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Where to Sell Used Breast Pumps? [2024 Guide]

Are you wondering where to sell used breast pumps after a breastfeeding journey? This is a common question, especially for moms whose used breast pumps are still in excellent condition.

A breast pump is a lactating mom’s worthy companion. Not only does it provide a convenient way to feed your baby when you are away but it is also able to relieve plugged and engorged milk ducts to restore breast milk flow. This makes a used pump too good a thing to just toss, right?

So, is there a way to sell used breast pump? Is used breast pump donation even a thing? Of course, the whole subject raises safety issues and health concerns and luckily for you, this is the essence of this post. 

We will address everything you need to know about selling used breast pumps, where to sell them, and how to sell them. We will also explore what else you can do with your old breast pump.

Can You Sell Used Breast Pumps?

Can You Sell Used Breast Pumps?

First off, is it safe to use a used breast pump? Yes, It is completely safe to use a used closed system breast pump. This is because it is designed to prevent the milk from flowing back to the pump tubing and motor during a pumping session. 

This design mimics the multiple-use breast pumps, also referred to as hospital-grade pumps, provided for rental by some health facilities, lactation consultants, and specialty supply stores.

For health reasons, it is a good idea to use the old pump motor with a new collection kit. These are all the pump parts that come into contact with breast milk including nipple shields, collection bottles and their accessories, and valves before using a second-hand pump.

Back to selling used breast pump, you can sell a closed-system pump that is in good condition. However, you shouldn’t attempt to sell open-system breast pumps. 

Due to their lack of a backflow barrier, they carry the risk of harboring mold or bacteria in parts of the motor or tubing that come into contact with breast milk.

What The FDA Says About Sharing Breast Pumps?

The FDA classifies breast pumps as medical devices, meaning that the product is regulated by the government. According to the agency, a manual pump should not be shared, and the same goes for an electric breast pump designed for a single user.

Second hand breast pump hygiene is the main concern for the FDA guidelines.

Particularly, the agency does not recognize the designation “hospital grade pumps”, cautioning that only pumps meant for multiple users should be shared, donated, resold, or rented.

Where To Sell Used Breast Pumps? Stores That Sell Breast Pumps

Where To Sell Used Breast Pumps?

If you are looking to sell your used breast pump, look for nearby stores that stock rental pumps or baby items. However, since pumps and accessories used to express milk are considered medical equipment, you’ll hardly find storefronts with old personal-use breast pumps.

The health issues raised by selling such products also mean that you won’t find thrift stores with items such as baby bottles, breast shields, suction cups, and breast pads. 

That said, a mom’s local group or an online marketplace is a good place to concentrate your search for a personal-use pump.

Furthermore, to know where to sell second hand breast pump, try talking to other mothers in your friend circles or family. My research shows that selling breast pumps is usually done in close-knit groups where people have no qualms about sharing personal hygiene products.

That said, marketplaces dealing with electronic devices and waste can be good places to sell your pump’s motor and other electronic parts. 

For where to “sell my breast pump” try the following top-rated marketplaces for second-hand and used items:

Where Can I Sell My Breast Pump Near Me?

Most of the ideal places where an original owner can sell a closed system pump are Facebook Groups that are dedicated to “Exclusive Pumping“.

Also known as EPing, this is the practice of using a manual or electric pump to express milk for feeding babies as opposed to breastfeeding.

One of the popular groups is the EP Trading Post on Facebook. This is a closed group that accepts membership from surrogate pumpers, new moms, adoption pumpers, and women who are weaning from pumping. Similar groups include EP Buy, Sell, Trade, and Exclusive Pumping.

You can also search for specific items like “used breastfeeding hand pumps” and “breast pump donations” in the Facebook Marketplace to get more stores for listing your own pumps.

Where to Donate Used Breast Pump?

Wondering what to do with your used breast pump? Try donating it to new mothers and mild donation centers.

Simply put, breast pumps are expensive and unless they are broken to qualify as electronic waste, the donation will be welcome to anyone in need.

To donate a used breast pump, start by asking a family member who is beginning motherhood. You can also donate a closed-system pump to local charitable organizations, such as the Salvation Army, that cater to needy mothers or milk donation centers that care for babies.

Not to forget, if you are trying to dispose of a faulty pump, it’s best to send the pump back to the manufacturer/supplier for recycling.

For example, Medela Recycles is a program that makes it easy to recycle pumps and chargers from old breast pumps.

How to Sell Breast Pump on Facebook?

To sell your pump, cooler bag, and other mom and baby stuff, start by researching on review platforms like Reddit for the best Facebook Groups for the business. 

Once you land on a group with good reviews, post just the name of the brand and include a brief but detailed description of the item. 

I would, however, caution you against using keywords like “breastfeeding”, “suckling”, and “breast pump”.

The reason is that listings of “healthcare” nature are not allowed on the social media platform or its Marketplace.

