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Get Paid for Data Entry: 15 Legit Sites Free to Join!

Want to get paid for data entry? For those seeking part-time job opportunities that you can work on in your leisure hours, there are many remote job websites offering legitimate data entry jobs from home. Companies, these days, are inoperable without a proper record maintained on a digital platform. And, for that, they often seek the services of data entry clerks who have the capability to be meticulous and disciplined.

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15 Best Websites for Legit Data Entry Jobs

So, while data entry jobs can be handled from home within the hours of your comfort, they demand your attention. You should apply only if you’re sure about your patience and ability to handle important data. There is no room for error here. But, if you are efficient enough, you can even take up multiple projects! 

So, let’s take a look at the best websites for legit data entry jobs.  

1. Lionbridge

Field: Data entry, tagging, testing, content curation, and translation

Potential earning: Depends on the projects

Availability: Worldwide

One of the oldest players in the data-entry market, Smart Crowd, recently merged with Lionbridge to make the most legit platform for freelancers. This global community not just provides excellent data entry jobs, but also expertise in data research, website testing, and language-centric works. It pays one of the best rates, although it primarily depends on the project.

After joining this platform through an easy joining process, you should complete a single evaluation at least to be considered for data entry projects. You’ll get instant payments once you finish any task, although you need to reach the $30 threshold before you can withdraw your earnings. You can transfer your money directly to your bank account once per month.

2. SmartLocating

Field: Data entry and Data processing

Potential earning: Depends on the number of work hours

Availability: United States

This company has recently been selected as one of Houston’s best and brightest companies to work for. And, it has frequent openings for data entry freelancers, although it primarily focuses on apartment leasing. You’ll need to update and enlist new apartments and properties once you are selected for their data entry projects. Besides, you’ll also need to update the amenities and facilities of that particular property.

Currently, this website doesn’t have any direct link for joining their workforce. So, you’ll need to keep an eye on their career listing to grab the opportunity. It pays one of the best rates you can get in the data-entry market, although it depends on the number of hours you actually invest in the work.

3. SigTrack

Field: Data entry and signature tagging

Potential earning: Depends on the accuracy of tagging

Availability: United States

This platform primarily focuses on tagging the signatures of the United States citizens. So, you’ll need to upload your valid proof of US residency at the time of application. Just take a 3-second video of your face and your valid ID together and upload it to the platform to get started. Once you are selected, you’ll need to have dual 4K monitors with Windows Pro or Mac OS 10.12 or more to start working.

The payment is based on your error rate. If you can achieve 100% accuracy while tagging, you’ll get the full base value. However, you can earn at least 50% of the base value if you can achieve a minimum accuracy of 90%. You can check the base value of the project right next to its listing before starting any project. Find out more about Sigtrack right here.

4. Hiresine

Field: Data entry, typing, paid survey, and proofreading

Potential earning: Depends on the project

Availability: Global

Besides the regular home-based typing jobs, this website also provides paid surveys, proofreading projects, and several other kinds of freelancing opportunities. Available worldwide, this website now offers one of the market-standard rates for their freelance workers. However, the approximate earning mainly depends on the type of project you opt for.

After joining this website, you can directly send your proposal for the listed jobs. That application will then go through a multi-level review system to finally match you with the job. And, once you are selected, you can start working from home. For each completed project, you’ll receive the amount mentioned besides the job listing. And, right now, they don’t have any payment threshold.

5. Clickworker

Field: Micro tasking marketplace

Potential earning: Depends on the project

Availability: Global

One of the best platforms for freelance data entry operators, Clickworker has already made its name as one of the legit websites for making money through side gigs. While registering for this website, you can grab the opportunity to work in the field of AI research, eCommerce, retail, marketing, and others. Headquartered in the USA, this platform now has a presence in more than 136 countries worldwide.

By filling up the simple form, you can join the community of more than 1.5 million Clickworkers that work form their home to earn quite a good amount of money. After joining this platform, you can directly apply for the new projects that list daily. The final payout primarily depends on the type of projects and the accuracy rate.

6. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Field: Micro tasking marketplace

Potential earning: Depends on the task

Availability: Global

AMT is touted as the largest website for micro-jobs. It also established itself as the hub of the most legit human intelligence tasks like data entry, image tagging, transcription, typing, and more. Right now, it works on the pay-per-project model where you can earn individual rates for individual projects. This platform ensures the opportunity to take on multiple projects at the same time.

You get the flexibility of working at your preferred hours. A product of Amazon, this website has quite an easy application process; and now, it has openings for freelancers from all over the world. This crowdsourcing marketplace has a vast number of opportunities listed at any point in time. Besides, they also update the listing of freelance projects each day.

7. Microworkers

Field: Crowdsourcing marketplace

Potential earning: Depends on the project

Availability: Global

Known as one of the most legit websites for micro-jobs, the Microworkers has expertise in many fields of the freelancing world, such as transcription, paid surveys, data mining, image tagging, annotation, and more. This community of more than 1.4 million freelancers now pays one of the best rates on the market; however, it transfers earnings on a pay-per-microtask basis.

You can join the platform by filling the simple registration form. And, this platform is now available worldwide. Once you are done with the application process, just verify your mail id with the link that they send you. And, you can then start taking up projects and get paid. As of now, they have hundreds of available projects that they also update daily.

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8. Great American Opportunities

Field: Data entry for fundraiser’s campaign

Potential earning: Around $10 per hour

Availability: United States

Specialized in fundraising campaigns for the school of the United States since 1975, this website often has openings for freelance workers. Besides, they also provide one of the best rates for data entry projects to independent contractors. However, it doesn’t assure any fixed-job, as the opportunity is open twice a year – in June and then again in December. So, you should consider this strictly as a side gig.

