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$35 an Hour Is How Much Per Year? [$35 an Hour Jobs]

Are you new in the job market looking for $35 an hour jobs and wondering, “$35 an hour is how much per year?” You are not alone! 

It’s common for employers to quote hourly salaries without further explanation on what the rate gets you in the long run. With this in mind, I have been running a series of posts to help you understand typical salaries.

So, can $35 an hour get you $50,000 per year after taxes? This post will answer not only that but also how to calculate yearly salaries from varying hourly rates.

Further, read on to find out jobs that pay $35 an hour (and more). And what kind of lifestyle do 35 dollars hourly afford you? 

Let’s get to the answers…

$35 an Hour Is How Much Per Year?

$35 an hour is how much per year

Jobs in the US set 8 hours as the daily work duration. That’s what 9 am to 5 pm is all about. And any extra hour you work after the normal working time adds up to your overtime. 

A normal workweek is from Monday to Friday, making 40 hours the standard work hours per week. 

That said, the gig economy has opened up variable work hours and passive income streams. What this means is that you can make $35 an hour around the clock, including the weekends.

But for ease of calculations, let’s stick to the standard and use the below calculator to get the estimated salaries:

  • 8-hour workday
  • 5-day work week 

$35 an Hour Is How Much a Year? 

If you are working hourly it helps to know your annual rate. This could guide your budgeting and long-term plans.

At $35 an hour, you can make between $70,000 and $72,800 per year or even lower. 

Why the range?

Your yearly pay depends on how many hours you work in the 365 days.

Using the standard workweek, without any holidays or vacation days, you work for 2080 hours [40 hours per week x 52 weeks].

  • Yearly pay for 52 weeks = $35/hour x 2080 hours = $72,800 before taxes

Now, if you go for a vacation- typically 2 weeks long- you end up working for 2000 hours [40 hours x 50 weeks].

  • Yearly pay for 50 week = $35/hour x 2000 hours = $70,000 before taxes

Don’t start counting your dollars yet, there is a big issue for the taxman.

How Much is 35 Dollars an Hour After Taxes?

How much you are taxed depends on several factors including your state, marital status, and other tax obligations. When all factors are taken into consideration, 35 dollars a year comes down to around $52,500 per year.

To illustrate, let’s assume that your pre-tax salary is $70,000 and that you live in South Carolina, USA. 

First off, the amount falls in the $40,125 – $85,525 taxable income bracket, with a 22% federal tax tag

And that’s not all, there are other taxes to consider such as Social Security and Medicare. 

Do you have a bookkeeper? Well, when they are done with the calculations, you’ll pay a tax of around $18,180. This reduces your yearly pay to $51,820

Using this example, your hourly rate becomes $25.90, which is almost $10 less than $35 per hour. The point here is that to make $35 an hour after tax, you need to find a way to make extra money every hour. 

My recommendation, try the following ways for making $50/day.

How Much is 35 an Hour a Month?

Going with a 40-hour workweek, the monthly payment for a $35/hr rate is $5,600.

$35/hr x 40 hours x 4 weeks = $5,600 per month pre-tax

After taxes, your monthly paycheck will read a net of around $4,144.

$25.90/hr x 40 hours x 4 weeks = $4,144 per month after tax

How Much is 35 an Hour a Week?

For a 40 hours a week job, a rate of $35 per hour makes you $1,400 weekly before tax. 

$35 per hour x 40 hours =  $1,400 per week before taxes

If you decide to work on Saturdays as well or rack up 8 extra hours in overtime, you can increase your weekly pay to $1,680 = $35 per hour x 48 hours.

Note, from the example above, your weekly (40 hours) pay after taxes is $1,037.

$25.90 per hour x 40 hours = $1,037 per week.

How Much is 35 an Hour Per Day?

At $35 per hour, a 40 hours a week job, makes you $2,800 bi-weekly before taxes

$35 per hour x 40 hours x 2 =  $2,800 bi-weekly.

How Much is 35 an Hour Per Day?

In this scenario, if you work 8 hours a week and get paid $35 per hour, your income equates to $280 before taxes.

$35 per hour x 8 hours x 2 =  $280 per day.

What Jobs Pay $35 an Hour?

Most jobs that pay 35$ an hour require some form of academic qualifications and certifications. However, you can still make that much doing something you like writing or assisting someone with a few office tasks without necessarily having a university degree. 

Browse this list of jobs to see what you can do to make around $35 an hour.

1. Computer Programmers

Computer programmers create and test codes by which computer apps and software can function effectively in terms of reliability, performance, and security. 

They work closely with software developers and engineers to ascertain that new and existing program designs work as expected by simplifying the codes, testing for errors, and fixing them.

Computer programming can be done from anywhere, alone or with other experts when projects are large. This kind of work requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

Specialization and certification in specific programming languages give you an added advantage. If you are lucky, you can also get work with an associate’s degree.

Computer programmers can make from $35/hour according to Ziprecruiter and up to $42.88 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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2. Accountants

Accountants compile, keep, and interpret financial records. They can also give advice on several finance-related tasks to help individuals, businesses or organizations reduce costs and run successfully. 

Most accountants work full-time but you can also work on a freelance basis especially at times such as during quarterly audits and tax season.  

The qualification for becoming an accountant is a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. You can also improve your bargaining power by acquiring certification in a specified accounting field such as licensure as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

The median hourly pay for accountants and auditors is $35.37.

3. Architects

Architects are also responsible for designing buildings, making alterations, and redevelopments to ensure that the resulting structure meets safety, functional, and sustainability standards.

To qualify for an architect’s job, you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited school followed by an internship to gain experience in architecture.

