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How to Make Money With AI In 2024 [21 Effortless Ways!]

In the dynamic landscape of 2024, the advancement of artificial intelligence has revolutionized not only the way we work but also the myriad opportunities for income generation it has opened up.

Mastering the art of profiting from AI tools can substantially augment your existing revenue streams.

At the heart of this evolution are accessible AI platforms such as ChatGPT and Gemini, which have democratized the ability to generate income online.

Whether you’re looking to produce digital goods like eBooks, design unique coloring books, or develop intuitive apps, AI technology offers a streamlined pathway to earning a passive income.

What makes these tools exceptionally alluring is their ubiquity across various sectors. Regardless of your specialization, AI-powered assistants are redefining efficiency and opening doors to swift financial gains.

Notably, a deep understanding of AI is not a prerequisite for tapping into its profitable aspects.

This post highlights the most effective ways to harness AI for monetary benefits, tailored for both the AI novice and the seasoned professional.

Ready to elevate your financial trajectory? Let’s dive into the world of AI and explore the innovative strategies and embrace the opportunities AI has to offer. 

How To Make Money With AI

How to Make Money With AI

You can use AI to make money from anywhere in the world if you have internet access and knowledge of emerging AI-powered tools that assist in task completion. Here are a few ways you can monetize these AI services: 

1. Use AI to Generate Writing Content

If you engage in freelancing on platforms such as Upwork, you are likely aware of the substantial value placed on proficient content writing.

When it comes to enhancing your productivity, artificial intelligence (AI) can be highly beneficial in expediting the generation of necessary content.

Recognized examples of AI-powered writing tools such as Chapple AI, Jarvis AI, and Flot AI—each driven by the robust ChatGPT‑4.0—have gained popularity for their ability to swiftly produce content once provided with the essential prompts.

These tools have significantly streamlined the process of generating a variety of written materials, including blog posts and website articles, encompassing an extensive range from practical home improvement advice and scholarly essays to delightful recipes and expressive poems. 

However, my personal favorite Chapple AI, is a dynamic content creation tool designed to handle multiple tasks and generate content in matter of minutes.

Chapple AI

Here are a few highlights:

  • AI article wizard – Just choose your topic, and watch AI whip up SEO-optimized blog content in a matter of seconds!
  • AI Image – generates realistic images using latest AI models
  • AI Voiceovers & AI Code Generators
  • AI Video – creates visually compelling videos effortlessly
  • AI Social Media – automates the complex social media content creation process

✍🏼 Write with Chapple AI

It is important, however, to acknowledge that while AI plays a pivotal role in content creation, the human touch remains indispensable in the content market.

Following the utilization of AI for generating written material, additional editing by a human hand is essential to imbue the content with authenticity and nuance.

2. Use AI Tools to Create Online Courses

Use AI Tool to Create Online Courses 


AI can help you create passive income through online courses. This is subscriptions content that provide monthly payments.

For instance, you can teach people how to use AI to make money online. With platforms like, you can also create and sell educational ebooks.

Jasper AI has features that simplify writing better content. You can use it to write for any industry imaginable:

  • Info products
  • Course creation
  • Real estate
  • eBooks
  • e-Commerce listings
  • email follow up
  • Facebook ads
  • Blog posts
  • Video scripts
  • Legal docs
  • Review responder
  • Scientific papers
  • Birthday cards
  • Language translation

The list goes on and on…

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3. Sell AI Services or Consulting 

Sell Artificial Intelligence Services on Upwork

Source: Upwork

AI-oriented jobs have been increasing sharply on remote work sites like Upwork and Fiverr. 

This opens many ways to make money using your knowledge of AI applications. Clients are also looking for people with coding experience to fine-tune APIs.

One such lucrative gig is AI consultancy; you advise businesses on how to leverage AI to increase productivity.

The tasks involve identifying AI-powered solutions for ease of integration and automation of existing systems. Other lucrative services include AI data analysis and Machine Learning training.

Expect hourly rates of between $35 and $60 for AI engineers. Your expertise in AI can also get you paid upwards of $1,000 on some projects.

