How to Make Money as a Kid? These 15 Gigs Will Help You Out!

Kids these days are so productive, always creating something new, and doing something unique. And, there are many ways for kids to make money nowadays, using their talent, creativity, and their entrepreneurial skills. If you’re a kid who is reading this, then CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve already taken the first step, and you’ll make it.

Wondering how to make money as a kidHere’s a list that might help you!

How to Make Money as a Teenager

Teenagers are neither kids who are too immature to handle responsibilities, nor adult enough to be taken seriously. They are passionate and emotional, and they are at that sensitive age when independence means more to them than anything else. So, if they find a way to earn their own pocket money, there’s nothing like it. Here are some great ways for teens to earn money, without harming their studies. 

1. Try dog-walking and pet-sitting

Kids love pets! They usually find it easier to develop an affectionate relationship with the four-legged members of society. And, most of them love to spend time with furry new friends, especially cats and dogs. If you are a kid who loves dogs, then you can take of dogs for a walk to make some cash. 

There are now several great platforms that now assure this opportunity to enthusiastic teenage kids where they can take a dog for a walk to make quite a good amount of money. If you are 18 or above, then the perfect place to find pet-sitting opportunities would be Rover. Besides dog-walking services, Rover provides dog-boarding and daycare for the canines. Right now, this community is 200k strong with pet-enthusiasts! 

Not 18 yet? Don’t worry. There’s where you can become a part of the community as a 14-17-year old. The registration procedure is extremely simple. It will take just a few minutes to complete your registration process. Apart from these platforms, you can also offer your services in your neighbourhood, without the need for any registration process.  Now you can make money for your next guitar or a nice Christmas present!

2. Become a Nanny                 

For teenagers looking to make money and learn some responsibilities, babysitting is an excellent opportunity. You can start in your own neighbourhood or family circle, since it is easier to earn the trust of those you know, and they will also recommend you. However, you can also try registering on babysitting platforms, too. 

Once again, platforms like Indeed and Care are quite popular for providing one of the best nanny services. And, they also accept teenaged members to become a part of their community. Students looking for some income can become a part-time babysitter in the after-school hours. 

The application procedure for most of these platforms is fairly simple, as it takes a maximum of three minutes to fill up a form. Interestingly, children can also get trained to become babysitter with the help of Red Cross. Students usually feel encouraged to spend about 3 hours (from 3 PM to 6 PM) per day to earn a handsome income!

3. Review Music and Earn with SliceThePie

If you are a music-loving teenager who likes to groove to good beat, then you can also make some money through this passion of yours. All you need is to review good music and give your genuine opinion to have some pocket money for your next school trip. SliceThePie is one such website that is now offering this opportunity to the students of the United States. You can simply create an account to start reviewing music and earn a good amount of money.

For each of your review on this website, they are assuring 20% commission of the total revenue that they generate with your reviewed music for the first 60 days. And after that, you’ll earn 10% commission for the rest of the time.

Besides the regular income from the music review, this website also has a referral system where you can earn some extra cash if any of your friends join this platform through your referral link.

How to Make Money as a 12-year old

Most of the kids these days want to earn their own pocket money. But, the real problem starts as they don’t really know how to make money from home as a kid. So to solve this problem, I have come up with these unique ideas where you can make money from home even if you are just 12-year-old!

4. Start an Etsy Store

I’m sure you already know how Etsy is one of the biggest marketplaces operating all over the globe. It is an incredible place for the artsy people to make money. From handicraft items to DIY kits, you can sell almost anything you want through this unique marketplace. So, any creative student with a knack for making something beautiful from scratch, like customized scarves or designer socks, can easily set up a store at Etsy and start earning. But, they need to have the ability to make unique items to ensure maximum sales.

Creating a personalized store at Etsy is super easy, as it takes a few minutes to set up the store and list items on the site. However, they charge an initial listing fee of $0.20. Besides, they charge a minimum of 5% of your income as a commission for every item sold through their store. You just need to take care of the designing and quality of the product as they take care of the logistic part on your behalf. Currently, this store is available in most parts of the world.

5. Sell Photographs Online

I am amazed to see how much the kids of this generation are ready to explore the world of creativity; and, most of them are quite accustomed to taking photos through their smartphones. Besides, they have a fresh perspective of the world, which also enhances their chance of taking great clicks with an alternative view. 