Finally, you need to pass the Architect Registration Examination and obtain a license to work in any state.

As of 2020, BLS posted median pay for architects as 39.58/hour.

4. Chemists

The job of chemists and material scientists revolves around studying different aspects of substances at the level of atoms and molecules including their physical and chemical properties, how they react with other substances, their reaction rates, and how they can be used to form new substances. 

With a bachelor’s degree, you can work as a chemist although you will require a master’s degree or Ph.D. for most research jobs. Chemists earn an average of $38.79/hour.

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants or VAs are responsible for assisting businesses, organizations, institutions, or even individuals in doing a wide range of tasks including managing emails, managing events, travel booking, content management, customer care, and bookkeeping among others.

VAs can work full-time or part-time, physically or virtually. Given the wide range of tasks, the qualifications for becoming a VA are determined by the specific tasks that need your services. 

That said, the more experienced and specialized you are in your skills, the greater your bargaining power.

Typically, every VA should also be reliable, organized, and communicative. Online courses like Gina Horkey’s Fully Booked VA  can help you break into the field.

The typical pay for beginner virtual assistants varies from $15 to $20/hour. While experienced VAs make over $35 an hour!

6. Freelance Writing

This job entails writing content for various types of media.

As a freelance writer, you can generalize or specialize in a niche to sharpen your skills and bargain for better terms as an expert.

You can also choose to be employed or self-employed. Writers can work from anywhere as long as they have access to a computer and the internet.

While full-time positions as an author or writer may require you to have a college degree in English, communications, or journalism, a degree is not a requirement for you to be successful in the field.

With a good command of English, you can sharpen your skills to produce quality content by taking online content writing courses.

Freelance writers’ pay can vary widely since you can set your own rates but generally, you can expect to earn from $30/hour to upwards of $100/hour.

7. Occupational Therapists

There are many types of therapies and patients have to be taken through these rigorous exercises by a professional. Once the doctor is done with your treatments, the next step in your healing is guided by an occupational therapist.   

They usually deal with severe illnesses and disabilities. The job involves working in hospitals, schools, and nursing homes.

Be ready to stay on your feet for long hours as you help patients regain full use of different parts of the body.

This is a good-paying job requiring a master’s in occupational therapy. In the US, you also need to be licensed to practice.

Looking for a $35/hour after taxes job? The median salary for occupational therapists is around $86,280- which is over $40 per hour.

8. Language Pathologist 

Speech or language pathologists assist both adults and children with communication problems. They are also tasked with helping people with swallowing difficulties. 

The profession is usually needed in schools and hospital facilities. Typically, you need a master’s degree followed by other courses in related healthcare fields such as language development. 

Depending on your state of residence, you may also require a license to practice.

The pay rate for language pathologists averages at around $80,480 yearly, or $38.06 per hour.

Is $35 an Hour a Good Salary?

Pew Research’s recent study, in 2019, defined the middle-class income ranges for a family of three as $53,413 to $106,827.

The lowest-income group earned less than $32,048 while the highest-income households had incomes topping 373k per annum (ten-fold that number)!

So, by all means, $35 an hour is a good salary! And, it falls in the median income salary. A family earning between $32,048 and $53,413 was considered a lower-middle-class.

On a weekly basis, you will be making around $1,400 before tax and $1,030 after tax. As such, the rate is well close to the current median pay in the US which is $1,037.

With job security, you can afford a mortgage on a $35 an hour salary. How? According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey, on average, Americans pay $1,609 per month for mortgages.

So, with just your monthly payment of $5,600, you can pay for a house and have plenty of dollars left for other expenses.

$36 an Hour is How Much a Year?

Earning $36 an hour and working for the typical 40 hours a week, you should make $1,440 ($36×40) per week. 

If you work for 50 weeks of a year, this amounts to $72,000 ($1,440×50) before taxes.

After an income tax deduction of about $18,000, you should have a yearly earning of about $54,000.

$37 an Hour is How Much a Year?

Hourly pay of $37 translates to $1,480 ($37×40) weekly pay. Working for 50 weeks a year, you should make $74,000 (1480×50) a year before taxes.

When you account for income tax which amounts to approximately $19,000, you should remain with about $55,000.

$38 an Hour is How Much a Year? 

If you earn $38 an hour, you make $1520 working for 40 hours a week. Yearly, you will make $76,000 (1,520×50) working for 50 weeks.

This amount attracts total taxes of about $19,700 which leaves you with about $56,300.

$39 an Hour is How Much a Year?

Before taxes, a $39/hour job should earn you an annual salary of $78,000 and a weekly salary of $1,560 provided you work for 40 hours a week and 50 weeks a year.

Total income tax which amounts to around $20,500 will leave you with an annual salary of $57,500 after taxes.

35 Dollars an Hour Is How Much a Year: Conclusion

Working at $35 an hour will make you between $70,000$72,800 annually before taxes and about $51,820- $54200 after taxes. This is considering you work for 40 hours a week and for 50-52 weeks a year.

There are many jobs that pay over $35/hour or more; you just need to find the one that you are qualified or best suited for. Further, with proper planning and depending on other obligations, you can live on this salary and even afford a mortgage.

Finally, changing your work schedule can increase or decrease your earnings. Still, there are numerous ways to maintain or even increase your earnings.

For example, you can work overtime or on weekends to cover the amount of time spent during a longer family vacation. You could also try negotiating for higher pay in order to make more money.

Don’t worry though, if you want to make some easy money? This post offers quick and simple tricks that will make you $50 richer in no time.

Here are a few posts to help increase your income and make money on the side: 

Did you find this article helpful? Have you tried any other jobs that can make $35 an hour? Any tips? We would love to hear all about it!

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