8 Productive Ways of Monetizing A Blog Nowadays!!

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Monetizing a blog in the right way can do wonders!

Don’t get disheartened if you still haven’t started making money.Simply don’t give up and leave where you have started. Experiment and evaluate the leading ways of monetizing a blog. Give time and take time until you find the rightful way to monetize your blog. Remember, with the right direction, planning and a little bit of logic this can be achieved quicker.

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All that matters is the path you chose for website monetization. There are ‘N’ number of ways to monetize a blog nowadays. But today, I’m not going to deal with any kind of monetization technique. Just the ones which are profitable, proven and highly preferred by successful bloggers to make money from blogging.Do test these multitude of options. Try to find out the best that suits your blog and work out on it, you will definitely succeed in making money from your blog.

productive way of monetizing a blog

Effective Ways of Monetizing A blog Are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Selling Advertisements
  • Affiliate programs
  • Sell Your Own Products and/or
  • Offer Consultancy Services
  • Sponsorships
  • Embed Youtube Videos
  • Email-Advertising

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is still the most effective way to monetizing a blog.

All you need to do is Sign Up for Google Adsense Account. Once you get adsense approval you can place a code on your website that will start displaying relevant ads to your website. You make money when your visitor clicks on that ad to go to another website, driven by contextual relevancy.

This is the easiest business model to make money through website monetization. Google Adsense is one such source of website income which you can never neglect even though there are many other alternatives.

But is also likely a low earner compared to the potential of some of the other business models like affiliate marketing, email marketing and selling products.

But it can only give you decent money once your blog start getting massive traffic.If you’re struggling to reach payout with Google Adsense you can try below ways or opt for other Adsense alternatives like Infolinks.

Hot Tip: If you are trying to sell a product or service on your website, try not to put Google AdSense ads or, in fact, any advertisements at all. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • If your competitor places an ad that Google finds relevant for your page then their ad will appear on your page. You may thus lose sales to that competitor as a result of the ads.
  • Ads distract your visitors from the real focus of your site. By clicking on these links your visitors might go to some other site even if those links do not lead to your competitors.

Check Out: Google Adsense Account Sign Up Process

Selling Advertisements

You can start monetizing a blog by selling advertisements when you have a reasonable traffic to your blog.However, the thought of Selling advertising on a website or a blog with limited or no traffic isn’t silly. Though its true that most advertisers are interested in putting their product in front of the highest number of eyeballs possible. Infact some advertisers find many good reasons and ways to sell ad space on low-traffic websites.

You can still succeed with limited traffic by delivering the right type of customer.Ultimately what interests the advertiser is the conversions and clicks.

But before you go in-search of an advertiser, get a good understanding of your website’s traffic. Do a bit of research on your google analytic stats. The factors like number of unique daily visitors, average actions per visit, bounce rate and page views helps you when you are ready to approach your advertiser. You can also fix the amount you prefer to charge for your ad space, based on these stats.

Once you’re ready its time to get out find advertisers and draft your first advertising offer.The banner ad price might vary from $10/month to as much as $5000 per month depending on your website performance.

You can start Selling Advertisements directly or as part of an ad network. Each has its pros and cons. Some large networks may not give you the opportunity if you don’t have enough traffic to begin with.Many sites make more profit from direct ad sales than from AdSense, but it is more work managing selling ads directly.

While, Ad networks can put you in touch with many more advertisers, but they also take a chunk of your profit. Often this chunk will be negligible, considering the network will allow you to sell more ad space.

Another tip: Think before you leap! Be careful with your advertising and chose only those ads appropriate for your audience. Always remember that any advertisement that drives away traffic from your website, even if it pays wells, will ultimately hurt rather than help.

Affiliate programs

This is the best and most popular way of monetizing a blog.Sign up for an affiliate program and once you are approved, start promoting products with your affiliate link.

To track conversions, the merchant will provide you with a special link that contains a unique referral code assigned to you. If people click that unique link, and buy the product or service you get a commission on the sale.

Joining and promoting an affiliate program is a free opportunity. Search for those products and services which are relevant to the visitors to your blog or website. Now check if the people selling products and services you love have an affiliate program.

Many successful bloggers have made good money with affiliate marketing from selling real users products and services.

Making money from affiliate recommendations is hard work but it generates steady passive income, unlike other ad based models you only get paid when one of your visitors actually converts. In order to begin generating those passive sales you’ll need to put in a few years of hard work to generate the brand and audience.

