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In this review, I’ll guide you on how to take up voice-over jobs in the comfort of your home. What I mean is, when you hear “voice over artist” you probably picture someone in a professional atmosphere, right?

While it’s okay to be hunched over a microphone in a soundproof studio, that’s not the only way to earn from media post-production. That’s what platforms like are all about.

For starters, the company allows child membership, making it among the best job boards for kids.

More to this, they even let you set your own rates for just lending your voice. So, are you a talented beginner, or an expert, on the lookout for voice-over jobs? Then you are at the right place.

Here is all you need to know about, the world’s largest audio and voice-over freelancers’ marketplace.

What is

Voices com review

In a nutshell, is simply a company that connects you, a voice artist, to brands on the lookout for such talent. It was founded in 2003 by a couple-David and Stephanie Ciccarelli.

Initially, this website used to be known as “Interactive Voices” under the medical journal by the name “Silencing the Critical Thoughts in Your Head.”

Since its establishment, is today an award-winning business employing more than 100 people, permanently. What’s more, there is an average of 5,000-6,000 jobs every month. What started as an audition for Native English voice-over speakers now supports other languages like Spanish and 100+ more.

Who Is for?

If you are a voice actor or actress and want to kickstart your VO career, then is for you. Clients come flooding on this site looking for a talented voice-over artist, also known as off-stage commentary.

Some of the big-name clients include Discovery Channels, Microsoft, The History Channels, GoDaddy, and the likes. Such clients come with a budget of over $1,000 for single projects.

With such a high-level clientele, it’s easy to think that is reserved for expert voice-over artists- you are wrong, you just need to work on your voice.

Julie Eickhoff, runs several courses for that specific purpose. As a beginner, you’ll find her Intro to Voice Overs Free Mini-Course, very informative. The training helps you explore the ins and outs of a voice-over career before you decide to get fully invested.

In total, the course covers 11 lessons, all free! Most importantly, the course answers most FAQs associated with VO jobs.

If you find the training worth it, which you definitely will move on to the next step: Work-From-Home Doing Voice Overs. It’s here where you’ll learn mic skills, script interpretation, the best VO equipment, and much more.

Intro to Voice Over Jobs for Beginners

Register for a Free Intro Class to Voice Overs Now

Once you are done learning and ready to earn, let’s see the kind of jobs to try your skills on…

Types of Jobs Available On

Once you sign up with and be part of this VO community, you’ll find many job listings for auditioning.

Clients need your voice talent for their audiobooks, video games films, TV sports, e-learning videos, mobile applications, and many more.

To be precise, the most popular voice-over job is Internet videos which grew in 2020 by 199%. Under this, you can work on product videos, marketing videos, social media, and explainer videos.

These videos are normally 60 seconds in length. They entail just a simple introduction to a new product or service or trying to explain how something is done.

Is free? Do you have to pay for

For a fact, is entirely free and anyone can sign up regardless of where you live or the language you speak. To back up this claim, currently has customers from 160 countries- each with its unique language and voice-over needs.

To join, you are required to create an account by filling out your name, email address, and phone number. Afterward, you’ll be provided with your login credentials; username, and password.

As such, you can join this platform for free. But like any other site, premium members are ones that get to enjoy better features.

With, you’ll have to pay $499 per year for a premium subscription. It sounds a lot, but you are rewarded not only with additional features but also more job opportunities.

This is how Voices paid and free memberships plans compare: Membership Plans

Source: Membership Plans

Free Membership Plan
  • Visible by clients
  • Sure pay payment protection
  • Free PayPal services
  • Invitation to private VO jobs
  • Posting a catchy profile
Premium Membership Plan
  • Auditioning jobs
  • Receive job opportunities through email notifications
  • Priority ranking in search engine
  • Customer support priority
  • You can track your progress through performance-related statistics
  • Free participation in webinars from top coaches

If you complete more than 100 jobs, you are eligible for an upgrade to an exclusive invite-only membership for $2,999 in a year. As a note, this membership is best suited for professional voice actors. You get to enjoy all premium features plus:

  • Unlimited job listings that do match your profile
  • Priority ranking on search
  • Connection to professional services team
  • You become a voice insider and can share your knowledge with other aspiring voice actors
  • Free access to an account manager

The downside of free membership cost is that you’ll receive limited job listings, unlike premium members who receive unlimited job listings sent to their emails.

That said, even though you pay $499 for a premium membership, there is a catch. You never get to talk directly to your clients.

Instead, the app still acts as a mediator between you and your client. You’ll therefore have to wait for your client to approach you for a job.

Additionally, you’ll still be charged 20% of your earnings by, just like non-paying members.

Read more about membership plans and features here.

How to Get Started on

Start off by signing up on for free and create your profile. To attract clients, ensure that you accurately fill your profile since it’s what clients will come looking for.

Basically, ensure that what you write on your profile matches your skillset as a voice-over artist.

Your profile entails things like name, gender, age, languages you speak, your headshot, location, and your MP3 demos. Demos are the most important since they showcase how talented you are and your versatility for handling different assignments.

Can You Make Money With

What I like about the app is the fact that it let you be in control of what you earn. That’s to say you get to set your own rates for any voice-over job you complete. However, as a newbie, you may find it hard setting your own rates.

