Which wp hosting version you see is more powerful?

Self-hosted Wp hosting (WordPress.org) or free WordPress blogging platform (WordPress.com)?This question has been a source of ambiguity to most newbie bloggers over the years. To get to know the answer, first it’s important to get a clear insight about both the versions of WordPress hosting.

This article brings a comparison between WordPress.org vs WordPress.com highlighting the pros and cons of each platform. Thereby allowing to choose the better wp hosting amongst both stating the appropriate reasons for the choice towards the end of the post.

wordpress hosting (wp hosting) wordpress.org vs wordpress.com

Self-Hosted Vs Hosted Wp Hosting 

Whether you’re using the self-hosted software from WordPress.org or the hosted version at WordPress.com, the interface of both is quite similar. Some of the common features include Quick and easy installation and setup, easy to use interface to publish content, Comment and trackback tools, automatic spam protection through Akismet, great community support and many more.

Below is a comparison chart between both the versions of wordpress hosting.

hosted vs self-hosted wp hosting

Pros & Cons Of Both Versions of Wp Hosting

Lets check out the pros and cons of each, to simply find out which is better?


  • Ownership of your Content

WordPress.org allows you to own your own content. Since you host your own website on server, you have full control over your data, which is not possible with wordpress.com

  • Own a custom Domain name

On WordPress.org, the first step to installing and setting up a wordpress blog are choosing a domain name and then purchasing the registration through a domain registrar. Only then you will we able to host your site on the web server. Ex: sitename.com

Here are the top 6 Domain Name Registrar Services to register your custom domain name.

While a free wordpress hosting comes with a “wordpress.com” subdomain.

Ex: sitename.wordpress.com

With the free package, you can’t use a custom domain.Wordpress.com provides a domain name at $18+/yr.

  • Full Control over your Website

With WordPress self hosting, you have full control on how you want to promote your brand.  Your content and ideas are recognized by your name alone.

With a free wp hosting, you cannot access the code files even if you want to edit the html/css files.So, you automatically loose control over content.

  • Customization

Self-hosted WordPress offers the flexibility to build a site that looks completely unique.Thousands of free and paid themes with innovative designs are available. You can upload plugins and themes and also modify theme files if needed.

In hosted version, you cannot customize your website as per your requirements and goals since, installation of plugins or themes is not permissible.

  • Monetization

You will be able to make money from your website by displaying ads and using other forms of monetization with a self-hosted wp hosting.

While on the free version, monetization is not allowed.

Blogs with lots of traffic (about 25,000 pageviews per month) with a custom domain can request an invitation to WordAds (WordPress.com’s advertising network).The approval process doesn’t cost any money, but you have to split your revenues 50/50 with them.

Ads are automatically placed on all free wp hosting websites. If you don’t want your users to see ads, then you have to pay $30/yr to keep your site ad-free.

  • Analytics Integration

WordPress.org enables google analytics integration.

With a wordpress.com free hosting, you are restricted to analytics. You cannot use custom analytics software because you cannot add custom codes.

Note: However with a purchase of a wordpress.com business plan worth $24.92/month you can overcome all the drawbacks effectively, as the plan offers

  • a custom domain name,
  • email and live chat support,
  • unlimited premium themes,
  • advanced design customization,
  • unlimited storage space,
  • remove wordpress.com ads,
  • monetize your blog,
  • videopress support,
  • google analytics support and also
  • remove wordpress.com branding.


  • Requires Software Installation

The self-hosted version of WordPress, i.e. WordPress.org requires to download the software from the WordPress website and install it on a web server.

The beauty of a hosted version i.e. WordPress.com is that it requires no software, no downloads and no installations.

  • Money Involved

You need to host your website on a good web server.Using a web server is typically referred to as web hosting, which generally isn’t free.This doesn’t mean that it costs a lot. A good web hosting service will usually cost anywhere between $3 to $10 per month.

Here are some important details about: How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider

The hosted version is absolutely free for upto 3GB of space. After that you will have to pay for space.

A Premium plan is $99/yr for 13 GB, while a Bussiness plan is $299/yr for unlimited storage space.

  • Updates & Backups

You need to take care of the updates and backups on your sites on wordpress.org

While on wordpress.com, your site is regularly backuped.

What’s Better?

If you’re blogging out of passion with no interest to earning money, then you can straightaway opt for wordpress.com without another thought. But if you’re primary intention is to monetize a blog, then you simply can’t settle with the free version. You definitely need to go for the self-hosted wp hosting. Yes, money is involved but at the same time you would be making enough money to cover the costs.

To own a site similar to what wordpress.org offers, you need to purchase a premium plan on wordpress.com which is worth $99/yr (which still offers limited storage space and lacks google analytics integration).

In case of wordpress.org, you can go for hostgator web hosting worth $3.95/month for 1 year (now 43% off, usually $5.95/month), register a new domain name for just $7.95/yr which totals upto $55.35/yr and you have full control over your site. Here is an exclusive hostgator 60% Off coupon for new hosting plans which further reduces the price to 3.58/month for 1 Year.

Though wordpress.com is a great starter point for newbies to get a website online within minutes, it holds quite a lot of limitations. WordPress.org currently powers 27% of the web, including Hearmefolks (of course!). Bloggers are finding it a great platform to work as they have full control on everything.However, the final choice is always yours.

Now its your turn, what’s your opinion about the self-hosted wp hosting?

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  1. Hi,
    Great comparison, however, the button line is that if you want to create a personal blog then free wp hosting is ok, but, if you want to create a business website or if you are thinking of making money from your blog then a free wp hosting is no good. As you mentioned to have full control over your blog then you need a self-hosted implementation. You can start with a reliable shared hosting for very few dollars per month and upgrade your account as you grow. A few dollars per month is really manageable if you in exchange for gaining full control and ownership of your blog.

    1. Sowjanya Kundrapu

      Hi Qasim!
      Happy to have you here.
      When it comes to hosting, I feel the same. I’ve hosted this site on blogger earlier. I felt really happy for making the move to WordPress. The level of customization I’ve accomplished here is incomparable.

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