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$15 An Hour is How Much Per Year?

Are you wondering ‘$15 an hour is how much per year? Many employees have had their salaries bumped up to $15 per hour. But the question is, exactly how much do you get after taxes from a $15 an hour job? Further, is $15 an hour a good salary?

In this article, we are going to discuss how much $15 per hour gets you yearly and some of the jobs you might consider for the rate.

Also, I am going to answer that question bothering you, is $15 an hour a good salary? Also, don’t miss out on our salary calculator feature.

Answers to these questions will help you budget and ensure that your bills and debts are settled on time. This way, you will be able to save for a vacation, retirement, or even a mortgage.

Let’s get started.

$15 An Hour Is How Much Per Year?

$15 An Hour is How Much Per Year?

To calculate $15 an hour is how much per year we are going to multiply $15/hourly by the total number of hours you work in one year.

In the USA, a full-time employee works for 40 hours. And, if you take an unpaid leave of 2 weeks, you will factor 50 weeks into the calculations, instead of 52 weeks.

Wondering, $15 per hour is how much yearly? Let us assume that you are working for 40 hours a week, for 50 weeks a year.

So, you take 40 hours * 50 weeks you get 2000 hours. Then you multiply 2000 hours by $15 to get $30,000 per year. 

$15/hour x 50 weeks x 40 hours = $30,000 per year

However, without the 2 weeks’ vacation, you will get paid $31,200 which is derived from 40 hours * 52 weeks * $15.

$15/hour x 52 weeks x 40 hours = $31,200 per year

So, you have 2 options to with depending on your work schedule. Also, you can increase your take-home by working overtime, or get a side hustle paying just as much!

How Much Is $15 An Hour?

As you can see above, $15 an hour amounts to $120 per day for an 8-hour work day. 

$15/hr x 8 hours = $120 daily

It’s also possible to increase your daily rate to $150 by working for 10 hours every day. You can also pick the extra cash by working over the week.

$15 an Hour is How Much A Week? 

To know $15 an hour is how much a week, you will take $15 paid hourly multiplied by 40 hours a week which gives you $600 per week.

$15/hr x 40 hours = $600 weeks

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans are making an average of $990 per week ($990 per week/40 hours = $24.75 per hour).

So, the above $15/hr rate is less than the median pay which currently stands at $24.75 per hour or $900/week.

And to know how much you earn per month, you will divide $31,200 (40 hours x 52 weeks x $15) by 12 months to get $2,600 per month.

$31,200 per year / 12 months = $2,600 monthly

As for your biweekly rate, start by taking 40 hours per week multiplied by 2 to get 80 hours. Then, multiply 80 hours by $15 per hour which gives you $1,200 biweekly.

$15/hr x $80 hours = $1,200 every fortnight

15 Dollars an Hour is How Much Per Year After Taxes?

What you get from a $15 an hour gig after taxes will differ depending on where you reside. For instance, American workers pay federal income tax on top of local income taxes, social security, and a host of other deductions.

To know how much of your income goes to taxes, you can turn to online tax calculators. Typically, if you earn $31,200 you’ll pay around 18.4% in taxes and end up pocketing around $25,450 (~12.2/hr)

Is $15 An Hour A Good Salary?

Most people can manage $15 an hour. The rate is, however, lower than 2021’s second-quarter median weekly rate which is reported to be $990.

That’s not to say you can’t live comfortably on the salary but to do so you’ll have to observe a strict budget.

$15 an hour works best for a single person under the age of 25 who can cost-share expenses with a roommate. If nobody depends on you and you practice frugal living, $15 per hour is not a bad rate.

For the older generation, according to a report by CNBC, you need to make at least $165 daily to cover everything from groceries to housing.


Note that the estimate is for an individual so, to care for a family you need to make more than $15 an hour. Interested? Check out these jobs that pay $35/hour.

$15 an hour Jobs

Are you looking to make $15 an hour or more in an hour, consider the following jobs?

1. Bookkeeper

Do you love playing with numbers? Try bookkeeping.Your main job description is to handle all the financial transactions in an organization. You need to have data entry skills, accounting knowledge, understand GAAP or IFRS.

