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Phrendly Review 2024: Is It Really Legit & Worth It? [6 Tips to Excel!]

If you love flirting and getting paid for doing so, then you will find this Phrendly app review illuminating. Whether you are in it for a lifelong partner or harmless fun, this app allows you to get paid nevertheless.

While some apps pay you to sext and others pay women to flirt, Phrendly pays for socializing.

The pay is the form of virtual drinks, with real money value, at a small commission. Playing your cards right can see you making between $42 and $84 per hour on the app from voice and video chats. 

Read on to find out how to earn money on Phrendly, how to cash out, tips to increase your earnings, and other perks of the app.

This Phrendly review will also delve into user reviews on what to expect and the typical payout.

Before that, let’s look at what the Phrendly app is, starting with an overview of its main features:

Phrendly App: Features Overview

Year Established2011
PurposeChat and Connect
Available CountriesThe United States & Canada
ApplicableStrictly 17 years or older
Subscription PlansFREE
Average Earnings$42/hr to $48/hr for Call / Video
Cuts & Commissions30% for phone/video calls & 10% for gifts
Minimum Payout$10
Payment MethodDirect Deposits or Monthly Checks
Bonus Program$10 for referrals
Google Play3.5 Stars, 500k+ Downloads
App StoreNot available
Ratings & AccreditationsNot BBB Accredited, No ratings on TrustPilot
Phrendly Login
Phrendly Sign Up
Phrendly Review: Final VerdictThe site is legit and really pays chat hostesses

What Is Phrendly App?

Phrendly Review
Image Source: Phrendly

Phrendly is among the platforms that cash in on the online chatting phenomena that came with the dot com era. The app is over 10 years old and caters to users across the US and Canada.

It joins industry leaders such as, Tinder, and OKCupid, but with a twist; you can earn money on Phrendly!

To begin with, it allows you to chat with and earn without exposing your personal info.

Apart from anonymity, which is critical in this day and age, Phrendly facilitates fun and lovely meetups.

Users on the platform are known as “Phrends” and interactions are through text messages, phone calls, and video calls. 

Users, just like in Tinder, are shown many profiles and swipe left to dislike or right to like. From here, you just sit back and wait for your “likes” to take the first step and initiate contact. 

How Does Phrendly Work? Phrendly App Requirements

Although the idea is to make tons of phrends, the app caps the minimum age for users at 17 years old. So, you can sit plenty and not worry about underage flirtation.

However, it’s worth noting that according to the apps’ terms of service, they do not conduct criminal background checks on any of their users.

While they can conduct the check if the need arises, part of the sign-up requires you to agree that you are not a sex offender and that you won’t allow other people to use your account. 

At the same time, this social platform removes the likelihood of chatting with bots by insisting on a profile picture taken through the app.

And if the company determines that you cheated in any way during registration or after, they reserve the right to terminate membership and withhold your payment without prior notice.

Sign-up requires you to fill in your email address, and your preferred display (member) name, followed by your mobile phone text verification.

The display name is shared with other users, so, choose an alias that you are comfortable with. You can also enter your real name as the display name, but for a flirting app that is not meant to create offsite relationships, it’s better to stick with an alias.

You will then enter a secure password and click submit. After getting confirmation via your email, you will be asked to provide other personal info such as your phone number, real name, location, bank account, and mailing address. This information is also kept confidential. 

It’s also worth mentioning that although the app connects phrends through phone numbers, all calls and texts are relayed through the app. As such, your phone number is never displayed.

Phrendly App: Does Phrendly Have an App?

Phrendly App: Does Phrendly Have an App?
Image Source: Phrendly App On Playstore

Yes, Phrendly is available through a website and an app. Unfortunately, you can access the app only on Android devices. The supported versions are limited to Android 4.4 and above.

Currently, this social entertainment app boasts over 500,000+ downloads on Google Play Store. It has a 3.5 out of the possible 5-star rating. The score is from over 4,000 reviewers. 

The app promises users a 93% response rate from their right swipes and none of the pressures of face-to-face flirting.

Phrendly clearly states that theirs is not a dating app. Instead, it’s just a casual meeting place where users buy virtual drinks, use real money, and share with cute friends.

Once you download the app and sign up, you get a $10 free welcome bonus. However, the reward is on credit and as such, you can’t cash it out.