Once your application is accepted, you’ll need to do the data entry and upload information related to school fundraising projects. As of now, they are paying around $10 per hour, although it depends on the typing speed. Besides the payment, they also assure great flexibility. This website has a simple contact form where you can upload your application.

9. Axion Data Services

Field: Data entry

Potential earning: Depends on the project

Availability: Global

Axion provides one of the best platforms for legitimate data entry jobs from home, although it rarely has an opening. And, whenever it does have one, it gets rapidly filled. So, you need to keep an eye on their career page to grab the opportunity. Besides being one of the most legit ones, this website also assures one of the best rates on the market. 

It now accepts freelancers from around the globe, although you’ll need to have at least two years of professional experience. Besides, you’ll also need to have a speed of at least 15,000 keystrokes per hour (50 words per minute). This website now has a nominal registration charge to keep you up to date about their future openings.

10. Capital Typing

Field: Data entry, Market research, Translation, Transcription

Potential earning: Depends on the project

Availability: Global

Since its establishment in 2002, Capital Typing provides excellent services for several global industry leaders. They now provide translation & transcription services, data entry, market research, and mailing service. Besides, they also have openings for freelance home-based workers to join their skilled group of employees. Once selected, you can get a good number of data entry projects per month.

The final payout depends on the type of job you choose. The transcription job will pay you on per audio minute basis, and the data entry jobs will have a fixed project rate. You can directly upload your application on the employment page. And, once you are shortlisted, their representative will have a Skype interview round with you. 

11. DionData Solutions

Field: Data entry, Market research, Translation, and Transcription

Potential earning: Depends on the project

Availability: United States

DionData Solutions does not just assure one of the best rates for the data entry jobs; it also ensures a continuous supply of available projects. However, they now only accept applications from home-based freelancers who have a minimum of 60 words per minute typing speed with a high level of accuracy. 

You will need a good computer along with high-speed internet connectivity to start your work. This site provides multiple data entry projects to their freelancers. So, you’ll need to have high efficiency to stand out on this platform. You’ll also need to able to handle strict deadlines. And, as of now, they only accept members who are permanent citizens of the United States.

12. Peopleperhour

Field: Freelance marketplace

Potential earning: Depends on the task

Availability: Global

Established in 2007, this UK-based company now provides an excellent platform for freelancers to take data entry jobs as their side gig and increase their overall monthly income. Besides offering one of the best rates in the industry, this website also assures you the flexibility of timing. They have hundreds of available data entry projects from multiple clients at any point in time. So, you won’t face any issues with the supply of projects.

Joining this platform is easy as you’ll just need to fill up their registration form to get started. And, once your account is verified, you can directly send the proposal to the listed clients that are looking for workers to complete their projects. They have both the project paying option, hourly rate, and fixed project rate. And, as of now, they are recruiting freelance remote workers from all over the globe.

13. Talentdesire

Field: Data Entry, Transcription, and Online Tutoring

Potential earning: Around $1k to $1.2k per month

Availability: Global

You will need to have a good computer and a high-speed internet connection along with a decent typing speed to become successful in this particular platform. Any freelancer working for Talentdesire earns almost $13,500 to $27,000 per year while taking this as their side gig. Besides the regular data entry and typing projects, this website also offers several other job profiles such as transcription and online tutoring.

This company will pay you $3 for every 300 words you type at the beginner level. Your earning will also increase along with your working level. A freelancer of the expert level gets $6 per 300 words that they type. However, you’ll need to maintain at least 98% accuracy to get the payment. And, according to their estimation, a freelancer with high accuracy can earn around $1125 per month while taking it as a side job.

14. Fiverr

Field: Freelance Marketplace

Potential earning: Depends on the project

Availability: Global

Fiverr is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms for freelance workers. It does not just assure you great projects from reputed clients; it also ensures an on-time payment standard. Even getting started is super-easy, as it doesn’t have any joining fee. Once you fill up their joining form, you’ll need to specify your niche. Then, you have to create your own gig of data entry and typing-related jobs.

Start with $5 for the basic service of data entry. And, you can definitely increase the charges for additional works and faster deliveries. While having an account on this platform, you’ll not only have the legitimacy of the online projects but will never face any shortage of project supplies. However, efficiency and on-time delivery is a must to get a good rating on Fiverr.

15. Flexjobs

Field: Freelance Marketplace

Potential earning: Depends on the job

Availability: Global

Since its establishment in 2007, this US-based company has been providing an excellent platform for legitimate data entry jobs from home. And not just that; you can also get various types of projects and job roles in this platform, as it has more than 50 different job categories. Besides full-time and part-time remote jobs, this website also provides an excellent marketplace for on-site tasks.

This site currently has a clientele consisting of industry leaders like Apple, Hilton, Dell, PWC, and many more. So, you’ll have a continuous flow of projects by joining this platform. Joining Flexjobs is easy, as you need to sign up using a simple form and then provide all the details to get started. And, once you complete making the account, you can choose from thousands of listed projects.


It is true that in most cases, data entry jobs do not require a specific academic qualification or certification. However, it is wrong to assume that such jobs are easy. Only someone with an eye for detail should apply for data entry jobs. A disciplined and patient data entry operator can take such an opportunity and turn it into a real money-maker.

And now, you know the best websites for legitimate data entry jobs from home. So, start earning today!  

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