4. Use AI to Create Websites for Money

Use AI in 2024 to Create Websites for Money

In the past, you needed to master different tools, plus coding, to create a website from scratch. The era of AI is here and you can now develop an online site without coding.

All you need is AI software that features web-building tools and services.

A good example is the Dorik AI website builder which offers the opportunity to create a website without any experience. The AI offers features such as:

  • Generating and regenerating full layouts of different web pages.
  • AI copywriter for text generation to populate blog posts.
  • AI image generator that is powered by Open AI’s Dall-E 3.
  • SEO tools for content optimization.
  • Responsive design to ensure your site is mobile and browser-friendly.
  • Monetization features such as paywalls.
  • Template and website themes for personalizing your site.
  • Analytics based on user experiences on your site.
  • Forms for subscriptions, contact info, and data collection.

Other popular AI web builders include, Zyro, and Softr

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Best Way to Make Money with AI Websites

Owning a website is a great way of getting paid through the different monetization features. You can now use AI to help improve the ROI of a website through fast and optimal working.

Here are some pointers on how a website can make money today:

  • Develop a website, make it authoritative in a specific area, and earn passive income through affiliate marketing of services/products in the industry. 
  • Help others get an online presence by creating websites as products for sale. 
  • Use the website plugins, SEO features, and expertise to revamp clients’ sites on a freelance basis.
  • Offer support and maintenance of the different marketing tools that websites offer. 
  • Get paid to fix bugs that arise from AI websites. 
  • Create content such as marketing materials, AI audio and video clips, articles, and infographics for clients. 

5. Offer Freelance AI Photo Editor Services

Offer Freelance AI Photo Editor Services

Source: Skylum

You have probably come across colorized photos from a time when only black-and-white photography existed. 

Much of the restoration has been done through Photoshop but now there are AI tools like Topaz Photo AI and Luminar AI.

These are AI online platforms that automatically enhance elements like color, lighting, contrast, and sharpness. Photography AI tools can also enhance the resolution of pixelated images for better realism. 

For freelancers, these tools allow you to work with photographers and brands:

  • Photographers who deal with high volumes of photos (such as event coverage) require help editing the files. With premium AI software and experience, you get paid per pic for editing and enhancement.
  • Brands require photo retouching for their marketing campaigns and pay handsomely for expert work. E-commerce sites also pay for photo editing where you enhance pics and create digital fliers.

6. Create Music and Audio Using AI

Vloggers, social media creators, and musicians pay for audio-based services. These are creatives who need music, background tracks, audio overlays, and sound effects.

AI technology such as AIVA, Soundraw, and Beatoven is just what you need to create unique tracks without a musical instrument. 

They make music composition easy with hundreds of styles at your fingertips. The AIs use proprietary algorithms to ensure that you don’t infringe music copyrights.

Another tool that will serve you well as an audio creator is Resound AI. This is an AI assistant that automates podcast editing. 

You should also familiarize yourself with voice cloning AI such as Descript. The AI allows you to clone voices from a library or your own voice to generate speech from the text you input.

To get noticed as an audio engineer, create accounts on Fiverr and other online job boards. Here you can build on your portfolio, starting with small projects.

7. Become an AI-powered Personal Shopper

AI has the power to analyze tons of data in a very short time. When the AI is set on personal preferences and available options, the tool can provide near-perfect suggestions.

That is how you can use AI to curate shopping lists for clients depending on budgets, store preferences, and shopping history. Also, you can make recommendations to several clients with just a few clicks.

AI shopping recommendations can cover anything from groceries and decor to vehicles and machinery. Personal shoppers make around $15 per hour with additional pay in tips for great service.

8. Offer AI Translation Services

The internet has made the world tinier and AI is here to help people thrive in the new reality. Tools that make this possible include AI translators that can now translate text and audio in seconds. 

The technology is still fraught with errors due to the dynamism of human speech and handwriting. This means that human input is still needed to ensure correct translations.

Fill the gap by using smart translators like Google Translate and WordVice. You can translate anything from blog pages to online courses with the help of the tools.

Note that while the AI does most of the work, it’s your multilingual skills that allow you to achieve the required task accuracy levels.  

