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17 Best Online Jobs for College Students In 2022

Studying is a full-time job. But who can’t use a little extra cash in their pocket? Students are always short of money anyway, right?

If you’re looking for online jobs for college students, believe me, you’re in the right place!

How can I earn money online as a student?

As a college student, you might need to do numerous different things to survive College. You need to study, go to class, party, finish all kinds of various tasks, and you might also need to get some work done in order to be able to pay for everything college-related.

College is a constant tug of war between having enough money, having a social life, getting good grades, and getting enough sleep. Period!

If you are someone who needs to work while being in college, you need to find a job that pays you enough money and isn’t too demanding. Getting high grades and mastering your subjects only won’t give you the best career option. You need to explore more and get smarter to find the various possibilities out there.

17 Best Online Jobs for Students to Start from Today

Side income is a great way to help you to earn extra bucks while you’re in college and also build up your skills. Here are some of the ways available to earn side income while studying in the college:

 Make $15 Right Now Doing #1 & #2 

#1 Participate in Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys have been the most popular way to make extra money on the side.

If you are disappointed that you aren’t qualifying for many surveys or aren’t making much money, you won’t hereafter! I’ve compiled a list of legit survey sites that pay up to $50 per survey and the ones that pay even though you won’t qualify.

Surveys take just a few minutes to complete and you can get paid via PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards. Surveys are the simplest way to make money sparing little time every day, especially when I watch tv or listen to music.

What if you get rewarded for simply signing up? Some survey sites offer a welcome bonus and your account gets credited instantly upon registration. If rewards & sweepstakes excite you, here’s what you might like:

  • MyPoints – Get paid up to $50 per survey + $5 bonus after the first 5 surveys.
  • PineCone Research – Register, confirm the email and finally finish the demographic survey which takes less than 5 minutes. You can easily earn $3 per survey and $7 per product testing. Additionally, you’ll be entered into a draw to win $500 every two weeks or even $4,500 every quarter.
  • Vindale Research $1 welcome bonus earn up to $50 per online survey completed. Cash-out with PayPal!

#2 Do Simple Tasks

Ever thought you could be paid for reading emails, shopping online, taking polls, playing games, answering short surveys, rating websites, surfing the net, or watching videos?

Esteemed Reward Sites like Swagbucks and Inbox dollars pay their users to complete simple offers like these. Additionally, you are also offered a welcome bonus. Sign up right now and take advantage of the $5 signup bonus and added incentives:

#3 Tutoring

Tutoring is easy going fun to do side job that doesn’t involve stress! These days parents are looking for people who can help them in making their children smart. Depending on the specialty student majors, there are numerous opportunities to teach others.

On the other hand, students keep postponing the assignments and projects until the last minute and then they panic. Some of them come looking for help online. Students from all over the world face the same kind of problems.

To avoid last-minute hassles, they post their work on Online Tutoring, Homework Help, and Online Assignment Help portals. Subject experts (registered as online tutors on the platform) give answers to the questions or do the homework for them and earn money.

If you are knowledgeable in math or language, music, or history, you can earn pocket money by answering questions of other students or helping them with their homework, assignments, and projects

Chegg is a renowned online tutoring platform, that pays $20 an hour for time spent with students. Depending on the subject that you sign up for, there are plenty of students looking for assistance.

If you are a US or a Canadian resident with eligibility to work and are available to tutor at least five hours per week, you can start tutoring on Tutor. pays a minimum of $10 per hour for tutoring sessions. The hourly rate is actually dictated by the subjects and the hours spent tutoring. High-quality tutors can expect bonuses and incentives too. You can easily pocket $500 -$1000 a month spending just a few hours a day tutoring.

Here are 20+ Paid Homework Assistance Portals to Make Money

#4 Refer Your Friends & Earn Quick Bucks

College is the time for friends. If you have a bunch of friends then trust me you can make $100 in the next 24 hours by referring your friends to these sites. These are the most trusted sites across the globe with millions of users, so if you’re worried about losing your reputation or credibility, certainly you are not!

Ebates: This amazing cashback site allows you to earn $20 per qualified referral while your referral earns $10. If you want to save big, ebates is a must-try! The Ebates Cash Back Button makes sure you get Cash Back and coupons at over 2,500 stores.

While Ibotta (cashback app) & Swagbucks (Rewards site) pay $5 each per referral, Dosh (cashback app) pay $8 per referral!

