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12 Epic Ways to Make Money On TikTok (Before It Gets Banned!)

Curious about how to make money on TikTok in 2024? Despite potential bans, the rush to profit from its buzz is more urgent than ever for creators.

TikTok has grown immensely over the past few years. Influencers like Khaby Lame made $16.5M on the app in 2023 alone.

In today’s post we’ve explored 12 great ways to turn your TikTok presence into a moneymaker. From joining the Creativity Program to landing sponsored content and earning gifts during live chats, the earning possibilities are vast.

With over 4.1B+ app downloads worldwide and 1 billion active users, the real question is: are you ready to claim your piece of the TikTok pie?

If your answer is yes and you want to turn TikTok into a source of income, let’s explore the top strategies to make serious money on the platform.

Overview of TikTok Features

Year Established 2016, 2018 (USA)
Purpose Sharing short videos
Available Countries Worldwide
Applicable Age 18 or older
Subscription Plans Free 
Average Earnings $0.02 – $0.04 per 1,000 views 
Cuts & Commissions (TikTok Shop) 2% – 6% (Varies with country and product)
Payment Method Venmo, PayPal, and Bankcards
Bonus Program TikTok Referral, 
Minimum Payout $50
Google Play 1B+ downloads, 4.2 stars, link
App Store 4.7 stars, link
Ratings & Accreditations Trustpilot 1.5 stars, Not BBB accredited
Final Verdict TikTok is legit and you can earn money as advertised.

How to Make Money On TikTok In 2024

how to make money on TikTok

Looking for a way to make money on TikTok? The site offers monetization through the TikTok Creator Next and TikTok Series features. The programs are part of evolving TikTok’s Creator Fund, set up to help people looking to earn money on TikTok. 

Below is a breakdown of the several ways that you can get paid on TikTok for content creation:

1. Join the TikTok Creativity Program (formerly, TikTok Creator Fund)

The original fund was launched in March 2021 and targeted creators in the UK, France, Germany, the US, Spain, and Italy. Creator Fund users needed at least 10k users and 100k video views over the last 30 days to gain entry into the program. 

In December 2023, TikTok announced the Creativity Program Beta to take over from the previous rewards scheme. Nevertheless, TikTok’s creator rules allow users in the former scheme to switch to the beta program for free.

To join the program, TikToks imposes the following rules:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Your number of followers should be at least 10,000.
  • Have at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.
  • Not be running a TikTok Business account.
  • You don’t work for TikTok or its contractors.
  • Your account follows TikTok’s rules and regulations and has a good reputation.
  • You live in an eligible region.

Caution: You can lose access to the Creativity Program if you publicly talk or comment badly about TikTok. The same applies if your account is involved in a situation that paints TikTok in a bad light.

Back to how TikTokers make money.

So, once your account is approved for the program, it is time to leverage the many ways to make money from your content on TikTok. 

2. Join the TikTok Creator Marketplace

The marketplace makes it easy to use TikTok to promote merchandise, collaborate with other creators, and drive traffic to your account.

This is also where brands can discover you. The feature helps you start a campaign and manage the performance of your content in real-time.

If you want to grow as a creator, the marketplace gives you access to 800k+ expert influencers to learn from.

These are people who can guide you in creating high-quality and engaging content, running successful campaigns, and discovering lucrative trends. 

To start making actual money on this marketplace, TikTok requires new applicants to;

  • Be at least eighteen years old.
  • Have 100k or more TikTok following.
  • Have posted 3 or more videos with their number of views equaling 1k or more.
  • Release content that adheres to TikTok guidelines. 

To join the marketplace, Open a TikTok Ads Manager account for direct login or sign up here

3. Open a TikTok Shop

The platform allows you to leverage influencer marketing to showcase and sell your products. Simply put, as a seller, you can use TikTok to sell your products or services directly to your followers and the public at large.

You don’t need thousands of subscribers to sell on TikTok, but you do need to be creative with your sales pitches. For example, you can livestream your products in action or share informational videos.

TikTok has added interactive shopping tools like pinned products, which buyers can tap to purchase during a TikTok Live show. Buyers can also tap your showcase to view your catalog in one place. Another useful feature is shoppable videos, where you can include clickable product links.

