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How Jenni Made $12000 Flipping Just One Website!

Did website flipping ever cross your mind? If so, how do you to make money flipping websites? And, is this a trustworthy website flipping course really worth trying?

Website flipping is the art of building (or buying) a website and selling it for a profit. While some prefer to build websites, the rest improvise the existing ones to meet the customer’s requirements. If this sounds familiar, then you’re right! You might have come across this concept in either real estate or the stock market. 

Online marketing and e-commerce have led to an ever-increasing demand for websites in the digital world. And frankly speaking, most of the websites are designed with mediocre features. So, many business owners are now leaning towards website flippers to enhance their monetization capabilities. If you can deliver a satisfying product, you can make quick money almost instantly. 

 There are many popular platforms facilitating sales for website flippers. I’ve spoken to many and today I have Jennifer Leach with me. This 6-figure website flipper has been in this industry for quite a long time and even created a website flipping course to guide people like you. 

She’ll take off from here about website flipping. If you have any questions and comments, please leave them in the comments section below. She’ll address them for you. Ready? Let’s get started, now!

1. Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Jenn. I’m a Navy spouse and mom to an awesome 2nd grader and I live in Texas.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, travel and movies and film. I’m a creative at heart and love the arts, DIY, and crafty kind of stuff. I started my adventure into entrepreneurship 6 years ago. I have always been drawn to entrepreneurship.

As a child, I loved art and fashion. I remember when I was young I wanted to be either a model, fashion designer,  or CEO of a company. I didn’t know how I was going to get there but I had those two professions in mind.

Later I realize that the independence, flexibility and being the boss is what I loved both about those two careers. I was discouraged about pursuing any art-related career because I was told they weren’t well-paying so I quashed those dreams and went onto pursue business as a degree. In college, I felt pretty clueless about the direction I wanted to take my education. I had some interest in business so I decided to move in that direction.

After school, I ended up working in personal finance and banking. I worked in that industry from 10 years before I was able to quit to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship full time.

2. How did you start website flipping?

It all started with my first website.

I ended up flipping that site after running it for a few years and that was the start that had me hooked on website flipping.

That site was an e-commerce store and it sold for just under six figures. My second flip sold for five figures. I loved building something from scratch, growing it into a valuable asset and then flipping it for a profit. I continued on and since then, I’ve flipped dozens of websites, e-commerce and content sites.

3. What is website flipping?

Website flipping is profiting from buying (or building) and selling websites. You buy or build a site at a low investment, add value to the site, then flip it for a profit. 😯 

For example, you can build a website for $70, spend a few months growing it, increasing the traffic and income and then flip it in month 3 for $700.

That would profit you $630! This is just from one website. Imagine if you worked on 10 sites a month like this. That would be $6,300! 

Website flipping can be extremely lucrative.  It’s a fulfilling industry where you have a lot of freedom to:

  • Make the rules
  • Design your dream schedule
  • Control your income power
  • And, more!

I have earned more than six figures flipping websites. Flipping is everywhere:

  • Real estate flipping
  • Retail flipping
  • Electronics flipping
  • Pawnshops

4. How can someone become a website flipper?

Someone can become a website flipper easily, by just getting started.

There is a low barrier to entry and flipping websites can be done by just about anybody.  All you need are basic computer skills.


  • Computer access (internet access via computer, smartphone or tablet)
  • Your Time (around 1-3 hours/week)
  • A budget of $50 to $100 (website startup costs)

There are two ways you can approach website flipping:

  • Building a website
  • Buying a website

Building a website means you will do tasks like choosing a niche for your site, picking the site name, getting your hosting and domain.

Going this route means you will be building the website from the ground up. It’s super easy and if you’re creative and love projects where you build something cool from nothing, this is definitely for you.

I have a template for success, showing you (in text-based and video lessons) exactly how to go through the process, step by step.

Building a site is definitely the approach I love to take since I’m a creative at heart. It’s just how I like to run my website flipping business.

I have full control over everything from picking the website name, choosing the niche, adding content, doing the design with a theme and more. The second route to take, starting your website flipping project is buying a website. Buying a website comes with a bigger investment but cuts out a lot of the startup work.

Your involvement here, with investing in a buying a website for the purpose of flipping includes:

  • Researching a good website to invest in
  • Negotiation of the price
  • Migrating the website to your host
  • Developing the website

For example, you can invest in a 1-year old website for $1,000, spend your time and effort, around 2 months building and growing it, then flip it for $5,000.

You can also invest more money into the development if you don’t want to go at it alone. There are tons of ways to automate and outsource in this business and we cover it all in the course.

5. What’s your favorite part about website flipping?

My favorite part about website flipping is flexibility and freedom of running my own business. There are a lot of ways you can become self-employed and be an entrepreneur but a lot of those opportunities still have you reporting to a boss.

One of the ways I’ve always side hustled is copywriting and other freelance tasks.

Freelancing means I always have a boss. I always have instructions from a client, I work in a customer-facing, service-based profession and that’s just how it is.

With website flipping, it’s not like this. You are truly the boss and you call the shots and make the business decisions. I absolutely love working for myself. It’s a big perk of the business.

