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How to Sell Feet Pics On Zazzle [2024 Epic Guide]

Selling feet pics on Zazzle can be a lucrative business in 2024. With a wide range of products, customizable options, and a broad sales reach, Zazzle is the go-to Print on Demand marketplace for both budding and expert foot models.

It offers opportunities for creative individuals to create, showcase, and sell feet pics worldwide. Available on Android and iOS, Zazzle offers a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers looking for print-on-demand products. 

Though the marketplace has over 300M unique listings, this post is a guide for selling feet pics.  

We shall be looking at how much feet pics fetch on the site, as well as how to sell photos like a pro

In particular, read about how to create a profitable Zazzle store, later in the post. For now, let’s start with a quick Zazzle website overview.

How to Sell Feet Pics On Zazzle [Key Takeaways]

How to Sell Feet Pics On Zazzle?
  1. Zazzle is an online marketplace with a large customer base, a high customer satisfaction rating, and positive reviews.
  2. Registration on Zazzle is free and easy.
  3. It provides customization options and design tools for personalizing feet pictures.
  4. The company partners with popular brands like Disney and Marvel, expanding the range of available products. 
  5. No upfront costs for selling designs on Zazzle.
  6. Creating a Zazzle store allows you to interact with buyers and cross-sell other products.
  7. It offers various payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and Klarna.
  8. Zazzle offers an extensive product variety, flexible earning options, mobile accessibility, low entry barriers, unlimited posting of pics, and autonomy in setting royalty rates.
  9. On the downside, as a seller on Zazzle, you are likely going to experience a saturated marketplace and stiff competition. 

Is It Illegal to Sell Feet Pics On Zazzle?

Is It Illegal to Sell Feet Pics on Zazzle?


Selling feet pics on Zazzle is completely legal.

This is a legit online marketplace with a physical address, headquartered in California U.S., and has been operating legally since 2005. Also, though not accredited, customer reviews on BBB rate the site  4.58/5, with a similar Excellent (4.6/5) rating on Trustpilot

Why Sell Feet Pictures On Zazzle?

Why Sell Feet Pictures on Zazzle?

Zazzle allows you to access a global network of potential buyers, including advertising agencies, bloggers, footwear companies, and avid feet enthusiasts.

Becoming a seller on Zazzle offers numerous advantages, including:

1. Customer Satisfaction and Ratings

Zazzle has garnered impressive customer ratings across various review sites including Reddit. Among the positive feedback, Zazzle creators and buyers frequently highlight the exceptional quality of products and swift delivery.

2. Registration and Account Setup

Joining Zazzle is a hassle-free process that comes at no cost. Simply provide your email address and create a password, or opt for a convenient sign-up using your Facebook or Google account.

3. Customization Options and Design Tools

Zazzle offers a range of customization tools to cater to your needs. The free design tool and an extensive collection of templates serve as an excellent starting point for personalizing your feet pictures.

4. Profitable Partnerships

In addition to its noteworthy features, Zazzle has established partnerships with renowned brands, granting access to officially licensed products from well-known household names such as Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, and DC Comics.

5. The Adaptability of Designs

Your customers have the flexibility to adapt your designs to align with their preferences. For example, they can modify the font, adjust the text, and implement other alterations to suit their unique requirements for feet pictures.

6. No Initial Costs

When selling your feet designs on Zazzle, there are no upfront expenses. Your primary focus is creating captivating feet illustrations.

7. $25 Referral Program

Zazzle  Referral Program


Getting a friend to join Zazzle earns you a $25 coupon, while your friend gets 30% off their initial order. All creators also get to earn 1% to 17% of sales in the Volume Bonus Program; once you sell feet pics worth $100+, you can access the bonus at the end of the month.

