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49 Best Small Business Ideas for Men In 2024

Shout out to all wannabe entrepreneurs and stay-at-home dads. Guys here’s a mammoth list of “Small Business Ideas for Men”, you can start right away, without waving goodbye to your routine job!

Ladies, most of the ideas suggested in this list, work for you too. However, you can find ideas that might suit you the most here!

Starting a business is almost everyone’s dream because of different reasons that include good financial growth or else to become your own boss and independently work on your passion and serve others and numerous others.

But, before initiating a business or coming up with a plan, most of us start worrying about the funds. So, have you thought about some small business ideas which could be kicked right off the bat with low capital?

Small Business Ideas for Men that bleed High ROI

Does it need the technical skills or can you begin it with a team? Here, we discuss such small business ideas and opportunities which you could very well start at your own comfort and become your own boss within no time.

Let’s get going…

1. Home tutoring

Remember the classes you attended during your school time? Well, here is the time for them to pay you back. You can earn handsome amounts while teaching the student(s) and contribute to society as well.

You just need to brush up on the fundamentals before going to classes. Tuition center is altogether a different category- but never keep it off the table. Who knows! It might be a chance for you to grow individually.

2. Blogging

Blogging is a great business for someone consistent enough as well as for those who write well.

Once you create a good audience base for your niche blog, you can earn money a lot from blogging. The first step to go along with this business is to properly research and get started with a cool niche, you might be interested in writing about. 

Here’s an ultimate step-by-step guide to starting a blog in just 15 minutes

3. Virtual Assistant Services

Every company needs to keep its customers happy by answering their queries. Bigger firms could afford BPO’s but smaller firms are hesitant in burning their cash for such costly services. But you could cater to this segment by starting up your own virtual assistant services for startups and small firms.

Interested in offering Virtual Assistant Services?

Want to know more, then check out the VA Industry Bible, a “must-have” tool for all new and aspiring VAs. This book has been instrumental in the success of several corporate professionals in realizing their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

If you Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial, you can get to read this book for free for 30 days.

Get started on the right foot here: attend this free training How to break into virtual assistant work and land your first paying client in the next 90 days” by Gina Horkey – which has helped over 500+ people become virtual assistants over the last year.

4. Become a YouTuber

YouTube has emerged as a good source of business. We’ve heard about many YouTube stars who’ve created their own fortune through YouTube.

If you can engage and create content that’s in demand, then look no further and set up your own YouTube Channel.

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Here are some business ideas, with promising profits, which you can kickstart with around five grand. Most of the money goes into equipment without the need for much training.

5. Candle Maker

Different kinds of candles in varying shapes, sizes, fragrances, etc are found in the market. You can cash in on the trend by making fancy candles using your creative side of the brain.

It’ll only require a petty capital investment, but returns are huge if the quality and the design of your candle are unique from others.

6. Candy Making

Every child craves candies throughout the year. It is a good thing that it is not seasonal like ice cream. All you have to do is to set it up on a small scale and sell it to the market.

What you need to do at the beginning is to find the target market which will be your own local locality, and then the nearby schools and educational institutions.

This is where you will find a bunch of children around, and with proper strategies to lure them into buying the same, there is profit to be made here. Also, look at what others in the same line of businesses are doing and improve on it.

7. Cooking

When people move out to bigger cities, for better opportunities, they find it difficult to get homemade food. Where there is a problem there is a business opportunity. So, why don’t you start developing some cooking skills and help others to get the taste of homemade food?

What’s more, you can get second-hand cooking appliances at cheap prices on sites such as Craigslist. Bonus point: earn a good amount while helping others. 

8. Customized Cake Maker

Are looking for a unique business idea where you advertise yourself through your creativity. Why not be a cake maker?

Be it any occasion, let it be a birthday party, an anniversary, a wedding, or any other event, the cake is obviously an important element. People often try to find customized cakes according to what they prefer.

There is a good scope if you can learn to make cakes and prepare them according to the order that you receive.

9. Baking

Check out YouTube and you’ll find an ample number of videos available on cooking and baking. Please others’ sweet tooth and nurture your baking skills. What’s the bonus? You’ll get paid for your bread, cookies, cake bites, and other pastries.

10. Salon

Serve the customer with satisfaction: this should be the tagline of any business. A salon isn’t hard to start, and you need not worry about the advanced level of salon training.

Spend a few hours learning how to work, and you’ll be good to go. Pro tip: aesthetically decorate your workstation, and your customers will be retained.

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11. Courier services

Engage in pickup and drop services. It is easy, convenient, and a decent-paying job. If you have a vehicle, it will come in handy for this job.

12. Shoe Shine Business

Becoming a shoe shiner does not need any form of training. But if you want to be a perfect shoe shiner you can check tutorials here!

