How to Make 300 Dollars Fast! [In Less Than An Hour]

Are you in a pinch and looking for how to make 300 dollars fast?

Whether it’s to cater for an emergency or to supplement your income, $300 could go a long way in getting you out of a financial jam. And you don’t have to switch jobs either; all it takes is a smart side hustle and you can make the $300 in a day!

From selling your unwanted devices to taking mobile loans, there are endless ways to get cash quickly. Bearing this in mind, I will take you through realistic ways to make $300 or more, online or by doing simple tasks around your home.

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HOW TO MAKE 300 ONLINE: 15 creative Ideas for Quick Money

Depending on your skills, there are hundreds of ways to make money online. Apparently, some of the following side hustles don’t even require much skill or a college degree- just a few hours of your time and a smart device. 

1. Teach English at home - Earn up to $22/hour!

Do you have 15 hours to spare? Well, that’s how long it can take you to make $300 tutoring kids.

A platform like VIPKid will pay you up to $22 hourly to teach English online.

This kind of side hustle is usually open to native English speakers from Canada, UK, and the US. 

Who Qualifies?

– Any “formal” or “informal” teaching experience such as mentoring, tutoring, coaching, or alternative education.

– Eligibility to work in the US or Canada with a native accent.

– Bachelor’s degree in any field.

Also, the hours are flexible and you can choose the classes that suit you best. Other platforms that pay you to impart knowledge on young learners include Qkids, TeachPartTime, and EF Education First. 

Here is how to teach English online as a beginner. I’m pretty much sure that within a week time, you’ll be able to pull off your target of $300 with those skype lessons at home.

2. Get Paid to Take Surveys ($50+ PER WK)

As far as making money online goes, taking paid surveys is arguably one of the easiest ways. These are tasks that you can complete on your laptop or mobile phone as you rest. The trick, however, is knowing the legit survey apps that pay top dollar.

Granted, you won’t make $300 from one survey but with the right platform you can make up to $50. Pay is usually through Paypal or gift cards. 

Apart from surveys, an app like Surveysavvy runs sweepstakes and contests that can see you win $500 for completing simple tasks.

Other best paid-surveys sites to check include Vindale Research and Survey Junkie. The surveys are fun, short, interesting and easy to complete. Vindale Research also allows to keep the products you research.


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3. Get Paid to Play with Pets!

Also, you can also offer services like babysitting and dog walking within your neighborhood and on your own schedule. 

Rover is one of the largest networks of pet sitters and dog walkers. Their service connects pet parents with sitters thereby making it easy for you to connect with a pet owner, and even get paid securely in cash, checks, or tips. 

Become a Pet Sitter – earn up to $1000 a month!

4.Get Paid to Deliver Food - $300 a day!

Need to earn some extra money on the side? Like driving?

What if I tell you about an opportunity which most of you can really do if you have your own transport. 

Food delivery companies have a huge demand nowadays and they lack delivery guys who can pull this huge task.

A company like DOORDASH provides this opportunity whereby you’ll be paid $25 per hour to deliver food around your area or locality.

If you calculate, you can easily earn that $300 with just 8 hours of work – Apply to become a DoorDasher!

The other company worth mentioning, that provides a similar earning opportunity is Postmates – Start earning $50 or more per delivery!

5. Deliver groceries with Instacart - $14/hr

Here is the perfect side hustle for you—being an Instacart Shopper.

Unlike Postmates and Doordash, Instacart works in a slightly different way. If you own a car and are over 18yrs of age, then this is a great way to earn extra money.

Grocery delivery is in high demand than ever before. Most busy people, don’t have the time to get to the store, buy your grocery items, come home, and cook.

That’s where Instacart is at its best. It helps get grocery stuff right in front of your door. No kidding!

You can take up this gig just by applying online and choose between becoming a Full-service shopper or In-store shopper. You must be atleast 18 years of age or older and this is only applicable for US and Canada applicants. 

Deliver groceries with Instacart, get paid around $14-$15 an hour.

6. Become a Mystery Shopper

bestmark mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a pretty decent way to earn some money by visiting different outlets and trying out their products and services. You’ll be paid for your visit and to try out things. Mostly, in hard cash. But, sometimes via vouchers and gift cards as well.

One such platform is BestMark where you would be paid for visiting: Hotels, Restaurants, Gas stations, Casinos, Retail stores, financial institutions, etc.

You’ll be paid a good sum of money anywhere between $5 and $20. Continue doing such tasks in your free time and make some cash! 15 such visits and you’re done with your target of $300.

