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5 Intriguing Myths & Facts About Youtube Earnings

Here are a few interesting myths about YouTube earnings. If you’re planning to become a youtuber soon then you definitely need to know these.

Myths & Facts About YouTube Earnings

Myth #1: More subscribers = More Money

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As we already discussed, the amount of ad revenue you receive has nothing to do with the number of subscribers your channel has. A channel with 100K subscribers and another with 10,000 subscribers can still make the same 1000$.
So, it might arise to you, ‘What’s the use of building your subscriber base?’

Well, If you make interesting videos, your subscribers will tune into your channel to check for latest videos. Besides that having a good subscriber list builds your brand popularity. However, your subscriber count will be helpful to gain sponsorships and partner with influencers in the market.

Myth #2: More views = More revenue

This is a partial myth and right to some extent. This metric can help you determine the monetization capabilities of a video but not to the exact mark.

Not clear? Well, allow me to explain.

youtube earnings You make money based on visitor’s interaction with the ad.  Interaction means clicking an ad or watching an ad for more than 30 seconds.You get paid for only such views which cross the minimum view limit.The rest of the views don’t make money, they just addup to the count. There’s an assumption that an average YouTuber can make 1 dollar for every 1,000 VIEWS he/she gets on a video. Get to know what is youtube pay per view. Based on this metric, you can estimate your probable YouTube earnings.

Myth #3: No Partnering Required!

As a matter of fact, you need to partner with YouTube Adsense revenue sharing program to start earning.The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize content on YouTube in many ways, including advertisements, paid subscriptions, and merchandise.

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Check out for a detailed overview and benefits of the YouTube Partner Program here.

If PewDiePie (the most popular channel on YouTube) hadn’t enabled monetisation on his videos, he would earn nothing, regardless of how many millions of subscribers he has. Check out how to apply for YouTube Adsense.

Myth #4: Upload Videos, Relax & Make Money!

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Running a YouTube Channel is similar to maintaining a blog. You can’t simply sit and expect visitors to pour in and visit your channel without your intervention.

What happens if you do so? Your channel is will be lost in the treasury of millions of videos hosted on YouTube.

You need to build your brand, stand out in the crowd and increase your channel viewership. The only way to achieve is by optimizing your videos for SEO, adopting proper advertising formats and promoting your videos on social media to drive referral traffic.

Remember, No pain! No Gain!

Myth #5: Get Rich Quick!

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When you add in the reported 45% cut that YouTube takes from every video, making money on YouTube becomes an uphill battle.

It’s easy to look at a CPM number and assume millions of dollars pouring into the pockets of top video creators, but for almost all of the YouTube community, that’s simply not the case.

You might become a sensational star, but you can’t get rich overnight.

Making money on YouTube is much harder than the numbers suggest, unless you have some viral and interesting stuff.

The money you can make on YouTube totally depends on your capabilities, the content you produce and the monetized views its gets. Talent, innovation and bit of luck can make you a sensation. But only patience, consistency and hard work can fulfill your dreams of getting rich.

So what’s your take? Have you been through these delusions. Leave your comments below.


Thursday 13th of February 2020

Great presentation of a lot of information. You organized it all rather well and reduced it all to simple strps according to the readers' interests. Well done!


Sunday 23rd of October 2016

Hello Sowjanya, Thanks for claryfing the youtube myths, I wonder how someone will beleive its possible to make money on youtube without partnering with youtube adsense ads, maybe through affiliate marketing then.

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