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16 Legal Transcription Jobs from Home for Beginners [$60k/yr]

Are you in search of legal transcription jobs from home? If you are well-versed in legal language and excellent typing speed, then there’s good news for you.

You can now become a legal transcriptionist and make a living from the comfort of your own home. A legal transcriptionist  job requires you to produce a written format of audio, video, or audiovisual files. 

You need an understanding of the law and the importance of confidentiality. You must be discreet with the data and ensure there’s no possibility of security risks in the case of sensitive legal information.

As a transcriptionist, you must pay attention to detail and aim for an accurate representation of the expressions, reactions, etc., used in the audio file to avoid serious legal consequences.

What is Legal Transcription?

legal transcription jobs from home for beginners

Legal transcription actually means writing down the law-related proceeding while hearing the audio. In other words, you need to convert the audio files to text documents so that lawyers or attorneys can find all relevant information later on. Besides, it is necessary for maintaining the court proceedings.

Right now, the legal transcription industry is growing pretty rapidly. From court hearings and depositions, to witness interrogations and legal briefs – almost all aspects of the law are covered by legal transcriptions.

The basic idea is to convert the digital audio or video files or even physical audio tapes to properly formatted text documents.

Several US companies have made their names in this industry for providing accurate legal transcriptions at an incredible pace. So, to stand out in this industry, you need to have the perfect balance of typing speed and accuracy. Besides, ear-hand coordination is a must to become a professional in this field. 

Most of the companies now prefer to hire native English speakers as they understand thick accents much better than non-native ones. So, you’ll definitely have an edge if you are a native English speaker who’s trying to get into this field of legal transcription.

What Does a Legal Transcriptionist Do?

For the last few years, legal transcription has become a lucrative career option, especially among youths with good typing speed and knowledge in law.

It is not only a high-paying job that can offer the comfort of your own home but can also provide a stable career. Besides, it is a great idea to start as a legal transcriber if you are planning to become a lawyer or paralegal in the future.

Your job can involve transcribing almost any aspect of legal services, such as dictated notes, court proceedings, and even recorded legal depositions.

Many times, experienced legal transcribers also perform other duties of legal services like preparing courtroom documents and drafting legal papers.

Most legal transcribers are also good at editing and correcting law-related documents. So, you definitely need to have a good grip over the grammatical aspect of the language, besides knowing your legal terms, to make a name in this industry. Wondering, how much does a legal transcriptionist make?

Legal Transcriptionist Salary

legal transcription salary

How much can you earn as a legal transcriptionist?

As of Oct 20, 2021, the average annual pay for a Legal Transcriptionist in the United States was $34,209 a year.

ZipRecruiter’s data shows Legal Transcriptions can earn an annual salary as high as $45,500 or as low $23K with the majority ranging from 27-38 thousand dollars while 90% of top earners make at least 44K per year across all states in America.

While Zip Recruiters’ analysis showed that most legal transcriptionists currently have salaries between $27-$38k, some professionals will find themselves making up to 60 grand more than others. The average range varies greatly depending upon where one works – change your location if you want higher wages!

Those who work as legal secretaries or legal assistants at large law firms tend to earn incomes at the higher end of that salary range. Law firms in larger metropolitan areas tend to pay more than those in more rural or suburban areas.

Legal Transcription Training

Getting into the field of legal transcription can seem a little daunting, even for experienced general transcribers.

And for that, one of the maestros of the transcription world, Janet Shaughnessy, owner of Zoom Transcription Services and founder at Transcribe Anywhere recently launched an all-inclusive course with 14 full-length training modules. 

One of the best things about this course is that you can directly communicate with the maestros and solve any of your queries related to the legal transcription field.

Besides, the mentors will guide you through all the nooks and corners of this industry and help you land a job with ease. 

I highly recommend enrolling in this 7-lesson free mini-courseTranscription Foundations, first — that way you can learn the basics about general transcription.

You’ll have an opportunity to enroll in Legal Transcription – Theory & Practice for a discounted price at the end of the mini-course.

The platform offers a solid e-learning platform with multimedia training tools, videos, practice, templates, quizzes, and thorough how-to marketing tutorials that aren’t available anywhere else.

Legal Transcription Jobs from home

Now that you know what your job as a legal transcriber entails, here’s a list of the most reliable legal transcription companies hiring now. 

#1 Birch Creek Communications

Potential Earning: $0.75 to $1.75 per page
Availability: United States

If you are looking for legal transcription jobs, then Birch Creek Communications is probably the best option to find legit projects. They mainly deal with corporate and insurance-related legal matters. You can choose your preferred work hour between Monday and Friday each week. 

The pay rate varies on a project-to-project basis, although you can easily earn up to $1.75 per transcribed page. The usual turnaround time for each project is around 2-3 days. The joining procedure is pretty fast-paced due to the dedicated ‘career’ segment on their website.

