college teaching. You’ll need teaching certification and the four-year degree to qualify.

Quarasan – 

Quarasan mainly focuses on creativity and creative learning rather than the usual textbook studies. Besides, it is also a great platform if you are capable of developing conceptual contents of educational learning and courses. You’ll be hired as a freelance editor and writer to create educational content.

Shmoop – 

This website specializes in ACT, SAT, AP, and all the major test preps. And, they frequently have openings for freelance teachers who can help the students to be successful in those tests. You’ll need to have a post-graduation degree to get the initial approval. Based on your educational background, you’ll be hired as a home-based writer to create study material and test papers.

#6 Search Engine Evaluation 

As a search engine evaluation, you need to analyze the search engine results in the accuracy, find relevant keywords are used or not, and make sure to see they are timely and without spamming. Here are some good search engine evaluation opportunities. It is not very difficult to earn around $20 to $28 per hour on an average while taking this as a side gig. You can easily earn around $20k to $40k while taking search engine evaluation as your full-time profession.

Appen – 

It actually provides human-annotated training data for artificial intelligence and machine learning. But, it also has earned a reputation for providing one of the highest-paying social media and website evaluator jobs. This Australia-based company now also has four offices in the United States. Appen is open worldwide, and you’ll be paid based on the job which you are doing in Appen. As a search engine evaluator in Appen, you can make $13-15 per hour, and you’ll get paid through the deposit.

Leapforce – 

The previously mentioned Appen acquired the Leapforce in 2017, although it had made its name even before that in the field of online jobs. You’ll get one of the best-paying search engine and website evaluation jobs in this particular platform. Leapforce is open worldwide. You’ll be paid monthly through the deposit, and you can earn $13.50 per hour.

Isoftstone – 

This Chinese innovative software firm and its services providers often need search engine evaluator to test their IT products. However, it now has a global presence and currently welcomes freelance evaluators from all over the globe. You’ll get paid through PayPal, and you can earn $12 per hour.

Lionbridge – 

This website mainly focuses on translation and interpretation services for their global clients. However, they also frequently need social media and search engine evaluators. They prefer university students for their home-based freelance jobs. Lionbridge is open worldwide. You’ll be paid once a month through the deposit and can earn $13 per hour.

#7 Virtual Assistant

If you are good at dealing with administrative tasks of business or individuals, try to become a virtual assistant, by choosing a job. The average hourly rate for virtual assistant now lies between $20 and $30, although it solely depends on the type of assistance you are providing. And if you take this as your full-time profession, you can easily earn around $26k to $60k per year.

Making your name in this field is not easy; every client demands efficiency, on-time assistance, and other things that no one will tell you. But, there is a treasure available online now. One of the masters of this trade, Gina Horkey, has recently launched a mini-course that will help you to get guaranteed success in the virtual assistance industry within 30 days. Besides, she has also launched her complimentary eBook that will let you know about more than 150 services.

Contemporary VA – 

This website mainly focuses on administrative virtual assistance services and accepts freelance workers in the team, although the number of positions is limited. So, you’ll need to check their career section regularly to grab the opportunity. Contemporary is open worldwide, and you can earn $12 per hour. You’ll be paid through mailed cheque.

Fancy Hands – 

Featured in reputed publications like Forbes, Time, and The New York Times, this website is probably the best-known company in the Virtual assistance market. Starting from making phone calls to scheduling appoints for someone, you can find almost any assistances job here. Fancy Hands is open only to US-based writers. You can earn $2-10, depending on the task. You’ll be paid every other Tuesday through Dwolla.

Worldwide 101 – 

Also known as Boldly, this website has been dominating the Virtual assistance market since 2012. It is also probably the most-trusted platform that provides C-level assistance for busy executives. Besides, they also welcome virtual assistance with expertise in bookkeeping, writing, and editing. Worldwide 101 is accessible only for the US and the UK. You’ll be paid per month through the deposit and can earn $15-20 per hour.

Red Butler – 

Red Butler mainly focuses on providing US-based office executive assistant. So, you have to be a professional residing in the USA to grab the opportunity to work form the. This company also gives you the chance to obtain executive travel facilities besides excellent remuneration. You’ll be able to find several virtual assistant jobs here to work from home.

99 Dollar Social – 

The brainchild of the Wired Investors, 99 Dollar Social actually provides complete social media solutions to individuals and businesses. So, if you have expertise in social media handling and online promotional job, then you should apply for your position as a freelancer in this company. You’ll be employed as remote Virtual Assistants to update social media accounts for their clients. You’ll be paid $12 per hour on an average.