Last but not least, you need to be computer literate, especially with applications such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

The average salary of a bookkeeper is $40,406 which is approximately $19.43 per hour, $777 per week, and $3,367 per month.

What’s more, this is a perfect gig for remote online working. As a virtual bookkeeper, you will get to choose your work hours and hourly rate. 

2. Online Tutor

Depending on your job or your employer, a teaching license and high school diploma are required for online teaching gigs. You can choose to teach your favorite subject to a large demographic including businessmen and kids.

The job is enjoyable but may come with early or late hours. You can check out teaching English jobs on sites such as Qkids and VIPKid.

The average annual salary of an online tutor is $43,914, which is around $21.11 per hour.

3. Fitness Instructor

Being a personal trainer, you will be providing fitness programs and training to either groups or individuals. Having a certificate in fitness (gym) instructing is an added advantage.

The average salary of a fitness instructor is around $21 per hour.

4. Nanny

A nanny can be employed on either a full-time or part-time basis. Your main responsibility is to take care of children in the absence of their parents. You invest your time fully in the well-being of the children.

This is a good job especially if you worked as a kid babysitter. For a nanny, the average annual salary is approximately $30,952, which is equivalent to $15.50 per hour.

5. Painter

If you love art then this is your job and opportunity to make $15 an hour. A painter paints and decorates the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings.

On average you’ll earn $34,220 per year- $16 per hour and $2,852 per month.

6. Truck Driver

A truck driver transports goods from one state to another even when the weather conditions are a bit challenging. But hey… taking long drives with some music is therapeutic, right?

The average salary of a truck driver is $23.52 per hour which is approximately $48,928 per year.

7. Construction Worker

A construction worker is a manual laborer working on tasks such as preparing the building site, carrying construction materials, and bracing. You work at the direction of the site and project managers.

This is a strenuous job that requires you to be physically fit.

On average a construction worker makes $33,012 per year which is about $15.80 per hour.

8. Administrative Assistant 

An administrative assistant is more of an office secretary. You are responsible for filing, scheduling appointments, and distributing information among the staff. It’s also your duty to receive clients and sell the business to visitors.

For you to be on the safe side while applying for this position, you will need prior experience, stellar communication, and crisis management skills.

The average salary of an administrative assistant is $37,849 and the hourly salary is around $18.

9. Mail Handler

A mail handler job location is in a postal office. The daily duty routines are sorting out mails for carriers to deliver to different locations and also re-wrap scratched parcels.

A mail handler earns an average salary of $35,228 annually and $17 per hour which is equivalent to $682 per week.

10. Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is more of an administrative assistant only than that you’ll work in a clinic, hospital, or health care center. The duties of a medical assistant vary depending on specialty.

To become one, you need a high school diploma and to complete a medical assistance program.

A certified medical assistant earns $31,278 per year. This payment is just a little over $15 per hour.

11. Veterinary Technician

A veterinary technician performs similar duties as a nurse but instead of people, they deal with animals. They fully assist licensed veterinarians in the treatment of sick animals. You need a course in veterinary technology and a high school diploma to get started.

The annual salary of a registered veterinary technician is $35,579, about $17 per hour.

12. Barber

A barber grooms men’s hair and beards. This is one of the best jobs paying $15 per hour because apart from the initial capital, you don’t need much money to run a barbershop. You need to be passionate and skilled high-paying to attract clients.

The annual average pay of a barber is $43,119, approximately $20.73 per hour.

13. Couriers and Messengers

I am certain this is not new to you. Couriers and messengers pick and deliver documents, packages, and also messages. You can walk or use a van, motorcycle, public transport, or even a bicycle depending on where you are delivering or picking.

Typically, you work for a big establishment with large compounds and several office buildings. Completing high school is one major qualification plus efficiency in what you do.

The average weekly pay of couriers & messengers is $1,039 per week.

14. Medical Transcriber 

A medical transcriber listens and transcribes the doctor’s voice-recorded medical reports. The field, together with legal transcription, has the potential of employing you full-time. A medical transcriber earns around $32,376 per year on average which is around $15.57 per hour.

