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How I Made $1451 Blogging In My Spare Time

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Never before on HearMeFolks…

My Income report is live for the first time. Wahoo! and, I’m excited about it! Yes, there’s something special to it and you’ll know about it in a while.

Many bloggers publish their income and traffic reports, to indicate their growth, keep a track of their performance and to publicize their brand. Heck yes, they are so motivating. Back then, I thought a bit different. For me, blogging is just like any other job and we don’t propagate our salaries in the real world. I never felt the necessity to publicize my income report all this while.

But, I finally decided to break the rule and follow the flock – guess why?

make money blogging staying at home. june income report for blogging.

Firstly, On the request of a few of my email subscribers and,

Secondly, since I’ve crossed the most important milestone of my blogging career – I’m happy to announce that I’ve been making more than my 9-5 job. Holy cow!

For some, this might seem less. For me, this means a lot and definitely worth the little time I invested in blogging. I blog mostly part-time and spend just a few hours a week.

I thoroughly cherish the hard work I’ve put into building this blog since its inception. I’m super excited to share my latest income report for my audience who are still wondering whether it’s possible to make money from blogging. I hope this will break the stereotypes and open the gates for unlimited monetization avenues available in the internet world.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, this tutorial will help you start a profitable blog today. You can get started for just $3.95/mon on Siteground and also avail their free expert set up by hopping on their live chat. Here’s why I recommend Sitegorund.

Siteground Vs Bluehost: Which is Best & When to choose What?

I am really glad I took a chance and started a blog. I made more than $10,000 till date from blogging. That’s the best return on investment ever!

Read this tutorial on ‘How to start your dream blog’

I officially launched this blog in the mid of February 2016 with just 10 posts!

I started off on a self-hosted WordPress platform and a premium theme but had no idea what I was doing. Back then, I was struggling to know the ins & outs of blogging. For 6 months, I struggled to make a considerable amount off my blog (Adsense earnings were meager). But, wait, I didn’t give up on it! 

I kept pushing quality content and posted twice a week. I made every effort to reach my target audience on various social media platforms. I planned to monetize my blog as early as possible and earn blog income at some point, so I added Google Adsense to my website. As I expected, the earnings from Adsense advertising were pretty meager and I had to look for an alternative stream of income.

That’s when I decided to go for affiliate marketing, and I’m glad I chose it. I expected to make a lot from affiliate marketing, but it didn’t 😥 It didn’t take much time for me to realize that affiliate marketing takes time.

I could still vividly remember the excitement when I made my first affiliate commission (in August 2016), it was a $50 commission for recommending a Hostgator shared hosting plan!

It was a totally passive income (made that sale while I was asleep). The next morning I jumped out of my bed and ran around the house in ecstasy. That incident still flashes before my eyes till date.

They were just..”50 dollars?”

That sale opened up my eyes, I understood the potential of affiliate marketing and tried and tested every method available online to make MORE consistent affiliate income.

To be frank, I even took a few ‘paid courses’.  I hated falling short and badly wanted to accomplish my dreams way faster.
If you’re struggling to drive traffic and make affiliate sales. Then all you need is this one course. You will know why in a few seconds.
It helped me optimize my affiliate marketing strategies, get accepted to affiliate networks in a jiffy, increase my conversion rates and drive more Pinterest traffic. Yes, the Pinterest Strategy video by Lauren McManus included in this course helped boost my traffic, right when I was struggling.
Just not that… Affiliate marketing on different social media platforms, Pinterest marketing tips & strategies, worksheets, private Facebook group and frequent updates are an added bonus to this amazing course.
If you want to drive thousands of visitors to your blog via Pinterest and make consistent affiliate sales, then this is it. You have a video clearly explaining about Pinterest SEO, Scheduling Pins, Good Pins Vs Bad Pins and Joining Group Boards.

If you want to learn more about what’s included in this course…read my detailed review on these two best-selling courses

#2 Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing

I bought this just 3 months back and it really helped with my email marketing and affiliate link CTRs. It helped me so much so that, I’ve seen a significant increase in affiliate income accounting from 6x more affiliate sales, all in under a month! 

After implementing the strategies outlined in these two courses, within no time (just 90 days), I went from earning $50 – $750 (approx, I might have made even more than that) simply through affiliate marketing.
Yeah, I’m thoroughly impressed. Isn’t it a great progress? I believe, it is! 

If you want to join me in this affiliate marketing success journey and make passive income. I’ve compiled a series of posts to help get started with affiliate marketing on the right foot from the very beginning. 