That said, the app is completely free and only requires you to fill out a simple form to get started. Most importantly, profiles link to the user’s bank account to allow for payments. 

Interested? Click here to download and sign up for the Phrendly app! 

How to Get Phrendly On iPhone?

Can you get Phrendly on your iPhone? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

iPhone users were elated when the Phrendly iOS app was announced in May 2017. The good news lasted for only a little while and the app is no longer available on the Apple App Store.

A search of the app ID shared on Phrendly’s Twitter handle during the announcement does not yield any results on App Store.

Further, searching for the app on third-party app sites like and shows that the Phrendly APK download has since been retired.

Phrendly On Social Media

To know more about chatting for money on Phrendly, you can follow the platform on social media.

Apart from reading press releases, you can use the company’s social media handles to reach Phrendly Support for customer service queries.

The site is available on:

Social Media PlatformsPhrendly Highlights
FacebookPhrendlyapp with 22,617 followers
TwitterLetsGetPhrendly with over 430 tweets.
InstagramPhrendly with 15k+ followers.

Popular hashtags across content on the handle include #onlineonly, #flirt, #flirting, #flirting101, #onlinechat, #friendship, #phonefriends, and #makefriends. 

Note: Being active on the different handles can see you feature as the ‘Phrend’ of the month, broadening your reach.

So, how do you earn money with Phrendly? Let’s find out…          

How Do You Make Money on Phrendly?

Earning on the app or website is either through chats, audio calls, or video calls.

Before you start making money, though, you need to set up an appropriate profile. Together with a nice photo, your profile needs to communicate your expectations.

First-time Phrendly app users choose between 3 profile options: 

  • Slow and Steady: Casual innocent chats
  • Normal: Moderate flirting
  • Drive Right In: Full-blown sexual flirting

Once the setup and verification process is complete, Phrendly activates the account, and you can start swiping right and left. It’s also worth noting that all profiles are reviewed manually to avoid catfishing among users. 

To earn, wait for your right swipes to reach out. Why? The platform imitates a chance to meet in a café or club.

Just as you expect an interested person to buy you a drink, the same applies to Phrendly. 

Let the interested party initiate a conversation by buying you a drink. But you have to respond to receive “Drinks” that have a monetary value. The longer you keep the conversation going, the more cash you make. 

The money is displayed on your account as “Drinks”.

As the relationship progresses, your suitor may decide to buy you gifts. Among the common gifts include virtual roses, a box of chocolates, and champagne. Again, each of these comes with a monetary value.  

What are Sips on Phrendly?

Still, on the concept of a physical social meeting, the drinks on Phrendly run out. How this works is that you offer drinks in terms of “sips”. Your match keeps on sipping the drink until their cup runs dry. 

As such, the more time you spend chatting, the more sips you take. Once the drink is out, it’s up to the one who offered to buy you more. One drink comes with 20 sips and, depending on the type of chat, takes between 6 and 8 minutes to dry out. 

Is that a  short time for a single drink? Well… worry not, the buyer can always buy more drinks to keep flirting with you. 

Since this is an online make-money app, the one who initiates the chat is the one to pay for the sips going forward. As the receiver, you are not obligated to buy them drinks. So, ensure that the conversation is interesting to keep the refills coming!    

How to Make Money On Phrendly?

As I had earlier indicated, the app has 3 main streams through which users make money. Each stream comes with different earning rates and conditions.

The amount you earn for each interaction depends on the interaction type. You will keep $0.35/volley for chat, 70% of phone & video call earnings, and 90% of gifts. Here is a breakdown of each:

1. How to Earn Chatting on Phrendly?

When an interested person sends you the first message, you have 24 hours to respond. When you do respond, you make 35 cents easy. 

Note that you should let the other party send the initial message. So, no matter how attractive the other person is, do not initiate contact, otherwise, it’s your account they will be charged.   

Chatting pays the least on Phrendly. However, if you focus on making more friends, you can end up with lots of chats in a day. That way, you can accumulate many drinks and stand better chances of moving the conversation to audio or video calls; that’s where the money is.

