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Is The 750 Shein Gift Card Real or a Scam? [Truth Revealed!]

The $750 Shein Gift card is one of the most recent viral offers floating around.

With scammers taking advantage of such rewards to mine personal data and trick you into sending them money before you jump at the free giveaway, due diligence is required.

The situation is made worse by fake reviews, purposefully written by scammers.

Information is distorted, making it hard to definitively say if the $750, $800, or even the $1,500 Shein Gift Card is a scam or not.

The situation has been made worse by many Tik Tok users promoting such gift cards without knowing their authenticity.

It’s time to lay the matter to rest, is this hugely popular $750 Shein gift card real, and if it is, how do you get it?

Is The $750 Shein Gift Card Real or Fake?

Is a 0 Shein Gift Card Real ot Fake?

The answer is – a $750 Shein gift card is real.

However, on social media, especially on Quora and TikTok people are talking about and expressing their discontent with this gift card.

One of the main complaints is that it requires you to complete certain prescribed tasks in order to avail of the Shein $750 gift card.

What Is a $750 Shien Gift Card?

A $750 Shein gift card is a virtual gift worth the amount displayed on the card. The company offers different value cards that can be bought right from their site. 

You can purchase the product, and use it to get stuff on Shein or pass it to another person as a befitting online shopping gift. 

The card is used to purchase sales items, trendy accessories, new arrivals, and everything else that the Chinese retailer offers. 

Note, eGift cards work for the relevant purchase, in the very same way as a tangible gift card. As such, a Shein gift card is a terrific way to acquire new stuff or, at the very least, considerably reduce the overall cost of your purchase. 

The card is used through the online checkout process, just like a Shein discount or promo code, which is guided by the offer’s terms and restrictions.

Additionally, Shein lets customers earn Bonus Points for buying on their site, using their gift cards, or other means.

If all of this is true, why are people complaining?

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Why Do Users Think the Shein $750 Gift Card Is a Scam?

First off, it takes lots of time to access this high-value gift card. The card is earned through a series of online activities, including registration, reviews, and surveys. 

Failure to complete all prescribed activities means you don’t get the card. This is one of the leading reasons behind the many negative mentions of the $750 Gift Card.

Simply put, people just want the card for free!

How Does The $750 Shein Gift Card Offer Work?

To obtain a 750 SHEIN gift card, you must earn 75,000 points. The reason is that 100 points on the scheme are redeemable for $1.

Typically, it takes up to 20 sponsored deals to earn the card. To earn other high-value cards from this fast fashion retailer, you’ll have to complete a greater number of activities.

And, typically you get rewarded via ACH, PayPal, Cash app, or Gift cards!

Note the lowest value Shein gift card is worth $25, with the most expensive one worth $1,500.

How To Get a $750 Shein Gift Card?

How to Get a 0 Shein Gift Card

STEP 1: Visit Shein’s website and register for its Flash Rewards program. 

After your account is approved, you receive an email that explains how to utilize Flash Rewards to earn points as a new user of the platform.

STEP 2: You need to level up in at least 20 activities, also known as deals. These are online activities that earn you reward points. They include:

  • Verifying your email
  • Playing games
  • Completing surveys
  • Purchasing from Shein
  • Reviewing products
  • Subscribing for trial apps
  • Sharing pictures
  • Commenting
  • Checking into
  • Following Shein Live streams
  • Participating in contests

Each activity awards you varying points. For example, product reviews can make you 2,000 points per day while every dollar you spend on the site earns you 1 point.

Additionally, Shein gift cards are some of the items offered for points on other reward-based websites and applications like Swagbucks.

How Fast Can You Get a Reward?

You can typically complete all of the required sponsored deals within 5-7 days (some may take up to 60 days to complete).

Once you complete the required number of deals, you must complete the reward claims process, which requires ID verification.

It typically takes about 5-7 days for Shein customer service to verify the deals and deliver your Reward.

Free $750 Shein Gift Card Offers [Everything You Need to Know]

The free 750-dollar Shein gift card was made famous by Flash Rewards. This is a US-based rewards portal that also runs in the UK and Canada.

The scheme is well-known for its numerous promotions, which range from free PayPal cash to the popular $750 Shein gift card.

What makes the program stand out is that it gives participants a clear picture of what needs to be done to get a specific gift. 

High-value gift cards go for more deals than low-value cards. For example, a $1,000 Shein Gift Card requires 25 deals while a $5 card goes for 2 deals only.

1. $750 Shein Gift Card Hack

The Flash Rewards program involves legitimate ways to get the Shein gift card. The offer is based on users engaging in specific remote activities on the website. 

That said, people looking for free giveaways are always on the lookout for easy hacks. Well, for Stein cards, there are no hacks. 

The gist of the scheme is that you must work for the various rewards; costing you time, and sometimes, money. 

2. Shein Gift Card Codes

Shein Gift Card Codes
Source: Shein

There are NO FREE SHEIN GIFT CARD CODES, you must pay for them.

Shein gift card codes have a pin number of four digits and are 16 to 20 digits long. They can be shared with friends or family by simply typing a name and email when paying for the card.  

To use the code, simply input the card number and pin on the Shein website during checkout. As the recipient, your Shein account will be credited with the gift card’s value.  

