7 Proven Ways You Can Earn Money from YouTube Videos

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So how do vloggers earn money from YouTube?

Once you enable monetization for your YouTube channel, you will be excited to see money flowing into your account!!

But, Do you think YouTubers rely solely upon Adsense for their earnings?

Adsense is just one way of the many ways of video monetization.

There are a hell lot of other ways you can earn money from YouTube.You might want to find more. In fact, who’s not interested in making more and more money. So, the answer to your questions simply lies in knowing about the different ways of YouTube Monetization.

Knowing about the various streams of income not only multiplies your earnings, but also diversifies your capabilities and reach.Unless you are aware of all the available YouTube earning potentials, you can’t take the proper approach and make good money.

Eager to know how? Lets dive-in!

‘How else can you earn money from YouTube videos, besides Adsense?’

But Remember, YouTube can make you an overnight sensation but can’t make you rich overnight.

how to make money on youtube

1) Advertising

The most popular approach you might be well-aware of is Advertising.  For the ads to show-up you need to enable monetization for your YouTube account.

Advertisements popping up next to or on your videos depend on the advertisement formats applicable.

You will get a percentage of the fees that the advertiser pays to Google for the placements of his advertisements, when somebody watches your video and they see a pre-roll advertisements that shows before your video or click on an advertisement that’s next to your video.

2) Donations/Fan Funding

The next way to earn money from YouTube is through donations. Many YouTube video Creators were able to use crowd funding services like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Patreon to raise the money as funds and now YouTubers are getting supported through tip jar or fan funding.

Fan Funding is a new way wherein a YouTube Creator is supported with Fan Funding. The subscribers make voluntary payments to support the YouTube Creators they love.They can make donations varying from 1$ to as high as 500$.

3) Affiliate Marketing

The third is through affiliate marketing. One way to earn money from YouTube video uploading is to ‘Promote Affiliate Products & Services’ that you sell.

Sign up for an affiliate program and once you are approved, start promoting products with your affiliate link.When anybody buys the product you promote using your link, you will be paid a commission for referring that customer.

How to make affiliate sales on YouTube?

You have to create a short video for YouTube about the product you wish to sell.Review the product and prominently display your web page address in the video.If the video has some informational content, it attracts viewers. A certain percentage of the viewers will follow through to purchase the product you have for sale.

4) Sell Your Own Products & Services

If you have products or services to sell, make sure you put your web page URL in the video’s text description so that viewers don’t have to re-watch the video to find the ordering info. And make sure you include information about your products and services in your YouTube channel profile as well.

Likewise, if you’re an author with books to sell, an artist with paintings or a crafts-maker with various crafts and such to sell.You can excerpt a small portion the book.

The artist might produce a photo slide show of his work, and the crafts-maker might upload a short video walk-through of the crafts she has for sale.Make sure you include details for how the additional product can be ordered. Let your placement on YouTube do the promotion for you.

If you’re a consultant and want to promote your consulting services, you need to create and upload a short video which demonstrates what you offer your potential clients.

A motivational lecture, perhaps, a slide show or something similar might serve the purpose.You can use the video to establish your expert status and then display your email address or web page URL to expand your consulting services.

5) Sponsorships

YouTube sponsorship is also known as Paid Product Placement is when a company will pay you to review and promote a product. With sponsorships there are benefits for you and the company sponsoring you.You may earn a percentage from the sales that come from your viewers.

Gaining sponsorships is not always easy and some sponsorships may be harder to get than others.The first factor companies will look at is your subscriber base and view base. They would like to see that you are gaining regular views and that viewers enjoy your videos. They may also want to see if you viewers are interacting with your videos and commenting on your videos.

The best way to gain sponsorship will be to contact companies yourself.Email them, call them and if your close then drop in. During the chat, explain that you want sponsorship then explain how your YouTube channel/website is marketable and how you will help them.

Tell them how many subscribers you have and how many monthly views you get and then explain what you would like such as a discount code or a product to review.

Do not ask for too much, especially if you are a small channel. Do not give up if a company declines you, you can retry when you grow more and apply at different companies because one may accept you.

The most popular way to get sponsorships for your YouTube videos is a site called, Famebit.

FameBit is a platform YouTubers and brands can use to monetize content and partner with relevant influencers.

In 2014, FameBit.com became one of the first self-service influencer marketing platforms featuring, YouTube influencers. This requires you have to atleast 1000 subscribers.

6) Sell Product Placements in Your Videos

Just as movie and television networks sell product placements in their movies and TV shows, you can sell product placements in your YouTube videos-especially if you have a track record of high viewership.

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Although you probably don’t have the resources or contacts to sell product placement on your own, you can use services of companies that specializes in just such product placement.

Plinking is the process of adding to a product or service to an object or image in a video, viewers click on the link to  learn more about and hopefully place an order for the linked to product or service.

For Example: You might have a video where you’re wearing a certain type of glasses or jacket. A “plink” will be added to the product image in certain frames of the video. If a viewer pauses the video,clicks on the product then he might be taken to the product manufacturer’s website.If the viewer purchases the product, the manufacturer would pay some sort of commission to the videos producer.

7) Finally Opportunities

Youtube helps you to create new opportunities for yourself and your business. Your channel and the videos your upload serve as a marketing tool. When you start uploading videos of the things you love doing, your passions and do that consistently, you get recognized and opportunities come looking for you.

Sponsorships are a prime opportunity to shine within the community, as well as on the web. People may be more likely to check out your channel if they see you are sponsored. By following and being followed by people interested in what you do, particularly those in a similar industry, you can greatly increase your profile.

When you become known for your videos, you could get picked up by the experts.Looking for similar expertise in that area, will eventually reach out to you. This will result in new and interesting career and business opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

If your consistent and post videos regularly you are sure to earn money from YouTube for your services in one or many ways mentioned above.

Hope this article about the top 7 ways to earn money from YouTube videos serves your purpose. Please share your views regarding this article and let me know if I’ve missed out any.

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