To become one all you need is a chair for your client and a shoe rest, multiple brushes, polishes, and shoeshine kits, buffers, and finally wax. If you don’t have a physical location, you can convert your van to be your working station.

You can easily make $12 as a shoe shiner. From your search results, you can also consider the shoeshine business as one of the easiest small profitable business ideas.

13. Open a Juice Bar

Starting a juice bar is a profitable business idea for men. Nowadays people have decided to go for everything natural. So, you can have that confidence in starting a juice bar and making good returns. As a juice seller, you will be required to maintain cleanliness to attract customers.

For you to grow, and interact with other juice bar owners you join them via social media platforms. This way, you will learn more recipes that you can introduce to your own bar.

To get your profits, you will have to deduct all the expenses incurred. On average, you can make something close to $100,000 per year.

14. Perfume Making

Perfume-making happens to be one of the top unique business ideas. Why? Because you get to experiment with different scented oils. It’s also possible to discover your own signature fragrance and sell it to a beauty company or market it directly to customers for a huge profit.

With the right ingredient and correct measurements, you can be assured to have the best outcome from your venture. Your marketing strategy is a huge determinant of the profit you intend to make. Selling perfume in the United States you can make up to $30 per hour.

15. Pest Control Business

Before you venture into the pest control business, you need to understand which pests are dominant in your area. Also, depending on the season, the type of pests differs.

You can offer services such as fumigation, rodent and mosquito control, bed bugs control too, and removal of nests- wasps, spiders, and bees.

Imagine earning around $18 per hour just for getting rid of vermin from people’s homes. Isn’t this a great small-scale business idea for men, especially for industrious men?

16. Face Painting

If you are still undecided on which business ideas to settle on, try face painting which is in no doubt one of the best small profitable business ideas.

Kids love face painting. Girls love looking like princesses and mermaids while boys might consider spiderman makeovers or clowns. You can target parks and playgrounds.

Charge your work depending on the paint and the artistic designs involved. According to ZipRecruiter, working as a face painter can earn you $13 per hour on average.

17. Corn Roasting

Out of the several business ideas, you should consider corn roasting.

Some people consider having roasted corn as part of their breakfast while others do prefer having it in the evening. Understanding your customers is one of the greatest steps to having a successful business.

Roasting corn might sound like one of the perfect manly business ideas, but women can also thrive in this hustle too.

What Is the Best Business for A Man to Start? 

Starting a business could be hectic which is why you need several options to start with. So, for the best business for a man to start, here are some top picks.

Research deeper on each job and weigh the work involved against the expected returns before picking a winner. Let’s see the top options on the table:

18. Photography Services

If you have a passion for clicking mind-blowing pictures wherever you go, this business is for you. If you see everything through the camera lens, this business is apt for you.

There’s a huge demand for professional photographers and you could earn well if you start with a team as well.

Here’s a cool list of the 21 best platforms to sell your photos for up to $100

19. Fruit Shop/ Vegetable Shop

Fruits or other eatables are something that never goes out of business. People need it on a day-to-day basis. You just have to source it from a cheap wholesaler near to you after talking to others managing fruit shops nearby. It does not need hefty capital investment and you make profits which you can re-invest and make it big.

20. Craft Making

If you’re a creative person who likes to create crafts, then this is a business option for you. You could create different objects and craft items and sell them online on the Etsy marketplace or offline.

And if online selling is not your thing, you can sell your wares at local markets.

Which crafts sell best in 2024?

Read the Best Crafts To Sell at a Farmer’s Market

How to Flip Old Furniture for Profit

21. Supermarket

A supermarket is a good line of business opportunity where you only need to tie up with a dealer who supplies the product in the local area. If you’re willing to do some basic research regarding the sales in your area, you’re good to go.

22. Handmade Paintings

This idea is for the creative folks who are good at painting. If painting is your hobby, why don’t you make it your business? Lots of creative people are confused about starting this profession.

To begin with, painting is not that complicated, so let your creativity loose! You just need to start with your Instagram page or reach out to the audience through other online media.

Once you make a good follower base by showcasing your work, start selling your handmade paintings.

Painting is one of the best unique business ideas. This is because you have an opportunity to monetize your talent and take your creativity to the next level by challenging clients’ requests.

23. Gaming Parlour

You can start this with nominal capital investment. A small gaming parlor along with some computer games as well as some fun indoor games would make it a success.

Along with good interior and service, you just need to increase your reach towards college goers as well as youth through different promotion channels and it’s good to go.

24. Drop Shipping Business

Dropshipping is an eCommerce type of business where you as the seller take orders from customers but you don’t have to keep the sold goods in stock.

From the business ideas above, dropshipping is the best business idea to make money without capital. To start this business, you don’t need any inventory.

Done right, dropshipping can see you make $100,000 in a year. To get into this best small-scale business idea, click here for a free dropshipping store trial on Shopify. 