No certificate or license is required to become a medical transcriber. Nevertheless, you need formal training to break into this highly competitive gig market. With this in mind, I suggest you sign up for Janet Shaughnessy’s Free 7- Lesson Transcription Mini-Course.

The training is meant to help you decide whether transcription is really your thing. Further, you can opt into Janet’s full course that covers both general and specialized transcription. 

As a pro working on sites such as Rev Transcription, you can make up to $30 per hour! On the other hand, with DT and Tiger Transcription sites you can work from home and earn $15 per hour remotely.

15. Work with Amazon

I bet you didn’t know that Amazon runs a jobs platform. This is a site where you can get online work-from-home jobs that pay $15 an hour. To apply for any job advertised by Amazon click here to view the different categories.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for Amazon jobs is $38,864 which is equivalent to $18.68. This is way above $15 per hour pay and with experience, you can make over $60,000 per year here.

Some of the jobs listed on the site include administrative support, audiovisual media production, content management, and security engineering. 

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$16 An Hour Is How Much Per Year?

Let us use the assumption that you are working for 37.5 hours a week, getting paid $16 per hour, and working for 52 weeks. We will calculate how much you earn weekly, monthly, biweekly, and annually.

Note, when working on a job that you clock in and out of, your weekly work hours usually add up to 37.5 hours. Employers dock you 30 minutes every day for the lunch break, which amounts to 2.5 hours off a 40 hour week. 

$16 per hour x 37.5 hours x 52 weeks you will get $31,200 per year.

The monthly salary will be $31,200 divided by 12 months to get $2,600 per month. 

Biweekly you will be earning $1,200 which you get from 37.5 hours x 2 x $16/hour.

The weekly salary will be $600 [37.5 hours/week x $16/hr]

To get the daily salary becomes $120 [7.5 hours x $16 per hour]

$17 An Hour Is How Much Per Year?

$17 an hour is how much per week, daily, biweekly, and monthly?

Keep in mind that, we will use a 37.5 hour work week, getting paid $17 per hour and working for the whole 52 weeks in a year.

So, $17 an hour will be $17 x 37.5 hours per week x 52 weeks = $33,150 per year

Monthly salary:  $33,150 divided by 12 months = $2,762.50 per month

Biweekly salary: (37.5 hours per week x 2) x $17/hour = $1,275 biweekly

Daily salary: 7.5 hours a day multiplied by $17/ hour = $127.50 per day

Weekly salary: 37.5 hours/week x $17 per hour = $637.50 per week

$18 An Hour Is How Much Per Year

Working hours are 37.5 per week, getting paid $18 per hour and working for 52 weeks.

Annual salary: 37.5 hours/week x $18/hour x 52 weeks = $35,100 per year

Monthly salary: $35,100 per year divided by 12 months = $2,925 per month

Biweekly salary: (37.5 hours per week x 2) x $18 per hour = $1,350 biweekly

Weekly salary: 37.5 hours per week x $18 per hour = $675 per week

Daily salary: (37.5 hours per week divided by 5) x $18 per hour = $135 daily

$19 An Hour Is How Much Per Year?

Taking work hours as 40 per week while working for 52 weeks, here are the conversions for a $19 per hour rate.

Annual salary: 40 hours per week x $19 per hour x 52 weeks = $39,520 per year

Monthly salary: $39,520 divided by 12 months = $3,293 per month

Biweekly salary: (40 hours per week x 2) x $19 per hour = $1,520 biweekly

Weekly salary: 40 hours per week x $19 per hour = $760 per week

Daily salary: (40 hours per week divided by 5) x $19 per hour = $152 daily

$15 an Hour – Bottom Line

Now that you already know what jobs pay 15 an hour, how about you start sending out applications ASAP!

Nowadays many people pick up additional jobs along with their 9-5 job just to boost their earnings slightly higher (sometimes significantly). I would also recommend you pick up a side hustle or a passive income gig to supplement your earnings.

The extra cash will also be handy in offsetting your taxes. All that’s required is an hour of your day and I’ll show just how fast (and effortlessly) making fifty bucks can be done with little tactics…Even better, learn how to make $100 in an hour or less in the blog roll.

So, that’s it, guys! What do you think about getting paid $15 an hour? Leave your comment below!