So, it makes me happy to inform all the kids who have excellent photography skills that you can make some money by selling those on several online platforms. There are several photography marketplaces available now, and they don’t have any age restrictions.

Starting from Flickr to 500px, or even Shutterstock, you can start listing and selling photos in almost any online photography store you prefer. Most of the websites of this kind are completely free for registration. But, they charge a small commission for the photographs that you sell through their platform. The commission they charge is around 15-50%, depending on several factors. Besides, you can also sell the hard copies of your photographs on websites like Fine Art America.

6. Play Online Games

Who doesn’t like to play games on the computer and phones! When it comes to gen-Y, I think they are the savviest with their smartphones and know how to find the best games. If you’re such a game-loving teenager looking for a way to make money, you can also earn a pretty well through gaming. There are now many websites available that provide excellent platforms for gamers to earn a handsome income. Most of these websites not just want to identify the flaws in the game but also need a genuine review that only a true gamer can provide.

Playtestcloud has now made its name as one of the best game-testing platforms where you can earn a good amount of money even as a teenager. This company is currently associated with several big names of the gaming industry, including Ubisoft and Zeptolab. From flash-games to realistic 3D games, you can now review almost any game you prefer. And in return, they will send a handsome remuneration directly to your linked account.

How to make money as a 10-year old

Here are my suggestions to help even a 10-year-old kid make money from home!

7. Sell or Rent Old Textbooks at Bookscouter

Right after joining the school each year, the textbooks for the new class change. And, with the joy of having new books on a new topic comes the burden of old textbooks. But now, you can also make some money by selling or renting those old textbooks. In fact, many platforms give young kids the chance to sell or rent their old books online, which makes things hassle-free. Bookscouter is one such company that offers this opportunity to students.

This website not only assures the best price for any book but also ensures faster selling, thanks to its immense community strength. Besides, they are currently also associated with more than forty buyback vendors so that you get the best price without any hassle. Listing books is also quite easy; you need to enter the ISBN number of the book to make it available on your web-store. Also, this website now offers $500 worth of book scholarships to lucky students!

8. Sell Old Toys on Decluttr

As a parent, I can understand the frustration that parents feel when they see old toys all around the house. From old BayBlades to LEGO sets – the trendiest toys end up becoming for a kid. And now, it is possible to make immediate cash by selling those unused items through unique web platforms. Many buy-and-sell websites don’t have any age restriction. So, even if you are a 10-year-old kid, you can make a good amount of cash flow just by selling all the old favorites in your toy-box. 

Decluttr is one such platform that currently offers this opportunity to kids. Starting from your gaming DVDs to your old toys or gadgets you can list and sell almost any item you prefer through this unique online store. Besides getting freedom from standing on your feet for the entire day during a garage sale, you’ll have the chance to make the most amount of money through this selling platform. Moreover, listing items is also quite easy, as you just need to scan the barcode of the item.

9. Paint the neighborhood

As a child, I used to love to paint all over the walls of the house. And, I love that my kids have inherited that love. Despite all the smartphones and YouTube, kids these days will always love it if they can lay their hands on colors. 

It does not just give them a path to express their creativity but also keeps them engaged. And, any kid can make money through this hobby. From windows to the garage, painting the neighborhood properties can help them have fun and get monetary compensation! Painting doesn’t require exceptional talent. It only needs a steady hand. 

However, it is quite a tedious job. So, you should be prepared enough to have a long day of work if you are willing to paint and earn as a kid. But there is always plenty of work. From the fences of your neighbors to the walls of their garage – you can lend a helping hand in almost any kind of painting job. Besides, you can ask for some extra pocket-money from your parents if you help them to paint your own house, too.

10. Host a Kids’ Club

A kids’ club is not just a place for the young ones to hang out but also a chance for kids to cumulatively learn a skill as a team-player. Besides, a club also makes it easy for the kids to exchange ideas among themselves while playing. And now, you can also host a kids’ club in your house to earn some extra cash. You can invite your school or neighborhood friends, as well as new members to join your club to make the community bigger.

If you know someone who babysits, you can contact them to ask for their clients to join your club. It will let the kids have a fun time with other children. It is not very difficult to form a kids’ club with 10-15 kids or friends of yours. Besides having quality time with people of your age, you can earn quite a good amount of cash even as a student. There are many children out there, making around $150 per day just by hosting kids’ clubs.

How can a 9-year-old make money?

