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10 Vital Tips to Make the Right Move On Pinterest!

Social Media Marketing is easier said than done.

Though Pinterest is just a part of it. Many people misinterpret the capability of this powerful platform without even trying or utilizing it to its full potential. But, trust me, Pinterest can be and still continues to be a mind-boggling source of viral traffic to many of us.

It has the potential to reach millions of people and grab their attention and make YOU solid income with just a single image. So, what are the secrets to Pinterest Perennial Traffic?

To be frank, there are no secrets, just FACTS.

To get a hang on Pinterest marketing, you’ll need to get an understanding of the basics of this platform. And, that’s what I plan to do today!

If you haven’t started using Pinterest, this post covers everything in detail about ‘creating the perfect Pinterest profile’.

Let’s begin with…

Pinterest Smart Feed

Pinterest is an image sharing platform. Its Smart Feed is a collection of clickable images (popularly known as Pins, in Pinterest terminology) carefully curated to provide content that matters to you & interests you the most. The pins suggested are primarily based on your search queries, people you follow and interests you select on Pinterest.

Just like Google, Pinterest now implements a ranking system, where it ranks all the pins and shows only the best pins on the feed. If your pins aren’t saved then they aren’t shown at all in the feed. The only way to rank higher up in the smart feed is by producing high-quality content.

Pins with a higher number of repins are deemed to be high-quality and automatically ranked higher in the smart feed. The other way to get your pins ranked is by adding proper pin descriptions, keywording and pinning consistently to relevant niche boards.

Group Boards

Unlike Personal Boards, Group Boards are boards owned by anyone who collaborates with other Pinterest Marketers for promotional purposes. In simple, you can open your own personal board for others to pin to them or create a new one for a set of people to pin to it.

Anyone can send an invite to a group board and get accepted to it as long as the owner of the board prefers to collaborate with them! Whether you partner with just 1 or many, it’s still a group board and there isn’t any limitation. While, some group boards have just 2 or 5, others have over 500!

Group boards in Pinterest can be easily identified by a circle hovering over the boards.

a) What makes Group Boards different from Personal Boards?

The pins shared to Group Boards get in front of a new audience, which is highly advantageous.

However, it’s important to note that, these pins are shown to the followers of the group. For instance, if you’re a part of a group that has over 5k followers, your pins are showcased to all 5k in addition to your 500 followers. On the other hand, the pins saved to your Personal Boards are populated in your followers, their follower’s, and so on smart feeds, once these people save them to their boards. So, by pinning to both you’re maximizing the visibility of your pins.

More eyeballs mean more traffic, and that’s what we want eventually!

b) How to Find & Join Group Boards?

Two quick rules to keep in mind before joining Group Boards

  • Only join boards relevant to your niche.
  • Boards with fewer contributors (<50) and more followers usually perform better, so look out for them.

Here’s how to find Group Boards:

  • Outdated Approach – Using you can find all group boards relevant to your niche. But, I truly hate it and never had much success finding any!
  • Here’s a Smarter & Quicker Approach – Simply stalking all of your competitor’s Pinterest profiles and making a note of every group board they are part of! Surprisingly, this is what most Pinterest Marketers do! This way is quicker and saves plenty of time.

The group board rules are usually stated in each board description with further information on ‘how to collaborate’.

Once you have all the boards tabulated in a spreadsheet, you can either reach out via email or message and request for accepting you as a collaborator. While some boards are open to collaborators, some are closed!

Getting accepted into group boards takes anywhere between a day to several months. Some owners respond quickly while some look for profile credibility.

c) How to Leverage Group Boards?

Here is a working strategy:

Pin consistently – Pin yours and other high-quality 3rd party pins to and from the group boards. This will increase the board score and help them rank higher.

Follow the Board Rules – Don’t try to spam the board by pinning the same pin multiple times a day. Stick to the board rules and repin from the boards as well.

d) Should you still Join Group Boards?

Yes, you should! And, let me tell you why?