If the order’s value exceeds the gift card, the recipient/buyer is responsible for paying the remaining balance. This amount can be used to shop on Shein.

Is there a $750 Shein Gift Card code? You can get 750 Shein gift codes on the company’s website through credit or debit card purchases.

For more information on Shein e-Gift Cards codes, click here.

The websites that provide free gift card codes are typically frauds created to obtain your personal information.

A Shein gift card code may only be obtained in one of two ways: either by buying one from Shein’s website, at a discount, or by receiving one as a present from a friend.

3. Shein Gift Card Generators

You may find ads for Shein gift card generators all over the internet. They are fake!

If anything, these are malicious applications that attempt to gather and sell your personal information or even infect your machine with malicious software. 

Basically, receiving a free $750 gift card to Shein, whether from generators or Flash Rewards, is essentially too good to be true.

Shein Flash Rewards: Are they Legit?

Shein Flash Rewards: Are they Legit?
Source; Trustpilot

Flash Rewards is a legit online reward program, with a 3.7-star rating on Trustpilot from over 1,300 reviews. 56% of the reviewers give the site an “excellent” score. 

The scheme is straightforward on what you need to do to earn rewards. The company’s customer support is first-rate, ensuring that you get guidance at every step.

However, the time taken to move from one reward level to the next can be a put-off. 

For instance, after completing the deals for a $100 gift card, 60 days must pass before you can get started on the next-level reward. 

Overall, the process is tedious, but it totally works.

$750 Shein Gift Card Reviews

With the recent spike in online scams involving gift cards, it’s understandable that there is a lot of misinformation regarding the Shein $750 Gift Card.

To clear the air, let’s take a peek at reviews on Reddit and Quora.

Shein 750 Card Negative Reviews

750 Shein is it a scam? If you are wondering about the authenticity of this Flash Rewards offer, you are not alone. From this Quora thread, it’s evident that getting $750 for free is probably a scam.

0 Shein Gift Card Reviews

And I agree with the reviews, there is nothing like a “free” 750 Shein Card.

Any website that is promoting a high-value gift card for doing nothing is most likely looking to scam your money, or at least, your personal information.

The gift card that this post address is the legit Shein 750 card that requires committing to complete 20 online deals; one after the other without fail.

As such, it’s not a free offer, furthermore, it takes time (2 weeks to 60 days) to complete all the different levels.

Are there reviewers who share a positive view of Flash Rewards’ Gift cards, let’s take a look at a major Shein subreddit.

Shein 750 Card Positive Reviews

In this r/SHEIN subreddit, several reviewers confirm getting a Shein 750 Gift Card after they completed all the prescribed Flash rewards. 

0 Shein Gift Card Reviews

Most reviewers, however, complain about having to do tedious tasks like playing video games to level up. You also have to opt into different trials that may end up costing you money long after you have redeemed your $750 reward.

How much do the deals cost you? One reviewer reports paying $20 for games and other services. They also report spending 2 weeks on the deals before claiming the gift card successfully.

How to Use Flash Rewards To Get Gift Cards?

How to Use Flash Rewards To Get Gift Cards?

According to Flash Rewards reviews on Reddit, with just $25 dollars to spend on Shein, and the will to complete all the required activities, you can get the $750 gift card.

Note, this is not a free program, and you must purchase products that usually cost $5 – $20. So, you can purchase a crop top, a mini skirt, and skinny jeans, all for $25 or less, complete free activities and earn your $750 eGift Card.

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$750 Shein Gift Card: FAQs

1. Are the $750 Shein Gift Cards Real?

Yes, the Shein 750 gift card from Flash Rewards is a real and legit reward that allows you to buy fashion products online from Shein, a fast fashion retailer.

To get the $750 Shein gift card you need to complete 20 deals.

2. Is 750 Shein Card A Scam? Is the $750 Shein legit?

No, the Shein 750 giveaway is a real reward and 100% legit that participants get for completing deals such as online shopping. You can get the Shein free 750 shopping e-card from Flash Rewards after you sign up and complete 20 activities in under 60 days.

3. Can You Win a 750 Shein Gift Card?

Yes, the Flash Rewards Shein $750 card is an attainable reward, going by the many reviewers who have completed the required deals and successfully claimed the card. That said, the process can be tasking and costs money as well as time. 

Is Shein $750 Gift Card Real? Final Thoughts

Yes, The Shein $750 gift card is a real and legit reward that allows you to buy fashion products online from Shein, a fast fashion retailer. You can win 750 Shein from Flash Rewards, an online rewards company.

Flash Rewards is a legitimate scheme that has paid over $12 million in the last 5+ years. Task completion is NOT instantaneous and takes up to 14 days to be credited into your profile.

On the surface, the process appears easy, but receiving the gift card requires a lot of effort and a little cash. Free cards can only be used for purchases on the website, with 1 – 3 months validity.

Nevertheless, you can purchase high-value Shein Gift Cards for up to $150 off and use the balance indefinitely. 

Lastly, it is also worth noting that Shein rewards cannot be redeemed for cash. To get physical cash, I recommend Cash App Rewards which can be transferred into a bank account. 

Are there more reward schemes worth the hustle? What about hacks for getting free eGift cards fast? Share your ideas below:  

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