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Two Best-Selling Affiliate Marketing Courses to Boost Your Income

Affiliate marketing is my most favorite monetization method when it comes to blogging. It gives me the scope to experiment with new strategies and techniques so as to improve the conversion rates and make more money.

I would say, affiliate marketing is a skill that needs to be honed. If you’re not making money as an affiliate, you might have understood this by now!
One of the most important things about improving your affiliate marketing skills is looking and learning from the best

Yes, you can learn a lot through self-implementation. But, you’ll be wasting your precious time (time ∼ money) in this process with lots of trial & error. You seriously don’t have to take this path unless you enjoy experimenting with things and have lots of time in your hands.

What I recommend is investing a few bucks in the best resources available and learn from those who have already succeeded. See what they are doing. Learn from their mistakes!

And see how you can achieve the same and you’ll definitely start making money in no time (ROI guaranteed, so there’s nothing to lose)!

If you’ve read my previous posts, you might have heard me speak a lot about the two best-selling affiliate marketing courses. And, I must agree, they totally changed the way I dealt with affiliate marketing. Today, I’m here to discuss them in detail.

It’s always good to know, both sides of a coin before investing in something. So, I’ll help you choose the best of the best with an honest, profound review of both courses.

And most importantly, I don’t want to represent just my opinion here. I conducted a Facebook poll and also asked for feedback from established and expert bloggers who already took both courses.

Before we dive in to see those valuable testimonials, let’s get started with mine first…

#1 Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

  Price – $79  
This course by Carly Campbell (the lady who makes $21,527.58 just from affiliate sales) has helped me SO much so that, I have seen a significant increase in affiliate income (from $0.95K to $1.2K in just 30 days), accounting from 6x over my average conversion rate, all in under a month!  

I’ve been watching Carly from the sidelines since last year and had to jump in when she launched her course AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BLOGGERS

This course is dreadfully amazing, detailed, practical, and above all highly affordable. The case studies, videos & real-life examples quoted inside are exemplary.

Besides that, with the bonus email marketing strategies within the course, you’ll learn to write emails that will make you stand out from the crowd and earn you loyal readers.

 If you’re looking at adding an additional stream of income to your blog or are not happy with your affiliate income, this is a course that you should consider adding to your blogger course kit.

For bloggers who have been at this for some time, this course will help you optimize your affiliate marketing strategies. You will start seeing immediate results, once you start applying the tips and strategies shared in this course.

So, get started with this no-fluff “AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BLOGGERS”Catch up with everything you’re missing. 

Want to Increase Your Affiliate Sales? GET THE COURSE RIGHT HERE!

 Here are the MAIN HIGHLIGHTS 

 ➡ Basics of Affiliate Marketing

 ➡ How to find Affiliate Products, that are best to promote for Average Bloggers

 ➡ Best practices for Affiliate Links Placements

 ➡ Working Tips to Increase Conversions & Sales with Several Case-studies in 2 Niches

 ➡ How to WRITE EMAILS, that people read (with Ultimate Bundles case-study)

 ➡ Affiliate Launch Promotions

 ➡ Everyday Email Promotions with Case-studies


I can’t think of any!


Here, comes the next…

#2 Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

 Price – $197   

Michelle from ‘Making Sense of Cents’ makes over $50K a month just from affiliates (over $100K/month altogether)! So she knows what she’s doing and reveals all her affiliate secrets in this course.

I would say, Making sense of Affiliate Marketing is not just a course, rather an opportunity to learn KILLER stuff from the affiliate marketing whiz herself. Everything, you might want to learn about Affiliate Marketing is well-tackled and you need not look back.

From Affiliate Marketing Basics to Product Promotions on various social media platforms, and Pinterest marketing tips it covers everything necessary to grow your blog exponentially. The step-step videos and worksheets, in every module, will guide you through crucial phases of affiliate marketing!!

For beginner bloggers who want to take off on the right note, this course is a MUST!