If you already have a business, you can use your incorporation certificate to get verified. If you don’t have the certificate, you can still sign up as an individual with a passport or driver’s license. The application takes about half an hour, with verification and approval taking anywhere between 2-3 hours max. Once approved, you can set up your shop, link your TikTok account to your shop, and start marketing.

Unlike a seller, as a Creator, you can also earn through affiliations by selling other people’s products. TikTok allows creators to connect with brands and monetize their videos within the TikTok community.

The registration is straightforward!

Scan the QR code above to begin your TikTok journey. Sign up with your email or phone number and meet the follower requirements. Once approved, you can request product samples from stores with a Product Selection Score (PSS) of 4 or higher.

After your request for product samples is approved, or after you buy them, you can start marketing the products through shoppable videos or Lives. The TikTok shop creator’s dashboard gives insights into product performance and key data through shoppable videos and live streams.

Harnessing the insights from your TikTok Shop Creator Dashboard is critical. Use this data to iterate and improve upon your content continuously.

For instance, if the data highlights that a particular product is underperforming, you might want to tweak your approach – perhaps by creating more engaging content or offering promotional deals. Conversely, if a product is performing exceptionally well, consider doubling down on your efforts to promote it even further.

4. Get Paid on TikTok Videos with Virtual Gifts

Live Gifts are some of the Live Monetization features that have made TikTok a great source of income. 

This income stream source does not depend on the number of videos you have but rather on the popularity of a live session. These are TikTok coins of appreciation that pop up when you go Live on TikTok.

Gifts on TikTok are in terms of virtual Diamonds that carry a real money value. The gems are sent to you by viewers as part of engagement with your live stream. 

So, the more popular your video becomes, the more Diamonds you get. Notably, TikTok is making Diamonds even more popular with the company awarding money or virtual gifts to live videos that attract sizable organic views. 

The feature can be activated by going to Settings on the Live screen and tuning on Live Gifts. You can also link tipping apps like Buy Me a Coffee to your account to earn virtual gifts.

Note: To qualify for virtual gifts you need to have an account that’s not affiliated with governments or politicians. 

5. Earn from Subscriptions to Your TikTok Account

Subscriptions are another Live Monetization feature that pays you for premium content.

Just like Live Gifts, Live Subscriptions do not require you to have a million followers to earn; with just a few loyal followers, you can get hundreds or thousands of dollars per month through membership fees.

TikTok doesn’t have a set universal price for subscriptions. However, most memberships start at around $4.99 per month with the creator earning 35% of the subscription.

To attract subscribers, it helps to offer a free product for new members. Your followers may also respond to private chats, videos, and badges as a “thank you” for subscribing.

6. Work with Artists

TikTok has been at the forefront of transforming how Gen Z makes and markets music. First off, as a marketing strategy, the company has launched the Elevate Program which focuses on the discovery and promotion of music talents. 

Secondly, the platform allows artists to launch promotional campaigns through collaborations with creators.

Known as Work With Artist, the feature lets you market songs just like you would promote and sell another company’s products. In return, the artist pays you a fraction of their marketing budget. 

As a creator, you simply use a track in your TikTok posts for a share of the reward money. The payout may be small, but some artists reward thousands of dollars to creators with the most likes during the campaign.

To qualify for the Work with Artists program, you must be 18 or over and have at least 50k followed. To find available music tasks in your region,

  • Open your TikTok dashboard.
  • Scroll and tap Creator Tools.
  • Tap Apply (if you qualify).

7. Earn from Affiliate Marketing on TikTok

You can make money on TikTok by promoting the TikTok for Business platform. The feature is perfect for digital marketers and Ads managers.

TikTok basically pays you to introduce companies to TikTok through organic posts on your socials or websites. You get a personal affiliate link that you can share on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

TikTok says that apart from using your link, you can also ask for data and case studies to add value to your affiliate content. 

You can also use affiliate marketing to make money selling another company’s products or services from your TikTok account.

The returns from becoming an affiliate depend on the agreement you have with the company. Some programs pay for each free content you release bearing the link while others pay for proven conversions.

Tap to Join TikTok for Business

8. Get Paid for Sponsored Posts as an Influencer

Some social media content creators are now influential people on the planet. Take for example Charli D’Amelio who commands a 150m+ strong following on TikTok.

The 19-year-old influencer started on TikTok as a viral dancer and soon she was curtain-raising for established musicians. With this kind of popularity, brands are bound to take notice. 

