15 Actionable Tips That Will Increase Your Adsense RPM

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What is Adsense RPM? RPM is an acronym for revenue per thousand impressions.Then what is eCPM? It is the effective cost per thousand impressions. These terms aren’t just vital but they are confusing enough to be misleading. While, the older AdSense interface refers to eCPM, the newer version shows RPM. But, technically both mean and are the same.

As you read along the post, you are sure to get a clear picture of both. But, before we dive straight into these terms, its highly important to gloss over the basic terminology of the Adsense tracking system.

Whether you’re planning to sell advertisements on your website or want to study the ad progress & performance reports or arrive at the Adsense estimated earnings, which you must be well aware of the terminology incorporated in the Adsense performance reports.

  • CPC (cost-per-click)
  • Impressions
  • CPM (cost-per-mile)
  • RPM
  • Page Views
  • CTR (click-through-rate)
  • Active View Viewable
  • Estimated Earnings

Most of these terms are fairly straight forward.Like for example CPC. While a few might need clear perception.

CPC (cost-per-click)

CPC is a widely used acronym for Cost per click. This represents how much advertisers are willing to pay for a click on a specific keyword This parameter helps you decide, how much you can make per ad click on your website. If the advertisers are willing to pay a lot of money for a certain keyword you are using on your website, and if you’re getting a considerable amount of traffic then it can bring in a lot of money for you.

As per Wikipedia :

Cost per click (CPC) also called as Pay Per Click, is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

Cost-per click is important because it is the number that is going to determine the amount your going to be paid for the clicks generated on your site.

While most people get confused between Page views and Impressions. Here’s how they differ.

Page Views

A page view is what Google counts every time a user views a page displaying Google ads regardless of the number of ads displayed on that page.


While, an impression is the number of ad units (for content ads) or search queries (for search ads) that showed ads.

Note: While, “clicks” refer to clicks made on ads. “Impressions” however, include both the link unit and the ads that appear on the ad page.

Active View Viewable

The percentage of impressions that are viewable out of all measurable impressions.

Note: This metric only includes impressions from regular AdSense for content ad units, AdSense for video and AdSense for games ad units, it doesn’t include data from link units.

Estimated Earnings

It is the amount you earned for the clicks and impressions overall.

CTR (click-through-rate)

Click-through Rate is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of individual ad impressions. Suppose you are showing 3 AdSense ads on every page, your 1 page view is equal to 3 ad impressions.

CTR = ( Clicks / Ad Impressions ) * 100

Suppose, you get 5 clicks out of 500 ad impressions, your CTR would be 1%.

So What’s Adsense RPM & eCPM?

Here’s what you want !!


The revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is the average earnings per one thousand ad impressions. eCPM is the effective cost per thousand impressions. While, the term eCPM was used in the old interface, RPM has come into usage in the latest interface.

According to Inside Adsense, “RPM is a commonly used metric in advertising programs, so using this term may find it helpful for comparing revenue across different channels.” So, to avoid confusion in the future, Google prefers to use only one term (RPM).

RPM is the amount an advertiser is willing to pay for 1,000 impressions. It is an income model where advertisers pay you a fixed price per thousand impressions. No click on them is necessary for you to earn something from AdSense.

To calculate this figure, you need to divide your estimated earnings by the number of page views, impressions or queries that you received, then multiply by 1000.

eCPM/RPM = (Estimated earnings / Page Impressions) * 1000

For example: If your estimated earnings are $0.50 from 100 page views, then your page eCPM or RPM would equal ($0.50 / 100) * 1000 or $5.00.

Both the terms are referring to the same thing. eCPM and RPM represent your estimated earnings for every 1000 impressions.

Just 15 Steps to Increase Your Adsense RPM!!

Hold tight, there is a good news!! Beware, there is a bad news too!!

Good News:: Adsense RPM is not affected by the CTR.

It means that in this revenue model, “No clicks are necessary to earn money from Adsense”.

Hurray, let’s make the best of this now 🙂

Bad News:: You need to remove certain ads. Yes, you heard me right. Don’t panic, I will help you out.

[wp-like-lock] your content [/wp-like-lock]

  • Check out the 5 Best Google Ad Placement Tips that will Increase RPM
  • Distribute your ads wisely considering the Adsense heat maps.
  • Head over to Gtmetrix, or google page speed insights to evaluate your site speed. If required, take necessary steps to increase your site speed, for the ads to load faster.
  • Adopt a highly responsive theme, for the ads to load quickly on mobile devices.
  • Style your ads in a way so as to blend well with the theme and layout. Do not overdo!!
  • Create Custom Channels to track the performance of specific ad units.
  • Use section targeting.
  • Ruthlessly Block the irrelevant ads.

***Try various ad placements (depending on blog layout) and run the experiments for atleast a week/fortnight for maximum results.

Winding Up

Finally, one last word. More traffic! More Ad Impressions. Hence, More Revenue. So make efforts to drive maximum traffic & reap maximum benefits so as to increase your Adsense RPM!!

Just proceed with these tips to yield maximum results and increase your adsense revenue. What worked for me will definitely work for you as well.

Do not jump into conclusions immediately.

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