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How to make 5 dollars right now – 20 Effortless Ways!

Man holding 5 dollars note he made right now

So, how to make 5 dollars right now?! Sometimes you just need cash quick, and we are here to help. If you have any free time – a lunch break, 5 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes before bed – you can make money with almost no effort! We have compiled the best and easiest ways to make $5 right now!

Survey Sites That Pay $5 Or More

Answering surveys is one of my favorite ways to make money with little time and less effort because not only one of the easiest money makers, but it’s fun too! It is hard to imagine that there are companies that are willing to pay you for no more than your opinions but look no further as we have curated the most trustworthy of these quick cash grab websites and apps.

1. Swagbucks (Up to $5-$35 Per Survey!)

You have probably heard of Swagbucks as it is a widely known, well-established way to make $5 fast, and repeatedly, with a $10 sign up bonus and new opportunities to earn constantly. You can make $5 to $10 every day in your free time, and new members can make up to $20 per survey! Plus, it is very trustworthy as perhaps the most popular rewards site with a 4.3 trust score and an A+ BBB accreditation.

Swagbucks is amazing in that it combines many features of singular apps and websites that have been mentioned already on this list. With Swagbucks, you can earn money by completing surveys, playing games, searching the internet, watching ads, shopping online, win cashback, and much more.

Swagbucks has already paid out over $451,935,996 in cash and free gift cards. Put cashback in your wallet. 

Become a Swagger – click here to earn free money every single day!

2. Survey Junkie (Make $5 Instantly)

Survey Junkie rewards $5 instantly

Survey Junkie pays you just to answer surveys online! The surveys are even short at only 10 – 20 minutes each. With both a website and an app, you can make $5 almost instantly!

The surveys are usually from big brands and companies that need consumer input on their product development, and sometimes offer focus group participation and new product testing. But the more surveys you do, the more money you’ll make!

Aside from surveys, you can also make money by doing things like completing your profile and answering quick questionnaires about your interests in the dashboard area of the site. Start Answering Questions Now!

3. PineCone Research (Up to $7 Per Test)

PineCone Research, run by one of the top market research companies in the world, offers both surveys and product tests. 

At Pinecone, you will earn points for each completed product survey, which can be exchanged for cash and other rewards. PLUS you will be automatically entered into a bi-weekly Sweepstakes to win additional cash prizes for your time. Surveys pay between $3 and $5 while product tests pay up to $7 per test. Click Here

PineCone Research typically offers fewer surveys than the other options on this list but you can cash out through both Amazon gift cards or PayPal. Pine Cone Research has four different sites for the four countries it works with: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. Start Earning Now!

4. Inbox Dollars (Get $5 Instantly)

Inbox Dollars pays you to answer surveys, read e-mails, watch videos, shop online, and play games in addition to the $5 bonus that you get just for trying it out. With even just 10 minutes a day or less, you could end up earning and saving up to $50 a month.

Inbox Dollars has paid over $57 million in cash to members since 2000. So, are you ready to play games and earn cash, and more?! Click Here to starting earning today and claim your $5 welcome bonus!

Sign up here if you’re from the UK!

5. Life Points

Lifepoints rewards $5 instantly

Life Points has given away over $32 million to its over 5,000,000 members. The website and mobile application both allow you to answer paid surveys about brands all around the world that are developing new products and services. 

The companies get valuable feedback and you earn LifePoints that can be spent on a variety of rewards of your choosing like cash and influencer products. Want to get rewarded for taking online surveys? Join LifePoints & Start Earning Rewards! Sign-up now – Click here!

6. Toluna

Toluna - make 5 dollars fast

Toluna is the last (but not the least!) of the sites we will recommend that pay you to take surveys or play games, earn points, get gift cards. The amount of money you earn varies depending on the number of surveys you complete but you can cash out for cash, Amazon gift cards, and a variety of other prizes. 

Join Toluna Opinions today for FREE! Click Here

7. Vindale Research

Vindale - make 1 dollar instantly

Vindale Research is another site that pays you to answer surveys online. The especially short surveys pay around $1 per survey.

That being said, they occasionally offer higher-paying opportunities worth as much as $75. Other ways to make $5 on Vindale Research include referring friends, sharing earnings pictures, watch movie trailers, and even opening emails! 

You can cash out as soon as you reach $50, which in some cases could be with just one survey. Signing up is easy and free. Click here to make $1 instantly!

Money Management Apps

With many financial helper websites and apps, you can make $5 right now before earning even more in the future. These apps are built with a mission to empower a new generation of investors, offering different types of accounts in which everyone can access to new financial opportunities. While some apps will invest your pocket change and others will analyze your personal spending habits, they will all earn you $5 fast before bringing in more cash.

1. Acorns (Get $10 after you make your 1st Investment)

Acorns to start investing and make $5 instantlyHow to make 5 dollars right now - 20 Effortless Ways!

Acorns is an app that will offer you free money just for investing in stocks. The way Acorns works are that, once a credit card or debit card has been linked to the app, it rounds up the purchases you make to the nearest dollar and uses that extra change to make investments.

Besides, you can make $10 right now just by signing up – Start investing your spare change!

2. Stash Invest

Start investing with just $5How to make 5 dollars right now - 20 Effortless Ways!

Stash Invest is a similar app that will offer you free money for investing in stocks through their software. They allow you to the bank, save, invest, and learn. They assist you in building your financial future with investing tips and a personalized Stash coach. Plus, they also offer $5 right off the bat once you sign up – Get free money now!

