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Highest Paying Scrap Yard Near Me [2024 Metal Prices + Locator]

Do you have a pile of scrap metal sitting in your yard, garage, or workshop? Have you been wondering where to get the best value for your scrap metals? Look no further because we’ve got you covered!

At one point or another, we’ve all had to dispose of scrap metals, but not all of us know how to get the best value out of them. That’s where our “highest paying scrap yard near me” locator comes in to save the day!

Read on to learn more about how our locator works and get insider tips on getting the best value for your scrap metals. 

Highest Paying Scrap Yard Near Me

highest paying scrap yard near me

With just a click of a button, our locator will instantly pull up all the scrap yards in your area, so you don’t have to waste your time calling around or driving from one place to another. Our locator is easy to use, and you can try it out for yourself!

If you have questions like which scrap yard pays the most near me? Then you will pretty much get your answers by using our locator.

NOTE: Make sure you enable your location to get accurate information for your search.

What Is a Scrap Yard? How Does It Work?

what is a scrap yard

A scrap yard is a spacious center that takes care of metal scraps and turns them into valuable commodities.

Better known as a junkyard, the scrap yard is also the go-to place for buying and selling useful metal scraps. Once the metal scraps have been collected or bought, the scrap yard recycles them and prepares them for further production of other items.

But how do scrap yards determine the value of your metal scraps? It’s simple – they assess the usefulness of each scrap and then pay you by the pound. Of course, this is after they’ve checked the category of the metal and its weight to ensure you get the best price possible. Moreover, scrap yards pay more for scraps that have significant worth, including those that are in high demand.

What Is in a Scrap Yard?

Inside, you’ll find all kinds of metal scrap, from old car parts to electronic components and beyond. Each scrap yard is different, but they all share a common goal: to recycle and repurpose metal scraps. So you will also see heavy machinery which are employed to process, and recycle these metals. 

Here are some of the things, you should expect to see in a scrap yard.

  • Car dismantlers.
  • Lots of mechanical tools; like screwdrivers, hammers, and alligator shears.
  • Old or used cars; have been probably sold to the scrap yard for recycling.
  • Shredders; is a place where used parts that are still in good condition are sold.
  • Metals of various sizes, ranging from aluminum, copper, zinc, and a lot more.
  • Metal analyzers.
  • Car balers.
  • Metal sorters and balers.

What is Scrap Metal?

The term scrap refers to the general deposit of already used or unwanted items. However, in this context, scrap metal refers to the disposal of metals, which are no longer in use and are intended for recycling.

Scrap metals include things like bars, metal sheets, wire, or anything of value which is made from metal, whether ferrous or non-ferrous.

Scrap Metals Items You Can Sell At A Scrap Yard

With the high demand for scrap metals by recycling companies, anybody can pass up anything as scrap. But what gets picked at the scrap yard for sale depends on the type of metal used in making these scraps.

There are basically two types of metal scrap found in a junkyard; ferrous and non-ferrous.

Another variant of metals can also be sold in a scrap yard, which is known as an e-scrap. 

That might leave you wondering then again ‘what e-scrap is‘.

An e-scrap is any metal scrap that is gotten from electrical or electronic appliances. The ‘E’ attached to the name qualifies it as electronic scrap.

Some examples of this type of scrap include phones, hard drives, computers, and stereos.

The big difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals lies in their composite material. While the former has iron in it, the latter does not.

The table below is a comprehensive grouping of the most common metals and how they are categorized between ferrous, non-ferrous, and e-scrap types of metals.

FerrousCast IronVery tough and machinable.Used in the production of water pipes, mining hardware, machine parts, etc.
Non-FerrousLeadLow tensile strength, low melting point.Used in batteries, and electrical power cables, and equally good for soldering.
FerrousSteelHard and resistant to wear.Used in the production of the body frames of cargo ships, weapons, rockets, etc.
Non-FerrousAluminumHighly lightweight and machinable.Used in the production of aircraft body panels, kitchen utensils, cans, etc.
E-ScrapStereosContains small deposits of copper and aluminum.Used in car speakers and sound systems.
E-ScrapCar batteriesContain deposits of copper and lead.Used in powering vehicles and other moveable engine parts.
FerrousWrought IronAnti-corrosive and resistant to oxidation.Used in railing, and fencing. Production of nail gates etc.
Non-FerrousCopperGood heat conductor and highly ductile.Mostly used in electric wiring.
Non-FerrousBrassHigh malleability, Good conductivity, and Corrosion Resistant. Used in locks, hinges, gears, zippers, plumbing, hose couplings, valves, and electrical plugs and sockets
Non-FerrousTinAnti-corrosive and resistant to oxidation.Used in plating, coating, polishing, and soldering of steel
Different types of metal scraps along with their features and usage

Scrap Metal Prices [July 2023]

The scrap metal market has its price list, which works in most scrap yards around and they are also subject to review or bargaining. That is if you wish to get more value for your scrap metals in 2024.

However, the table below shows the average scrap prices at which you can sell your scrap, according to the iScrap App which is a trusted informant on the current price of scrap metals and other scrap-related subjects.