Belay – 

This website provides virtual assistance such as social media management, appointment making, emailing, and bookkeeping service. Besides, they also offer WordPress Maintenance Services. So, you can also easily turn your web development skills into cash on this website. This organization prefers candidates with a bachelor degree, or at least five years of experience.

Equity – 

Goodhire recently named this website as the top-rated virtual assistant company. Headquartered in San Francisco, this website now also provides an opportunity for freelance workers right from their home to join their team of skilled virtual assistants. You’ll get employed as a Virtual Assistant with a bachelor’s degree. You’ll require a laptop and smartphone.

NS Virtual Services – 

Headquartered in Canada, this company has now opened operational wings in the USA, Germany, and Mexico. However, they welcome freelancers from all over the world if the service-providers are really talented. Besides, they also offer one of the best remunerations for VA jobs. NS Virtual Services is a Canadian organization which hires virtual assistants.

VA Sumo – 

They promise to provide America’s best trained virtual assistants to their clients. So without any doubt, you have to be super-efficient and quick to find success in this platform. As the fastest-growing VA website, it has frequent openings for new members in their team. This organization hires remote virtual assistants to help clients with different tasks, including writing, graphic design, and transcription, and social media.

Virtual Gal Friday – 

This website specializes in virtual medical assistance, legal assistance, receptionist service, and executive assistance. So, if you are competent in any of these fields, you can surely apply to become a part of their team. Moreover, they now accept freelance workers, too. This organization hires work from virtual home assistants

Vicky Virtual – 

Vicky Virtual mainly focuses on taking phone calls and answering voicemails on behalf of their clients. You should be able to operate your computers continuously while talking with the customer. Besides, you’ll also need to have a typing speed of 50 WPM to join the team. Vicky Virtual is open only for the US. This organization hires virtual receptionist, and the payout will be $9.25 per hour.

Time Etc – 

This UK-based company recently got picked as one of the best virtual assistant businesses around the world by one of the top media houses, The Guardians. You have to go through their interview rounds along with your background verification to start working with them. Time Etc is open only for US and UK writers. You’ll be paid based on the prior experience, and your earnings will range between $11 to $16 per hour.

Team Delegate – 

You need to have an updated version of MS Office in your computer along with a high-speed internet connection to work here. Besides, you also need to have at least three years of experience in administrative assistant or executive assistant job to apply on this website as a freelancer. You’ll get hired as a virtual assistant for this company as an independent contractor. Your duties can be calendar management, travel arrangements, creating Powerpoint presentations, taking meeting notes, etc.


This platform has already made its name in the virtual assistance market, for both clients and VAs. Since their inception, they have provided great projects and have maintained a continuous supply to their community members. Besides, they handpick the jobs to get the most legitimate projects of their database. They don’t have any direct application link. So, check their career page regularly for new openings. They only accept applications from the residents of the USA as of now. So, don’t waste your time and apply for an opening if you don’t fulfill the criterion.


Since 2006, they have provided a platform to all the remote freelancers and have now entered the field of virtual assistants, with some great projects. You need to give around 10-25 hours per week to become a dedicated member of this community. You can apply for a job on this using the dedicated application link or by directly mailing them your resume along with your cover letter. After the initial approval, you can start working with a huge base of genuine clients.

#8 Interpreters & Translators

Many companies hire translators who can help with tasks related to meetings, calls, documents, and correspondence. If you can speak and write English well and have good command over other languages, too, give a try to translator work from home jobs. You can earn around $12 to $40 per hour while taking the interpretation and translation job as a side gig. But, you can easily get around $26k to $82k per year while taking this job as your full-time profession.

Gengo – 

This community has already translated more than 1 billion words with 97.6% customer satisfaction. And now, there are looking for efficient freelancers to join their team to translate for their clientele consisting of more than 65,000 active customers. Gengo is open worldwide. You’ll be paid twice a month through PayPal and can earn 3-8 cents per translated word.

Verbal Ink – 

Besides providing great transcription jobs for freelancers, Verbal Ink also gives a platform to interpreters and translators. It has also made its name in the US market as one of the best-paying companies for the home-based freelancers. Verbal Ink is open only in the US. Your payment will depend on the project.

Verilogue – 

Like Verbal Ink, this website too offers interpretation and transcription services. However, it solely focuses on the medical industry. So, if you have any medical background in academics or experience, it will be beneficial for you to get selected. You’ll be paid twice in a month through deposit or cheque, and you can earn as much as $5 per audio minute.