3. Trim 

Trim Financial Manager is ideal for saving money long term, but you can definitely make quick cash with the app. Trim looks at your spending patterns to find specific ways in which you can personally save money. Aside from this incredibly personalized banking assistant, you can make $5 or $10 or $15 fast by using the app to quickly negotiate cable, internet, phone, and medical bills on top of canceling old subscriptions. Set spending alerts and stop getting ripped off! Activate the app and start saving money with ease.

4. Paribus

Paribus is a shopping sidekick that tracks your online purchases and deliveries to detect potential savings and get your money back. Paribus tracks confirmation emails and looks out for price changes as well as making sure you get compensated for late deliveries. Sign up for Paribus and find out if stores owe you a refund – effortlessly!

5. Robinhood

Robinhood is another app that helps you start micro-investing. Instead of a cash bonus like many of the other apps we’ve listed, Robinhood offers a free share of Apple, Microsoft, or Facebook when you sign up. Earn a free share now!

Cashback Apps

Did you know that you can make money by spending money?

While it sounds way too good to be true, there are numerous applications and websites that help earn you cashback on all of your purchases. Some are as simple as just downloading an application and waiting for money to roll in while others use your receipts to get you your cashback. No matter how it works, there is no excuse to start earning money with the shopping you already do.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta - get up to $20 cashback

This cashback app that is available for both iOS and Android devices is specifically for helping you make money off of your grocery shopping receipts. It’s as easy as scanning your grocery store receipts. That’s it! Just scan your receipts and earn free money for shopping you are guaranteed to do, and a lot of it! Turn your receipts into cash!

2. Rakuten

Rakuten is a website that has been around long enough to have had a name change; the website used to be called Ebates. With that, the website has a well established and trusted brand with verified legitimacy. The site gives you a free $10 bonus just for signing up so that’s all it takes to make $5 right now, twice!

After that, you continue to make money by shopping at online sites like Walmart, Target, JCPenny, and many more since they have over 2,000 stores to choose from. Rakuten gets paid for the use of an affiliate link and splits that revenue directly with the customer. Every purchase you make can earn you a small amount of money back from Rakuten. 

Additionally, Rakuten will pay you a $20 Referral Bonus through your Rakuten account for each Qualified Referral.

Overall this can add up to $300 a month depending on how much you shop and refer – Earn money doing what you love!

3. Drop

Earn cash rewards with drop - easy $5

The Drop app will track all of the purchases you make for free after you link your credit cards and/or debit cards. Whenever you make a purchase with a vendor on Drop’s list, it will automatically add Drop points into your account.

Drop points can be used to redeem gift cards for popular restaurants and stores like Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, Whole Foods, JC Penney, and many more. Get free gift cards here!

4. Dosh

DOSH is another application that allows you to make $5 fast (twice!) just by signing up; you get a $10 sign up bonus just for registering for and linking a card to the Dosh app. Beyond that, Dosh is another cash back app that offers you cash back for purchases you would already make with over 100,000 merchants and brands from nationwide in the app including stores, restaurants, hotels, and more. Get Gift Cards While You Shop Here!

5. Fetch Rewards

The Fetch Rewards mobile app pays you for shopping at any store. Fetch Rewards is an easy way to make $5 or even $10 quick, but that amount of money can add up quickly. The minimum amount to cash out is only $3 which gets transferred into a gift card, including Visa gift cards. Get Gift Cards While You Shop Here!

6. ShopKick

The Shopkick app offers you points just for shopping, not just for making purchases. Just by walking through the door of stores like Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, Best Buy, TJMaxx, and more, the Shopkick app will give you points. Specific purchases, referring friends or family, and completed offers can also earn you $5 quickly.

Earn just for window shopping!

All-In-One Apps

There are websites and apps that bring together all of the best features of the applications we have already listed and more! In just one place you can get paid to answer surveys, play games, watch videos, search the internet, shop online, downloading apps, and more.

1. Qmee

Qmee was founded in 2012 with the goal of allowing consumers and brands to interact more effectively. It is a free app and/or browser extension.

The company has since expanded to cover North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. One of the best features of Qmee is that it has no minimum cashout balance like many other sites do! Qmee allows you to make extra money in your free time every single day.

While a few quick surveys can get you $5 on Qmee, there are many other ways to make $5 fast as well. You can search the web, play games, and participate in other online activities all to earn money! There are also multiple features that allow you to save money. Interact with Brands You Love Here!

2. Paid View Point

Paid ViewPoint is a very popular survey platform online that offers points in exchange for every survey you complete. This platform does not mess around with rewards or gift cards, instead, it pays you directly with cash through PayPal. Get Paid for Your Opinions Here!

3. GrabPoints

GrabPoints is another versatile site as far as what activities it allows you to do to earn money. Some of the options offered on the GrabPoints site are downloading apps, completing surveys, and much more. Download apps for Free money!

4. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is a platform that offers a wide variety of ways to make $5 right now. The opportunities for Lionbridge include data entry, testing, interpretation, search engine evaluation, and much more! The money you earn is based on what type of work you do and how many hours you work. There is also an evaluation test.

Earn Easy Extra Income Here!

5. UserTesting

With only 10 minutes of work, you can make $10 to $15 easily simply testing websites! All it takes to apply is your email address and a quick qualification test. UserTesting is a global site that pays you for your work via PayPal. Start Testing Now!

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