Isn’t this the fastest way to make money especially when you have a huge friends list?

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#5 Offer Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is an amazing marketplace to offer services at unbeatable prices. Users sign up to Fiverr and get things done for just $5.

Yes, you also get to find a million services offered for as little as $5!

The most popular gigs are Transcription, Proofreading, Virtual Assistance, Graphics & Design, Writing, Translation, Business, Tech, social media marketing, and many more. The last one is rather interesting as it combines earning money with a pleasant leisure activity such as browsing social networks. If you’re knowledgeable about coding or web design, you might earn more.

On the other hand, if you want to buy services Fiverr is the best place to find top-rated freelancers at a reasonable price. Sign Up to Become a Fiverr Seller here

#6 Create an Online Course

A site such as Udemy allows people to share their skills with the world.

If you have something to offer, you can set up a course for people to take part in. You’ll have to supply training resources, such as videos, documents, etc for people to use when training for your course.

The better the information and the more interesting your topic is, the higher the chance of a) people taking your course and b) the more you can charge for your course. You’ll have to find a balance between time and cost for your course.

You can teach the following skills:

1. Computer skills.
2. Basic programming to build websites/apps etc.
3. Music Instrument.
4. Dance
5. Photoshop
6. Animations

#7 Create Websites

Website creation is an extremely simple process, especially thanks to sites like WordPress and Wix. You can easily create a website within a matter of minutes and have it published to the world. You can make money in several different ways with websites.

1) Create websites for other people – if you know what you’re doing and are able to get decent traffic to your site, you can pass your skills on by creating websites for other people. Loads of people don’t know the principles behind making a simple website or are scared to do so.

2) Monetize your sites with Google Ads – if you can bring in a decent amount of traffic to your site, you can start monetizing your website by incorporating Google Ads. They are a PPC (Pay Per Click) form of payment. 

3) Advertise – Offer advertising packages for other websites – these may include, links, banners, or product advertising.

#8 Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product or service, and in exchange, you get a slice of any sales.

The obvious advantage here is there is no upfront cost or effort involved in research and development or production. Someone else has done the legwork, and you are acting as a marketer on their behalf. The downside here is that literally, EVERYONE is doing it if there is money to be made.

Distinguishing yourself and standing out is a major battle and one which (in a competitive enough niche) will actually be tougher than a day job. You will need to pick a niche and work on it like crazy.

A renowned personal finance blogger I’ve come across in my blogging journey makes $50,000 – $100,000 a month solely from affiliate marketing and from a single site. She’s been in this field for more than a decade and is killing it. If you’re interested in honing the skills of affiliate marketing, I would definitely recommend her well laid out best-selling course.

Whatever you decide to get into with regards to affiliate marketing, my experience so far has taught me – the deeper you dive, the better money you make. A broad, general site covering a vast array of general topics will not cut the mustard. Too many people are doing it. If you want to make money, you are going to have to specialize.

#9 Online Research & Development for Startups

Being in an engineering college means that you have a burgeoning group of entrepreneurs – eager to start their own ventures. Many hope to own a startup too but they don’t really have an idea that they’d love to that extent yet. In that case, you can offer to do online research and development for business ideas that appeal to you – in return for a 10-20% stake in the business if it works out.

Many of these ventures may never take off – and still, fewer have chances to survive. But committing time and efforts right now keeps your brain cells ticking and makes you learn something new. Even if one of them turns out to be a big name tomorrow, you’ll be a proud co-founder!

#10 Work Part-time Offline

Totally irrelevant to the title of this post but this is how most students make money on the side.

Compose a catchy email mentioning all your accomplishments, qualifications, and projects you’ve handled personally. Find out all the relevant job portals where startups post their job listings, individually go to their websites and send them your proposal.

Apply to all these companies even If they’ve mentioned “Full time”. Yes, you don’t need to restrict yourself to apply only “Part-time” opportunities. If they find that you can solve their problem then they will definitely want to try you even If you work part-time.

#11 Vlogging and Editing

Besides blogging, you can also think of vlogging as a side job. Youtube has been the most popular video-sharing platform since it doesn’t involve any investment. As long as your videos are engaging and entertaining, there won’t be any looking back.

You can start off with something simple – even basic tutorials, DIY crafts, kids videos can do great on YouTube. And also starting a YouTube Channel doesn’t require any costly equipment other than the commitment and the will to be consistent.