Apply here to become a Mystery Shopper – earn extra money, free meals, services, and bonuses! 

ProductTestingUSA is another popular company that allows to share your opinions on store layout, pricing, product selection.

Get a $200 worth Gift Card to become  mystery shopper on ProductTestingUSA.

7. Make Passive Income on Shutterstock

sell photos online and make 300 dollars fast

Do you love taking photos and would like to make some money? 

You can sell photos on Shutterstock for some passive income. Known as royalties, you make money every time your photo is downloaded. Initially, every download makes you 25 cents. The rate goes up as you move up through a tier system.

There are different ways of packaging your photos to ensure maximum earnings. As such, it’s possible to earn up to $2.85 from a single photo. Now, to make $300 fast from Shutterstock as a beginner isn’t easy but at the same time, there are veterans making thousands of dollars monthly.

Click here to submit your photos on Shutterstock and start earning.

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How To Make $300 Fast By Selling Stuff Online

If selling is something that interests you, and i


be honest, you must have stuff around your house that you don’t need. Ever thought of selling it? After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Here are some of the most popular ones you can try today:

8. Sell Clothes and Accessories on Poshmark

By selling clothes plus accessories you could easily make $300 in less than a week. One of the leading social marketplaces for this kind of trade is Poshmark. The platform caters to US citizens and deals with all kinds of wearables.

All it takes is uploading a photo of the item, including price and description, and waiting for someone to buy. For instance, with 30 items each going for $10, you can net $300 fast. Your pricing should, however, take into account a 20% shipping fee charged by Poshmark.

The Poshmark App is available to both App Store and Google Play Users.  

7. Open a shop on Etsy: Make $1k - $10k

Are you good with your hands? 

Etsy lets you turn DIY crafts into cash. The platform allows you to open a shop and build an inventory. Certainly, you can sell anything from art prints and crocheted items to knits and handmade jewelry.

How to make $300 fast on Etsy? 

Have a large inventory and market your shop on social media platforms. With return customers and a huge social media presence, you can make $300 in a day.

However, for beginners, it could take you a while before you can get your big break. That said, running a Shop on is easy and furthermore, you will be cashing on your hobbies!  

Click here to sell your handiwork for any amount.

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9. Sell on Decluttr

Instead of throwing out the ‘junk’, sell it on Decluttr.

How many unwanted gadgets do you have lying around? Be it an outdated music player, games, or even the good old Walkman, someone out there could buy it.

How to get 300 dollars fast on Etsy? I recommend selling fast-moving items such as smartphones, tablets, and video games.

All that is required is to register on the website and enter the barcode on the item – or scan the barcode using the Decluttr app. From there, you will be given an instant price, and if you accept the offer, shipment will be arranged.

Register here to sell tech junk on Decluttr!

10. Sell an Ebook

How to make 300 dollars fast online? Write and sell an Ebook!  

If you are an avid reader then you must have come across dozens of Ebooks. Ever thought of creating one and selling it? 

To begin with, you can write about anything from horror to kid’s content. And you don’t have to contract a publishing firm; you can self-publish on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publish platform.

Furthermore, even without a writing background, you can create Ebooks using Scribble

Also, you get to set your own prices and earn up to 70% in royalties. Depending on the genre and how good your books are, you can make over $400,000 in a year– that’s over $1,000 a day!

Click here to self-publish with Amazon’s KDP and start earning book royalties.

How to Make 300 Dollars in One Day

While the above earning opportunities will make you $300 albeit in a few days, it is possible to make $300 in a day. Here’s how:

11.Trade on Robinhood - MAKE $1000 (OR MORE)/DAY!

Source: Robinhood

It’s now possible to invest in stocks without a stockbroker. This is through investing apps and websites that are easy to navigate, and with a little know-how, you can make more than $100 in a day.

One of my favorite apps is Robinhood that can make you $1000 (or more) at a go. I personally made $1250 trading options in one day, last month. If I can, you can too!

Here’s a proof of my trade for this week:

See, once you sign up, the platform assigns you a random stock worth anything from $2.50 to $200. What you do with the reward is all up to you; you can cash out or continue trading.

This is a commission-free investment app, meaning you keep all your earnings. Other apps offering similar opportunities include Acorns and Stash. 

Interested? Here’s How Robinhood, Acorns, and Stash Compare. Acorns and Stash are one of the best money-management apps out there in the market, but my personal best is Acorns! 

12. Sell Almost Anything On Craiglist/Facebook

facebook marketplace

Are you wondering how to make $300 in a single day?