2. How to Earn on Phrendly Audio and Video Calls?

Just like on chats, earning through Phrendly audio and video calls requires the other person to initiate contact. The calls cost drinks, with a drink going for $10. The company keeps 30% ($3) of the payment and deposits the rest, 70% ($7), to your account

You consume drinks at a rate of your choosing. However, the app sets the minimum rate at 8 minutes per drink on audio calls. The default rate for video calls is 6 minutes per drink.

Going by these base rates, you can make $48 and $66 per hour for audio and video calls, respectively

Update 2024: The app now lets you decide how long a drink lasts, for both video and phone calls.

Note: Unlike text messaging, whereby the initiator pays for subsequent chats, whoever initiates a call, pays for that specific call. 

How Much Does Phrendly Pay?

Making money on Phrendly requires you to take virtual drinks that earn you $10 a piece, before fees, for video or phone calls. You also get $0.35 for a text chat of at least 3-4 reply messages that qualify as a volley.

As such, Phrendly jobs have no set amount on what you can earn during your interactions with Phrends. It all depends on how much and fast you charge for a drink, and how fast you end a text chat.

In addition, you can get clients to send you gifts of between $5 and $100 after they have shared at least three sips during chats.

How Do You Make Video Calls On Phrendly?

How Do You Make Video Calls on Phrendly?

Sending a gift and making a phone call, or a video call, on Phrendly is easy. All these features appear once you click on your friend’s profile. The icons for call and video appear green if they are available to chat.

To initiate a video call, tap on the video icon and the prompts that follow.

How Do You Make Video Calls on Phrendly explained?

It is also worth noting that although calls are connected via a ‘number hinder’, meaning both the caller and recipient cannot see the other’s private number. What the other person sees is 512, the app’s area code number.

How Much Can You Make On Phrendly?

Normally, you can earn $0.70 per minute making phone and video calls from home. This means that with generous clients, you can earn $42 per hour on your device. Working a 5-hour day gets you $210 per day.

Such monumental earnings are only possible if you have high-paying clients and you can keep a conversation going for long.

Apart from calls, clients also have the opportunity to appreciate your interaction by sending you gifts of up to $100, helping you earn more per hour.

Gifts On Phrendly

How Do You Get Paid On Phrendly?  

Phrendly make money options pay via direct deposit. The company is categorical that payments can be accessed via platforms such as SWIFT and PayPal. Further, the money can only be sent to the US or Canada-based banks.

The Phrendly minimum payout is $10, which you can cash out every day. Your Phrendly payment is made via Express Pay for daily withdrawals with the cash hitting your bank account in about 10 days, or in 3 to 6 days if you are lucky.

If you are looking forward to making money on Phrendly monthly, you can opt for the Monthly Direct Deposit cash-out option. Just like in the daily option, your money arrives in about 10 days.

Lastly, you can earn Phrendly money via a Monthy Check. The check is issued on the first of every month, provided that you have earned the threshold amount during the previous month.

Phrendly monthly checks get to your address in about 10 days, meaning around the 10th of the month.

Caution: Ensure that you register the correct mailing address to avoid a $20 charge for each check that is returned via mail.

How Much Money Can You Make On Phrendly Per Month?

Assuming that you get calls that last for a total of one hour daily, the pay can be huge. Phone / Video calls can earn you $0.7 x 60 x 30 = $1,260 per month.

You can make more cash per minute by lowering your “Minutes per Drink” fee. For example, at the rate of a $10 drink in 5 minutes, you can double your earnings to $1.4/min, which gets you $84 per hour or $2,520 per month.

If you aren’t comfortable with calls and videos, you can stick to text chats and earn up to $20+ from long chats per day. As such, you can earn $600 or more per month for texting on Phrendly.

So, how much do you make on Phrendly through text, phone calls, video calls, gifts, and other streams? Here is a quick glance at Phrendly’s income streams for the casual gig worker:

InteractionRateMonthly PaymentConditions
1.Text Chat$0.35 per volley$600 – $900 Typically a chat of 3 – 4 messages.
2.Call / Video Chat$0.7 – $1.4 per minute$1,260 – $2,520You get to set your drinks per minute rate.
3.Gifts $4.5 – $90 per gift$135 – $2,700Earn the amount by getting at least one gift every day.
4.Referrals$10 per referralDepends on the number of referralsYour referral must make $15 on Phrendly.
5.Free drinks$5 Welcome bonus$5You also get 10 free sips for phone verification.