Next, video editing can prove to be a really effective way to make money as a student. Many vloggers rely upon video editors and animators to give an effective finish to their videos.

Although YouTube has tools in its backend panel that allows you to edit videos right there, learning a video editing software like After Effects or Premiere Pro can allow you far greater depth. Other powerful and popular tools include Cyberlink Power Director, Corel VideoStudio, and Nero Video.

You can choose which software you want to work on, although I would recommend After Effects or Premiere Pro. Adobe has video tutorials on its own website that are also really good for learning the software, so that’s another thing that you can look into.

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#12 Sell Digital Products

When you have an internet business, it doesn’t have to be about selling physical products. In fact, digital products are one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money. Outside of affiliate marketing, it’s probably one of my favorite ways to make money online.

There’s no shortage of ways to create information products, but the most popular formats include:

  • Audio: a recorded teleconference, interview, course, or some other spoken-word product
  • Video: a recorded webinar, a how-to, an interview
  • Text: an ebook, an instruction booklet of some sort, a travel guide

In each of these categories, you can really get creative and make any type and format of content, as long as it’s engaging and useful.

No matter which way you do it, it’s passive income—money you earn while you sleep because you put these products up for sale on your website and a customer can buy and download them any time of day or night, automatically.

All you have to do is check the sales periodically to see what topics or types of products are selling best so that you can make more of those.

#13 Resume Writing

A compelling resume is the first point of contact with the person who is applying. The selection team quickly scans through the applications which makes it tough for him to go through each and every line written.

A perfect resume is not something that shows the best of experience, but it’s about creating an impression in the mind of the person who reads it. There were instances when many candidates were rejected even if the person is quite well-read and experienced due to improperly framed resumes.

If you have a flair for writing and spend some quality time learning about how to write resumes, then you could monetize your time and efforts later on, and work by charging the clients for writing their resume in a presentable manner.

The good part? They land a job while you earn. A win-win situation with lots of satisfaction on both ends.

#14 Personal Finance Consultant

You must be wondering what is this about or maybe, I don’t really know anything about finance or that I don’t have any background. We, as humans have always been investing. You are also doing the same for years and still counting. Still, puzzled? Let me explain.

Managing personal finance is nothing more than when the money that you have with you works for you rather than you working for money. Since many people are afraid to use their money to multiply it, they adopt the safest routes such as fixed deposits or savings accounts.

What you can do is to learn about all the investment vehicles that are there, their risk and return capacity, past performances, capital requirements, etc. Then study one important investment vehicle like stocks or mutual funds. Learn the technical aspects of choosing the right one because for each person, according to his risk consumption ability and the money that he has in his bank, the options to change.

That’s when you come into the picture. You can start by giving free advice to people and when they’re satisfied with your service, you convert yourself into a premium service provider. A lot of people make good fortune with this. They provide services like free stock picks, tips, recommendations, tutoring, etc. It is a high paying job if you put in the efforts to learn in the beginning.

Manage their money, make them rich and you get a big portion from it. Isn’t that rewarding?

#15 Dog Walking

Yet another quick way to make money spending just an hour a day!

Pet owners pay on an hourly basis for taking their pets for a walk and/or grooming them. Based on your locality you can easily get paid $10-$15 per hour doing this gig.

#16 Deliver Food 

If you have a car and some spare time, you can quickly make money on the side by becoming an Uber eats delivery driver. All you need to do is pick up food orders from restaurants and deliver them to your customers. This gig is amazing in itself and far better than being an Uber driver.

No hassles of maintaining a costly car (you can even deliver via bike/scooter), dealing with irksome customers, and above all flexible hours.

#17 Test Websites & Apps

Nowadays, companies spend considerable money on testing their websites and apps for usability. Website testing is the most flexible work from anywhere job that pays well!

If you can spare 20 minutes a day on testing websites/apps for user performance and multi-device usability, you can easily make $10-$15 per test! The most popular one being User-testing

The best part is this job doesn’t require any specific qualifications and can be handled from anywhere. All you need is a computer, an uninterrupted wifi connection, a webcam, and a microphone. The more tests you take the more money you make. The offers are mailed to you and you get paid via PayPal.

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What are the best jobs for college students?

Let me know in the comments below which of these online jobs do you find suitable for yourself!

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