9. Get Paid to Detect AI Content

Get Paid to Detect AI Content

There are buyers who want authentic custom paintings as opposed to AI-generated art. Yes, AI content is a great hit but it may not meet everyone’s taste. 

The struggle to deliver human-generated content is, great in blogging and writing niches. Leaning institutions are also under pressure to ensure that written content is 100% human-made.

This calls for auditing content for originality. A great AI for the task is which also offers plagiarism checking features. 

The tool is designed for content publishers, including agencies and website owners. It helps ensure that your posts are not penalized for AI content, by Google or clients. is a premium tool that costs $14.95 per month. However, the cost is worth it considering that the assistant also comes with fact-checking features crucial in ensuring truthfulness in content.  

The gig is closely associated with proofreading which pays around $28 per hour.  

How to Make Money Using AI as a Business

AI tools can help enhance efficiency on an ongoing business, or even start an entire new venture. Most importantly, your business will benefit from AI-optimized tasks. Smart ways to use AI for business include:

1. Make Bank With AI Emails

Make Money Online With AI Emails

Source: Writesonic

You can auto-generate emails using AI to increase the productivity of an online resource.

Start with a lead magnet like an ebook or a paid monthly publication that requires dedicated traffic.

To create engagement, you just need to hook visitors with a free resource (such as a checklist) that requires email sign-up.

Now armed with an email list, you can create marketing emails with the help of AI. 

As such, you can use the email generator to keep your readership engaged as you also cross-sell other products/services. 

AI tools like Writesonic and Mailmeteor are highly recommended for this kind of task. The AI-powered assistants help you create high-converting emails quickly. 

2. Create an AI Chatbot

Create an AI Chatbot to Help You Make Money Online

Source: Zapier

A great way to make money with AI is by creating AI Chatbots for small businesses. These are APIs that enhance communication between businesses and customers.

Chatbots have become particularly integral now that most businesses feature websites as major components of sales and customer service funnels.

Apart from chatbots, you can also earn money with AI by creating APIs like calculators, mobile apps, and plugins.

Basically, AI can help create tools that perform distinct functions for both business and individual use. 

All this sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Well, it is but that’s where the power of AI comes in.

Even without a coding background, you can employ AI platforms like Zapier and Rapid API to help actualize an API. Once your application is ready, list it for sale on

3. Create Videos from Texts for Your YouTube Channel

Create Video Scripts for Your YouTube Channel

Source: Pictory

Faceless channels are fire on YouTube in 2024! 

Many vloggers now use AI to help create videos for YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. The idea is to use AI tools to speed up content production with tools like Pictory

Yes, you can now harness AI to research trending ideas, write descriptions, curate tags, and generate engaging scripts with tools like Flot AI and Chapple AI. Moreover, you can either upload your own voiceover or let realistic AI voices and avatars do the talking. 

For instance, with Pictory’s library of over 10 million Getty Images video clips, music tracks, and hyper-realistic AI voices from ElevenLabs, you have everything you need to crush it.

While AI makes it easy to create videos, adding your own thoughts will make your content unique and captivating. This calls for adding your conclusions to the AI insights.

Luckily, you can create videos on any niche including the use of AI. For example, YouTube records videos on generative AI tools getting 1.7B+ views in 2023.

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4. Create Art to Make Money with AI

Create Art to Make Money with AI in 2024 

Source: Etsy

If you are looking for things to sell on your Etsy store, it is time to consider AI-generated art.

The site generally specializes in custom handcrafted items but also accepts digital art made using AI. The art can be anything from wall portraits to fantasy characters.

Instead of spending days coming up with concepts and themes, and developing the actual art, you can now work faster with AI.

The AI art generators in this category create digital masterpieces within minutes. You get access to thousands of editing options, templates, and graphic design elements.

Still, creating valuable art requires an artistic and imaginative mind. Basically,  art AI enhances your creativity with just a few prompts and gives you endless chances to perfect your art. 