Basically, rates do range between $100-$2,000 per project. But you can always charge more depending on how large the project is. You’ll notice that how much you earn depends highly on the project type and length of the recording, amongst other factors.

For instance, a 1-hour audiobook fetches you about $1,250. On the other end of the scale, a 2 minutes project rewards you with about $100.

To guide you, the platform does suggest the appropriate rates for different projects. Here is a typical pricing range for non-broadcast voice-over jobs. Download the full rates and pricing guide below.

Remember, 20% of your price quote goes to

How Pays You? is a middleman between you and the client. You might, therefore, worry about what to do when your client fails to honor his/her end of the deal by not paying you.

Don’t fret! counters this problem through the SecurePay system.

Simply put, the company takes hold of your client’s funds before you start working on a project. This is a guarantee that you’ll receive all of your agreed cash when you complete your task.

However, your client will first have to receive and approve the job for your payment to be released. Funds are deposited every Friday directly to your PayPal account or through check.

How Can I Use Voices for Free?

Setting up your profile is the most basic step after signing up. From here, you’ll start receiving private invitations for VO jobs in your inbox. On the contrary, premium members can audition for the same jobs that are posted publicly. They do this via VoiceMatch, a algorithm that helps match jobs to profiles’ skill sets.

Want to submit an audition? Send a short message to your client. In the message, set your rates and attach an MP3 demo file. Better still, let the demo be a short brief reading of the respective job.

Clients can in return leave a review, complement, and ratings to your profile. This is optional on the client’s end. If you become highly rated, then you attract a large fan base.

Further, records of past ratings are visible on your profile. So, ensure that your profile ranks among the top always.

Is Legit?

I can assure you that is 100% legit since it already has thousands of voice-over artists working with them together with many clients.

Also, the platform has been in business for over a decade. No fraud company can outlive that long since its establishment.

What do some of the review websites say? has a 3.7-star rating out of 5 on Glassdoor. This is a good score coming from former and current users on the platform.

Having gone through all 65 reviews, no one user claims that is fake. In fact, 82% of these users would recommend this platform to their friends.

Glassdoor ratings for Voices

Source: Glassdoor

Reddit is another online forum where users air their views about a particular site. Here, no one claims that is fake, instead, users share mostly positive reviews regarding

That’s not all another popular review website, Trustpilot, gives a 4-star rating from 430 reviews. From this, 72% of users have labeled it as “excellent” with only 8% saying it’s a “bad” platform.

From both sites, most users say that is appealing to them. Negative reviews are mostly from users who don’t like the “little” amount you earn and the 20% commission off your earnings. These are common complaints associated with most work from home websites BBB Rating is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited and has an A+ rating, derived from both clients and users. Since its establishment, only has 4 complaints on this US-based marketplace trust rater. The best part is that all the issues have been resolved.

The bottom line? There is more than enough proof that is legit and it pays for work done.

Is Safe?

One unique thing about is that it recognizes trust as an important factor for online jobs. Furthermore, the company appreciates the fact that you share personal information, including banking details.

As a result, the platform has put in place quite a number of trust, safety, and security protocols. This is to ensure that you feel and operate safely.

They have, therefore, laid some community guidelines to be followed. This in return creates a positive environment for all uses. To help ensure that these guidelines are followed to the letter, uses automated tools and practices to review all jobs. This guarantees a fair playing field for both clients and freelancers.

To be specific, the platform uses SurePay, a payment protection system. This system effectively removes the risks that come with non-face-to-ace payment plans; that usually give rise to online payment scams.

Knowing that the company shoulders this burden makes this a safe platform worth the 20% pay cut. Besides, I haven’t come across any unethical jobs that may cause emotional distress. Vs Voices123: Which is better?

Voice 123 is among the top website for voice-over jobs. Needless to say, Voice123 is one big rival of As a matter of fact, they have more similarities than differences.

For instance, Voice123 was also established in 2003 and has some of the most popular clients around the globe. They include Coca-Cola, The New York Times, Airbnb, 21 Century Fox, NBC, 3M, and more.

To understand this, let’s look at the pros and cons of both platforms. Pros and Cons

  • High-paying voice jobs
  • Free membership
  • Good customer support
  • High paying jobs
  • Expensive premium plans (2 to choose from)
  • They take a 20% commission off your earnings
  • Limited jobs for free members Pros and Cons

  • Cheap premium plans (4 to choose from)
  • Zero commission off your pay
  • Free membership
  • Poor customer support
  • Jobs don’t pay well

For starters, has better remuneration plans with 30 seconds of audio making you between $100 and $250. On the other hand, you can expect to make up to $100 per hour working on Voice123.

While the latter seems to pay less, it’s worth noting that a 30 seconds audio may take you an hour to perfect the voice quality required.

So, the question is not about which platform pays best, but rather how to make more money as a voice-over artist. A sure way of getting the big bucks is by choosing your projects carefully.

For example, a radio voice-over job will generally pay less compared to a television job. The guiding factor is the number of people that a given project aims to reach once the voice-over is completed.

Is Worth It?

From this review of, it’s evident that you can easily make money as a voice-over artist.

You can join for free, but the best approach is to upgrade to a premium membership since it unlocks more features. This implies that you can easily get back your $499 spent on the upgrade.

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