#2 Pioneer Transcription Services

Potential Earning: Depends on the project
Availability: United States

You can make a living from your home office just by doing legal transcriptions with Pioneer Transcription Services. They are currently hiring independent contractors only. So, you need to have your own hardware and software setup in your home office.

This company mainly focuses on interviews of witnesses, as well as dictated legal documents, as their primary work. The turnaround time for each project will be 2-3 days. The payment also varies depending on the project, although you can check it on the Scribe Manager before starting any project.

#3 Transcription for Everyone

Potential Earnings: Depends on the project
Availability: United States

Transcription for Everyone is a company that is made by transcriptionists, for freelance transcriptionists. Besides the transcription service, they now also offer legal typing services to their clients.

One of the best things about this company is you will get on-the-job training before starting any work. Besides a good potential income opportunity, you can also get a good promotion in this company as you become more experienced with time.

While you’ll start as an intern typist, you can slowly become the manager that earns in five digits. The basis payment is also quite good, although it depends on the complexity of the project.

#4 Aberdeen

Job Profile: Transcription and real-time captioning
Potential Earning: Up to $1.50 per audio minutes
Availability: United States

Headquartered in Orange County, Aberdeen is currently gathering huge popularity in the transcription world due to its high-paying projects. Besides the usual transcription, they now also offer real-time captioning and editorial services. 

If you want to stick to just legal transcription, then you can easily earn as high as $1.50 per audio minute. You can earn up to $75 per hour, just by working as a real-time captioner.

However, the criteria are pretty high; you’ll need a minimum typing speed of 180 WPM with almost 99% accuracy.

#5 Allegis Transcription (Hiring Now)

Job Profile: Transcription, Quality Assurance, and Office Administration
Potential Earning: $18 per hour
Availability: United States

In business since 1996, AllegisCorp focuses solely on serving the needs of large P&C insurers. As a stable and profitable company, that’s always looking for experienced transcriptionists to join its team.

AllegisTranscription is the best legal transcription company to work from home. It offers competitive compensation with the added benefit of working from home and on your own schedule.

Whether full-time or part-time, you can find a job for yourself if you’re experienced enough and meet their standards.The pay is fair, on time and weekly which might help you so much. 

#6 Ubiqus 

Job Profile: Transcription and interpretation
Potential Earning: Depends on the project
Availability: United States

Ubiqus has recently emerged as one of the leaders in the transcription and interpretation service industry.

You can easily find some of the highest-paying legitimate transcription projects on this website as they now have more than 23,000 clients. After all, they have more than 60 years of experience.

Currently, this company pays on a bi-weekly basis to their freelance transcribers. However, you must be a permanent citizen of the United States to apply for this position.

Besides, you need to have an ungraded computer, along with high-speed internet connectivity, foot pedal, and headset to start working.

#7 Neal R. Gross 

Job Profile: legal transcription
Potential Earning: Depends on the project
Availability: United States

Based in Washington, DC Neal R. Gross is known for providing excellent legal transcription service throughout the United States. Right now, they are accepting freelance transcribers to join their team. Besides, you don’t need to have prior experience to get on board.

You need to have a typing speed of at least 60 WPM for applying to this position. Besides, you must commit to overnight delivery. So think before taking any project.

Moreover, they also want you to commit at least 5 audio hours of transcription per week. The payment rate will vary depending on the project.

#8 AccuTran Global

Job Profile: Transcription and captioning
Potential Earning: Up to $0.0066 per word
Availability: United States and Canada 

Established way back in 2002, AccuTran Global has already made its name one of the most trusted service providers in the transcription industry.

Headquartered in British Columbia, this company mainly focuses on transcribing finance-related interviews, corporate meetings, and legal matters.

Right now, this company is again hiring talented freelancers to join their team of independent transcribers. You can earn between $0.005 and $0.0066 per word while working for them, although you need to have a typing speed of at least 70 WPM to apply.

#9 Transcribe

Job Profile: Transcription and editing
Potential Earning: Depends on the project
Availability: United States

One of the oldest players in the transcription industry, Transcribe, is currently hiring independent transcribers to expand their team. This company mainly focuses on the academic and legal sectors.

Once you create a free account of this website, you can access thousands of available projects at any point in time.

After the initial account creation process, you need to take a transcription assessment test to prove your expertise in typing accuracy ad grammar.

Besides the regular position as a transcriber, you can also apply as an editor. But, you do need to have impeccable skills in grammar and punctuation for that.

#10 Cyber Dictate

Job Profile: General and Legal transcription
Potential Earning: Depends on the project
Availability: United States

CyberDictate is currently hiring freelance members for its transcription team. They now offer both legal and general transcription projects to their freelancers.