Group Boards used to be the most effective way to drive tons of traffic, increase followers, and re-pin rate until Pinterest decided to reduce their effectiveness in the recent update. This doesn’t mean there is no point pinning to them.

Instead, you’ll have to change your approach and the way you deal with them. If you can be a part of some good group boards you’ll notice the difference. For me, some group boards still outperform my own personal boards. So, I still pin to my best-performing group boards.

You can join a ton of group boards, and still not get the desired results if the board under-performs. You can quickly analyze the quality of your boards based on your repin rate and from Tailwind & Pinterest Analytics!

 Tailwind provides a comprehensive report on how each board performs which helps you pin strategically. As a thumb rule, boards with a low repin rate (<1) are futile and under-performing.

Here’s what you can do:

Stop, spending hours hunting for Group boards. You can do this at your own leisure. Instead, create more of your own boards and start pinning to them consistently.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Besides the above, I would also like to address a few other mind-bending questions sorted after by newbie bloggers. I’ve always seen these questions popping up in several Facebook groups. So thought of addressing them right here. If you have any additional questions, you can, of course, leave them in the comments below.

a) What are Pins? What is the Standard Pin Size?

Pins are nothing but clickable images you see on Pinterest Smart Feed. As a Pinterest marketer, it’s your job to make these images attractive and click-worthy. Pinterest recommended pin size ratio is 2:3!

As per which, you can either go for 600×900, 800×1200, 1000×1500 px size. Anything above will most probably get cropped! Keep in mind that Pinterest is all about Vertical Images and hence don’t waste your time on Horizontal Images.

The most popular pin designing tools are Canva, Picmonkey, and Photoshop. These platforms automatically come with standard pin sizes for easy pin designing and editing. I use either Canva and Picmonkey depending on the need of the hour and the choice of the design. Both of these tools are amazing and easy to use.

b) How to Hide Pins?

You can do this with a bit of coding:

<div style=”display:none;”> Image HTML code </div>

Image HTML Code looks like this:

<img class=”size-full wp-image-9200 aligncenter” src=”” alt=”best time to pin images to Pinterest” width=”1522″ height=”295″ />

Replace the highlighted portion with HTML Code for your desired image and save it. You’ll be surprised to see that your pin vanishes upon refreshing your page.

The easiest way is to use a Social Sharing Plugin like Social Warfare is among the pioneers of customizing how your content is shared, particularly with Pinterest.

Enabling the Image Hover Pin Button with Social Warfare Plugin will place a “Pin” button over top of every image inside of your content when a reader hovers their mouse over it. This makes every image on your page highly shareable to Pinterest!

The moment a reader clicks your Pinterest share button on Social Warfare, all your hidden images will show up immediately. Isn’t that cool?

On top of that, you can upload a custom Pinterest image and write a custom description so that when someone clicks the pin button, the exact image you’ve chosen shows up with exactly the description you’ve written. No more hoping that your readers choose the best image and write an optimal description for you!

This versatile faster loading plugin is clean, professional-looking, and costs just $29 for an enti

re year. I use this plugin to hide my pins, keep the share count on hold until it totals to 10, write custom descriptions for all the major social media platforms, and also use custom design and colors for sharing buttons. The most enticing part is its share recovery feature! It’s a must for me after I moved to HTTPS. Whether you moved from a44 different domain, changed URL format, or moved to HTTPS, social warfare can be your best bet to quickly recover those lost shares.

Try it out for FREE first

c) How many pins per post?

This is totally up to you. Based on your creativity, design skills, and time spent, you can create as many pins as possible. Usually, I create 3 pins for every new post I publish. Once they complete the cycle I create even more. You can’t really access which pins might take off, so the more the better.

d) How many times should you pin?

The more you pin, the higher the engagement, repins, likes and clicks to your blog. This means more traffic, more ad income, and more sales!

Pin 40-50 pins daily!