Here, comes the Course Deets…


Michelle runs a Fantastic FACEBOOK GROUP, exclusive to the members of this group. It is an amazing place to meet several top-notch bloggers and build a strong network (which otherwise isn’t possible). As a newbie, you’ll be amazed to see the helpful responses you receive with regard to your blogging concerns and struggles!!

Michelle runs several Facebook threads on designated days of the week. They go like this:

  • Motivation Monday
  • Sharing Tuesday
  • Winning Wednesday
  • Feedback Thursday

This helps to increase activity and user engagement in the group and also helps one another.

In addition to the above, this special thread – “Ask Michelle” runs bi-monthly (on the 2nd Saturdays of every month), dedicated solely to resolves one’s queries. You are free to post questions relevant to your business and the course.


 ➡ How to find & apply Affiliate Programs – (this includes 80+ affiliate programs for different niches + Worksheets)

 ➡ How to get your Readers Convert without you being salesy – which includes

  • Necessary Tools
  • How to build trust
  • How to pick the right affiliate products to promote
  • Deep linking on Amazon & Shareasale
  • Improvising your blog posts to increase affiliate sales

 ➡ Strategies & Ways to Promote Affiliate Products on different Social Media Platforms


a) Tips to improve your affiliate income around the holidays…. (along with things you should avoid while promoting)

b) How to always get approved to an Affiliate Program?

c) How to receive viral traffic from Pinterest every month?

d) What to do, when a Post goes Viral?

e) How to increase Page Views?

f) How to Maximize your reach & revenue with Facebook Ads?

g) WRITING strategies that will take your content to the Next Level!


I would say, the price is a big pull-back for many – $197 (one-time payment), 2 x 105 (2 monthly installments).

Once you start applying the tips and strategies shared in this ‘best selling affiliate marketing course’ – No wonder, you’ll start seeing great results, and the ROI (return on investment) turns out to be very lucrative. It sure beats the returns you’ll get on working your way through the system yourself.

My Achievements:

After taking the course, my perspective towards affiliate marketing completely changed.

It helped me optimize my affiliate marketing strategies, get accepted to affiliate networks in a jiffy, increase my Pinterest reach, thereby leading to more traffic and conversions.

CLICK HERE to Get The Course!

  Poll Results & Testimonials for the Two Courses  

Poll Question: Of the two courses, which one benefitted you the most?

Of the 16 participants, 8 bloggers voted for Carly’s Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing While the rest 8 voted for both, stating they were benefitted from both of these courses!

Here’s what they got to say in their own words:

I took both and enjoyed both. I took Michelle’s Course first and it really helped me get my feet off the ground and loved her Facebook group. I took Carly’s Course later and it was also super and gave me some new insights and reminders on things I need to do. I love Carly’s FB group, too. I don’t know that I can choose between the two, and I’m glad I took both!Debbie Gartner

I found for myself Carly’s course was much more useful and gave me way more results. Plus the course taught me loads of other really improving blogging-related things too! But saying that I think Michelle’s Course would be great for total aff marketing newbies!Sammy Allan

I’ve taken both. Both are great and worth it. Very different courses, so its hard to compare. Take one now, and take one again later when you have more income to spend. (I think continued learning is helpful!) If you’re on a budget, Carly’s is more affordable right now.Stormy Stevenson

I have taken both courses, and really learned a lot from both. I think Michelle’s course is great for learning the foundations. Also, her FB group is pure gold and almost justifies the cost without a course. She interacts and offers advice to other bloggers which I think is super helpful. Carly’s course seemed like it made something click that I didn’t get in Michelle’s course. I think as a newbie, Michelle’s course is better. For those who have a bit of experience with aff marketing–Carly’s course can deliver a missing piece (or at least it did for me). I hate to choose one over the other because they are both developed by AMAZING bloggers and they are both worthy courses. For me, whatever it was in Carly’s course is more useful to me at this point in my journey, but in the beginning, I may have chosen differently.Audrey Marshall