6. What’s your least favorite part about website flipping?

My least favorite part about website flipping is struggling to maintain a work-life balance. This isn’t necessarily a website flipping struggling, it really pertains to any business you run on your own.

It’s a great thing to find a business and a job that you love because you’ll never work a day in your life, as the saying goes. But, it can be easy to get wrapped up in work.

You can work 24/7 neglecting yourself, your family, everything around you. This has happened to me before and so in this business, I try really hard to balance work and life, to find a healthy medium for myself here.

Still, I’m so happy in this business and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and definitely not for returning to the 9 to 5 life.

7. How much can you make website flipping?

You can earn an unlimited amount of money with website flipping. The sky’s the limit.

I have made over six figures website flipping and entrepreneurs like me, make even more!

In my course, The Art of the Microflip, I will teach students how to create successful profitable businesses, earning up to $2,500 per month with website flipping.

You can earn a limitless amount of money although your income can vary based on factors like startup costs, the number of websites you work on, your time, availability, and more.

Website flipping is the business for you, whether you are looking to raise extra money, trying to find a business venture to take full-time, or start a rewarding, profitable side hustle.

8. How does someone get started with website flipping?

To get started with website flipping, I recommend getting started with training from an expert.

Through training, you can learn all about website flipping to help improve your understanding of the business, get step-by-step instructions to create a profitable business and more.

You have the support and a great foundation to build your business.

While a course or taking training is not required to start flipping websites, I highly recommend it. You can go at it alone but you’d be leaving so much on the table.

Taking a course can help you gain the skills needed to run a successful website flipping business.

9. Tell us about your website flipping course, The Art of the Microflip.

website flipping course

The Art of the Microflip is a 25+ text-based and video lesson course has an active student community, tons of resources and more. Till date, it has been a guided resource to hundreds of students, teaching them how to build, grow, and flip starter websites.

A starter website is a new website, generally under 6 months old and it’s the focus of the course because they are easy to flip and require a lot less work than more seasoned, established websites.

The course will teach you all about flipping sites so you can definitely pursue seasoned sites at any point in time but for beginners, we start with starter sites. Once the process is learned through training, it can be scaled to a full part-time or full-time business –  Click Here to access her course.

 SPECIAL OFFER:  Hear Me Folks readers will be offered a 25% discount for The Art of the Microflip Course. Use coupon code HEARMEFOLKS at checkout.

10. Is website flipping beginner-friendly?

Yes, it is totally beginner-friendly.

  • Low barrier to entry
  • Newbie-friendly
  • Hundreds of students have enrolled in the course, learning the skills and strategies on how to successfully flip websites

How website flipping works:

  • Pick a niche
  • Website name
  • Domain and hosting
  • WordPress
  • Launch

It starts with picking a website niche. Your website niche is your site topic or category. This can be anything from vegan cooking to military life, or fashion, frugal living, and everything in between. There are many profitable niches you can choose from and I’ll show you them all in the course.

Next, you pick the name of your site, which can be pretty fun.  Then, get your domain and hosting set up and add WordPress.

This process is a breeze and I show you step-by-step how to do it in under 30 minutes.

Lastly, add website content and then launch the website.

You get:

  • The support of the instructor
  • Access to the student community
  • Secret strategies for promotion and monetization
  • And more!

11. Can this be done on the side, if I still have a 9 to 5?

Yes, definitely.

If you have a full-time job, you can still do website flipping on the side in your spare time: weekends, after work, etc.

You will love how flexible website is.

12. How do you make money with website flipping?

There are many ways to actually make money with website flipping, including beyond the flip!

You can make money flipping.

  • During the flip (growth/maintenance)
  • Through the website sale
  • After the sale

During the website flip process, you will be growing the income of the site. That income is yours to keep and the first way you can make money in a website flipping project.

I have earned up to thousands of dollars in the first 1-3 months of brand new websites. I show you exactly how to do the same in the course.

Next up, the website flip, when you profit from the sale.

Lastly, you may get presented with opportunities to make money, after the sale. This has happened to me often and I’ll explain more about it down below:

When you sell a website, you’re seen as an expert in that industry. You will find people are inspired and impressed by your work and so you may be approached by potential clients for work opportunities:

  • Building a website for them
  • Consulting
  • Social media management
  • Digital marketing
  • Website promotion
  • Website operation
  • Copywriting

Just to name a few! This has happened to me multiple times!

My second website flip project made me $12,000.

I ran the site for under a year and flipped it for a nice profit. During that sale, I gained a lot of opportunities to work with others in their own projects. I was approached by many people for consulting, website build projects and more.

In fact, I actually made an additional $8,000 following that sale with much more money years later. So there are opportunities to make money following the sale.


I know I have probably made this sound easier, but please remember that nothing is easy. If you put the effort and learn this skill you can master it in no time. Good luck on this journey.

Thank you, Jennifer, for such a detailed post. You have provided us all the basic steps needed to get started with this website flipping. I believe that anyone interested in this business model has understood the concept is now ready to start making money online.

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