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5 Best Google Ad Placement Tips that will Increase ctr

What’s the most lucrative position for Google Ad Placement on your website? If you’re an adsense publisher, this question might have definitely struck your mind at some point of time.Do you have an answer?

This was a prime point of concern, not just for you but for me as well for several days. That was when I decided to dig deep into the topic and analyze the best working Google ad placement locations.

As a result, I came up with this post. If you follow the tips & strategies embedded in this guide you can achieve an Increase In Adsense CTR and thereby Revenue ?

If you find them helpful I hope you’ll remember to share and encourage me to post more amazing stuff here on hearmefolks :mrgreen:

Now Lets Start!!

google ad placement

Why Location plays a vital role in google ad placement?

What’s the use of placing ads at locations where they are easily ignored?

After all, your adsense earnings are dependent on ctr and ad impressions (the number of times an ad is viewed or displayed on a web page).

Location is the key to most businesses but the entrepreneurs typically build their reputation at a particular spot.

Underline Particular spot, this is what we are particularly interested in today;-).

Studies have shown that, ad awareness reduces the click through rate to a vast extent.Most visible ads are more likely to get ignored and hence aren’t always effective. Lets consider this scenario as well.

As per the above interpretation:

[bctt tweet=”To avoid being ignored as ‘blatant advertising’, ads should be placed wisely to become an integral part of the blog at vulnerable locations.” username=”hearmepals”]

So, where to put your ads wisely?

Now that we know the success formula, lets find out those particular spots for ad placement to ramp up your adsense earnings 💡

Where Visitor’s Point Of Interest Lies

The best location for google ad placement is where your content is more likely to interest and engage your visitors.

Its wise to place ads at locations where your readers might be interested in rather than at some random places.

Find where your visitor’s interest lies 😎


Do not worry 😆

You can find them with Adsense heat maps. You can even create several points of interest with the use of infographics, tables, images and other similar techniques.

Whatever may be the technique you adopt, gain your visitors attention by providing resourceful content. Only then they are most likely to engage with your content and click on relevant ads and posts.

Where Distant Birds flock Together

Another universal strategy is to use Google Adsense heat map, which clearly points out at the best working google ad placement.This helps to identify the reading pattern of your visitors, which lets you know where your readers are more likely to look.

Adsense heat map for an average site

Adsense Heatmap for google ad placement

Have a look at this, the darker areas (deep orange) are the lucrative spots, where more visitors are expected to flock. While, the lighter ones are the less influential spots.

You need to note that the heat map varies depending upon your site. So generate the heat map for your site to find out the points at which your visitors are engaged.

Next comes the most suggested tip of all. Wondering what? Here’s it!

Where, the first looks thrive

Isn’t it above the scroll content.

The portion of the website where the visitors are mostly engaged before scrolling down to read more is, technically termed as the “Above the Fold”.

Most bidders compete for these locations and hence pay very high bids for above the fold ads. This is the reason why adsense places the top paying ads at the top, while the lower ones at the bottom.

Placing ads in this section works magic as they can easily steal the attention of the visitor at the first look and are more susceptible for a click through.

This doesn’t mean that you should stuff this portion with multiple ads.

Remember, less is the new more and often more powerful.

This limits the options for the visitors and they get only few ads to click above the fold.

Where the lucrative Slots are available

Another important factor which determines the google ad placement is the design and layout of the website. It varies according to the theme adopted for the blog.

Nowadays, most themes come with adsense optimization and ad management.

I recommend you to either Grab a Premium wp theme at a discounted price or simply download the free theme at MyThemeshop, which automatically comes with all the required features.

All you have to do is identify the specific places that you consider as engaging and then mark them as the likely slots to place an ad.

Follow these adsense mantras to increase your adsense earnings straightaway.I would love to hear more additions to this list from your side as well.

I simply can’t conclude this post here without pointing out at the best practices for ad placements.

Best Practices for Google Ad Placement

We can place a maximum of 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes on a webapge. Taking these numbers into consideration lets check out all the possible probabilities for google ad placements that triple your ctr.

Important Read: Stay Away From These Google Ad Sizes For Profits

These best practices have been derived based on various experiments and google recommendations.

Google says that certain areas of a website are more effective than the others.

[bctt tweet=”Researchers have found that when people look at a website, their eyeballs start moving from the top left corner gradually travelling towards the end from left to right.” username=”hearmepals”]best practices for google ad placement 1

This is the reason why, placing a 336×280 large rectangle ad unit into your article towards the upper left-hand side works well.

Besides, this you can also choose to place the above ad unit either on the upper right of the content or below the blog title as a second option depending on your webpage layout.

Note: Text ads placed within blog posts generally outperform the image ads and have better CTR.

Place another 336×280 large rectangle or 300×250 rectangular ad unit between the article and practices for google ad placement 2

Heap up the ad impressions by compelling your visitors to comment on your articles. This can be achieved by providing only meaningful content. It’s all about give and take!

Finally you can add a 160×600 wide skyscraper/responsive ad unit below the right/left navigation bar and set it to display text and image ads.This place is also likely to attract more clicks due to its nearness to the mouse clicks.

These are the most lucrative positions for google ad placement attracting more clicks and increasing your adsense earnings.

Check this out for a  quick step-by-step guide on:

How To Place Adsense Ad Units On Your WordPress Blog (at your desired locations).

Over to you

I would like to wrap up this post at this point  🙂

Stay tuned until my next post on tricks to increase adsense ctr 😉

There is no definite way to increase your adsense earnings. What works for one might not work for others. If you compare the one you use with the one I use, you will see quite a distinct difference.

So, adopt the locations you find worthy, only after properly experimenting them from your end.

If you have already come up with the best working google ad placement for your website, care to share some valuable experiences with your fellow publishers in the comments section below 🙂

Agarwal Rachit

Wednesday 15th of April 2020

Really a great post to me as well as who is novish in blogging platform.

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Wednesday 24th of April 2019

Very Useful Blog ? Thank You So much!?

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Wednesday 15th of May 2019

Thanks a lot, Ishank!


Thursday 12th of July 2018

Great information. I will check out the rest of your blog.


Friday 16th of March 2018

I will try it out, thank you for this useful article


Saturday 21st of October 2017

I tried placing 320x100 on top and it works good.

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