Consider selling a pricey item on Facebook Marketplace. Since the social network introduced Facebook Marketplace in 2016, the platform is used by over 800 million people around the globe.

What makes this a premier marketplace for making $300 fast is that you essentially sell to your friends. People who know you are likely to trust and buy from you in an instant.

You can also join a buying and selling neighborhood group where you can make a sale as soon as you can arrange a meeting. To sweeten the deal further, the platform only charges a selling fee of 5% of the purchase. 

Join the facebook marketplace and sell $300 worth of products every day.

Craigslist is yet another leading platform to sell old stuff online. Some of the fast-movers on the site include old furniture, clothes, and electronics.

Depending on what you are selling, you can easily make more than $300 in a day. What’s more, you don’t have to sell your own stuff; with a little capital, you can now buy cheaply on the site and sell stuff at a profit. Start selling anything on Craigslist.

13. Join a Focus Group

Are you an expert in your field of study or career? If yes, you can easily make $300 in a day by joining a focus group. This can be a local or online group where you get paid for your insights on a given topic.

I like to think of focus groups as more specialized forms of paid surveys. To join one though, you need the right qualifications. On the plus side, these groups are found within paid survey platforms.

Depending on the organization sponsoring the group, you can make anything from $20 – $1000 per study in an hour. My top picks are:

  • : It is a premium survey site and probably the highest paying survey website on the market. Some users have reported making up to $300 on a single survey. A user on Reddit even reported making up to $5000 over 12 months – Start earning with
  • Ipsos I-Say: With over a 4 star rating on Trustpilot, this survey panel rewards for sharing your opinion on new products and services. You get to earn gift cards, cash, and sweepstakes entries – Sign up for Ipsos Isay

14. Rent Your Space on Airbnb - Make $500+ a mon

One of the easiest ways on how to make 300 dollars fast is by renting out your spare room on Airbnb. Notably, how much you get depends on the size of the room, location, and the facilities inside your home.

Typically, you could be looking at $2,000 to $10,000 per month as a part-time landlord. You can also make extra cash for any service you offer to your guest such as laundry.

It’s also possible to host more than one person, say a couple, for a better payday. You can also design an experience that guests will pay top dollar for. 

Get started right here – learn how you can make money being an Airbnb host. 

How to Get 500 Dollars Fast!

If you are looking for ways to get absolutely free money, here are some genuine ones:

15. Redeem Gift Cards for Cash

Nielsen Consumer Panel will pay you $50 per device just to download and install their app on your phone/computer – Download the Nielsen app on all your devices and earn $50/device just like that! Get rewards for using the Internet. 

Gift Cards have become a way of life but in all honesty, it’s better to get rewards in cash.

So how many of these cards do you have lying around and how many are you really planning to use? That’s where Cardpool comes in; a platform where you can exchange gift cards or cash.

Depending on the number of cards that you have racked up, making 300 dollars in a day is easy. The going exchange rate is 92% of the card’s value. 

Additionally, new members get a $7 sign up bonus and $7 for each successful referral. Register on Cardpool and exchange gift cards for cash.

16. Lookout for Refunds & Cashbacks

Interestingly, how to make 300 dollars fast online can be as easy as claiming what you are already entitled to it. 

For example, did you know that most companies offer refunds whenever a delivery is late or there is a price drop?

If you buy on Amazon frequently, every late delivery could make you up to $10. Hence, keeping track of all the purchases and refunds is another thing altogether. 

That’s why Paribus comes highly recommended – the platform does the monitoring for you.

Also, it keeps track of price drops and helps you claim your money back. Apart from Amazon, the app tracks over 25 major retailers including Target, Best Buy, and Home Depot. 

Register on Paribus and claim your shopping dues.

17. Check For Unclaimed Assets/Money  

Could be that you are struggling yet your money lies in a government vault just waiting for you to claim it?

How to get 300 dollars fast can’t get easier than just claiming such monies or assets. This could be rent or utility deposit refunds, bank refunds, safety deposit box contents, back wages, life insurance funds, or pension money.

You may have to do some leg work to get your hands on the money. Start by getting in touch with the US Unclaimed Property Administrators

Other sites to check for your dues include the VA, and the Department of Labour’s Wage and Hour Division.  


If you are looking for how to get 300 dollars fast, you can never run out of options. The above list has proven that $300 is within your reach in some ways that don’t even require you to move a finger.

Amazingly, you will also realize that you can exploit most of these opportunities in the comfort of your home. Have you identified some ways that particularly work for you? I would like to hear all about it! Also, let us know of some others that have already worked for you.