Zazzle Overview

Year Established2005
PurposePOD Online Marketplace
Available CountriesWorldwide
Applicable13 years and older
Subscription PlansZazzle Plus: $19.95 per year, Zazzle Plus Premium: $49.95
Average EarningsNot Specified
Cuts & CommissionsUp to 25%
Payment MethodPayPal and Check
Minimum Cash Out$50 (PayPal) and $100 (Check)
Bonus ProgramSales Volume Bonus, Starts at $100 & $25 for a Referral
Google Play3.6 stars, 500K+ downloads
App Store4.8 stars, 25.4K+ Reviews
Ratings & AccreditationsNot BBB Accredited, 4.6/5 Rating on TrustPilot
Final VerdictThe platform is totally legit website

How to Sell Feet Photos On Zazzle

Selling on Zazzle requires you to register a creator account and set up your Zazzle online store. Below are the steps for getting your feet pic listed on the site, starting with registering a Zazzle account.

How to Register a Zazzle Account

To sell, you must register an account. There are 3 methods to register on Zazzle; email, Facebook, or Google. Before starting the registration process, ensure to review Zazzle’s Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

Registering with Email

Go to and tap Register to get to the Registration Page.

Fill in the required information, including your email address and password. Choose the appropriate age option, complete any verification if needed, and click “Continue.”

Signing up through Google, Facebook, or Apple

Using Google, Facebook, or Apple to register offers advantages such as easy login, faster registration, and no need to remember an additional password. That said, you need to allow registering to a third-party account via your preferred social account.

Selling Feet Photos On Zazzle: A Step-by-Step Guide

Selling Feet Photos On Zazzle

Ready to start making online money on Zazzle? Here are the steps: 

Step 1: Sign Up

Register an account on Zazzle and set up your first online store.

Step 2: Upload Your Pics and Apply It to Products

Upload your feet photos or artwork and apply them to the products you want to sell; for instance stickers, t-shirts, greeting cards, or mugs. 

Click the “Sell It” button. This will take you to a page to customize and present your product.

Step 3: Fill in the Different Product Fields

  • Product Availability: Choose the types of products your feet pictures will be available on.
  • Product Categorization: Specify public and store categories for your feet pictures. Also, assign a rating to determine the audience who can view and purchase them.
  • Product Rating: Select an appropriate rating for your feet pictures. Note, guidelines are provided to assist you in choosing the right rating.
  • Product Customization: Enable customers to personalize elements of your feet pictures to meet their preferences. Examples include adding names, changing fonts, or modifying the design placement.
  • Product Information: Provide accurate and descriptive titles, descriptions, and tags for your feet pictures. Note, optimized product info enhances your visibility in search results, both on Zazzle and engines like Google.
  • Product Visibility: Choose between “public” (default), “hidden,” or “direct-only” options. These control when and how your feet pictures are displayed in the marketplace.
  • Product Royalty: Set the royalty percentage to be charged for your feet pictures. Its also worth noting that the site offers an advanced calculator tool to help balance price and earnings. 

Step 4: Customize Your Product Pages

Build your product pages in the platform to attract potential buyers. Choose a compelling title, write a persuasive description, and select relevant keywords to position and tag your items effectively.

Step 5: Publish Your Products and Await Sales

Publish your feet photos in the Zazzle marketplace for interested buyers to make a purchase.

Step 6: Earn Commissions with Successful Sales

Earn Commissions with Successful Sales


For each successful sale of your feet photos, you will receive a commission or royalty. As shown above, you receive at least 75% of the sale in royalties. The earnings are added to your Zazzle account balance.

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How Much Can You Earn On Zazzle?

How Much Money Can You Earn on Zazzle


From different reviews, it’s clear that unique pic designs on Zazzle can earn you $300 or more per month. On average though, expect to earn $20 – $50 monthly before you establish yourself as a high-ranking creator.

The best part is that you only need a few outstanding designs to make good money on Zazzle. As such, take time to experiment with design tools on the platform for that signature creation.