Highest Paying Scrap MetalPrices
Stainless Steel$0.32/lb
Crushed Car$171.05/ton
Wet Automobile$145.00/ton
Aluminum Cans$0.47/lb
Car/truck Batteries$0.15/lb
Cast Iron$200.30/ton
Insulated Copper Wire$0.83/lb
Aluminum Copper Coil$1.39/lb
Computer Wire$0.38/lb
Copper Scrap$2.67/lb
Wire Scraps$0.89/lb
Zinc Sheets$0.13/lb
Washing Machines$155.00/ton
Water Heaters$167.04/ton
Scrap Metal Prices [July 2023]

How to Find a Scrap Yard Near You?

I know how hard it is to find a scrap yard that would not only offer you nice values for your scrap but will also be close to your residential area.

This was particularly hard in past times but thanks to technology, you can sit in the comfort of your house and look for scrap yards near you.

I will show you 5 ways to do this comfortably through the resources provided by the internet.

1. Google and Bing

All you have to do is to load up the Google map or Bing Maps and enable your location; once you have done that, type in ‘scrap yards near me’.

This method is very effective as it loads up a mapped-out area of scrap yards near you with the highest ratings and reviews, which you can then choose.

Moreover, not only do these digital maps reduce travel time, but they also help people save time by providing information like directions, website information, reviews, photos, and contact details.

2. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is a documented directory of contacts and addresses of registered businesses, arranged in the order of category.

As against the former use of paper, Yellow Pages now has a website that can help you do your search easily without flipping through paper pages.

You can use the search bar on the landing page to do your search, by inputting terms like scrap metal yard or scrap yard. After that, select your location and click on find. 

3. iScrap App

You can equally use the aid of an app; the iScrap App locator to find a scrap yard nearest to you.

iScrap is an application that is primarily developed to offer you access to everything concerning scraping, which specializes in providing information regarding the current price of scrap metals.

There is a search bar in which you can type in your current location, and the app loads up a map below the search bar and a list of scrap yards near your location with their profiles.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is an online advertising company that has a record of business, and properties up for sale and open to the general public. It also has a search bar and a filter that helps you to find any business of your choice.

Scrap yards are also listed as a business on this site, so you can take advantage of the location filter to narrow down your search to the scrap yard nearest to you.

5. Online Directories

You can look up scrap yards near you by using a free location directory that is available on the internet. An example of a tested and trusted directory is Kompass (

What Time Does Scrap Yard Open and Close?

Scrap yards are open from Monday to Saturday between the time of 10:30 – 11:00 am, with an exception on Holidays or in any other case of national emergency. 

Further, these metal centers close anytime around 7:00 pm, as this time is appropriate for any legitimate business enterprise.

There are exceptions to this timing because some of the scrap yards that also perform recycling functions close by 9:00 pm due to the intensity of their work.

How to Sell Scrap Metals for Money?

To set you on the right path, I will let you in on hacks that you can implement in selling your metal scraps for money. 

1. Put together your scrap metals

This is the first step in exchanging your scrap metals for money. In this stage, all you have to do is collect your scrap metals.

You can check for metal scraps from your old house appliances like broken washing machines, and refrigerators. Others include old toasters, auto parts that are no longer road-worthy, broken plumbing fixtures, and electric wiring.

2. Accumulate in large quantities

You then proceed to accumulate metal scraps in large quantities. The essence of this is to make sure you have enough metal scraps to exchange for money. The more scraps you have, the more money for you to get after selling your scrap metals.

3. Focus on valuable scraps

When you choose or accumulate your scrap metals, ensure you are picking the ones with immense value. I looked over the chart and I noticed that for some time now that non-ferrous metals are in high demand and as such are valuable. So when you pick, pay keen attention to that to get more money.

4. Sort out and identify the metals

After the whole picking process is done, you proceed to differentiate the metals in your scrap. If you don’t do this, the buyers at the scrap yard might pay you depending on the surface value of the scraps on top of your selection. You can use a magnet to do this.

5. Determine the value of the metals

For you to sell your scrap metals, you have to know the price of the metals which you have in your selection. You can use the iScrap app to know the prices.

6. Contact various Scrap Yards

Make contact with the scraps yards which you have located near you and ask for their rates. Do this before settling with any of them.

7. Check-in and Weigh

You then proceed to check in into any of the scraps yards whose price appears good and favorable. Allow the workers to weigh your metals and give you a weighing slip.

8. Redeem and Get Paid

After all the proceedings, make your way to the front desk and cash your weighing check based on the pound weight of the metal scraps.

Factors that Affect the Price of Scrap Metal

Certain factors affect the price of metal scraps, leading to the fluctuation in market values. These factors account for why the price of copper at dawn won’t be the price of the same metal at dusk. Some of these factors are:

1. Climate

Climate is one of the factors that affect the price of scrap metals. From my findings, I noticed that the price of scrap metals is usually on the hike whenever it is Winter. The reason for this is tied to the intense cold which makes it hard for people to go in search of scrap metals. So the buyers pay more to get these scraps from the few that source them during this period.