If you ask me, that’s pretty good money for just talking.

How To Make More Money On Phrendly? [5 Pro Tips]

Phrendly gifts

Friends and family send you gifts during your special days, and so can phrends. Gifts on the app go for between $5 and $100. For example, virtual roses cost $5chocolate is $25, and champagne is worth $100. Another upside is that you get to keep 90% of the gift value.

You can also make money through referrals. You earn $10 for each successful referral. Your friend has to, however, earn or spend at least $15 for you to get the referral cash. Referral links can be shared across other social media links, free of charge.

Apart from referrals, you can ensure your Phrendly profile is lucrative by following the pointers below:

1. Show Your Photogenic Side

Having a profile pic significantly increases the likelihood of hearing back from Phrends. To stand out, utilize the GIF camera option on the app. They stitch together three photos from the in-app GIF Booth to create an animated profile photo.

Pro Tip: Focus the shot on your face and a little of your shoulders for women. Make sure there is ample lighting with a clean background. The idea is to portray a flirtatious yet classy and fun personality. 

2. Write a Captivating Bio

In a world where first impressions matter, your bio is your chance to showcase your unique personality and stand out from the crowd. To captivate potential matches, craft the perfect online identity with an enticing bio, friendly greeting, and by participating in the personality quiz!

3. Ensure Clean Video Setup

Visibility is key whether you are making phrends on a smartphone or a computer. Ensure your photos are well-lit with clean backgrounds. 

Let the other person see your face clearly without any shadows or distracting items in the foreground. If your device does not have quality lighting, you can always invest in a studio-grade overhead lamp.  

4. Use Stable Internet Connection

No one is going to be enthusiastic about talking through a disruptive call. Your internet needs to be strong and stable. Test your connection strength before you go online. Also, it’s in your best interest to only receive calls in quiet surroundings for voice clarity.

5. Give Phrends a Nudge

It is possible for your online friend to drift away once a convo comes to a natural stop. That’s not to say that you can’t hit the reset button with such phrends. Just use the Long Lost Phrends feature to check in on them during occasions such as holidays and their birthday. 

6. Check Your Inbox Regularly

Lastly, you need to respond swiftly to messages. Although unread messages stay active for 12 to 24 hrs, speed is of the essence. Do not expect potential high-spenders to wait on you, hours on end. Keep app alerts on and audible at all times.  

7. Run a Sleek Operation

To earn the big bucks though, you need to borrow a leaf from the top hostesses that get paid to chat on Phrendly. Some of the Phrendly app reviews that I have come across on Reddit offer valuable insights:

  • Miss-daisy says that using the Phrendly browser version and keeping the tabs open is the way to go. This allows you to appear “active” when working elsewhere on your computer and you can respond to any requests whenever a Phrendly notification dings.
  • If a person ‘stars’ you, star them back and wait for them to message you. That way they are the ones to pay you the $0.35 per chat volley. Most importantly, star as many people as possible. everyone if you can.
  • Avoid users whose profile description insinuates that they will send you a gift if you message them first. These are scammers waiting for you to initiate a chat, forcing you to pay the $0.35.
  • Cross-sell your pics according to naughtiness. For example, you can charge a rose ($5) for a selfie and a chocolate ($25) for a semi-nude full-body pic. Willing to take a pic in your body suit? You can charge champagne ($100) to beat it all!

How Long Does It Take to Get Verified On Phrendly?

Phrendly states that it can take 5 days to verify the information you provide in your profile before they approve your account. As such, the duration be longer if your profile is partially filled or it contains untruthful information that can be construed as an attempt to misrepresent yourself.

According to top reviews on Reddit, issues that can delay your account’s verification include:

  • Using a profile photo that is too revealing. While you can send scandalous pics to make money on your account, using such pics on your profile can deny you verification.
  • Not showing your face on the profile. Your profile pic must show your face but it should not be too suggestive.
  • Using a suggestive bio. This chat and earn money app does not allow you to out rightly sell services as a sex worker through your bio. Using words such as kinky, nude, and triple-X (xxx) can cause issues.
  • Not adding a valid card. Phrendly paid to chat app will only approve your profile if it includes a valid credit card.
  • Use of racial slur. As a professional online money chatting app, Phrendly does not allow the use of words that are derogatory to any race, either in the profiles or chats.
  • Failure to complete the mobile verification. Providing a fake number during sign-up in an effort to remain anonymous will leave your account “pending”.
  • Mentioning competitive services. If you have other accounts that allow you to make money chatting online, do not include their websites or URLs in your profile.

