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12 Helpful MyLot Tips & Tricks to Make More Money

Need Mylot tips & tricks? Want to make more money and become a Successful Mylotter? But have you ever thought about what it takes to become a successful Mylotter? How Mylotters make hundreds of dollars? Well, the answer is dedication, passion, and most important they are serious about earning money.

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12 helpful mylot tips and tricks to become a successful mylotter

Here are a few Mylot Tips & Tricks to Help Make More Money:

Lots of people try to earn money online but very few get success. But with Mylot this is a cakewalk. Yes, Mylot can pour in instant money, and turn into your best source of income in no time. But only if you follow certain Mylot tips & tricks and its guidelines, Here, I have listed the most helpful Mylot tips & tricks. Truly follow them to become a successful MyLotter very soon.

Why You shouldn’t skip reading Mylot guidelines?

The first and foremost tip I would suggest you to do is to read the guidelines of Mylot properly before you start any discussion, otherwise, there is every possibility of your discussion being deleted for violation of the guidelines. So every member of Mylot must be thorough with the guidelines.

Make your Discussion interesting & interactive: 

How much you can earn with each discussion, response or comment depends on how interesting and valuable the myLot community considers it. The more that other myLot users interact with what you post, the more money it will make. If no one reads what you wrote, interacts with it, or otherwise considers it interesting, then you likely won’t earn anything.

Start your own discussions:

The trick on this is to make them interesting so that you can get as many replies as possible. The more comments you receive, the more money you can make from that discussion.

Reply to other’s comments:

This makes the discussions more interesting and longer. Moreover, when you reply to someone’s discussions with some valuable and helpful inputs, they show their courtesy in replying back to yours in the same way and try to participate in your discussions as well.

Make lengthy posts:

Try to make your posts (that may be discussions, responses, or comments) at least a few sentences long. I know that when you just post a few words, no cash is really added to your account so always try to post at least 3-4 sentences. There is no limit to the content you post. So post as much as you can and get paid accordingly.

Search for your Interests:

Look for discussions that interest you. This makes commenting easy, you won’t have to think and think what the heck to reply to people right? If you like the subject then comments come easy and fast and thereby you can earn money faster without much stress.make more money with mylot tips & tricks

Always look for Offers:

Your Offers are dependent upon which country you live in. Advertisers choose which countries they wish to target, so that’s why different users will see different Offers. Whenever you log in to mylot first look for offers in the offers section. Just click on an Offer that interests you and carefully follow the instructions displayed next to it. Offers are instant money don’t miss them ever.

Think wisely:

First, try to complete the offers that are easy (even though the advertiser pays less) and quick to complete, such that you don’t waste time, later on move to the rest. Sometimes offers with higher payouts are tricky and consume time, while in the meanwhile, you loose the simple quick offers. Think wisely.

Make friends:

Remember what I said earlier? Mylot is a place to hang out with worldwide friends and have fun. So try to make new friends and rate and review their discussions. In turn, many will rate and review yours. This will help you make more money at MyLot.

Add Pictures:

You can earn points by adding pictures and posting in the discussion forums. These points will help you earn ratings and privileges in the community. Points add up over time, so be consistent.

Build your profile:

Develop your profile page on MyLot. MyLot has a simple default page where you can add your profile page. Add link to your blog or website etc. Be sure to add an avatar. As you make friends and participate in discussions, people will check out your profile and may click on the links to visit your other pages.

Bonus Tip:

Have a blog or website? Then you can post links that relate to content you have created at your other sites. With thousands of discussion topics at MyLot, you can easily find and/or start threads that relate to the content you have written. Mylot encourages people to post links to outside sources so you can increase traffic to your blogs, or websites. This is the finest way to promote your blogs and websites to a worldwide audience and make money at MyLot. In fact, you are getting paid to promote your own links. Isn’t that great and awesome?

I suggest you stick to Mylot forever to reap the maximum benefits. These are a few Mylot tips & tricks you should know if you want to become a successful mylotter. Please add your thoughts in the comments section below. If you feel I need advice and suggestions regarding the above list, feel free to suggest me so that I can update the list.

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Michael Joseph Ratcliffe

Wednesday 29th of May 2019

You do NOT 'earn points' to post photos, photos have no effect on earnings. You get a point for every discussion, response, or comment you make. Also. points have nothing to do with earnings - you are paid for received interaction from other users, not for anything you do yourself. I have been with myLot since October 2006 and have earned over $1100.00 since August 2015 when they re-instated the payment program.

Denise Hilton

Thursday 28th of June 2018

Well i started out by reading some guides on and then i got hooked up with a company that hired me as a online tutor. I am currently earning $1400 to $1700 per month by teaching Mathematics and Physics online. Before you start as an online tutor, it’s best to get familiar with online chatting software like Skype.

ar khan

Friday 29th of September 2017

I love this post. This is a very interesting post. thanks


Friday 29th of September 2017

This is a very good idea. thanks

Chris Hay

Wednesday 4th of January 2017

You make a lot of good points here, especially about making friends. In the mylot community the more friends you regularly interact with is the more people that will interact with you as well and the more you will earn. Also many people find it hard to earn money there but if they follow some of the solid advice given here it will make that process much easier. I covered a piece about some of my states here, so anyone who is interested can get an average of how much you can earn in a day with how many posts and so on can check it out. However results will vary and it depends on many factors such as how many people interacted and so on.

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