AI art tools to perfect include Jasper Art, MidJourney, Adobe Firefly, Photosonic, and NightCafe Creator. Marketable creations that the AIs can produce include:

  • Posters
  • Tapestries
  • Wall art
  • Stickers

How To Sell AI Art

To help you make informed decisions on the best way to sell you AI-generated art, here are some expert marketing ideas:

  • Integrate your AI platform with Print on Demand services to sell downloadable art. Sites like Printiful let you sell art that can be printed on mugs, t-shirts, and other products.
  • Share your art on your social media posts to attract customers to your online shop.
  • Run stores on different platforms that list photos and art, including Spotify.
  • Open an e-commerce site where you can list art and produce custom orders. 
  • Stick to unique art instead of tinkering with common masterpieces and characters.

5. Generate and Sell AI Google Ad Copy

Organic traffic remains one of the great ways of getting traffic to your online platforms. Nevertheless, the stiff competition among niche sites calls for aggressive marketing.

AI ad creators are just the assistants you need to churn out ads that inspire and convert. Ad copywriting tools also help with market data analysis to generate the relevant ad.

AI ads can be used for;

  • Email marketing.
  • Landing page content.
  • Social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like).
  • LinkedIn marketing. 
  • YouTube advertisements. 
  • E-commerce adverts.

Most of the tools just require the ad’s purpose, relevant keywords, and tone of voice to generate copy. Popular AI ad assistants include Pencil and AdCreative

The assistants can also be paired with AI like Adzooma to manage ads and Adplexity to analyze competitors’ ads.

As such, you can also use a combination of the tools to generate and manage ads for clients at a price.

6. Run Affiliate Marketing Powered by AI

A major revenue stream for bloggers and website owners is promoting products and services from third parties.

AI can help streamline how you make money from affiliates and stay ahead of the competition. The assistants make it easy to;

  • Analyse referral sources to help concentrate on leads that are most likely to convert.
  • Analyze user interactions with your content and offer insights on how to improve your landing pages.
  • Optimize how you write product descriptions to ensure maximum engagement.
  • Automatic optimization of ads in real-time to account for changing audience preferences. 

The AIs that will help you earn steady commissions from promotions include Sprout Social, Brandwatch, and ClickUp. FAQs: How to Make Money With AI

7. Become an AI SEO Specialist

As earlier stated, AI-generated websites come with SEO features that you can leverage to get paid as a freelance specialist. But there is more to SEO than just using web builder’s plugins. 

Ranking on SERPs is an art in itself. Getting people to flock to every new post requires mastering a plethora of SEO tactics. 

AI has made this possible through tools such as SurferSEO, NeuronWriter, and Yoast. 

While you may have heard of these tools, there are now software updates that incorporate AI systems. The tools are available as plugins and standalone versions that offer real-time SEO analysis.

As an expert in such tools, you can help new bloggers navigate the ever-dynamic world of search engine optimization. The job requires a basic understanding of best SEO practices.

Start by joining the free Semrush SEO training. The course covers basics such as content creation, technical SEO, backlinking, commercial SEO, and keyword research.

You can then upgrade to a course on AI-powered SEO. This is where you learn the inner workings of generative AIs, prompting skills, and using AI models for personalized experiences. 

8. Develop and Sell Virtual Reality Environments using AI

VR environments are digital wonderlands that you can sell to marketers and web-based businesses. The environments are also sought after by schools and other learning institutions.

VR expertise can be especially lucrative when selling to game developers. Currently, the trend is creating AI-powered NPCs (non-player characters)

AIs can help you build these digital wonders without any coding experience. Developing VR content does nonetheless require tech savvyness and unparalled creativity. has already started integrating its algorithms into VR content. Other AIs in this category include Victoria VR which helps you build anything from metaverse platforms to gaming items. 

9. Become an AI-Based Remote Nutritionist

Healthy living is all the hype right now and AI is here to enhance dietary decisions. 

Depending on a client’s needs, feeding habits, and available resources, nutritionists can now offer personalized diet plans faster. 

AI also makes it possible to serve many people within a short time and without leaving your home. The gig requires you to be a trained nutritionist to ensure fact-checking of the food recommendations. is a leading AI in the field and comes with nutrition topics, meal recipes, and AI chats. There are also AIs that offer food tracking and recognition technology.

To make good money through the tech, I recommend combining nutrition AIs with a workout tool like FitnessAI

This will set you apart as an all-around expert while giving clients more parameters for gauging progress.