As a newbie, you can pin 80% of others content (popular) and 20% of yours. Doing this will help build your profile, and gain followers. But, you won’t see serious traffic to your blog. The magic starts when you start doing the exact opposite – 80% of yours & 20% others. So, you need to have more content to pin that much. If you already have the content, make multiple pins per post and pin more of yours.

I pin 40 times a day, 30 mine and 10 others! Sometimes, I do 35 mine and 5 others. Pinning popular stuff helps to gain more followers. So don’t just stick to your content and pin others as well.

If you prefer manual pinning, you can pin 3 times a day and pin around 15 pins per sessions. But you should make a note of what & where you’ve pinned to avoid spamming and getting kicked out of group boards.

Tailwind has made my life easier after I switched to automated scheduling. I make a list of all the boards and schedule the pins to go into each board with a one-day interval right at the best times. That’s when the magic started happening and the results were truly amazing!  I went from 500 pageviews a day to 2k+ pageviews. Tailwind gives the best Return on Investment when compared to any other tool I’ve invested in my blogging business so far.

CLICK HERE to get started with Tailwind FOR FREE!

e) When (the best time) & Where to Pin?

The first part is hard to predict! Especially for newbie marketers who haven’t promoted enough on Pinterest, this because more tough! If you’ve already started promoting on Pinterest, you can get an idea of the best timings from your Google Analytics data! This is especially helpful if you want to pin Manually or use Tailwind Tribes!

Go to Analytics< Overview and set the date range to any single day of the month. You will see the traffic flow for a 24 hour period. Likewise, you can make a note of the best timings for every other day.

This is how it looks:

10 Vital Tips to Make the Right Move On Pinterest!

The best timings differ from individual to individual depending on their goals and the country of the target audience. Some might want to address US audience, some to Uk, while the rest to Canada.

For example, you live in Spain and your target country is the US, how do you pin effectively?

The best times in the US collide with your bedtimes and you’ll need to wake up every day in the midnight to reach your audience. So, how to pin strategically without stressing yourself? There are many automation tools to schedule your pins to go out when your audience are most active. But, Tailwind is best at it and is Pinterest approved!

Tailwind avoids these hassles and pins for you right at the best times throughout the day. Based upon the number of times you want to pin per day, Tailwind schedules each pin to go into these pre-analyzed BEST performing time slots.

Down below, you can see the scheduler set to pin 40 pins/day round the clock.

pinterest marketing tips to find the best times to pin

As you can see, Tailwind does strategic pinning & can pin an unlimited number of pins in a jiffy! You can schedule months worth of content in just a few minutes and stay stress-free. That’s what most smart Pinterest marketers do and suggest!

10 Vital Tips to Make the Right Move On Pinterest!

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Now, coming to the latter part of the question:

You should pin to the most relevant group board first!

If you write about money saving tips, then your pin titled as “money saving tips”, should first go into the ‘Money Saving’ Board, then to the Budgeting Board and so on to other relevant niched boards. There is no point in pinning to a General Board that’s a hub to pins on various topics. By pinning strategically to the most relevant board, you’re passing on the link juice from the board to the pins. This is how the pins get ranked.

f) Manual Vs Scheduled Pinning

As discussed before, both Manual & Scheduled Pinning are amazing. Together they can do wonders and skyrocket your blog traffic. But, can you keep up with Manual Pinning? Can you pin consistently without missing your schedule?

If you can, then it’s good! I used to Pin Manual and loved the part that it saved me a lot of money. But, I gave up pretty soon and moved to Tailwind. The latest Pinterest update favors consistent frequent pinning. The only way to keep up with it is by using a scheduler. That’s when the magic really started happening.

Automated Pin Scheduling is Heaven! And Tailwind is best at it!

All the things you’ve been worrying about so far start working holistically in a very strategic way. With automated pinning, you get to expose your content to the right person at the right time.

If you want your pinning to be consistent and your traffic growing, you’ll need Tailwind.

…and everything is fully automated. BOOM!

What’s not to love, eh? 🙂

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how to use pinterest for business with Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


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