Hang on for my upcoming posts for more affiliate marketing strategies…
That said, let’s get started with the juicy part of today’s post…

JUNE Income Report  🙂

Here’s a complete breakdown of my Last month Income

Hosting Sales (Bluehost & Sitegorund): $275
Shareasale: $61.71
Adsense Advertising: $112 (for 4 months)
Website Setup Services: $500 
Rakuten Marketing: $111.20
Courses: $141.84
ebook: $12.5
One Sponsored Post: $110 
Amazon Affiliate Marketing: $139
TOTAL INCOME:  $1463.21


Bluehost Hosting: $2.65/mon – yes, it’s the cheapest and you can get started exactly for the same price using this link.
Tailwind app: Usually, $120 on a yearly plan or $15 on a monthly plan. Here’s a $15 credit, to avail 1-month free Tailwind scheduling or grab it for just $104.88 (that’s just $8.74/mon) on a yearly plan. You can even try it out for FREE and you’ll still get 100 pins.
NET INCOME: $1451.61

JUNE ‘Highs and Lows’- 2 Tools + 3 Important Takeaways!

Facebook was my major source of traffic until January 2018. In April, Pinterest joined the bandwagon and started showing its tantrums too. I was making a good number of affiliate sales on both these platforms earlier and these algorithm changes were a tight slap on my income growth. Ever since the latest Pinterest update & Facebook algorithm change, I’ve been experiencing a huge slump in traffic and I had to pay for it. The holidays and summer added fuel to the fire.

If success has a secret sauce, its none other than traffic in blogging.

I’m currently working hard to combat the dip. I’m pretty much sure that this doesn’t last long and I’ll bounce back to my past glory.

Here’s what makes me feel confident…
I’ve been manually pinning as per the smart strategies quoted in this e-book and I even bought Tailwind Plus plan to cope up with the traffic loss. And, I already started seeing positive results.
PINTERESTING STRATEGIES is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get crazy PINTEREST traffic to your blog through manual pinning. If you haven’t updated yourself with the Pinterest game and how to pin strategically, then this book is a must.

This book covers all the steps Carly took to grow her blog reach with Pinterest doing manual pinning without any schedulers (like Tailwind or Buffer). She herself grew her Pageviews from 0 to 200k doing manual pinning, isn’t that unbelievable. I highly recommend it if you want to learn how she did it and how you can too!

Click the link below to read what others are saying about this book, and

Get Pinteresting Strategies for only $32.00

Here’s the deet!
Trust me, there is no loss in making an attempt…Accompany this manual pinning strategy with Tailwind smart scheduling (FREE 100 PINS) and see for yourself, whether Tailwind is really worth the investment.

CLICK HERE to get your first 100 PINS on Tailwind FOR FREE!

My ad income substantially fell while the rest sustained to some extent. My income compared to last month was good in terms of affiliate products.


I have a lot on my plate this month.
1. Get #50000 pageviews in July
2. Work on my NEW PINTEREST Strategy
3. Get 100 More Subscribers to My Tribe
4. Cross the $2000 mark

What I’ve Learnt from My Mistakes:

  • Maintain Absolute Consistency –  Inconsistency was my partner and I had to pay for it. I took a 6-month long break in the month of June last year due to some personal reasons and I failed to reconcile. Coming back was terribly hard and I really felt the hit back.
My best advice to any wannabe entrepreneur is to stay consistent. Consistency is the key to the success of blogging. You can’t expect a blog to make money just by posting a few articles. You need to keep up with the trend and post frequently – Look for what connects with your readers and post about them.
  • Eat, Sleep and Drink “Promotions” – It took a lot of time for me to realize the importance of promotions. I wasted a hell lot of time, staying stubborn. All you have to do is promote 80% of the time and write for the rest of the time.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others – I think this should my #1 recommendation to newbie bloggers. This happens to many. Try not to compare yourself with others and shun your dreams if you haven’t achieved your goals. Everyone has their own means of achieving goals. While some prosper, some might not. Believe in yourself and leave the rest behind.

Do You Want to Make Money Blogging?

Anybody can start a blog and publish a few posts and maybe make a few bucks.

If you plan properly and implement the right strategies, you can easily make $1000 or more a month.

If you’d like to learn how to start and monetize a blog the right way, feel free to sign up for our free e-mail course below!

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Wednesday 25th of July 2018

Congrats for all things. Good to know your are growing. Keep going and keep inspiring people with your knowledge. I moved to my blog to wordpress as per your suggestion.

Sowjanya Kundrupu

Friday 27th of July 2018

Hi Monika! Its good to have you back after a long time! Thank you for the appreciation and I'm glad you made the right move...


Wednesday 11th of July 2018

very motivational to newbie’s ????

Sowjanya Kundrapu

Wednesday 11th of July 2018

Thank you Pravin.

Simona / Grean Frog

Sunday 8th of July 2018

Great post! Very informative and inspiring content! :) Thanks for sharing with us!

Sowjanya Kundrapu

Sunday 8th of July 2018

Hi Simona!

Happy to have you here! I'm glad you liked it...

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