10. Earn by Editing Captions for Videos using AI

Earn by Editing Captions for Videos using AI


Video captioning and transcription have always been some of the best work-from-home gigs for freelancers. The task is simply listening to video or audio clips and typing the words with timestamps.

To back up a little, we have talked about AI for converting text to videos, what about the reverse? That’s where AIs like and Captivate (by Verbit) come into play.

The technology only requires you to upload a video clip or its URL, and the AI generates closed captions from the audio. 

This is speech recognition software that enhances audio, removes background noise, and corrects pronunciations. The assistant can also trim filler words and pauses to get clean transcripts.

Results take minutes and you can edit to meet the client’s needs. Some AIs also go further to generate suggestions such as headlines and keywords to enrich the text for transcripts. 

Remote captioning jobs are available on sites such as Rev and GoTranscipt. ZipRecruiter reports salaries of $32 an hour on average, with some jobs paying $57+ per hour.

11. Get Paid for AI Prompts

This is another lucrative AI gig that relies on your understanding of how the different models work. Basically, in all of the various tools discussed above, success depends on the prompts you feed the AI.

Not every creator, blogger, or developer has the time to experiment with different prompts; most want ready commands to make content generation even faster.

AI prompts can be for any form of content including abstract art, cartoons, videos, ads, and written ideas. 

The gigs are in high demand and have seen the rise of marketplaces such as Promptbase and Prompthero. You can also sell AI prompts on e-commerce sites such as Etsy and Facebook Marketplace.

If you have a collection of premium commands for popular AIs like ChatGPT, GitHub, Dall-E, and Google Assistant, you can also create ebook collections for sale.

The price of AI prompts is usually low, ranging between $1 and $5 per sale. However, as your reputation grows, you can earn more from repeat business and the sale of exclusive prompts.

12. Build AI Resumes for Sale

Build AI Resumes for Sale


As you know, a resume can be the difference between getting a job or missing out on a huge salary. 

The document is a summary of your professional and academic achievements. Nevertheless, crafting a resume that grabs the attention of a potential employer is not an easy job.

With the power of AI assistants like and AIApply,, you can create professional resumes in minutes. 

You benefit from pre-written phrases and tried and tested formats. AI also ensures that the final resume is grammatically correct. 

This is a hustle that you can run using paid AI and by advertising your skills on social media platforms. A website featuring success stories from job seekers using your AI resumes can also make you good money. 

Resume writers on Upwork make between $25 and $65 per hour. The gig can also pay you $500 or more per resume, depending on the required work and the targeted job. 

13. Become an AI-Powered Voiceover Artist

Voiceover jobs have always been a preserve for people with unique voices. Well, not anymore- with AI you can create voices to match any ideals.

AI voice generators like ElevenLabs help you generate natural-sounding voices in various languages. Such assistants can help you create audio content such as audiobook narrations.

The gaming industry provides another avenue for AI voice artists for NPC dialogue. With a truly unique voice creation, you can also sell the product to chatbot developers.

Voice AIs can also be used to perfect your natural voice through cloning and a little editing. Typical changes to voice include emotions, tones, nuances, pitch, and rate.

Voice-over jobs pay around $48 an hour, with top voice artists making up to $76/hour. 

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FAQs: How to Make Money with AI

1. How Can I Use AI to Make Money?

AI-powered software can make you money by hastening and perfecting hustles such as developing online courses, generating written content, and creating apps. Other AI gigs include audio editor, video script writer, affiliate marketer, and website developer.

2. How Can ChatGPT Make Me Money?

ChatGPT AI adapts to most content-based tasks including creating blog posts, product descriptions, and ad copy. The AI can also get you paid for social media management, keyword research, translation, API development, and other services. 

3. Can Open AI Make You Money?

OpenAI’s GPT Store is a platform for developers to get money by creating mobile and browse applications and developing new AI assistants. The software can also make marketable products like art, music, Google Ads, and YouTube scripts. 

4. How to Start a Business with AI?

To start an AI-based business first test the market and acceptability of your AI products. Next, gather the required data and human intelligence to perfect solutions as you build the AI. Lastly, develop ways for the AI to improve itself as it penetrates the target market. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.