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Making money is not easy, which is why you need to save as much as you can. Whether it’s by skipping a meal or putting off a trip, every dollar counts.

Saving is not just about making sacrifices; you have to be intentional with your spending. Experts call this frugal living. And it all starts with knowing tools that streamline your budget.

Certain apps keep tabs on your accounts and advice on where to cut costs. You can also earn interest on the little you have by lending through peer-to-peer platforms.

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. A budget is your best ally when planning on money-management.

And just to be clear, saving need not strain your life. For example, you can go for meal subscription plans for good but cheap food.

When it comes to using coupons, be consistent to ensure tangible savings. Registering on apps such as Ibotta will see you save up to $150 every year.

Do you keep store receipts? You could be sitting on hundreds of dollars in rewards. There are apps, that pay you for completed purchases.

Reward apps will save you money on a wide range of items including;

  • Gas Stations
  • Pet Stores
  • Hardware Stores
  • Eateries

Apart from rewards, consider buying from establishments that give cashbacks. You get to redeem a percentage of your spending for either cash or gift cards.

I consider cashback to be earnings for doing nothing. Such opportunities range from making a reservation to claiming cash back on online shopping.

Ever experienced the excitement that comes with an unexpected cash refund? Well, with the right tools, you can start checking for refunds constantly.

Use platforms to track your online shopping and notify you of price drops and help you claim your dues.

So, what strategy are you employing to save money? Read on for tried and tested saving opportunities today.

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