How To Create a Zazzle Store for Feet Pics

Having a Zazzle store allows you to interact with your fans and buyers, and it keeps them updated when you add new products. After you register your account and sign in;

1. Choose a Store Name

Go to your account settings on Zazzle and tap Create a Store under Open a Store. Next, pick a distinctive store name that hasn’t been used before, then tap Post it.

Caution: You cannot modify the name after your shop is created. 

2. Tell Your Story

Click on the settings tab to further customize your profile. Start by filling in the About” section with a short and creative story about why you opened the store or why people should buy your products. 

Enhance your shop’s appearance by adding a banner or logo. Also, utilize tags to make it easier for people to find your Zazzle Shop and recognize your brand.

3. Add Products

Create a design or upload an existing one from your device by clicking the “Create product” link.

4. View Public Storefront

Visit the public storefront to see how it appears to your customers and viewers. Ensure that the front is visually appealing and a perfect representation of your brand.

5. Share on Social Media

Marketing plays a vital role in making sales on Zazzle. To this end, the platform offers the option to share your store on major social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. 

How to Get Paid for Feet Pics on Zazzle

Creators on Zazzle are paid via PayPal or Check. The check option is only available for sellers residing in the US. 

If you are in a different country, select your currency on the Payment Settings. In such a case, PayPal is the only viable method for accessing your fee pic proceeds. 

Zazzle’s minimum payment threshold for creators is $50 or $100 when using PayPal or Check respectively. 

For buyers, Zazzle offers multiple payment options, including Visa and gift cards, for a seamless and flexible purchasing experience. 

Tips for Selling Feet Photos on Zazzle

1. Experiment with Products and Niches:

Explore different products to find what works best for your feet pictures. Test out your pics on t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, caps, plates, and wall photos. Next, analyze the trends of each listing and specialize on what sells beat and fast.

2. Personalize for Increased Sales

Customize your feet pictures or offer personalization options to cater to individual customer preferences. Personalized foot products tend to have higher sales potential due to the uniqueness they offer.

3. Embrace Uniqueness

Avoid copying other people’s feet picture designs. As this seller comments on Reddit, the site suffers from duplication of designs which lowers the marketplace’s value.

Pros and Cons Of Selling Feet Pics On Zazzle

Pros Of Selling On ZazzleCons Of Selling On Zazzle
Extensive product variety with many options to showcase feet pics.Strong competition with thousands of products offered by other creators.
Broad sales reach with a large audience of millions of visitors per year.Risk of account suspension for policy violations; especially stealing designs.
Mobile accessibility through the Zazzle App for convenient buying and selling.Limited payment options for creators.
Customizable store to showcase and promote feet pics, enhancing your brand.
Low entry barriers, making it easy to start selling without significant hurdles.
Unlimited posting of feet pics for maximum visibility.
Bulk image upload feature to save time and effort.


1. Who Can Sell Feet Pics on Zazzle?

Anyone can sell feet pics on Zazzle. However, the site is rated for 12+ year-olds, meaning you need to list pics and designs that are acceptable for teens.  

2. What Types Of Content is Prohibited on Zazzle?

Zazzle prohibits content that infringes on intellectual property rights, including copyrights and privacy. It also prohibits content that contains obscenity or nudity, encourages drug use or violence, and promotes hate speech or discrimination.

3. Are There Recommendations For Zazzle Royalty Rates?

Yes, Zazzle provides royalty rate recommendations, but the decision ultimately depends on how you value your feet pics and what customers are willing to pay. For physical products with feet pics, a recommended royalty rate is between 10% and 15%, with an average of 12%.

4. What is Zazzle Maturity Ratings System?

The system allows creators to rate their feet pics indicating their suitability for different audiences. Users can control the visibility of rated feet pics on their accounts based on their personal preferences.

How to Make Money Selling Feet Pics On Zazzle?

Zazzle can accommodate your needs as a print-on-demand feet pics seller. By creating and showcasing high-quality products, and leveraging the design tools provided by Zazzle, you can get your feet on dozens of products and maximize your earnings from feet photography.

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