Today, GoBankingRates reports Charli makes $100,000 per post. This is money from the Creator Fund as well as sponsors. 

To get associated with her success and use her following to market products, brands pay Charli to post.

That’s all what sponsored posts are all about: You get paid to post content that is favorable to brands, companies, and causes. 

Creators can also get free products instead of real money.

The Creator Marketplace is a great space to land sponsorships. Content creators can also reach out directly to brands for partnership opportunities. 

9. Join Other TikTokers in Branded Missions 

To make money on TikTok, influencers can opt into Branded Missions for a share of a company’s Ads budget. The feature brings together many creators who focus on guided content creation.

Instead of relying on trending hashtags to improve brand visibility, brands create creativity missions to drive virality. Creators who qualify for a mission are incentivized to join and create awareness.

What I like most about Missions is that you don’t need to be a high-flying influencer to join. Brands are free to set the eligibility criteria which can be a few hundred video views in the last week within a given location.

What’s more, a mission runs for up to 23 days which is plenty of time to make a winning video. And if your Ad gets the brand’s attention, you earn instant cash prizes and drive traffic to your account from publicity. 

You can get Missions on the Discover Tab after you join the Creator Marketplace. 

10. Earn Rewards by Monetizing Your Effects

Source: TikTok Effect House

Did you know you can get money by leveraging artificial intelligence on TikTok? I’m talking about using generative AI to create effects for your videos. 

TikTok has inbuilt AI tools on the Effect House feature that allows Text to 3D Generation. The site also allows the use of AI tools like Midjouney and Dall-E 2 for enhanced effects. 

You can clone voices, modify subject appearances, and create motions like dancing among other effects. AI can also help you create backgrounds for videos.

TikTok Creator Funds pays you for video views and the use of the effects by other TikTokers. You get $700 when your effect accumulates 500k unique views within 90 days of publishing.

The site continues to pay you $140 for each 100k views after the initial payment until the end of the reward period. 

Additionally, creators can enter Effect House challenges for higher payoffs during events like Christmas. If you are passionate, you can also enter Effects monthly missions for smaller payouts.

Expert Effects creators also have the chance to make Branded Effects for advertisers and brands.

Tap Here to Apply for Effect House Rewards

11. Make Money from TikTok Referrals

The TikTok rewards referral program pays you to drive traffic to the site by inviting others to sign up.

Currently, in most regions, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the app. And even for the exemptions, you can invite up to 100 people every day.

You get a personal code that your invites use when downloading the app. The referral reward can be in the form of coupons, mobile airtime, or cash.

12. Crowdfund from Your Followers

Crowdfunding is another method to make money on TikTok from your loyal followers. You simply ask your following to contribute towards a TikTok project or campaign.

Start by setting up a cash goal then host a live stream to popularize your campaign. You can then start fundraising through challenges, hashtags, and live events.

Some sites that specialize in such projects include Kickstarter and FundRazr. Here you can get project ideas, how to run a campaign, and people to collaborate with other creators.

13. Sell TikTok Accounts

Every website, blog, social media account, domain, or NFTs is a potential piece of real estate. Known as digital real estate, these are virtual items that you can sell for actual dollars.

People are looking for niche accounts that have high engagements and dedicated followers.

Prime items include old and high-follower social media accounts. Currently, TikTok accounts happen to be in high demand, especially accounts with creator’s affiliate account or creator’s rewards program activated.

But should you buy or sell a TikTok user account? The answer is NO!

TikTok policy is against the buying and selling of accounts. If you are caught in the trade, the account is disabled and your IPs can be banned from the site.  

FAQs: How to Make Money with TikTok

1. Can You Get Money on TikTok?

There are many ways to earn cash and gifts on TikTok including the “TikTok Creator Program“. To this end, the platform has a Creator Academy where you can learn the available monetization features on TikTok. 

2. How To Earn Money on TikTok?

Some of the ways you can earn on the site include affiliate marketing, selling merch, sponsored posts, and selling effects. You can also get money for working with artists, referral bonuses, and engaging in Branded Missions.

3. How Much Does TikTok Pay for 1000 Views?

Returns from the Creator Fund and Creativity Program Beta depend on your location and content. This makes it hard to find a specific amount on how much 1k views get you. A ballpark figure is 2 to 4 cents. A sponsored post on the other hand can pay up to $1,000 or more.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.