Further, ensure to have ready pictures of your item in bright lighting. You should also use sanitary material for the packaging and make sure that the pump is clean before shipping.

Also, let the customer know of any imperfections in the pump’s design or any missing parts.

Most importantly, don’t include a warranty as part of the package since the manufacturer’s warranties are non-transferable.

How to Sell Breast Pump on eBay?

Just like Facebook, eBay has policies that restrict the listing of medical and healthcare devices. Nevertheless, the marketplace allows the selling of used breast pumps on the condition that the devices are designed for reuse.

As such, you can only sell a closed system pump without the other parts since they are not meant for reuse by different individuals. To make a fast sale, include identifying information like the model, year of manufacture, and the condition of the pump.

Note, when selling used stuff online it helps to be truthful about the condition of the item, in both photos and product description.

So, if you are selling a used Medela Freestyle Flex, take clear photos of the cap touch display, the removable cooler carrier, and the USB charging port. Also, include new parts such as a battery that you might have replaced, and say how long ago the replacement was done.

Do you still have the instruction manual? Take a photo of it as well and explain any problems that the buyer may encounter.

Lastly, research to ensure your asking price falls within a range that’s acceptable for the pump’s age, condition, and location.

Can You Sell Breast Pump from Insurance?

Basically, items that you get from insurance companies are rightfully yours to do with as you wish. What this means is that you can legally sell a pump that you acquired through your health insurance plan.

Even so, there are caveats to ensure that you aren’t using insurance payments to commit fraud. In particular, it’s illegal to claim a breast pump from your insurance knowing that you won’t be using the pump or with the sole purpose of selling it.

There is also the issue of reselling “prescription” medical equipment. By definition, you should not sell equipment that you obtained via an insurance company as a prescription medical item.

What to Do With Used Breast Pump?

Typically, if you have insurance plans for getting the best breast pump and other baby products, there is no need for holding onto an old pump. 

In such a case, after buying a new pump and using it, the best way to dispose of it is through a recycling program.

However, if you are planning on getting a new baby, you can sterilize it and store it for future use. Reuse works even when you are expecting a new pump from your insurance provider since the second unit can be handy as a backup.

Donating to non-profit organizations, a breastfeeding center, or friends and family members is another way of getting rid of used breast pumps. Nevertheless, you should only donate multi-user or closed-system breast pumps to avoid the transfer of pathogens.

As a last resort, you can sell the pump, or some of the parts such as the motor, to new parents who are strapped for cash.

Here’s How to Clean a Used Breast Pump?

Whether you have a free pump for donation or you need to store personal breast pumps for reuse, breast pumps need cleaning and sterilization after every use.

Nevertheless, the cleaning process can differ depending on the type of breast pump and accessories. Luckily, breast pump manufacturers include a user manual in the packaging, which also comes with instructions on cleaning,

The video above is a step-by-step guide on how to clean the popular electric Medela Swing Breast Pump. Some of the key takeaways from the cleaning process include:

  • Use vinegar to sanitize the milk extraction system, which includes all plastic accessories; valves, membranes, bottles, connectors, and flanges.
  • Always check the collection sponge inside the pump for dampness due to milk influx.
  • Wash the sponge using water and air dry the sponge.
  • Make sure not to wet the pump’s electrical mechanism during cleaning.
  • After cleaning, sterilize all the accessories inside a steamer as directed by the manufacturer.
  • To avoid fungal infections and other health risks, replace stained tubes with new tubes.
  • Only use a dishwasher if the method is explicitly recommended by the manufacturer.


1. Where Can I Sell My Used Breast Pump?

If you have a used breast pump that you no longer need, you can sell it through Facebook Groups or other social media platforms that allow peer-to-peer trading. 

Such platforms also include Reddit where buyers and sellers can interact in private groups, and arrange payments away from the site. Local mom groups and community centers are other places that can have willing buyers for used breast pumps.

2. Should You Buy a Used Breast Pump?

It’s perfectly okay to buy a used pump as long as the item does not include parts such as breast flanges, tubing, connectors, valves, storage containers, and any other part that comes into contact with the milk during and after pumping.

With this in mind, the only kind of second-hand breast pump you should buy is a closed-system pump with an intact backflow protector. The bottom line is that even with reliable home sterilization methods, open-system pumps can harbor pathogens.

3. What Is the Best Place to Sell Breast Pump?

Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook are some of the best marketplaces for selling breast pumps. You can also inquire about buyers from places such as a local new moms store or a non-governmental charity organization for new mothers. 

If you are in a local “Buy and Sell” social media group, you can also use your posts to advertise your pump.

4. Can You Sell Breast Pump On Craigslist?

Craigslist is one of the places where you can sell virtually anything, including a used or old breast pump. When listing the pump, ensure to have the item’s receipts ready for the buyer to scrutinize. 

This is for them to confirm that the item is not a rental from a hospital or a prescription item whose sale can constitute fraud.

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