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Can You Add a Gift Card to Cash App? [Solved!]

Can you add a gift card to Cash App? Whether it’s a special occasion or a regular day, gift cards offer a convenient way to purchase items you need, either immediately or in the future.

Sometimes, the money on a gift card can be exactly what you need to make ends meet.

With Cash App serving as a fast platform for sending and receiving money, it would be beneficial to transfer the funds from a gift card to your Cash App account.

So, if you’re asking, “can I add a gift card to Cash App?” Unfortunately, Cash App does not support direct transfers of funds from gift cards to your Cash App balance.

However, just as there’s a workaround to add physical cash on Cash App at an ATM, there are ways to transfer some or all of the cash value from a gift card to your Cash App account.

This post explores the process of making such transfers, selling gift cards for Cash App funds, and addresses other common questions regarding gift cards and Cash App.

Can You Add a Gift Card to Cash App? [Answered!]

Can You Add a Gift Card to Cash App?

According to Cash App’s terms of services, the platform does not support external gift cards of any kind. The app does not allow you to cash out popular store gift cards through your Cash App account.

You can only store, spend and manage gift cards that were originally sent within Cash App. Any external gift cards, including physical gift cards, cannot be stored, spent, or managed in your app.

The platform does provide you with a free Visa Debit card for easy access to your money when shopping online or in-store. You can’t use the amount on a prepaid card to increase your Cash App balance.

  • You can receive and send money to your linked account, plus major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard.
  • There are also reports of the app accepting some government-enabled prepaid cards. However, you can only add the cards’ amount into Cash App but you can’t transfer funds from your Cash App to the prepaid cards.
  • Cash App is not supporting PayPal, business debit cards, and ATM cards at this time.

What Gift Card Works with Cash App?

The simple answer is that no external gift cards are supported on the app.

The only way to get a gift card’s cash value is to cash it out on supported digital wallets and transfer the funds to your Cash App.

For example, to add your American Express gift card to Cash App you first need to add the card to your PayPal account and transfer the money to a bank account that’s linked to your Cash App.

This is just one of the several ways of adding a gift card to the Cash App wallet.

Below is a step-by-step guide for the workaround and other ways of getting the value of your gift cards on this popular payment app.

How to Add a Gift Card to Cash App?

Wondering how to add a Visa gift card to Cash App, the answer is NO, YOU CAN’T.

The cash app currently does not have a feature for adding gift card funds to the digital wallet or your physical Visa debit Cash Card.

It’s worth noting however that Cash App services are evolving at a very fast pace.

Just the other day, you could only set up direct deposits on Cash App via Lincoln Savings Bank and now, you can get the service via Sutton Bank’s name and address.

The point is, Cash App is fast updating its services to be at par with the likes of PayPal.

So, if they are to allow linking gift cards and other prepaid cards, the procedure would be similar to adding a debit card or bank to your Cash App:

  • Launch Cash App on your smartphone and Log in.
  • Tap Profile tab- icon at the top right corner of the home screen.
  • In the next screen, click Linked Banks.
  • Click Link Debit Card in the next page.
  • Enter the card number, expiration, and other details per the prompts.
  • Tap Link Card to complete.

The card will appear in the “Linked Banks” screen and the amount can be used to “Add Cash” to your wallet for payments or sending to other Cash App users.

How to Transfer Money from Gift Card to Cash App?

There is no way to add a gift card directly to your Cash App or Cash Card. The first trick is to sell the gift card directly on sites such as CardSell, CardCash, and Giftcard.

Next, you can channel the funds through your PayPal or Venmo, or any other account that accepts gift cards.

Lastly, transfer the money to your Cash App via a bank account that is linked to both your Cash App and the other digital wallet.

As such, you can indirectly get money from a Visa gift card and use it to make payments using your Cash Card.

Further, PayPal allows you to link a wide range of Prepaid Cards, making it easy to get such funds from PayPal to Cash App.

How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash App?

Wondering how to transfer money from a Vanilla Gift Card to Cash App or Target Gift Card to Cash App? As mentioned earlier, in order to add a Visa Gift Card to Cash App, you may need to sell the card first.