2. Demand and Supply

Metals with less quality have a minimal price attached to them. So if you have scraps that include metals that are not in demand due to their less value, you will like lee get less from them. Also, if the supply rate on which owners of scrap yard sells to recycling companies drop, it will likely affect the price of scrap metals.

3. Location

The prices of scrap metals can also differ depending on where the scrap yard is situated. In addition, if your current location is where scrap metals are not in constant demand, then the price might fall below the expected rate. But if the locality has scraps in demand, the price will also likely go up.

4. Quantity of Scrap Metals

Based on my observation, fewer scrap metals mean fewer price rates. That means that taking a few pieces of scraps to the scrap yard affects the price negatively. In the same vein, having a large number of scraps to sell would also increase the price of these metal scraps.

Best Things to Scrap for Money

While there are several items that are commonly scrapped for money due to their recyclable materials. Here are a few examples:

  1. Old or broken electronics like computers, laptops, hard drives, televisions, etc.
  2. Old bed frames.
  3. Cellular phones.
  4. Burnt electric wire.
  5. Large household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, dryers, or air conditioners, etc.
  6. Car parts.
  7. Cans.
  8. Wires & Cables.
  9. PC Boards
  10. Christmas Wires

Average Scrap Prices for Common Household Items

Common ItemsPrice
Auto parts$0.24/lb
Cellular phones (3-5 phones for one pound)$1.5/lb
Burnt electrical wire (copper)$2.76/lb
Old bed frames/Old dishwashers (steel/brass)$0.35 – $0.70/lb
PS: All prices are sourced from the iScrap App.

Highest Paying Scrap Metal

Not all things pass up for sale in the scrap yard, some are more valuable than others hence they are best to be scraped for money. Like I mentioned earlier, nothing goes to waste, but some metals occupy top positions than others. These metals include;

  • Steel.
  • Copper.
  • Aluminum.
  • Brass.
  • Lead.
  • Cast Iron.

1. Steel

Steel is my first choice of the best things you can scrap for money and this is because of its high demand. The average price of steel sits at $180/ton, which is a good deal if you have a large deposit of them ready to be scrapped. You can find steel from car rims, beam cut-offs, etc.

2. Copper

A lot of people are conversant with copper because it lights up your whole house. Priced at $2.83/lb, Copper is the most valuable metal that you can scrap for money. This metal can be found in insulated cables, plumber cables, etc.

3. Aluminum

Used in the production of most cans, aluminum is also a good metal to sell as scrap.

4. Brass

This metal is also one of the best things you can scrap for money due to its value. They currently value brass at $1.89/lb and would fetch you good money if accumulated.

5. Lead

Lead which can be found in car batteries, roofing nails, and so on is also good stuff that you can scrap for money.    

6. Cast Iron

Cast iron is another metal that is good for scraping. It is worth high and as such is one of the best you can scrap for money. You can source it from old bathtubs, furniture, and engine blocks.

Tips On How to Get More Cash for Your Scrap Metals

The following tips would help you stay aloft with money each time you visit a scrap yard. Note that these tips have been tested by me and it proves to be worthwhile so you can try them out and see the results for yourself.

  1. Take note of your scrap metals and group them.
  2. Protect your scrap metals; wash or clean them if necessary to rid them of pollutants.
  3. Take note of the best-selling metals in your pick and take them out from the rest. You can use a carton to mark out these metals of value to avoid misplacing them.
  4. Consider the cost of delivery and only go for the scrap yards near your residence.
  5. Contact different scrap yards near you; compare and contrast their price variation and go for the best.
  6. And finally, make sure you bargain for prices.

Highest Paying Scrap Yards Near Me: FAQs

1. What Is the Best thing to Scrap for Money?

Scrap metal, particularly copper, aluminum, and steel, are among the best items to scrap for money. Hence things such as old electronics (computers, smartphones), cars, rechargeable batteries, and large household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines) that are no longer in working condition can be scraped for these valuable metals.

2. Are Magnets Worth Money?

Yes, magnets are worth money. The only hassle is that the price offered for most magnets is very low compared to most scraps. At the lowest, magnets are priced at $0.01/lb, the average price goes for $0.12/lb; the highest price is $0.25/lb.

3. How Much Is Dryer Worth In Scrap?

The average price for scrap dryers is around $158/ton. When weighed, most dryers weigh about 100 pounds, and when converted based on the current exchange it is worth between $15 to $20.

4. Is Steel Worth More Money?

I stated earlier that ferrous metals are priced high, well that is only if it is not competing with a non-ferrous metal that is priced higher than it is. Steel being a ferrous metal is worth more money. The price of stainless steel in scrap is $180/ton, and it goes on depending on the type and quantity of the steel.

5. What Is the Highest Paying Scrap Metal?

Copper tends to be the highest paying scrap metal due to its high demand and recyclability. Its value is influenced by factors such as purity, quantity, and market conditions. However, it’s important to note that scrap metal prices fluctuate, so it’s advisable to check current rates at local scrap yards or recycling centers.

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