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HearMeFolks offers Beginners Adsense Guide to accomplish money making goals. Here are the highlights, you might be interested in.
Adsense is the pioneer of contextual advertising. Every bloggers dreams to own an adsense account and make fast money.
Adsense for Content offers contextual ads which is the main source of income for many renowned bloggers. Adsense for Search is another product of Adsense which opens gates for earnings.
All this valuable information cannot be consolidated in a single page. To spread the knowledge about these money making resources, hearmefolks offers simple, clean Adsense tutorial and how-to guides.
From wining adsense approval to reaching payout you can find all necessary stuff here.
This adsense guide includes the setup and working of Adsense for Content, Adsense for Search & Adsense for Videos
Here’s a gist:

New Adsense Account Approval Process (classic method &
Selection of Best Performing Google Ad Sizes
Ad Unit Creation
Lucrative Google Ad Placement to drive more clicks
Adding Adsense Code to Wordpress (like header, footer,sidebar,in posts etc)
High CPC Keyword Research to for higher adsense earnings
Increasing Ctr
Understanding Adsense Performance Reports
Optimizing Ad Units
Targeting Demographics and Geo locations
Any many others useful resources

This Beginners Adsense Guide intends to provide every piece of information that definitely multiplies your adsense earnings.
Make the best of this tutorial to generate maximum revenue. Help me spread the strategies to a larger scale of audience!!

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