Sell Your Own Products

Besides advertising and affiliate programs, another way of monetizing a blog is by selling products/services. To create indirect revenue streams, you need to create your own products for sales.

If you have products to sell,simply create webpage and blog posts describing the making and benefits.You can as well produce and embed YouTube videos about your products in your blog posts.

For Example: If you’re an author with books to sell, you can excerpt a small portion the book. Likewise, if you’re an artist, you might produce a photo slide show of his work, and the crafts-maker might upload a short video walk-through of the crafts she has for sale.Let your promotions do the sales for you.

All you have to do is make a webpage that sells the product, create the order form, and the auto email order confirmation.Then setup a Merchant PayPal account to receive money.Finally, track the costs and revenue of selling a product online.

If you have a great product and a solid marketing plan, you can start an online e-commerce store.

This is form of website monetization is the toughest of all, since it involves all the work from production to promotion. But, its highly productive way of monetizing a blog. Once you get reasonable traffic and deliver good sales pitch it turns simple.

Offer Consultancy Services

If you’re a consultant and want to promote your consulting services, you can create and upload a short video which demonstrates what you offer your potential clients. A motivational lecture, perhaps, a slide show or something similar might serve the purpose.You can use the video to establish your expert status and thereby expand your consulting services.

You can offer consulting services via email, forum and Skype on hourly basis and get paid for your knowledge.

This requires a large follower base and a good reputation in your field.Moreover, this method isn’t suitable for start ups, unless you excel in a field. If you can showcase your talents and skills to the public, you can straightaway start offering consultancy services. Otherwise you need to gain expertise and then aim for offering such services in the future as you grow your website.

Paid Reviews/Sponsorships

Sponsorships is when a company will pay you to review and promote a product. Posting product reviews is the effective way to make money from a site. With sponsorships there are benefits for you and the company sponsoring you may earn a percentage from the sales that come from your viewers.

Gaining sponsorships is not always easy and some sponsorships may be harder to get than others.The first factor companies will look at is your viewer and subsciber base.

The best way to gain sponsorship will be to contact companies yourself.Email them, call them and if your close then drop in. During the chat, explain that you want sponsorship then explain how your website is marketable and how you will help them. Tell them how many subscribers you have and how many monthly views you get and then explain what you would like such as a discount code or a product to review.

Remember,do not charge heavily, especially if you are a small channel.If a company declines you, you can retry when you grow more and apply at different companies for acceptance.

Embed YouTube Videos

Here’s another thought provoking way to monetizing a blog. This is a trending and productive money making strategy applied and tested by many succesful bloggers.

Embed Your YouTube videos on your blog!

Videos speak louder than content!

If you understand this then you’ll easily be able to understand the marketing strategy behind this monetization technique.

You might be wondering what to produce. Produce videos related to your niche/products/services anything.

You can make money by selling advertising on these YouTube videos.Besides that there are several other ways to earn money from your YouTube videos. The intriguing feature about this is that you can earn extra revenue from both, your blog and videos.

By default, YouTube automatically enables ads on all monetized video clips on which you’ve enabled monetization.

The prime reason behind the success of this method is the interlinking of your income sources (blog & YouTube).

You can learn more about this here.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is often reported as second most effective online marketing tactic. All you need to do is build your email list.

Remember, its not direct money and you wont get rich by sending emails. Its an indirect way of monetizing a blog. The results of which show up in the long term.

Email marketing helps you first create relationships with your followers by simply offering great information and/or help for FREE. Spamming through emails is never a good idea.

This method is considered fairly mandatory for any type of product sales. With email marketing you can reach substantial numbers of email subscribers who have opted in (i.e., consented) to receive email communications from your website.

Its better late than never! If haven’t start building your email list from today, otherwise your definitely loose a valuable portion of your customers.

Winding Up

In my opinion, these are the most popular ways of monetizing a blog that yield reasonable or huge profits.  But that’s not all to the list.

In my upcoming posts I wish to add some more ways of monetize your blog and make money. They are in no way connected with the ones listed above and are totally “out of the box”.

Figuring out what works for you and your website doesn’t mean picking one strategy and sticking with it. Try multiple approaches, and track the results.

Whether you prefer to sell your own products, partner with other ad networks, mix and match methods to create a strategy that works for you.

Show some patience and wait for the time to come.Your hardwork will definitely repay itself.

Hope you like this post.Please let me know if this article is worth a read.

Have you had success in making money on your website? What has worked for you? We’d love to hear your experiences and tips in the comments!

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