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25. Digital Printing

For the best business ideas to make money, why not go digital? With the growth in technology lately, everyone is ditching analog processes for digital ones. So, how about you consider digital printing. You will be printing digital images out from electronic files – phone, computer, or flash disk.

Depending on what you want to specialize in you can print business cards, envelopes, or letterheads. The list is long, just do your research and see what will sell best.

According to Glassdoor, a digital print operator makes $35,693 per year. You will charge depending on the number of copies.

26. Computer Repair

Among this list of business ideas, providing computer repair services is another digital-oriented business you should give serious thought to. If you are an IT expert, then your skills will come in handy here.

As a Computer expert, you can still do repairs and software maintenance. You can charge something between $40 – $90 per hour, depending on the work involved.

Aim for expert-level services to get good references and to reap the most from this kind of the best business ideas to make money.

27. Solar Business

Did you know that solar businesses are some of the top small profitable business ideas? With the current rise in living standards, everyone is looking for alternatives to cut down utility costs and save more.

So, consider selling solar-powered appliances rather than advocating for electric power use that is at times expensive and unreliable.

The start-up capital might be expensive but the profits are high once your business breaks even. So, sell and install solar panels in homes and make a living.

What is the Best Small Business to Start in 2024?

There are many small business ideas that men can venture into and make good returns. Some of these ideas require low to no investment. What I like most about coming up with your own venture is that you get to decide whether to work from home or do it part-time.

Ready to become your own boss in 2024? Here are some ideas for you:

28. Online Retail

Why don’t you start selling products from the comfort of your home? Online retail is highly rewarding if done right.

The simple mantra is to source the products from a wholesaler and sell it online under your name through different online portals or websites. You can even begin your services by selling through social media sites.

29. Stock Market

The stock market is yet another business where you need some technical knowledge about stocks and indicators. You can even guide people and start your stock market consultancy online once you have a good number of followers.

The most encouraging thing about becoming a stock trader in 2024 is that there are so many options open to you. For example, you can learn the ropes through the best micro-investment apps in the market.

30. Graphics Designing

Graphic Designing is a booming industry that is required by almost every company these days.

Promotional products like posters, flyers, etc are an important element for a company’s advertisement, as well as the logo of the company, which can be designed by the graphic designers by using different software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, etc.

31. Web Development

Web Development can be easily started if you have an understanding of how to develop a website. The work will be on a project basis and it’s highly rewarding as well depending upon your expertise.

And the best part is that you can work from home on the leading freelancer websites

32. Offer SEO Services

This is one of the best business ideas for men. Why? Every website in the world wants to appear in the #1 position on Google search results. Isn’t it? You could help them reach the top using Digital Marketing skills like SEO.

But, again like some of them, this is a technical skill that can be developed. You could also make a team of your own and partner up with companies by providing them with SEO, and other Digital Marketing services.

33. Business Consultancy

You could start a business consultancy as well. This business idea requires more of technical and legal knowledge about running a business than capital which is almost negligible.

Many business owners are not aware of the legal side of the business as well as realize it is difficult to deal with some of the business problems. You could very well help them solve this issue by starting this business.

34. Video Editing Services

Video editing is a skill that could be used for starting a business. You could associate with short film creators, YouTubers, or else with different events around. Even the companies hunt for video editing for their promotional videos and stuff.

Here are 10 Handy Tips to Shoot Videos Like a Pro!

35. Event Management

Event Management is a highly rewarding business where you could start with a small team in which different team members would be assigned different job roles as per their expertise.

The first thing you need to do is to research different college fests, small events, and programs nearby, birthday and wedding events, etc. You could reach out to them and provide them quality service within affordable packages.

36. Mobile Carwash

Mobile car wash is a lucrative small business idea for men, but expensive to start in terms of capital and permits. You can run it on a full-time basis or part-time. If you do exterior parts of a car you get paid $20 – $30. While both interior and exterior can make you $30 – $40 per car.

Here is a tutorial on how to start a mobile car wash.

Mobile car wash is not only a male business idea but also a woman’s too. So, don’t be afraid to venture into this profitable business. Start now and make $50 from washing just a single car.

37. Resume Writing

Looking for the best business ideas for guys who can write? If you are a professional writer, this is a great opportunity for you to freelance online and earn. As a beginner, I recommend that you join Upwork to get freelance resume writing jobs.

Opening an account with Upwork is free! Some job seekers will be willing to hire you to do resumes for them and you can charge per page or education level.

According to ZipRecruiter, expect to get paid around $21 per hour. 

38. Freelance Writing

Due to the increased unemployment rate, freelance writing is in high demand. Websites like Upwork and Flex jobs are gold mines for freelance writing. Join the sites if you are a beginner before you can own a writing blog and reach out to direct clients. You can do writing as a full-time or part-time hustle.