However, you need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to become eligible for this position. Besides, you need a minimum typing speed of 85 WPM to get the job. 

You must possess an upgraded computer, a foot pedal, headset, and high-speed internet connection to work as a transcriber for this company.

Besides, you should have the required transcription software. You also need to have at least 3 years of experience in the legal industry.

#11 E-typist

Job Profile: Legal transcription and virtual support
Potential Earning: Depends on the project
Availability: United States

E-typist has made quite a name for providing transcription and other virtual legal support services t clients from all over the world.

And now, they are hiring talented freelancers to expand their transcription team and handle more clients. However, you need to have at least 3 years of professional experience for this position.

You just need to answer a short questionnaire, along with the submission of your updated resume to apply as an independent contractor. But, you do need to have the ability to transcribe fast-paced audio, thick accents, and even loud background noises.

#12 Daily Transcription

Job Profile: Transcription
Potential Earning: Up to $900 per week
Availability: United States and Canada

Daily Transcription is undoubtedly one of the most trusted transcription platforms for freelance transcribers.

Besides, they have earned a reputation for giving one of the best rates in the transcription industry. By investing a few hours each day, you can easily make up to $900 per week!

Joining this platform is also quite easy, although you need to be a permanent citizen of the United States or Canada to become eligible. Besides, you need to have a good typing speed to get selected.

Moreover, you must possess an updated computer, along with high-speed internet connectivity, to start working.

#13 eScribers

Job Profile: Legal transcription
Potential Earning: Depends on the project
Availability: United States

Among the companies that now provide legal transcription jobs from home, eScribers has grown quite rapidly over the last few years. The company is now hiring new members to join the team of talented transcribers. So, you will have no shortage of jobs on this platform once you get in. 

The application is super simple as the joining form needs just a few minutes to complete. You need to have a minimum typing speed of 65 WPM. Besides, you must work on an updated computer with Windows 10 or higher. Moreover, you need to be legally eligible to work in the United States to get started.

#14 Cambridge Transcriptions

Job Profile: General and legal transcription
Potential Earning: Depends on the project
Availability: Worldwide

Cambridge Transcriptions has made its name, not only in the field of legal transcription services but also in general transcription as a whole. And in legal services, they mainly focus on administrative hearings, witness proceedings, and arbitration. So, if you have any previous experience in legal transcription, then this is the ideal option for you.

As of now, they accept independent contractors who are self-reliant and have their own setup, to join their team of transcribers. You simply need to fill up the joining form to get the approval from their side. They currently have vacancies for freelance transcribers from all over the world!

#15 Tigerfish Transcription

Job Profile: General, Medical, and legal transcription
Potential Earning: $7-$15 per hour
Availability: Worldwide

Tigerfish Transcription has been in business since 1989 and offers jobs in general, legal, and medical transcription services. The jobs are usually applicable for elite transcribers. It is a perfect place for anyone looking to gain experience in transcription.

Tigerfish is one of a few companies that offer transcriptions jobs from home for beginners. You can probably expect to earn about $7 to $15 per hour.  If you are serious about building a successful transcription, tigerfish is the perfect place to kick-start your career.

#15 Upwork

Job Profile: Freelance Marketplace – Remote Legal Transcription Jobs, Freelance Legal Transcription Jobs, General Transcription and So on!
Potential Earning: Depends on the project
Availability: Worldwide

As a trusted freelancing platform, Upwork serves as a portal between clients and contractors.

It’s a great place to find remote legal transcription jobs, freelance transcription jobs, and legal transcription jobs from home for beginners. Undoubtedly, you can get some of the highest-paying freelance transcription projects.

You need to create a free account on this platform by filling up their easy joining form. Besides, you need to upload your updated resume highlighting your core expertise to attract potential clients.

However, you also need to have a minimum typing speed of 65 WPM to get any transcription project. If you are lucky enough, you might find entry-level legal transcription jobs, even if you’ve just started.

#16 Flexjobs

Job Profile: Job search engine
Potential Earning: Up to $40 per audio hour
Availability: United States

Last but not the least, Flexjobs is one of the best job-search engines for talented people looking for part-time or full-time opportunities. And, this website currently has several listings by reputed companies looking for independent contractors to complete transcription projects.

Other than the transcription work, you can also find lucrative data entry and legal typing jobs from home.

You need to have a minimum typing speed of 80 WPM with an accuracy of 98% or more, to get the best-paying projects on this platform.

And, a good project of a global client can earn you as high as $40 per hour. The joining procedure is extremely simple and completely free – sign up here.

Best Legal Transcription Jobs from Home for Beginners

Remember that legal transcription work is different from general transcription & requires people with legal backgrounds/experience to transcribe.

These days, legal transcribers can make enough to consider this a full-time job. Even if you don’t want to do that, you can choose from the huge number of part-time projects available on these platforms.  

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