Basically not fulfilling the requirements of each section of the profile, including the Personality Test and Greeting fields, will cause a delay in approval.

Phrendly Reviews

There are no reviews from Phrendly users on Trustpilot. The app is also not rated on BBB. 

On Reddit, however, the app got lots of positive reviews. In one of the threads, a user shares a screenshot of their earnings from the app. 

Phrendly Payment Proof
Image Source: Reddit

In the same thread, the Redditor shares their trick to getting phrends to reach out. The idea is to ‘star’ someone as a way of making them know of your interest in them: it’s simple, just tap on the star icon on near their profile GIF – see the image below.

Tips To Make More Money on Phrendly
Image Source: Phrendly Customer Support

Other Subreddits also show that the app is legit and pays as advertised. In the thread below, one reviewer reports making $30, 24 hours after their account was approved. What’s more encouraging is that the earnings were just from texting only.

Phrendly Reviews On Reddit
Source: Phrendly/Reddit

One of the reviewers does, however, expose a weakness in the app’s features.

This is how it goes: A user subtly indicates that they are willing to send you a gift, if only you message them first.

A common scam is to use a misleading message as a profile status.

And once you message them, the app automatically pays the scammer, and they never get back to you.

To be safe, star guys, and wait for them to initiate the chat. Also, do not be enticed by the free gifts.

The reason is that for someone to gift you, you must have shared a great chat first!

Phrendly Customer Support

As earlier noted, you can contact the site’s customer and user support team via Phrendly social media accounts. In addition, the team is available via the official website. However, before you contact them, check out the app’s help center.  

The page addresses common Phrendly questions, including: 

  • How to maximize our earnings.
  • Getting our profile promoted on Phrendly channels.
  • How to close your account.
  • How to stop unwanted comments.

However, if you don’t find the FAQ guides satisfactory, reach support directly by sending an email to

Phrendly Pros & Cons

Pros Of Phrendly
  • Sign-up is free
  • Phrendly app available for Android
  • The site is legit & safe
  • Offers a $5 welcome bonus
  • Active social media handles
  • Great review on Reddit
  • 3.5/5 Rating, 500k+ Downloads On Google Play
Cons Of Phrendly
  • Not available worldwide
  • No app for iOS
  • Not rated on BBB and Trustpilot
  • Only pays via US-based banks
  • Charges 30% for phone/video calls & 10% for gifts on your earnings

Best Phrendly App Alternatives

There are other legit and fun apps, and websites, where users flirt and earn good money from home. Below are some good examples:

1. OnlyFans

This is a subscription-only service that costs fans up to $49.99 per month to view creator’s content. You earn when fans send you tips through text messaging.

Your followers can also request a pic or video and pay up to $50. Once you refer a friend, OnlyFans pays you 5%, up to $1M, of their earnings during the first year on the site.

Learn How To Make Money On OnlyFans Today.

2. MyGirlFund

This is a platform for women to chat and flirt with men for money. The service is only available for US residents. You can set your rate on MyGirlFund, meaning the earning potential on the site is high. 

No charges are required to join the platform. However, the company charges a service fee of between 35% and 10% of your earnings. Activities that pay on the site include texting and video chatting, as well as sending pics and video clips.

Create Your MyGirlFund Account Now.

3. Chat Recruit

Are you in the UK or Europe? Chat Recruit is searching for both ladies and gentlemen from your locality to chat with men and earn money online. The platform also offers psychic services over the phone.

Joining is free, plus you get ten dollars as a bonus after you make your earnings hit $60. This is an adult chat platform where you can charge around $2/min. On top of that, you can get paid per hour to host Chat Recruit TV shows.

Join Chat Recruit and Get $10 Free

Phrendly App Review: FAQs

1. How to Get Paid On Phrendly?

To cash out on Phrendly, you must accumulate at least $10 in eligible earnings (aka Drinks). This is after Phrendly has deducted their cut or any fee for a check to be issued. Payment is through direct bank deposits or monthly checks.