The same applies to other gift cards, including those from popular retailers like Walmart and Amazon. To obtain the best value for your gift card, you can have your friends and family purchase it from you.

Furthermore, there are websites where you can list your cards for potential buyers or sell them directly to the site.

Top gift card marketplaces include:

1. CardCash

To turn your Target gift card into Cash App money, sell the card on CardCash. The site buys gift cards for over 1000 brands, with offers going up to 92% of the original value.

All you need is to provide gift card information such as brand name and value to know how much the site is willing to pay you. Additionally, referring your friend to sell on the website earns both of you $5 each.

CardCash pays via check, direct deposit, or PayPal. These are all payment systems that can get your Target Gift Card to Cash App linked bank account.

2. CardSell

To transfer Visa gift card to Cash App, try CardSell. This is a one-stop marketplace for selling gift cards instantly. The app is available for iOS and Android users.

After typing in the card number and PIN, the company verifies the details with the retailers and sends you an offer. Payment is via PayPal and typically within 24 to 48 hours.

3. GiftCash

GiftCash has been around since 2017 and lets you sell gift cards for 93% of their value. This is a neat way to convert gift card to Cash App money since you can cash out via bank transfer.

If you are looking to increase your crypto, the site also buys gift cards for the currency.

Payment takes 1 to 5 days to arrive, with popular gift cards from the likes of Costco, Target, and Best Buy selling for the most value.

GiftCash only buys gift cards valued from $25 to $2,000.

4. Gameflip

Looking to sell your Steam gift card codes? Gameflip is just the site you need to list your gaming as well as other retail gift cards.

Some of the cards that sell fast on the marketplace include Xbox Live, iTunes, PSN, and Nintendo gift cards. Depending on the brand, sellers set prices at 2% to 15% off the printed value.

The money is deposited into your Gameflip wallet and can be cashed out into your Cash App-linked bank account, or via Wise, Payoneer, Skrill, and Bitcoin.

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1. Can you add a Prepaid Card to Cash App?

As of publishing, Cash App is not supporting prepaid cards, which include store gift cards or gift certificates. So, to turn gift cards into Cash App balance you’ll need an indirect approach.

The company only accepts bank-issue debit and credit cards from Discover, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard.

2. Can you add a Visa Gift Card to Cash App?

A Visa Gift card is just like any store prepaid card, except that this particular type is used to buy or pay for services by merchants who accept Visa debit cards.

Unfortunately, though Cash App issues you with a Visa debit card, you cannot use a Visa gift card from external merchants to increase your Cash App balance.

3. Can you add Vanilla Gift Card to Cash App?

If you searching how to add Vanilla Gift Card to Cash App, luck is not on your side. Just like all other merchant prepaid cards, Vanilla Gift Cards are not supported on Cash App.

The only prepaid cards that are accepted on the app are certain government-issued prepaid cards. And, the only way to deposit the money from a Vanilla gift card into your Cash App is indirectly, as explained above.

4. Is There a Cash App Gift Card?

While the answer is no, Cash App does offer users gift cards worth as little as $1.

Cash App gift cards are can for use at different merchants with the balance being available for use within the app to buy online and in-store.

Just like making a Cash App, you use the recipient’s $Cashtag or phone number when sending the gift. The funds for purchasing the card can be sourced from your app balance or your linked bank.

Visa Gift Card to Cash App: Final Thoughts

Ask Cash App support how to put Visa Gift Card on Cash App and the answer you’ll get is a straight “impossible”; Cash App offers no feature for transferring money from a Visa gift card or linking the cards into your account balance.

Only government-enabled prepaid cards can be added to Cash App.

Nevertheless, you can add a gift card on Cash App via a workaround; sell your store Visa gift card on sites that buy and sell gift cards, and deposit the money into your Cash App.

Another indirect trick on how to add money from a gift card to Cash App is choosing your Cash App linked bank account as your method of payment when selling your gift card.

Later, you can transfer the proceeds into your Cash App. Similarly, you can get paid via PayPal and send the money into your linked bank account. 

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