The online world has recently witnessed a sudden surge of toddler-bloggers since the rapid popularity of YouTube all over the world.

We have already seen some famous toddler-vloggers like Ryan, who are minting money on YouTube. From starting their own merchandising store to owning their very own websites, kids these days are real entrepreneurs in the making. And, if you also want to step into their shoes, here are some good ways to start your journey.

11. Start Vlog and a Blog

And now, these youngsters have even started their own websites to make extra income. There are many ways to earn from a blog if you are planning to launch your own website and finding the right way to make money through it. 

You can earn by blogging mainly from web ads, sponsors, sponsored posts, and affiliate programs. You can put Google or Yahoo ads on your website, besides dedicating a separate widget or sidebar for sponsored ads. Moreover, you can accept sponsored posts from other publishers. And, you can also start your own affiliate selling program through your website to make money. There are now millions of influencers available all over the globe that makes quite a good amount of money just by blogging.

12. Participate in surveys on KidzEyes

Online surveys are one of the best ways to make money for adults. But, do you know it is also one of the easiest ways kids earn money these days? Yes, you read that right. Sadly, most of the survey websites don’t accept members below 18 years of age. But now, there sites that offer survey opportunities to the kids. And, by participating in the surveys listed on those platforms, any kid can earn quite a handsome amount of money without spending much time.

KidzEyes is one such online survey platform that specializes in surveys catering to kids in particular.

And, you have nothing to worry about. They are recognized by the Better Business Bureau and follow all the necessary safety and legal precautions to ensure your child and their information are safe.

However, they currently accept membership applications from the kids of the United States only. You need to be 6-12 years old to get approval. Once they approve your account, you can then take part in several different surveys available on the platform.

Most of the surveys are short and fun to take part in! According to their website, KidzEyes pays between $2 and $20 per survey, on average.

13. Create your own brand

Now, that sounds big and scary, right? 

Actually, most of the rich kids became rich by creating their own brands. And now, you can also step into their path by making a great personal brand. Brands associated with kids have a slight edge over the brands for the adults. This is because of the cuteness factor. But first thing first – to launch any brand, you definitely need to have a strong financial backing. This will help with the initial funding.

There are now several crowdsourcing platforms, like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, from where you’ll get the initial funding. But, you need to have a great idea to get any financial help from them. After the initial phase, you need to then work on the marketing part of your brand. If you have your own social media presence, then you can use that to market your brand. You can also ask for shout-outs and mentions from the social media influencers.

14. Start a lemonade stand

If starting your brand sounds intimidating, well take a step towards a classic example of money-making ideas for kids. To start your own lemonade stand in your neighborhood or even in front of your own house, all you need is a packet of lemonade with a pitcher of cold water. Besides, you need to have a few cups to build a complete setup. You can definitely arrange some chairs too to make it a cool hangout place.

Along with lemonade, you can add some food items like popcorn to your stand. Besides, a pretzel or a tasty granola bar will also go really well with the lemonade. If you want to go beyond the cliche, you can incorporate some cool ideas to increase your overall sale, like having a themed stand. You can also add special offers, such as, “buy 1, get 1”, or maybe a 50% discount for the first few days. And without any doubt, you will have frequent tips if you go the extra mile to give your thirsty customers a sweet smile.

15. Design T-shirts

Children with excellent talent in art and craft often like to paint their own t-shirts and stand apart from their friends. Some of them even have a quirky sense of humor, and they add funny one-liners to their shirts. Kids who love to make their own t-shirts can sell them to make quite a good amount of money. You can start designing and selling tees to your friends, relatives, and neighbors to make money, besides getting their feedback. And once you master the craft, you can take it online.

Several websites like Teespring will let you design your own t-shirt. All you need to design and market the t-shirt in the right way. They will take care of the logistics for you. You can use your social media accounts or distribute some flyers in your neighborhood and school to start a marketing campaign for your designed t-shirt. 


There are several things to do to make money as a kid. In fact, with proper guidance, any kid can get a clear idea about how to start a money-making journey or how to have their own money-making business.

While some of these jobs need s specific talent or interest, many of them are pretty simple, and they only require enthusiasm. For most of these jobs, though, you will need to have some help from your parents, as you will need to connect your accounts of websites with a PayPal account to receive the money.

You may also need your parents help to manage your little business and expand it. Now that you have some new ideas for making money, don’t waste time and get started!

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