Interpreters and Translators Inc – 

This website has been providing translation services in more than 200 languages for several years. And, they now accept freelance workers to join their team. You need to be extremely proficient in English, along with one other language, to start working with them. This company will hire interpreters and translators for different languages.

Language Line – 

Since 1982, the Language Line is providing translation solutions to its clients in several languages. Besides web-based human-annotated translations, this website also offers personal interpreters. So, don’t hold back. Just apply on the site if you have expertise in translating. This company frequently hires for work at home interpreters in various languages.

Andovar – 

Besides translation, this website also provides localisations like eLearning localisations and gaming localisations. However, they now accept freelance translators and interpreters who can work from home in their flexible work hours. You’ll get hired as a freelance translator or editor, based on the relevant experience.

MultiLingual Connections – 

This Chicago-based translation service agency gives one of the best per-project rates in the industry, although it solely depends on the length and difficulty of the projects. All you need to do is to fill up a simple online form to get the initial approval. This company hires home-based translators and interpreters.

Proz – 

It is one of the most prominent translation communities in the world which now has more than 960,000 active members. You can directly bid for the projects listed on the website according to your suitable pricing. Besides projects, you can also take part in translation contests to multiply your income. Proz is one of the best resources to find home-based freelance translator jobs.

Verbalizeit – 

The brainchild of Smartling, this website has made its reputation as one of the best human-driven translation provider in the market. You need to first signup on the site and then go through a simple test to qualify as a freelance translator. This company hires freelancers for interpretation, translation, and transcription. You’ll get payments every 15 days through PayPal.

World Lingo – 

World Lingo now provides translation service in more than 141 languages. They now welcome freelance translators to join their team. However, you need to have more than five years of continuous translation experience in a commercial environment to qualify for their team. This company hires freelance translators to work from home.

#9 Paid Experts

Join this work from home job of offering advice to various people about distinct subjects and technical support. If you have vast expertise in this particular field, you will be suitable for this kind of a job, and can earn money online quickly. This is a non-phone job, as you offer advice via email or chat.

Ask Wonder – 

This website actually specializes in personal research assistance, and now has a client base consisting of some of the global brands like Autodesk, HP, Shell, Deloitte, and more. Besides interpretation freelance jobs, you can also join their team as a research analyst. Ask Wonder is open worldwide. You’ll get paid for creating write-up using your research skills.

JustAnswer.com – 

It mainly focuses on answering questions of their community members and clients of several industries like Medical, Legal, Finance, Electrical, and Technology. Every question you answer on this platform will fetch a specific rating. And, the higher the rating, the better your position becomes. This company hires experts in 75 different fields, including subjects like computer hardware, medicine, etc. You can work at your own time. You’ll need to prove your qualifications in the respective field.

Study Pool – 

This website, founded in 2012, mainly focuses on helping students to get their homework done. Besides, they also help students to answer their academic question. And, for global students, they often need translators and interpreters to work in their team. You should sign up to help people by solving tricky questions. The problem-solving experts should bid for the problem, and then the customer selects an expert based on the different factors, including reviews, qualifications, and price.

Yup Tutoring – 

This San Francisco-based company is mainly a homework helping program supported by Stanford University. Formerly known as the MathCrunch, this website now provides an excellent platform for teachers to where they can cash in on their teaching abilities by providing services to global students. These tutors help the students to come up with the solution on their own. Yup offers help in three subjects like math, chemistry, and physics. You’ll need to have the required qualification and clear the test.

Tutor.com – 

Probably the most popular teaching platform in the online market, this website mainly needs translators and interpreters to teach other languages to its students. Besides, you can also use this platform to showcase your multilingual skills. You’ll need to sign up as a tutor and communicate with students through an advanced virtual classroom with a chalkboard and built-in chat functions; voice chat used in sessions.


When it comes to working from options, we can’t forget Upwork. It is not a dedicated platform for finding jobs in customer care but is a hub of offers for all freelancers. Here, you’ll find plenty of job offers as an email/chat support expert. Companies are ready to hire customer care executives who will be available to answer queries of customers regarding the functioning of the company, besides offering tech support.


I hope this huge list of websites will serve your purpose. Wave goodbye to troubles like handling calls, with noisy pets and crying babies. No more long phone call sessions which disturb your daily routine. Choose the best platform for the non-phone work from home jobs that suit your lifestyle, skill, and interest – and improve your earnings online!