I took both and enjoyed both! Michelle’s does a great job at explaining all the basics of affiliate marketing for someone brand new to the topic. I took it as a 9-month-old blogger and there was so much I hadn’t heard about yet. She gives tons of awesome ideas of affiliates to join, numerous blog post examples, plus she updates her course regularly. The price seemed high at first but I got it on sale, her private Facebook group is one of my favorites, her Tailwind Tribes is great too and you can ask her questions in her group. In particular, I think it’s a great course for people in the finance niche.

I LOVE Carly’s course for different reasons! One, taking a course from Carly is like hanging out with your new blogging best friend lol. Her affiliate marketing course covers what Michelle’s doesn’t and is an intermediate level, so I actually recommend both to readers depending on their particular situation and possibly their niche. I think Carly’s is more relatable for mom and lifestyle bloggers since all of her posts are from her mom blog niche. Plus, I think her course is great for someone trying to use Amazon for affiliate marketing (Michelle’s doesn’t cover Amazon). Plus, it’s Carly! So it makes you want to buy it?Her public FB group is one of my favorites too!

When people ask me to pick one over the other, I usually recommend Carly’s since I think it’s relatable to, more niches, but honestly, I’d really recommend buying both eventually!Joe Koellmann

I’ve taken both. I feel they actually complement each other really well. Also, Michelle really breaks down the best way to find what you should try to affiliate for on your blog.Crystal Lynn

Final Wrap-Up!

If you’re still struggling to choose between the two, this might help!

MAKING SENSE OF AFFILIATE MARKETING will help you proceed strategically right from the beginning. But, at the same time, the course is valued more than it’s worth. If you’re a novice and want to learn essential affiliate marketing basics and some killer strategies all in one place, then this it!

If you can afford the price and totally new to affiliate marketing, I would definitely suggest this course over Carly’s course (which speaks of the next level of affiliate marketing). Interested? Get started with this no-fluff affiliate marketing course “MAKING SENSE OF AFFILIATE MARKETING” – Catch up with everything you’re missing. I bet you’ll love it!

On the other hand, If you’re failing at crafting conversion proven emails, want to promote your affiliate products, make more Amazon affiliate sales, do product launches and effective email marketing every day, then “AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BLOGGERS”, will help you achieve that with ease. This course can be considered an extension to the previous one, and a bit more advanced…

It personally helped me drastically increase my email open and click-through rates.

Yes, these courses helped me successfully launch my affiliate career and also grow my blog drastically in a short period of time. If you’re struggling to make any affiliate sales, then these courses will definitely lead you in the right direction. And, I bet you’ll definitely notice the income shift within no time.

I purchased both courses and I’m glad I made the right move. Pinteresting Strategies ebook created by Carly really helped me understand Pinterest a lot better and get bucketloads of traffic without the aid of a scheduler.

That’s when I trusted more of Carly and I went ahead grabbed her Affiliate Marketing course the moment it launched. As expected, the book delivered great tips and new insights on things I need to do immediately to improve my conversion rates and also make more money from email marketing.

That’s it! Hope this review helps you, make the best choice!

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Thursday 4th of April 2019

Hey, Iove this article thanks for sharing. I just finished setting up my first blog and currently looking to invest in an affiliate marketing course. I keep reading reviews about Savage Affiliates but can't make up my mind because of the price. I understand it has a ton of value which I can kind of justify for the price. Would love to get your opinion on it and is it something someone needs when first starting out. Thanks again for the tips. I'm on the fence if I should sign up or not.


Saturday 5th of January 2019

I appreciated the feedback I did notice that you didn't mention how much Carly's course cost?

Swati Chalumuri

Sunday 6th of January 2019

Oh, yea you are right. Thanks for informing it to me, Anita! I updated the info. Carly's course is $79.

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