With freelance writing, you can earn as much as you wish, depending on your writing speed and experience.  ZipRecruiter reports that an expert writer can make around $30 per hour.

39. Forex Business

Have you ever been interested in investing online? Try trading forex online. This business idea could be rocky because you are exposed to many risks, but that shouldn’t stop you from becoming rich.

As a beginner, you need a good understanding of currency trading. Also, ensure that you have a reliable forex broker too.

A forex trader earns around $39 per hour, which is not a bad amount for a job that only requires you to have a computer with an internet connection. 

What are the Most Successful Small Businesses?

Are ready for the big leagues? I got you covered. Below are some businesses that take on huge risks, but with just as huge profits to be made.

40. Property Dealer

Real estate has always been a lucrative field for several decades. A part of the whole real estate ecosystem is the property dealers who make a perfect match by bringing together the buyer and the seller.

They help in the whole procedure of handing over the property to the buyer. You make huge commissions and charge both parties. You can be one of them and earn big.

41. Party Planners

You could plan and manage different parties like birthday parties, weddings, anniversary parties, etc. We Indians tend to celebrate every occasion to its fullest and don’t want anything to go wrong in the middle.

Become the party planner who plans and handles everything that makes a party completely hassle-free and enjoyable. It is a good business to start with a small team where different people will be assigned respective tasks.

42. Social Media and Personal Branding Services

Personal branding and social media are some of the hot topics in today’s time. You could help the clients in planning, creating, and managing their social media pages as well as assist in creating a personal branding framework and implementing it. You could very well begin it alone or else creating a small team would make things take off fast and smooth.

43. Career Guidance Services

It is like a consultancy business where you would be guiding children regarding the career options they should go about or else about studies they should undertake abroad.

It is important to know different streams and options obviously, but again, the capital expenditure is almost negligible in starting this business.

44. Financial Planner

Financial Planners have the task of managing the portfolio of their clients. They also help in choosing the right investment vehicle, the proportion as well as the entry and exit points, etc.

You could start the business of managing others’ finances. This sort of business requires technical knowledge regarding finance and investment.

Get started by knowing the Best Budget Planners for 2024.

45. Barbershop

Running a barbershop is another business idea for a man looking to become an employer. It is not necessary to have a physical shop, you can be mobile too. Ensure that your work is clean and perfect for your customers to get satisfied with your services.

In a day it is possible to do 18 standard haircuts at around $50 each, thus earning a cool $900! And if you are just getting started, you can look forward to making around $15 per hour in someone else’s shop as you gain experience.

46. Sell Smartphone Accessories

A smartphone accessories store is one small-scale business idea you can make a fortune from. The fact that almost everyone owns a smartphone device or they want to upgrade assures you that this is a major business idea. You can even sell your products on Amazon.

It’s no lie that this is a competitive business idea and also very profitable.

47. Tour Guide

As a tour guide, you will be required to guide tourists or visitors. That means you will be working with the tourist industries; hotels, parks, museums, and the likes.

To become a tour guide, you will need training and licenses to be hired or to start your own business. You can get hired by schools when they are taking trips or by foreigners looking to enjoy their holiday.

On average a tour guide earns $14.15 to $17.77 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

48. Offer Baby Proofing Services

Offering baby proofing services is a manly business idea. When babies start to crawl, they happen to be everywhere and parents are supposed to be extra cautious because accidents can happen at any time. And that’s when your services will be required.

Installing safety gates, doors, cabinet locks, tv straps, and furniture will be your main job. Just you know how lucrative this business can be, consider that it costs up to $1500 to babyproof a single home.

49. Pool Maintenance

Still undecided on the best small business ideas for guys? Pool maintenance is worth a trial. You can choose to vacuum, brush or skim, weekly or daily.

There are several swimming pools available in your neighborhood, right? Make a date, visit some of them and ask for this job. The pool needs to be sparkling clean to avoid the spread of diseases.

In a month a pool guy gets paid around $560 per week, on average, for cleaning and maintenance services.

So, What’s Your Take on These ‘Small Business Ideas’?

Remember to weigh the opportunities and the ideas to select a couple of small business ideas at first.

Research more about those domains of business, talk to the people who are involved in the same line of business, and come up to a conclusion after considering the criteria based upon your return on investment, hours you need to put in, capital to be invested, manpower needed, demand for the product at different seasons and time of the year, etc.

Also, other technical aspects of business like the framework of the business idea, legality and other such closures, marketing as well as promotional strategies and well, making contacts around the business domain does very well affect the success rate of your business.

Always keep in mind – “no business is big or small, all that matters is the way you do it”.

Which of these business ideas you like the most, let me know what you think? Got amazing ideas to share, write them down in the comments below!

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