That said, you must provide your banking details plus your social security number. I know that can be a bummer, but the app does promise top-notch data privacy.

Unfortunately, the app is not allowing cash out through faster and popular online financial tools such as PayPal, Payoneer, Swift, or wire transfers.

However, with direct deposits, you can cash out daily and receive payment after 10 days!

If you select Monthly Check, your check will be issued on the first of the month. The check will be mailed to the address you provided and you’ll get it in about 2 weeks. There is a $2.00 fee for each check.

Phrendly cashout

2. How Do You Get Messages On Phrendly?

Messages on Phrendly appear when someone asks you out for a virtual drink. The initial message stays active for 24 hours and becomes inactive if no reply is forthcoming. If you do reply within the stipulated time, you earn $0.35 on the spot.

From there on, each subsequent message has a 12-hour expiry period. What this means is that, if you do not reply, the sips revert to the initiator, and you lose a chance to earn. 

At the same time, you can restart stale message threads by using a feature that sends out multiple messages to chats that have gone mum for 5 days or more.

3. How Do You Get Free Drinks On Phrendly?

Free sips are some of the easiest ways to make money on Phrendly. There are 3 ways through which you can get free drinks.

  • The first one is for verifying your phone number during the sign-up process. This earns you 10 sips.
  • The second way is for buying your very first drink, for which you get 20 free sips.
  • Lastly, the app rewards you with $10 worth of drink when you refer a friend, and they spend or earn a minimum of $15.  

4. Can I Add Photos On Phrendly?

To ensure that your profile is appealing, Phrendly encourages users to add photos from their phone galleries. The app also features a GIF Booth that allows you to take animated photos to add a little personality to your profile.

Additionally, you can add up to 15 photos from our Facebook or Instagram accounts. The best part about this feature is that you get to choose who can see your photos. 

5. Is Phrendly Safe to Use?

The security of what you choose to share over the internet is, ultimately, your responsibility. Nevertheless, Phrendly assures users of the best possible online security for in-app activities, both personal data and communications.

The site encrypts your card information, name, email, and physical address. Also, Phrendly uses Transport Layer Security protocols and offers a $50 security against fraudulent charges.

6. Do You Pay Taxes On Phrendly Earnings?

Any business that makes payments, Phrendly included, must file Form 1099-K for all payees with annual pay of $600 or more. The requirement is for all US residents with a permit to work in the country.

Note, for tax purposes, Phrendly needs to verify your Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number. If the verification fails, your payments can be suspended.

7. Do You Pay Taxes On Phrendly Earnings?

Any business that makes payments, Phrendly included, must file Form 1099-K for all payees with annual pay of $600 or more. The requirement is for all US residents with a permit to work in the country.

Note, for Phrendly taxes, the company needs to verify your Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number. If the verification fails, your payments can be suspended.

8. How Much Can You Earn on Phrendly?

Basically, chatting via call or video for 1 hour daily can earn you $42 to $84 per day, based on your Minutes per Drink rate. On the other hand, text chats pay the least but with a few conversational clients, you can get $20+everyday.

The answer to how much money can you make on Phrendly depends on several factors including the kind of interactions you make, time spent with clients, and the generosity of your clients.

For example, getting one gift daily can earn you up to $2,700 per month on top of what you earn from calls and messages.

The Verdict: Is Phrendly Legit or a Scam? Does Phrendly App Really Work?

Phrendly is a genuinely legit ‘get paid to text‘ platform that pays real money. When used correctly, the app can make you over $1,260 per month for just an hour of daily work. That said, you should be careful not to be exploited by users who may hide their intentions with hefty gifts.

As for those initiating chats, note that most users are in it for the money; don’t join with the hopes of finding your life partner on the app.


Thursday 5th of November 2020

I'm sure it is when they require your social security number.

Swati Chalumuri

Thursday 5th of November 2020

Yes, you are right! One must provide their banking details plus social security number to get paid.


Wednesday 28th of October 2020

How is the money reflected in the deposits to the bank? Is money’s earned taxable?

Swati Chalumuri

Thursday 5th of November 2020

Hey Teresa,

The money gets deposited directly into your bank account. They do not offer PayPal, Payoneer, SWIFT, or wire transfers. And, yes the money is taxable and you'll have to do submit the necessary documentation for this purpose.

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